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A Life in Renesmee's Eyes

From the help of an excellent friend, i would like to present a great story! Please tell me if you would like more and Review! This is a daughter, father moment in the making! REVIEW!!!View Image

Thia is my first fic so go easy on me tell me if u want more!

1. Being With Daddy

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It was any other day as Renesmee. I was having fun playing with Uncle Jazz and Uncle Emmy. They had felt like playing an exciting game of Cullen Chess, as I refer to it. My family has always been known to add about ten chess boards to the one board. I would always sit there an d watch because it is very confusing to play and I love watching my family play. Uncle Emmy doesn’t like it because he thinks he will always lose to Uncle Jazz because of his strategies.

Mommy, Aunt Alice, and I had also gone to my big closet to purge any “unusable” clothes, as referred to my favorite Auntie. Aunt Ali actually wanted to go to the shopping mall after cleaning my closet. But by being my mother’s child I gracefully declined. I liked shopping as much as my mother did truthfully, so that is not a lot. I prefer my Auntie picking them out because one she as great taste and two because she loves picking out my clothes.

Then after all that was done I went down to hangout with my Jacob in the kitchen. This now seemed to be his usual hangout place if you ask me. Once I got out my favorite Oreo cookies and I glass of milk we started talking. He said that I should come down to La Push because I hadn’t been there in a while. This was true because I hadn’t been there since Claire’s birthday. I told him I ask my parents if I could come down. All little while later I finally noticed who I hadn’t seen since the morning, my daddy.

Where are you daddy?

“I’m down at the piano room.” He stated.So then I ran down the stairs and into the room. Once I saw him I noticed that he was very preoccupied in this piece of piano music.

What are you doing, daddy?

“I’m trying to decipher the music notes under the beautiful painting you made me, dear.” He said sullenly.

I’m sorry I wanted to make something nice for you and make sure you saw it.

“I’m sorry” I said again annoyed that I messed up.

“It’s ok sweetie it will just take a little longer to make out these notes and then we can go play something. Ok?” my daddy said happily.

Sure I guess but, I want to help you. Can I?

“Sure sweetie. You can help me by going to get me two new pieces of paper.” He said with his nose deep in the pages.

“Ok no problem!” I said merrily. Right after that order I ran up stairs to my room to grab those to pieces on my bed that were still blank luckily.Then I ran back downstairs and heard my daddy playing a song.

As not to disturb him I thought instead of talking, What are playing? It sounds really pretty!

Once he was finished he said “It’s called Renesmee’s Melody”

I smiled at that and said “Yay, I have a song! Cool”

Then the idea struck me. I know what I want to do, daddy!

“What would that be missy?” he said smiling.

So then I ran up to him, got on his lap, and pressed me hand on his cold cheek. Then I showed him a picture of me playing the piano and not him.

My Daddy then said " Sure sweetie if you really want to try."

TO BE CONTINUED…….. if u like!