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My Life in Forks

Kristy Sander is a half-vampire. After her mother's death, she travels to Forks. She joins the Cullens and meets the wolves, becoming an object of imprinting. Has her life forever changed? And a special thanks to JacobBlackFan41. Everyone go read her fabulous story after reading mine. My Life In Forks MY AMAZING BANNER WAS MADE BY: Eternitys_Charm BTW: I'm considering deleting this story... let me know what you think? Even if you say I should!


2. Chapter 2: Secret

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I got in my car and listened. I hadn't listened in about 2 years. I have a talent. I listen for someone's mind or sense their emotion and the sound or feel of that pulls me to the person I need. I don't know what my gift is or how I got it but I despite how much I want to, I usually use it. Even though I thought it wasn't very polite, which is why I tried not to.

I picked up a few voices, one standing out.

I don't see when she's coming Edward, she's a half-vampire, I can't see! Her voice was very high and I could see her looking at the people who I guessed were the Cullens. I started driving.

The hum of my Lamborghini purred, a noise I enjoyed. Then, all I saw was the Cullen's huge beautiful house. Somewhere in the distance, I heard a howling wolf. I saw 8 vampires, 4 male and 4 female, one child, and 2 Indian boys. One Indian boy mumbled something to the other, “Oh, that's Seth I'll be back in an hour.” The other boy nodded. The one who had spoke, who's name was Embry, ran towards the forest. I didn't know what he meant but it wasn't very important now.

I noticed I was being rude by listening to their thoughts. One male vampire with reddish brown hair smiled a huge crooked smile at me. I wondered why. A small female vampire with black spiky hair and a pixie like faced said,

“Edward, what are you smiling about?”

Edward replied, “She can read minds and a tracker.”

“Oh great!”a large muscular male vampire with brown curly hair sarcastically replied with a smile on his face.

“That's Emmett and next to him is Rosalie.” Edward told me.

“Hello, I'm Bella, Edward's wife, and this is my daughter, Renesmee.” Bella told me

“Hi, I'm Renesmee and this is Jacob, he's a wolf!” Renesmee told me happily.

“Nessie, don't tell her that yet! She might not like wolves!” Jacob said, with a smile, eying me carefully.

“I don't understand. A wolf? Are you a child of the moon?” I asked.

“No! Heavens no! He's a shape-shifter, he becomes a wolf though. I'm Esme.”a woman with a heart-shaped face and a blond mate at her side told me.

“I'm Carlisle. Welcome to our home, we've been expecting you.” Carlisle told me.

“Thank you very much.” I told him.

“I'm sorry, I have not learned your name yet.” I told a honey haired male next to Alice.

“I am Jasper, I control emotions.”Jasper told me.

“I sense emotions, we must talk sometime. And I'm very sorry to intrude but, I heard about you and I wanted to know you.” I told everyone.

“Not another word. We are going to be friend and your my new sister. May I show you to your room?” Alice asked.

“My, room? Okay.” I replied amazed.