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Set during New Moon. After the cliff diving incident, Bella was changed into a vampire and was kept in the dark for months. She doesn't remember anything from her human life and she became Victoria's precious pet who does all her biddings. What Bella doesn't know is that there's a bigger plan that involves killing each of the Cullens. Isn't revenge sweet?


14. Lies

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Chapter 14: Lies


I waited for Edward to close the door behind him. Something was up. The house wasn’t this usually quiet. Something must’ve happened before I came. Something they might not want me to hear probably. They were expecting me though. Of course, the pixie saw me coming which explains why Edward opened the door the minute I got back. I hope she wasn’t planning on forcing me to wear those clothes again. I shuddered at the thought.

Edward gave me a questioning look but I just shook my head. I followed him to the dining room. I wonder if they really use this area of the house. And the kitchen... Do they know how to cook? I mean it must be part of the whole façade they had going on…

Somebody clearing their throat took me out of my thoughts. I hadn’t noticed we reached the dining room already. I looked up to see the doctor standing up with a welcoming smile on his face. I almost grimaced at the memory of the first time they welcomed me to their home. I forced myself to smile back. Everyone was sat around the table. It looked like they were having a conference of some sort.

Ugh. Relax, Bella. You wanted this remember? You want to be part of their coven, you have to feel comfortable. Unless you changed your mind again. I told myself.

Alice shuddered at the corner of my eye. Jasper gave her a worried look then looked at me. I gave her an apologetic look which she just shrugged off.

“Hello again, Bella” Carlisle greeted.

I nodded his acknowledgement not really feeling the need to greet him back.

“Please take a seat” he motioned towards the chair that Edward was holding out for me.

He was holding the chair waiting for me to sit down. I guess he really was a gentleman. I should start paying attention to them some more instead of having these internal debates. They were driving me to insanity.

I took the seat he was holding out for me and sat down. For some reason, his presence was very comforting. It might have something to do with Jasper but I felt comfortable around Edward. Maybe it had something to do with our past.

“You must be wondering why we’re all gathered here?” Carlisle asked, disrupting my thoughts.

“Yes… And Edward said that you wanted to talk to me about something?” I asked.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room. Carlisle looked at Edward. It looked like they were having a silent conversation. I looked down not wanting to get caught. I saw Edward nod his head once.

“First thing we want to know was… Well, we were wondering if you were part of another coven” Carlisle started.

My body tensed at his question.

Relax, Bella. They seem worried about you. Maybe they want to make sure if you’re happy with your coven or not. Who knows?? Maybe they’ll invite you to join them? You don’t have to ask them coz they’re asking you! Go answer!! Now!

“Um… Yes… I travel with two other vampires…” I said.

I noticed Edward’s body tense and his right hand clenched into a fist. Jasper shot him a look and his body relaxed a bit but his hand was still clenched. A hand covered his and he gasped at me surprised. I was surprised as well. It was my hand covering his. I didn’t take it away, though. It felt nice and warm. Opposite to what I thought it would feel like. It felt like it belonged there. It was a perfect match.

I gave him a questioning look.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked as I continued to study his features.

Edward was about to answer me when Alice cut him off.

“Before you came, I had a vision that might have something to do with your companions” she explained.

“My companions? How did you know I was with them?” I asked.

“You were with them… and I believe the girl was the leader of your coven?” she asked and I nodded.

“She said your name” Alice said simply.

“Oh” I almost hit myself in the head. Of course Victoria would say my name. Maybe Riley and Victoria were planning on going here. I mean that was the only reason I could think of that made Alice have the vision.

“Were they planning to go here, Bella?” Carlisle asked.

“Not that I know of… I was supposed to meet them on the next town and then I don’t know what she’s planning on doing after that” I answered honestly and looked down.

Victoria never told me any of her plans. She didn’t give any instructions to stay here. She wanted me to go back to Seattle and then probably move on from there.

“Well, they are planning to go here and something bad is going to happen” Alice said.

My head shot up at what Alice said.

“What do you mean?”

“Victoria is your coven leader, right?” Carlisle asked.

I nodded my head slowly. A light bulb suddenly lit in my head. Is it possible the Victoria that Edward mentioned was the same Victoria I know?

“Was she the same Victoria that you mentioned before?” I asked Edward.

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose with his forefinger and thumb. He took a deep breath before answering me.

“Yes… I wasn’t sure if you were listening to me when I started mentioning her name”

“I kind of got lost in my thoughts when you mentioned her name. I didn’t think it was the same Victoria since you mentioned something about James and Laurent. I don’t know anybody with those names” I said.

“You wouldn’t have known anything about them” Edward stated.

“They’re both dead. Well, we’re sure that James is dead. We’ve heard that a pack of wolves killed Laurent before you went missing” he continued.

“Okay… So what does that have anything to do with Victoria coming here?” I asked bluntly.

They all looked at each other before anybody answered me.

“We think that she’s planning on coming here for revenge and she wants all of us dead” Jasper answered.

“Revenge? Why would she want that?”

“Because James was Victoria’s mate” Edward said.

James was Victoria’s mate. He was her mate. That was why Victoria never looked at Riley the way that I had seen other vampires look at their mates. Riley was just being used. Just like me. She was just using the two of us to get what she really wanted. Revenge.

A lot of things dawned on me. All those things that I was trained to do was for this. It was for her revenge on the Cullens. That was why she sent me here to watch and observe them. She wanted me to know their weaknesses just like before I start my killing spree. She was going to use me to kill all of them. Of course, the Cullens were a big coven and three of them have special talents. She needs a killing machine to destroy all of them.

“She’s going to use me…” I whispered and looked around the room. They all had a pained look on their faces. I took my hand away from Edward’s.

Alice reached for my hand and touched it but I took it away. She looked slightly offended but brushed it off.

“Yes… She will… But we were thinking maybe we could make her plan backfire on her with your help” She said.

“Only if you want to, of course” Edward said.

“I don’t know how I could be of help, though… I’ll have to think about it” I said.

“We’re not forcing you to make a decision now, Bella. But we greatly appreciate that you would take the time to think about it” Carlisle said.

Well, her plan just backfired on her now that I know I had a past with the Cullens. I was confused though. If she knew I had a past with them, why would she send me knowing that one of them was psychic and would probably see me coming? Wouldn’t she have known that they would try and communicate with them?

“What’s wrong, Bella?” Jasper asked me with a worried tone.

“I… I just… I don’t get why she would send me here… If she knew my past, then wouldn’t she know that her plan won’t work anymore?” I voiced out my thoughts.

Everybody nodded in agreement. We were all lost in our own thoughts for a few seconds until Emmett spoke up.

“Maybe it’s a part of her plan…” he started.

“What do you mean, Emmett?” Carlisle asked.

Edward growled at Emmett but he just brushed it off.

“Cool it, bro. I’m just saying, maybe she has been thinking about this for a very long time. It has been three years, you know. I believe that’s a long time for good planning” Emmett explained.

Three years? But I’ve been a vampire for two and a half years. Unless…

“Maybe she even planned on changing Bella herself and then use her against us” Emmett continued.

My body stiffened as he said that. Emmett continued to talk about different ways on how Victoria planned everything but I stopped listening to him. I got lost in my own thoughts.

My fist tightly clenched into a fist as anger started to course through me. She lied. She LIED to me. It was her right from the beginning. I still don’t remember anything from when I was changed but everything Emmett was saying made a lot of sense. How did she know where to find me? I was on an underground cave in the mountains when Riley found me. I had never heard anybody approach the cave when I was there. Unless, she was the one who put me there. A place away from everybody and any other living creature. She left me in the dark for months so I would grow weak. I grew very weak with each day but I held on hoping that somebody would find me. But she knew where to find me exactly. She knew. Otherwise, I would’ve been left there for death to claim me. I hadn’t fed for months and she used that to make me kill all those humans. She let me lose knowing that there was nothing to stop me from feeding. But, why me? Why did she have to use me? She could’ve used Riley but instead she chose me.

I felt a few calming waves trying to penetrate my shield. I hadn’t even noticed I put it up.

“Stop it, Emmett” Edward growled.

Emmett immediately stopped and looked at me.

“Sorry, Bella… I got carried away” he said apologetically.

“It’s alright…” I said quickly brushing it off.

“I want to know… What makes you think that Victoria have planned this all before I even became a vampire?” I asked.

“Do you really think it was her who changed you?” Carlisle asked.

“Well, she did know where to find me” I answered.

Jasper gave me a confused look.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Remember when you asked me if I knew who changed me and I said all I remembered was darkness?”

Jasper nodded.

“Well, whoever it was who changed me, left me in an underground cave which was deep into the earth. There were no other living creatures for miles apart from the insects that were probably crawling on the cave walls. If it was her, well, she left me in the dark cave during my change. I woke up in total darkness and stayed there for months until Riley took me out. According to him, it was Victoria who initially found me and told him to get me. What really bothered me was they knew exactly where to find me. During the time I was there, I know for a fact that I didn’t hear anybody come near a 10 mile radius around the cave”

“Guess I’m right about that part then!” Emmett exclaimed.

Rosalie smacked him on the head.

“Okay Mr. Smarty Pants… Explain then how Victoria planned this from the very beginning” she challenged him.

Emmett opened then closed his mouth. He was deep in thought for a few minutes and then spoke up again.

“Well, she might want to get back at Edward for killing James… Even though it wasn’t him who killed James… But, you know… Mate for a mate, I guess… She probably thinks using Bella against him would make her plan work”

Edward was about to growl at Emmett but I stopped him.

“Mate for a mate?” I asked.

“Yeah… Since Edward was protecting you when we killed James, then why not use you against the person who cares about you the most?” He pointed out.

“Edward was protecting me? From James?” I asked puzzled.

“James wanted to kill you and make me mad. He wanted me to go after him and avenge your death. He thought it would be the greatest game ever. We took you away to Phoenix so that James wouldn’t know where to find you but he did anyway. He tricked you into going to an old ballet studio since you thought he got your mom hostage. He was about to kill you while recording the whole thing but I came at the right moment and stopped him” Edward explained.

“Right and we killed James after that. We tried to track Victoria but we lost her” Emmett finished.

This was the bigger plan. At the back of my head, I always knew there was a bigger plan. Victoria wanted revenge for James’ death and she was going to use me.

“What did you see in the vision?” I directed the question to Alice.

Alice hesitated but gave up and answered.

“You were moving so fast and ripping our limbs off then throwing them to the fire. You didn’t touch Edward though. You left him alone” her voice quivered as she talked.

It sounded exactly the way I killed those newborns. It was going to be me. I paused as realization hit me. I won’t let that happen. They didn’t do anything to me that would make me kill all of them and leave Edward alone. It’s not my fight. It’s hers. I won’t let her touch any of them.

“I had another vision after that… I didn’t know which one was going to happen first… It was confusing” she said.

I looked at her puzzled.

“In the other vision, you were attacking Victoria… That was all I saw. I didn’t know what happened afterwards” Alice explained.

Me? Attacking Victoria? I would never think of doing that unless I was really angry. Which I was. I looked at my clenched fist and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and welcomed Jasper’s soothing waves. My fist loosened and I had a tighter grip on reality.

I had to confront her. I had to know what she intended to do. I had to know if she was really going to use me to kill the Cullens. I stood up from my seat.

“I have to confront her. It’s the only way I would know the truth” I stated.

“Bella, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Don’t you think she would just lie to you? She has already done, she can do it again” Alice said.

“I know that but she seems to know what she was doing when she sent me here. I want to know what makes her think that she could still continue with her plans knowing that you would have done anything to communicate with me” I explained.

“No, Bella. Don’t. She’s just going to make something up and it might make her plan work if this was all part of it” Edward pleaded.

I shook my head.

“I know what I’m doing” I said as a matter of fact.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do what it takes not to let her get to me. The other vision won’t happen”

Edward followed me to the front door.

“You don’t have to do this, Bella. We can face Victoria and deal with her. You don’t have to see her”

I felt a slight tug at my chest as I looked at Edward’s pained look. I wanted to stay with him and make sure that Victoria doesn’t touch anyone in the family. My hands curled at my side as I tried to fight off the different emotions that were raging over me.

“I have to. I’m sorry” I said and ran.

I ran faster than I normally would. I was determined to get everything out of Victoria. The trees were a blur as I ran. I didn’t know where to find them exactly but I could follow Riley’s scent from a few days ago and follow it.

Everything Emmett said was a guess but all of it made sense. I don’t care if the family thought he had the brain of a monkey. The pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly. It was the perfect plan. She lied to me. Everything she told me was a lie. She hid me in darkness and made me think I was alone. She intended to get me after a few months just so I would be at my weakest point and then make me go on a killing spree to prove just how strong I was. She made me kill all those newborns just so I would get stronger knowing that the Cullens were strong in every possible way. She trained me to be able to find my target’s weaknesses so I could use it against them. She lied so she would get her revenge. She wasn’t getting it.

A familiar scent reached my nostrils. It was faint but it was the very one I was looking for. I stopped to take in a deep breath. The scent was stronger going north and it mixed with another familiar scent. I felt my lips curl back as I took it in. I took off in a sprint towards the north. The scents was getting stronger as I approached. After a few seconds, I could see two figures in the middle of the wooded area. I felt my anger rise as I watched Victoria talk to Riley as if he was her mate. She was using him as well. She didn’t love him like she said. She was lying to him too.

I stopped a few feet away from them and I let out a growl. I was on a defensive crouch as I watched the both of them turned to look at me surprised.

“Bella, what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here unr10;”

I let out another growl before he could even finish his sentence. I was mad at him for believing Victoria’s lies. How could he not see it?

Victoria didn’t look taken aback by my behavior. Instead, she just raised an eyebrow at me.

“Someone’s lost their temper. What’s r10;”

I didn’t let her finish the question as I lunged for her. I grabbed her by the neck and slammed her to the nearest tree. I was too fast for her that she didn’t have enough time to react. She tried to pry my fingers away from her neck. I gave another growl and she stopped moving.

“Bella! What is wrong with you?!” Riley demanded.

I felt him grab my arm and try to loosen my grip on Victoria. I swung the arm that he was holding on to. The force was so strong that he went flying through the trees. I looked at Victoria through slit eyes and snarled.

“YOU LIED TO ME!” I yelled at her.


“So you think you had it all figured it out, huh? I didn’t lie to you” Victoria replied in a raspy voice as she tried to talk.

“YOU LIED TO ME” I repeated for her.

“No… No… I didn’t lie to you… I kept things from you for a reason… You want to know the truth?” she taunted.

“I KNOW THE TRUTH! AND ITS NOT GONNA COME FROM YOU” I shouted as I tried to drown out her words. I slammed her again against the tree and she gave a small grunt.

“Oh, but I’m the only one who knows the real truth… After all, they weren’t there when you were changed. Yes, I was the one who changed you, Isabella Marie Swan. I was the one who was planning on killing you so that Edward could live his life in solitude so that he would feel the pain I felt when I lost James but you were begging me to kill you when I found you. You were the one who changed my plan.” she talked with the same taunting voice.

My eyes widened as she said the last few words.

“That’s not true… That’s a lie!” I yelled.

Edward was right. She was going to say things that would make me believe her but I knew better. I knew what she really wanted and I wasn’t giving it to her.

“Oh, so you mean they didn’t tell you?” she said as she tried to give me a fake surprised look.

What the hell was she on about?

“Tell me what?” I asked with a cold tone.

“They didn’t tell you why they left?” she asked in the same tone.

“They didn’t leave… They…” I paused and my grip on her neck loosened a bit.

They didn’t tell me anything about them leaving. Well, truth was, I never gave them the chance to finish telling me the whole story.

“Oh come on, Bella. Why do you think I was able to change you so easily? Don’t you think they would’ve somehow stopped me from doing so?”

What Victoria was saying made sense. If they were able to stop James from killing me in Phoenix, wouldn’t they have killed Victoria before she even got the chance to change me?