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My Life in Forks

Kristy Sander is a half-vampire. After her mother's death, she travels to Forks. She joins the Cullens and meets the wolves, becoming an object of imprinting. Has her life forever changed? And a special thanks to JacobBlackFan41. Everyone go read her fabulous story after reading mine. My Life In Forks MY AMAZING BANNER WAS MADE BY: Eternitys_Charm BTW: I'm considering deleting this story... let me know what you think? Even if you say I should!


3. Chapter 3: Love

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I followed Alice to my room, she was already talking about a big shopping trip. Someone entered the house. By his thoughts, I determined he was Embry. I sat in my room and got a tour from Alice and then I excused myself to go meet Embry. He had Jacob and 2 other wolves, I guessed, near him and he was talking to them about something. I waited until he was finished and politely said,

“Hello, my name is Kristy, are you Embry?” he turned to look at me and he had a strange look on his face. His eyes lit up and his mouth slightly hung open and he stared into my eyes. I stared back confused. “H-h-hi, I'm Embry Call.” he stuttered. He had a huge grin as he looked at me. I smiled, a little flirty back at him, which made his smile wider, if possible.

“Dude, you did not just imprint on her.” Jacob said. “I think I did.” Embry replied awestruck.

“Wait!” I shouted. Everyone stared at me. “I am his imprint?” I demanded.

“It's very similar to love at first sight,” explained Bella, “It's something that wolves do,” I cut her off by running up the stairs to my room. A few minutes later, Bella and Renesmee came into my room to see me sitting angrily on my bed.

“I've been here one day and I'm already told who my true love is.” I grumbled.

“Listen to me,” Rensemee said. “I am a half-vampire who was imprinted on by a wolf. I don't know exactly how you feel because I love my Jacob but I can kind of relate. Like I said, I love my Jacob and one day, you will love your Embry.” she told me. I could hear Embry was listening and the sound of Renesmee saying your Embry made him very happy. “Okay, thank you, I'm sorry I acted so terribly do you think Embry will forgive me?” I asked skeptically.

“Oh yes, the best part of being imprinted on is, hang on, JACOB STOP LISTENING!, sorry, your wolf will give you whatever you want.” Renesmee told me, Bella rolling her eyes, and everyone listening laughing at her announcement to Jacob. “Thank you. I need to change my clothes now.” I told them. They left, I began plotting.

My plot was to ask Embry on a date, knowing he would say yes, and make his eyes pop out of his head with my outfit. I put on a nicely cut shirt that made my curves look great and a mini skirt and high heels. “What to do with my hair and make-up...” I grumbled to myself. As soon as I said the words Alice burst through the door screaming, “I'LL DO IT!” she shouted like a child. “Okay.” was all I could say before being dragged into her large bathroom. After an hour, I had to admit I looked amazing.

I walked down the stairs but was halted by Alice. “Let me introduce you.” she demanded. “Okay, I want his eyes to pop out.” I told Alice. “Embry, come here, stand here, yes perfect! Close your eyes.” Alice demanded. “Why?” he asked her.”You'll see.” she replied. “Come here.” she whispered so he wouldn't hear, pulling me in front of Embry. “Alice! Calm down!” I said louder than a whisper. Embry smiled at the sound of my voice. “Okay, open your eyes Embry!” Alice said overly excited.

He opened his eyes first to meet my eyes. He looked scared to look everywhere not to be strange. His thoughts determined that. “Go ahead.” I told him. He scanned my body and like I wanted his eyes took over his entire face, he looked like he might have a stroke. The only way I knew he wasn't dead, was the huge grin stretched across his face. He looked so cute when he smiled like that. Maybe imprinting wasn't so bad.. Edward chuckled quietly at my thoughts, I blushed, Emmett laughed.

“So,” I started “Would you by any chance like to go out tonight? You can say no if you don't want to.” I added, knowing he wouldn't object.

“Hell yeah!” he accepted “Where're we going?” he asked. “I don't know, we'll decide later.” I replied.

“Embry, “ Jacob said authoritatively . “Behave.” he said with a smile. “Okay.” Embry said sarcastically.