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My Life in Forks

Kristy Sander is a half-vampire. After her mother's death, she travels to Forks. She joins the Cullens and meets the wolves, becoming an object of imprinting. Has her life forever changed? And a special thanks to JacobBlackFan41. Everyone go read her fabulous story after reading mine. My Life In Forks MY AMAZING BANNER WAS MADE BY: Eternitys_Charm BTW: I'm considering deleting this story... let me know what you think? Even if you say I should!


6. Chapter 6: Reunited

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Edward and I looked at each other. I smiled as everyone looked at us.

“May I have the pleasure of knowing what the mind-readers her?” Alice asked unpleasantly.

“They are closer than we thought.” I told everyone. “Oh! I think the wolves should go! Just until I explain.” I told them. “Embry and Jake can stay.” I announced after hearing their complaining thoughts. “Jake, you need to phase,big russet wolf might frighten them.” I suggested. All the wolves ran into the forest. Only Jacob returned, also wearing just shorts.

I ran with Bella and Edward only to greet Andrew and Carrie, leaving the other Cullens in the clearing. They were in the woods when I saw Carrie. “CARRIE!” I screeched. “KRISTY!” she shouted. I ran to her and jumped into her arms. She swung me around. “Andrew! I have found her!” she said as if he were ten feet away. I heard him coming to us. “Kristy, my darling!” he yelled, taking me out of Carrie's arms, which were still swinging me. He hugged me then set me to my feet.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. “We came to visit you. Are we allowed?” Carrie said joking. “Of coarse, I just didn't expect you. I missed you both so much!” I said. “Would you like to meet the others?” I asked, skeptical. “Oh, where are my manners? This is Edward and Bella.” I said motioning to them with my hands. They both smiled. Carrie and Andrew walked over and introduced themselves and shook hands with Edward and Bella. We decided to go to the clearing.

We all ran, me leading the way. We got to the clearing where everyone sat on the rocks awaiting our arrival. “Everyone, this is Carrie and Andrew, my good friends.” I announced.

“This is Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Jacob, Renesmee, and Embry.” I waved my hand to each of them. Embry came over to me. “What is that smell?” Carrie asked, confused. “Embry and Jacob are shape-shifters.” I told her. “What do they become?' Andrew wondered. “Wolves.”I told them. “But, they are nothing like the Children of the Moon we came across before.” I reassured them. They accepted it fine. We all got along fine for the first few days they stayed..

“So, I hear this Carrie over here has a powerful gift. I am curious.” Emmett shouted one day in the clearing. “ Yes but, I don't think you want to,” Carrie began. “Well I have an idea.” Emmett interrupted. “Bella, come here please.” he asked. “Emmett, you better not, oh okay.” Edward began angrily but he understood after he read Emmett's thoughts. “Would you shield me little sis?” he asked.

“Um, sure but why? They said most shields don't stop her, I doubt mine will.” Bella told him.

“I can take the consequences.” Emmett declared. Suddenly, Rose was furious.

“Emmett! You better not! She could, no she will hurt you! Cut this out now! Or I will!” she stopped.

“Rose, there's only one thing you can do to get me to stop.” he said teasing.

“No thanks, go get hurt.” she said joking, as she began walking towards him. She walked over and kissed him hard, then turned and walked away. He stared after her.

“Is that it?” he joked.

“For now.” she said smiling devilishly.

“I am warning you, even though you are strong, you will be in extreme pain. If you back out now, no one will make fun of you, I will make sure of that.” She threatened. “May I show you something first?” she asked. “Mm mm. I ain't backing down though!” Emmett said, always pigheaded.

Carrie walked over to a huge tree. I could tell she put her powers on because her hand was somewhat glowing. She took her pinky and just before touching it asked “Esme, are you fond of this tree?”

“Not particularly.” Esme replied. Carrie ever so lightly touched her pink to the tree, it fell to the ground. Everyone was in awe. Rosalie was furious. “EMMETT! ABSOLUTELY NOT! YOU ARE NOT GETTING KILLED! I WON'T ALLOW IT!” she screeched.

“Relax babe. I want to do this.” Emmett said. “Okay, if you insist, no one is to be angry with me when you scream. Correct?” Carrie asked, nervous. Everyone agreed. “No.” Carlisle promised.

“Last chance.” Carrie said. “Not needed.” Emmett said. Bella stood near Emmett trying as hard as she could the protect him. Emmett put his arm out. Bella shielded it. Carrie touched him.

“STOP!” Renesmee screamed. Everyone froze. I ran to her. Everyone seemed shocked, I guessed she probably never screamed like that. “Please. Uncle Emmett. Don't do it. I don't want you to get hurt. She will hurt you. Please?” she pleaded.

“Nessie, please don't be scared. I just want to test this. May I please?” Emmett asked her, sounding sincere. “Alright, when you hurt yourself, don't say I didn't warn you.” she said. She ran and buried herself in Jacob's chest. Everyone got back to before. Emmett put his arm out. Carrie touched him. He shouted and crumpled to the ground. Bella immediately look upset. Rose looked deadly. He got up after every swear word was shouted about 50 times each. He grinned. “Don't pick a fight with this one.” he said, pointing to a nervous Carrie. Everyone relaxed.