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Two of the newborns in Victoria's army. "How long is forever? Because everything I’ve heard says you stay in hell for all eternity. I really hope not. "


1. Green Day is going on a world tour. Hallelujah.

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My life wasn’t corrupt – the only thing I had ever really done was ‘forget’ to give my ex his CD back. And I flunked my first semester of college because I didn’t give a damn. That’s it. How did that merit my going to hell?

I’m sure that’s where I am. My body is on fire, burning every inch of me, though I can feel my skin grow cold.

Maybe that man was the devil himself. He was beautiful, and deadly. His voice called to me in the sweetest voice, and spoke reassurances. Then, he bit me. I had never known that the devil bit you when you died.

How long is forever? Because everything I’ve heard says you stay in hell for all eternity. I really hope not. Being in this pain will ruin me, and take all sane thoughts from my mind, I’m sure. Already, I’m imagining glorious scents, seeing different colors, hearing voices. It’s horrible.

There now, suddenly the fire is gone. My raw throat makes a gasping sound, although it isn’t my voice.

“Ah, you’re awake. Good. Now, why don’t you tell me your name?” I open my eyes to see the devil peering at me with bloody eyes and a mocking tone.

“Brittany. And you are…the devil?” He glares his face glorious.

“Close, but no; I’m Riley. A vampire,” He adds, laughing cruelly at the shock on my face. I grimaced at the malicious vibe I got from him. What a bitch.

“Well then…I suppose I am one to. What exactly do I have to worry about? Garlic? The sun?” I accept it easily, for really, being undead is similar to being in hell.

Riley tells me about vampires, and how our sole mission in life is to destroy the ‘bad vampires’. The ‘Cullen’s’.

When I ask him about what makes them so bad, he snarls viciously. “One so low as you doesn’t need to know. Come, let’s hunt.” Still frowning, he turns and leads me through the forest, where we meet another vampire, a young teenage boy.

“Riley, I’m so thirsty! Can’t I come with you?” He whines, though his voice is far from annoying.

“Yes. I have a partner for you. Tony, meet Brittany. You are partners. You will stick together when you hunt, when you relax, when you attack. Understood?” Riley says, turning to me.

“Sure. What a pleasure it is to meet you, Tony!” I say, filling my voice with sarcastic cheer. I do not like Riley and his contemptuous manner. He scowls at me, while I see the teenager grin.

“Be back in this spot in exactly two hours. If you’re late, you won’t get to hunt for a week.” Riley inclines his head and his scowl turns into a smirk.

I roll my eyes at him, causing the scowl to return.

Riley leaves us then, and Tony grabs my hand. “Come on, Brittany, I’m so thirsty!”

“Alright, Tony. So…what do we hunt? Riley didn’t exactly mention it.” I say, letting myself join in his laughter.

“What do you think? We’re vampires…” I grimace, knowing the answer.

“Ew. Well, let’s go massacre the town!” I laugh.

“How old are you? You’re totally hot.” His question causes me to giggle again.

“Twenty-two. Let me guess, you’re seventeen?” He looks about thirteen, but I want him to feel good.

“I just turned fifteen. And I guess that’s how I’ll stay,” He is clearly pleased that I think he looks so mature. We head off to the city.

“That’s how you’ll stay?” I ask, confused.

He shrugs. “Riley said that we don’t age. So we’re stuck at the age we were turned.”

When I turn my head down the abandoned street, I catch of whiff of something enticing…it reminded me of the delectable scent of cookies baking in the oven, yet it smells nothing like it. My mouth begins to pool with venom, and I blast off, nearly flying along, and crash into a middle aged man, biting down hard into his exposed neck.

Before I know it, blood is streaming down my throat, and my body is exuberantly happy. He is soon empty.

The euphoria fading, I realize that I just drank a human. I shudder.

“That’s just what we are,” remarks Tony softly, walking up behind me. “You can’t fight it. I was upset the first time, but you just learn to live with it.”

“Its murder,” I spit.

“Lions eat lambs, right? Well, vampires eat people.”

I look closely at him. His eyes are a fading ruby, his hair the blackest of night. His features, so young, have been hardened by some force, which I think has to do with murder. I can see a spark of innocence, though, and know that he is good.

“Tony…we don’t need to help Riley. He is evil, and wants us not only to kill humans, but to kill others of our kind!” I search his eyes pleadingly.

Tony fidgets. “You have a point…”

“I’m leaving Riley. I want nothing to do with this murder. You can join me, please.” I look at his dark eyes. “Let’s hunt, then you can decide if you will accompany me on my escape.”

Tony nods, and then runs off to find a meal. I follow, draining another person. My throat has lost the insane burning, and I feel content.

I sit quietly on a deserted park bench, waiting for Tony. When he returns, I look questioningly at him.

“Let’s go,” He says quietly, and I can tell from the way his mouth is set and the way his eyes are cautious that he doesn’t mean back to Riley.

I smile and take his hand. “Where to? The world is open to us!”

We both laugh and run, because for the first time in my life, and probably his, we are free.