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Set during New Moon. After the cliff diving incident, Bella was changed into a vampire and was kept in the dark for months. She doesn't remember anything from her human life and she became Victoria's precious pet who does all her biddings. What Bella doesn't know is that there's a bigger plan that involves killing each of the Cullens. Isn't revenge sweet?


15. Mate for a mate

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Chapter 15: Mate for a Mate


“I’m sorry. I have to” Bella said then turned around and ran.

I watched Bella’s figure disappear into the forest in less than a second. I was amazed at how fast she ran. She could probably outrun me. It wasn’t the right time to be admiring her beauty and grace but I couldn’t help myself. It had been three excruciatingly painful years without my Bella. These past few days had been pure torture knowing that I couldn’t hold her and kiss her the way I used to. The next few days would be more painful. I don’t even know when she would come back.

Realization hit me like a ton of bricks as I closed the front door. I don’t even know when she would come back. Hell, I don’t even know if she would come back. I hope that she would come back. I still haven’t told her everything. As much as I don’t want her to remember that time, she had the right to know. I owed her that much. I had to tell her why I left all those years ago. I had to tell her how stupid I was for doing that. I had to tell her that I was being selfish. I had to tell her how sick of a monster I was. I had to apologize to her.

Victoria must’ve known we left, leaving Bella behind otherwise she wouldn’t have found her easily. A thought suddenly occurred to me. What if she uses that against me and my family? Surely, Bella would think I was lying to her these past few days. A feeling of dread slowly crept inside me. I suddenly felt nauseous and had the urge to hold the table for support.

This isn’t good. Carlisle thought.

I didn’t know if he was talking about my current condition or what just happened but I had to get to the dining room and tell them what I just thought. I slowly made my way to the dining room still feeling a bit nauseous. I could still hear them talking. As soon as I entered, Jasper grabbed the table and closed his eyes. He must’ve felt my nauseousness. I didn’t even know if it was possible for a vampire to be nauseous. Jasper breathed heavily until it evened out then looked at me.

“What… was… that?” he asked in between breaths.

“I felt nauseous” I said and sat down to where I was sat earlier. Bella’s scent lingered in the air. I breathed it in and the feeling slowly went away.

He raised an eyebrow at me and asked how I felt that way since it wasn’t normal for our kind to be nauseous or sick in any way.

“A thought occurred to me…” I paused and noticed everybody was looking at me.

I sighed and continued.

“Victoria might have something that she can use against us… me…” I corrected myself. Inside I was praying that it wouldn’t be true but everything was pointing at that direction. It was the reason why Victoria was very confident.

“She can get Bella to believe that I don’t care for her because I left her all those years ago” My voice cracked as I talked.

“I didn’t even get the chance to tell Bella about it. She’s going to believe everything that Victoria would say to her”

Everybody was silent but their thoughts were all mixed up. They wanted to pity me but they were angry at me as well. I understood why they felt that way. I lied to them too. I didn’t tell them the real reason why we left.

“I knew you leaving would get back at you somehow!” Alice glared at me.

She growled in frustration and kept sending me death glares. I flinched as she screamed profanities in her head. She continued her fit in her head as she paced back and forth.

“Alice, calm down. This isn’t gonna solve anything” Jasper said as he placed a calming hand on Alice’s shoulder to stop her from pacing.

“She’s right. Now that we know what Victoria is gonna use against us, we need to come up with a plan so we could at least avoid the vision from coming true” Carlisle said.

Alice mumbled something incoherent and sat down again. Jasper’s arm wrapped around her shoulders as she leaned in towards him. I felt a pang of jealousy as I watched the two of them. Jasper shot me a look but I just looked away. If only I hadn’t been so selfish, none of this would be happening. We wouldn’t be facing death in the hands of… my Bella.

Truth be told, I didn’t mind Bella killing me. I would gladly give my life for her if she wanted to take it. I would gladly enjoy the torture she would put me in as she tears me apart limb per limb. I don’t care how fast or slow she would do it. It doesn’t matter how she does it. I deserved everything she would throw my way. I won’t protest against it. I just don’t want her to involve my family. They didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t their fault we left. It wasn’t them who lied. It was me. It was all me.

"Would you stop blaming yourself Edward?!" Jasper's voice cut me off from my thoughts.

"You're not the only one at fault here! Everybody in this room did something. Everybody in this room could've prevented this from happening. But nobody did anything. If there was anyone to be really blamed for all this shit we're going through, it's me! If I hadn't almost attacked Bella then none of this would be happening right now! You wouldn’t have thought of leaving her at all!" He exclaimed.

"It wasn't your fault! She didn't blame you for what happened!" I insisted.

“I know that! All I’m saying is stop blaming yourself! Saying sorry to her now won’t make any difference because she doesn’t remember anything, Edward. Not a thing. You would just confuse her some more” Jasper sighed.

He was right and I know it. I pinched the bridge of my nose as I let his thoughts quiet down.

“Look, there may be a chance that Bella might not believe Victoria” he said softly.

My head snapped up as he said this.

“What do you mean, Jasper?” Carlisle asked confused.

“If we’re lucky, Bella might remember I had mentioned that we left because of me” Jasper said.

He said what?

“Wait, you mean you mentioned we left?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes… I wanted to apologize to her for what I did. I wanted to do it all those years ago but I didn’t get the chance to do so. I knew it was stupid to do but I just had to say it. She got confused of course but she just brushed it off and said that we probably mistook her for another person. She didn’t ask about it anymore” he answered.

“Is there a chance that we’re going to survive this?” Esme asked Alice.

Alice closed her eyes for a bit. She tried concentrating but the visions were all a blur.

“Nothing’s clear as of yet. I don’t think Bella has made her decision yet” My heart sank as Alice said this.

“But… I have a gut feeling that we’ll get through this fine” she said.

“What makes you say that?” Rosalie asked.

“Well, I just know it and I know Bella” she said as a matter of fact.

I looked at her puzzled. She barely got to talk to Bella this past few days unless she was inviting her inside the house.

Alice rolled her eyes at me.

“She’s stubborn. Just like Eduardo, here” she pointed a finger at me.

I almost snarled at her but Emmett cut me off.

“So, are we gonna make a plan or what? I just want to make sure I get to kick Victoria’s ass even once but you can do the honors of killing her, Eddie”

This time, I rolled my eyes at him.

“Okay… So, now that we know some things we can…” Carlisle started the discussion.

I drowned their voices out as they brainstormed. I would just listen to the main plan later. I looked outside the window wondering what was going on now with Bella and Victoria. I silently prayed that Bella wouldn’t believe a single thing Victoria would say or at least she could give me the chance to explain. At this time, I could only hope and pray.


No, Bella! She’s just trying to get into your head. Don’t let her get to you! You can get the truth out of Edward after this. Don’t listen to her! A voice in my head shouted.

Victoria continued to taunt me when I didn’t answer.

“You were easy to find since nobody was protecting you except for your wolf friends. Of course, I was able to trick them. Stupid dogs. You were by yourself when I found you. You jumped off the cliff when I found you in the water. You were drowning in the waves but I took you. I wanted to kill you myself. It was the only way I know I could avenge him” she paused and looked away.

There was some sort of longing in her eyes but I kept my hand around her neck. She stayed quiet for a few seconds and I watched her eyes turn to coal black then she returned her gaze to me.

“And then you begged me to kill you”

“That’s not true” I tried to sound convincing but my voice cracked.

I heard the crunching sound of the dry leaves as somebody walked towards us. I didn’t turn around to see who it was. My focus remained on Victoria.

“Bella, let her go” Riley demanded.

I snarled in his direction and tightened my grip on Victoria’s neck. Riley was at my side in an instant and tried to pry my fingers. He wasn’t having any luck.

“Let her go NOW” Riley ordered this time with more authority.

“It’s… alright, Ri… She… needs to… know the truth…” Victoria choked out the words.

“You don’t know the truth” I growled at her.

“Oh… But I do… See, I’ve always wondered… what you were… thinking… when you jumped… It seems to… me you were… planning on ending your life that day” she said in between heavy breaths.

“You were on your knees begging… pleading that I kill you” At this point my hand had loosened its grip on her neck she was able to move. Victoria said the words in the same tone as she circled around me.

I kept saying to myself that it wasn’t true. It couldn’t be. There was no way anything that comes out from her mouth was true. I tried to stop listening to her just to tune out her voice but something in my chest kept tugging at me to listen to her.

“‘He doesn’t want me’… ‘He doesn’t love me’… ‘I was just a distraction’…” She said in a mocking tone as she stopped in front of me.

“You said they left you because they didn’t want you anymore… He didn’t want you anymore. You were just a distraction to him”

I flinched as the words left her mouth. A familiar pain slowly crept to my chest threatening to open the gaping hole. I stopped a sob from escaping my chest. I wrapped my arms around my waist trying to keep myself together. There has to be some sort of explanation. I saw her smile in satisfaction. I wasn’t going to let her win. I can’t let her.

“Don’t you get it Isabella? He lied to you. When he said forever he really didn’t mean it. He just wanted something to distract him for a while and then move on again. You meant nothing to him or to them. You were just another human. They got sick of you and left you to the wolves” Victoria spat the words at me.

I turned my head away as she said the last words. It was true that I was just another human back then. He said he wanted to kill me the first time he saw me but he stopped himself. A lot of things suddenly came together. I distracted him from his diet. I distracted him from what he usually did with his family. I was just a distraction. It was something different to do while eternity stretches on. A little game with another vampire was just another challenge to him and his family. I was just a distraction. Nothing but a distraction.

Stop listening to her Bella! She’s lying and you know it. Don’t believe anything she says! A voice in my head kept saying.

When I didn’t say anything back to her, Victoria continued to mock me.

“Don’t you think if they really cared for you, they wouldn’t have let you come here alone? I’m sure the psychic saw all of this happening” she waved her hand around us.

“If they really care for you, or if he really loves you like you think he does, wouldn’t he have come here to face me to kill me himself?”

“You don’t know him” I said in a cold tone as I curled my fists.

She didn’t know them. She didn’t know him. All she knew were the facts that she was able to collect. She didn’t know them personally. She had three years to figure out what to say when this day comes. She was just pulling strings to make me believe her but a lot of things she said was making sense.

And what do you know? You don’t even remember anything that happened. Hell, they don’t even know what happened to you. Another voice in my head said.

Why did Edward leave? Why did they leave me alone? Was this the whole reason why I always felt this gaping hole in my chest? Was this why I felt like I was falling apart all the time?

I felt whole and contented when I was with Edward these past few days. We didn’t do anything romantic but the way he looked at me looked like he wanted to do so. If he did love me in that way, wouldn’t he have done anything to make sure I was safe? If they killed James, surely he would know that he had a mate? Wouldn’t he have thought that Victoria would be back for revenge? He practically left me for the dead.

My hands uncurled as I looked up to see Victoria’s piercing gaze. Riley was standing next to her looking lost.

“So, do you remember everything now?” she asked as she crossed her arms across her chest.

I looked at her surprised. She was expecting me to remember?

“Well? Do you? Only you would know the real truth” She pointed out.

I shook my head in disbelief at the same time answering her question. What was she on about?

“All my work for nothing” She said as she shook her head in disbelief.

“What do you mean?” I asked in a monotonous tone.

“I sent you to the Cullens for a reason. I know they would do everything to be able to talk to you. Of course, they would find out that you don’t remember anything. They were supposed to tell you how they “cared” for you, how Edward “loved” you” Victoria growled in frustration.

“Did they tell you?” she asked frustrated.

“They did… What does it have to do with anything?” I asked.

“You were supposed to remember everything!!!” she growled again.

My breathing started to get heavy as realization slowly settled in. Emmett was right. It was all part of the plan right from the very beginning. She was telling the truth. She just wanted me to remember. All this time she just wanted me to remember.

“You want to know why I changed my plan on killing you in the first place? Why I decided to change you into a vampire? Why I let you get strong the way you are now? You want to know why?”

I looked at her straight in the eye as she looked at me.

“It’s because we could both get revenge on the one person who broke us. The same person who left us on our own. The same person who was supposed to feel the pain and not us. We could both kill Edward Cullen” she said the words with such hate that it almost sent me shivers.

“The pain you always feel, it was because of him. He lied to you Bella. They all did. Now it’s our time to make him feel the pain. It’s his time to be broken”


Something isn’t right, Edward. Alice thought in her head as she tried to keep a straight face.

She was failing at it though. Jasper could feel her anxiety and the rest were shooting her glances every now and then.

I looked away and frowned.

The visions aren’t changing. It’s still the same as before. She said in a worried tone.

“Would you please stop the silent conversation?” Emmett said out loud.

I sighed and nodded.

“What is it Alice?” Carlisle asked.

She looked at the rest of the family uneasily.

“The visions aren’t changing. It’s still the same as before” she repeated out loud for everybody.

Esme gasped and held on to Carlisle’s arm. He whispered to her some words of comfort before facing all of us.

“It seems like Bella has believed what Victoria had to say” he said.

“You don’t say” Rosalie said as she rolled her eyes.

Carlisle ignored her and continued to talk.

“We probably won’t have a chance to talk to Bella with this situation so we have to come up with a way that would make Bella give us a chance to explain”

“You mean give me a chance to explain” I said out loud.

“Edward, this isn’t just your fault. We all left her without protest. We are all to blame for this” Carlisle stated. He was speaking for the whole family now.

But it was just my fault. I started all of it. If I hadn’t chosen to leave, none of this would be happening. I stopped my self pity as Jasper shot me a look.

“All we need is one chance then we will let Bella decide what she wants to do”

My eyes widened as I realized what he was talking about.

“No one is going to fight Bella” I said through gritted teeth.

“No one will fight Bella, Edward. I don’t think anyone in this room would want to hurt her in any way. We have to make her see that we would fight for her” he said.

“Okay, then I get Victoria” Emmett said.

I growled at Emmett’s suggestion.

“No. I r10;” I was suddenly pulled into one of Alice’s vision and was back to reality as fast as I got pulled in.

“Newborns. An army of newborns” she said as she played the vision back and forth.

There were newborns attacking from different sides. Each one of us was fighting them off as Victoria, Bella and the blonde boy stood on the side watching the attack.

“Of course… Very smart… She’s going to use them to distract all of us” Jasper said.

Emmett frowned at him. I rolled my eyes as Jasper explained to Emmett what he meant.

“Victoria has thought of this very well. She planned every possible thing that could happen. She probably knew that we would talk Bella out of killing all of us so she probably came up with the idea of a newborn army. With all of us fighting, there would be no chance of any of us getting to talk to Bella. She also probably thought if Bella doesn’t kill us, the newborns would” he explained.

“Oh… Right… Then that means I get to kick some ass!” Emmett exclaimed.

“It’s nothing you should be excited about Emmett. It’s something that we should take seriously” Carlisle said.

“He’s right. Newborns are strong. An army of newborns would be stronger. They wouldn’t want to do anything but destroy everything that would be on their path” Jasper stated.

“Do you know when they would be attacking Alice?” Carlisle asked.

Alice closed her eyes and concentrated. Blurry images flashed back and forth.

“Tomorrow at dawn” she said as she opened her eyes.

“This isn’t good. We don’t have enough time to prepare” Jasper said.

“Well then, I suggest we start preparing now” Carlisle said as he stood up.

Everybody else followed his action but I stayed seated on the chair.

I couldn’t believe we would be facing this kind of fate by tomorrow morning. Everything happened so fast. I thought the past few days I spent with Bella would lead to a new beginning for the both of us. She still didn’t remember anything but I thought we could take things slowly. We didn’t even have to be lovers. Being friends with her again was good enough for me. And I was thinking of explaining to her why I did those things in the past. And now, the chance of ever explaining things to her was gone.


It was almost the crack of dawn. We were at the clearing where we had the baseball game and where everything turned around.

“At least, this time we’re not protecting human Bella” Emmett tried to lighten the mood as we waited.

Rosalie jabbed him on the side while Jasper rolled his eyes.

I wanted to growl at him for even thinking of that but I was too tired to be frustrated at Emmett. I needed to save my energy for the coming onslaught. They were all wrapped up with each of their mates while I got lost in my thoughts of the couple of days I had with Bella.

A few minutes later, I heard a number of heavy footsteps running at a very fast speed.

“You guys know the plan, alright? Stick to it. Try to get to talk to Bella. We’ll get through this” Jasper said as he went down on a defensive crouch.

We all went down on our own defensive crouches. After a few minutes, there were loud snarls coming from different directions. There were seven newborns coming our way. The one at the front lunged for Rosalie but Emmett stood in front of her and stopped the newborn from attacking her. He tackled the newborn down to the ground and they wrestled each other. This was it. It was going to be the end. There was no way that we could defeat an army of newborns.

A growl to my left caught my attention. I turned towards the direction of the sound and I got tackled by the newborn to the ground. I struggled to hold it away from me as it tried to snap its teeth into my neck. It was just too strong. At the corner of my eye, I saw Emmett throwing the limbs of the newborn he just decapitated.

Snap out of it, Edward! Jasper’s voice echoed through my head.

I did as what he told me and I kicked the newborn in the stomach making it fly away from me. I stood up from the ground just in time to see the same newborn heading towards me again. I was quicker this time and I lunged for it. I took it by the neck and snapped it out of its body.

I tore its limbs apart one by one and threw it on the same fire that Emmett started. Emmett gave me a wink and thumbs up before going back to help Rosalie. Not long after, all of us have started small bonfires where we threw the remains of the newborns.

“Don’t tell me that was all” Emmett said as he threw the last limb on the fire.

“Of course not” a familiar voice on the other side of the clearing said.

Victoria stood by the trees as she watched us.

“You want more? I’ll give you more… Riley, bring them out” She said.

The blonde boy on the vision moved forward. Behind him was a huge number of hungry looking newborns. It looked like there was a hundred of them following him and waiting for his command. The moment he gave the order, the newborns charged at us. They were attacking from different directions.

I felt my knees gave out as I watched the horror that was happening right in front of me. Not one of them even stopped to attack me. They all went for my family. No. No. This isn’t happening. They should be attacking me not them. They didn’t do anything. I was rooted to the spot as I watched everything happen around me.

I saw a flash of movement a few feet away from me. Somebody was moving rapidly and was ripping the limbs of bodies so fast it was like pieces of paper falling to the ground. The body parts went straight to a fire that started out of nowhere. I still couldn’t see who was moving so fast. Screams of anguish and pain echoed throughout the clearing. It wasn’t as peaceful as it was before the break of dawn. It became a warzone that was going to be full of burning limbs at the end of the day.

The blurry figure continued to rip off the newborns. As soon as it finished ripping the nearest newborn to me, it stopped right in front of me.

I looked up to see two crimson eyes look down at me with so much fury.

A hysterical laugh rang throughout the wooded area.

“Oh, they didn’t even know what hit them. They weren’t ready for it and my precious pet did all the dirty work for me. Aren’t I so lucky, Riley?” Victoria said.

She moved forward followed by the blonde boy. They made their way towards me. I looked at the fire the limbs of the newborns were now burning. I hoped that none of my family was hurt.

“Why?” I asked softly in a pained tone.

I knew why of course. But she didn’t have to include my family in it. She could’ve just hurt me.

Bella snarled at me.

“Hush, my dear. We’re almost done here” Victoria said.

She put a hand on Bella’s shoulder and she turned around. Bella moved to the side so Victoria could stand in front of me. She grabbed my chin and forced me to look at her.

“You ask why? You know very well why Edward” She said and then leaned forward.

“Mate for a mate… Well, in this case… Your family for a mate” she whispered in my ear.