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Set during New Moon. After the cliff diving incident, Bella was changed into a vampire and was kept in the dark for months. She doesn't remember anything from her human life and she became Victoria's precious pet who does all her biddings. What Bella doesn't know is that there's a bigger plan that involves killing each of the Cullens. Isn't revenge sweet?


18. It's not over til its over

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Chapter 18: It’s not over ‘til it’s over.


Victoria’s grip on me tightened as the minutes passed by. She was starting to get furious. It had been more than half an hour since the boy, Riley, followed Bella. Until now, neither of them had returned. The newborns holding each member of my family were starting to get restless. Their thoughts were still a mess but one thing was clear. They wanted to get out of here and satisfy their thirst instead.

They weren’t the only ones getting restless.

Come on Edward, let me do it now. She’s all alone with no one to help her! We can take her down easily! Emmett growled internally.

He really couldn’t wait a few more minutes. He was going to screw this up if we didn’t do it at the right time. There were still a lot of newborns on the side watching Victoria with wary eyes. It was obvious they were waiting for orders. One wrong move and we would all be burning in pieces.

Edward! I keep checking the future but I can’t see anything! We have to do something now before it’s too late! Alice directed her thoughts towards me.

This wasn’t good. If our future disappeared, then that could mean only one thing… There was no way I wouldn’t allow for that to happen. If somebody was going to die in this fight, there would only be Victoria and her army.

The wind suddenly blew. Something was mixed in the air. The smell of wet dog was faint but for some reason, I had a feeling that it was going to get stronger. What were the dogs doing in our land?

Son, did you smell that? Carlisle asked in his head.

Just as fast as it had come, the scent was gone. It was as if it wasn’t there in the first place. Maybe the wind just blew it towards our direction? Before I even pondered more on it, an angry snarl snapped me out of my thoughts.

My head turned towards the direction of the sound but there was nothing there but trees. What the hell? I could’ve sworn something was there earlier. Victoria grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me look at my family again. She twisted my arm at an awkward angle making it difficult for me to move my arms.

“Since my dear pet isn’t here to finish her job, I guess I would have to do this my way” Victoria whispered menacingly in my ear.

“You didn’t think I had a back-up plan, did you?” she continued.

“Why do you think I bothered with so many newborns?”

“Three and a half years of planning… I have to make sure that each and every single one of you will suffer!” she shouted each word with rage.

“Especially, YOU! You will suffer the most! All of this for a stupid, little, puny human!”

Just as she said the last part, I couldn’t take it anymore. I growled and pulled my arm back. I had no idea how strong Victoria could be but I was able to pull my arms with just one tug. I kicked her in the stomach and she went flying towards the trees. The tree broke in half as she collided with it. I was down on my defensive crouch as she got up on her own crouch.

She smirked as she looked behind me.

I could see my family in their own fight as I looked through Victoria’s thoughts.

It’s not yet over, Edward. Her voice taunted.

You will watch as each member of your so-called family gets torn into pieces over and over again. You will listen to their cries of agony as they plead for me to end their pain. You will smell the scent of their limbs burning as I end their existence. You will feel the emptiness that you deserve. You will feel what it’s like to have nothing at all.

I shook her voice off my head and I lunged for her but she was quick. She was expecting me to attack her. I followed her around the clearing as I watched her moves in her head. I smirked as she tried to lose me.

Not going to happen.

We moved around the clearing for a few minutes before I found the perfect opportunity to get a hold of her. Just as she thought that she could dodge me, I sprung for her neck. My hand grabbed her by the neck and I slammed her against the ground.

“It’s over for you” I sneered at her.

She raised an eyebrow at me. Her look mocked me as if I was missing something.

“You really think so?” she smirked and then turned her head slightly towards the middle of the field.

I heard the sound of metal being torn apart and a scream of agony. I looked up to where Victoria was looking at and my heart sank. Alice was on the ground with one of her hand behind her back. Her other arm was detached from her body and was in the hand of the newborn. I watched Jasper’s eyes turn into slits as he lunged for the newborn who attacked his mate. Just as he was about the snap its head off, the newborn he was fighting previously took the opportunity to attack him from behind. I watched in horror as Jasper tried to fight the two newborns off of him.

Alice continued to scream in pain as she struggled to help Jasper fight the newborns. I suddenly felt pain shot from my chest. My hands buckled as the pain lingered for a few seconds. Victoria took the opportunity to get out of my grasp. My eyes went back to hers.

We stood in front of each other in our own crouches. I had my back facing the clearing as I watched her every move. She had a hand over her chest. She felt the pain as much as I did. We were both breathing heavily as we stared each other down. Neither of us were backing down.

“I’m thinking of keeping the empath… He would help double the pain you should feel… The pain of feeling a lost loved one…” Victoria’s voice was taunting again.

She paused as she jeered at me.

“It’s perfect…” She said as she looked up and then a devious smile slowly crept up her face.

“Well… Well… Look who’s back” She said as she stood up.

I turned my head to where she was looking at. I watched Jasper get knocked down on the ground by something or someone that was moving fast. The newborns that Jasper was fighting got knocked off in the process. Both figures got back on their feet as fast and lunged for their attacker. The familiar figure gave out an angry growl as it grabbed the first newborn that reached her. She held onto the newborn’s shirt and circled it around knocking off the incoming attack from the other newborn.

“Aren’t we lucky we get to watch a show?” Victoria whispered suddenly behind me.

I was so distracted with what was happening at the field that I didn’t notice her move. She grabbed both of my arms and twisted one arm at the same awkward angle as she did before. I had no idea where she learned that trick from but it worked. It was difficult for me to move. She turned me around and made me kneel down on my knees.

“Let’s watch carefully, shall we?” she purred in my ear.

Bella’s head snapped in our direction. She locked her eyes with mine. Her look was glazed and then a sly grin crept on her face for a tenth of a second. She winked in my direction as she dodge the newborn heading for her. Her eyes went back to the newborns heading her way.

It seemed like she winked at me. Looking back at it, I wasn’t sure. She might’ve blinked for all I know. I continued to look at her for any indication of what she meant but her eyes were focused on her fight. Victoria didn’t seem to notice our little exchange as she cackled.

It was amazing to watch her move so gracefully as she avoided each move of the newborns that were trying to get a hold of her. It was as if she was reading their every move and she was evading it in a swift. She moved so fast that it looked like she was floating in the air and not stepping on the ground anymore.

Bella stopped and caught both newborns off guard. She grabbed the closest one to Jasper and tore off its arms just as the other headed towards her. She kicked the newborn headed her way as she snapped the limbs of the newborn she was holding.

I suddenly had the urge to get away from Victoria’s grip and shred the newborn to shreds. However, Victoria had other plans.

“No… You’re staying here to watch” she whispered as she put more pressure on my arm that was twisted.

I tried ignoring the pain shooting up my arm and focused on how I could reverse our position.

I watched Bella tore the limbs off of the second newborn in seconds. She threw the limbs on the side then crouched down to Jasper who was holding Alice. She grabbed Alice’s arm that was removed and gave it to him.

“Go near the border… You’ll be safe there” she whispered softly to Jasper.

“Bella” Alice said softly.

Bella gave her a small smile then looked at Jasper. He nodded at her then picked Alice up from the ground. He ran towards the trees. He was gone in a flash of a second.

This time, Victoria saw everything that happened. Her thoughts were furious. I could feel her tightening her grip on my arm. I winced at the pain that shot up my arm but she didn’t notice. Her eyes were trained on Bella.

Bella gracefully stood up from her crouch. She still had the same glazed look that she had earlier. She tilted her head to side as she looked at Victoria straight in the eye. Victoria’s eyes turned into slits as she continued to gaze at her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Victoria asked in a stone cold voice.

Bella shrugged.

“I don’t know… What do you think?” she asked.

Victoria glared at her.

“You think you got this all figured out, haven’t you?” Victoria challenged.

Bella raised an eyebrow at her.

“You said you wanted a show didn’t you?” Bella asked her back.

Victoria was taken aback by her question. She was confused.

“W-what? What are you talking about?!” she demanded.

Bella huffed and rolled her eyes.

“Earlier, you said you wanted to see a show… And just a few minutes ago, you told Edward that you’re lucky you get to watch the show… Now, I’m giving you a show and you didn’t even watch” Bella answered in a disappointed tone.

I looked at Bella confused. I didn’t see where she was getting at. Apparently, Victoria was still confused.

Bella huffed again and then shook her head.

“Look around you Victoria… Where’s your army?”

It took me a few seconds to realize what she was getting at. I took the same time to scan the clearing. There was a thin smoky fog that was covering the clearing due to the smoke from the small bonfires. I could’ve sworn that there were about a dozen more newborns when Victoria pinned me to the ground earlier. The clearing was empty except for the two newborns that were left. They were surrounded by Carlisle and Emmett and two huge dark shaped figures. In mere minutes, strangled screams of pain echoed through the area. The sound of metallic screeching ended in a couple of minutes. Panic started to creep on me as I realized that Rosalie and Esme were nowhere to be seen.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. It was only then that I noticed the musky scent. It was strong and was concentrated near the trees.

I heard Victoria gasp behind me but she quickly recovered.

Bella smirked at her reaction. She had her hands on her hips.

“So? Did you enjoy the show?” she asked.

Victoria glared at her and then the two huge figures that approached Bella. Victoria’s eyes looked like they would bulge out as soon as she watched the huge wolves stop on each side of Bella not even giving her a second glance. The russet-colored wolf took a step forward but Bella stopped him.

“No, Jake… I have things to settle” she said softly and continued to stare at Victoria.

The wolf took a step back but continued to eye Victoria warily. Her hands went to her side and I watched her clench and unclench her fist. I watched Carlisle and Emmett cautiously approach Bella. They stopped right beside the wolves knowing that Bella won’t let them go further. Carlisle’s head tilted to the side as if asking me a question.

I looked at him confused but shook my head slightly.

Bella must’ve noticed our exchange. I watched her unclench her fist for the fifth time and then I was suddenly bombarded by thoughts. I could hear Emmett’s and Carlisle’s thoughts clearly. They were furious for what happened with Alice at the same time they were curious as to what Bella was up to. The wolves’ thoughts were going everywhere. It was like they were talking to the whole pack in their heads.

“Things to settle?” Victoria’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

She cackled hysterically as she let my arm go. Victoria grabbed my hair and smashed my head to the ground. If I was human, my skull would’ve probably cracked killing me instantly. However, that wasn’t the case. I felt the contact of the ground to my forehead. It felt like a pinch but then Victoria placed her foot on my head and applied pressure burying my face into the ground.

I heard the dogs wince at the sound my head hitting the ground. I had enough of being treated as the weak one today. Victoria knew my weakness and used it against me. But now, knowing that Bella was against Victoria gave me a newfound strength. She may not be on my side right now but I know there was time to talk later.

I used my arms to heave myself up taking Victoria off guard. I stood up swiftly as I watched her stumble backwards. My lips curled back as I watched her crouch down. Bella was in front of me in a second. She placed a hand on my chest to stop me.

“I have things to settle” Bella repeated herself not looking at me.


The leaves rustled behind me. I looked behind to see a red-brown colored wolf following me closely. For some reason, there was something familiar about the wolf. I tilted my head to the side as I watched him go to my side. He titled his head to the side as if asking a question.

“Jake?” I asked softly.

The wolf gave a nod then pointed his nose forward.

I nodded.

“We have to be extra quiet for this to work. We can’t let them suspect that they’re missing newborns…” I paused and looked at him.

“You know what to do, right?” I asked.

He gave another nod.

“Alright… I’ll be back in a minute… Make sure the other guys are here waiting… It needs to be done quick” I said making sure he got it.

I chuckled softly as I watched him roll his eyes.

I turned my head back towards the clearing. I silently approached the area and then stopped as I had the perfect view of the clearing to observe what was going on. Edward was on his knees while Victoria was gripping his arms on his back. Each of the Cullens had a newborn holding them down the same way that Victoria was holding Edward. There were about six other newborns on the side waiting for orders. I smirked inside knowing that there was no way they would obey Victoria now that Riley was gone.

I shuddered internally as I my mind wandered back to what happened earlier. I was talking with the wolves when I heard the sound of scraping metal and cries of agony. I had thought that maybe one of the newborn got restless and decided to go away. I was wrong. Riley was in pieces by the time I got to where the wolves fought him off. There was nothing I could do for him anymore. It hurt to see him hurt that way but I knew he deserved that too. He lied to me. He knew the whole plan Victoria came up with and he pretended he didn’t know.

I shook the thoughts off my head and watched as Emmett squirm furiously under the grip of the newborn. Alice had a panicked look on her face as I watched her face glaze over and over again.

I wonder what she was seeing?

The wind suddenly blew and I could smell the scent of the wolves in the air. I quickly rounded the whole area twice in a minute to diminish the scent. I completely forgot that Jacob’s scent on me was still strong. I knew the Cullens became aware of the scent as I watched them wrinkle their noses in disgust. Some of the newborns looked around to see if they would find the source of the scent. Thankfully enough, Victoria seemed oblivious to what just happened.

I sighed internally.

Then a newborn was suddenly in front of me. It gave out an angry snarl. I quickly jumped on it and covered its mouth. I grabbed its left arm and put it on its back. It struggled under my hold and it tried to pry my fingers off its mouth. I ran swiftly towards the place I knew the wolves would be waiting. The moment I knew I was far enough from the clearing, I let two of my fingers slide to the side of the newborns mouth. It tried to bite my fingers off but I let my fingers rest on the inside of its cheek. I twisted its head and then snapped it off as two huge wolves approached. I left the body on the forest floor and dropped its head.

“Tear it apart and burn it quick” I instructed.

I didn’t wait to look back at what they did. I knew they would do it. It was their job and I knew they would do it perfectly. I heard the faint sound of metal being torn apart as I ran towards the clearing.

I knew I missed some things that happened in the clearing. I went to a different spot this time. The newborns might get suspicious if I stick to one spot.

“… All this for a stupid, little, puny human!” I heard Victoria yell out angrily.

I felt my frame tremble with fury as I watched Edward growl and pull his arm from Victoria’s grip. He kicked her in the stomach and she went flying through the trees. The both of them were on defensive crouches in an instant.

Seeing Victoria distracted, I took the opportunity to put my plan into action. I ran back and forth behind the Emmett and Rosalie. Two newborns on the side quickly caught my scent and I led them back to the forest. The wolves were waiting just as I had told them

“Enjoy guys” I said to the wolves as I moved out of the way.

The running newborns were in for a surprise. None of them knew about the wolves. Victoria never told them. Two huge wolves jumped on the newborns and then three other wolves came in and help tore them apart. The feral snarls and the sound of screeching metal echoed in the forest.

“I need at least three wolves on the field when you’re done” I told Jacob and then he nodded.

I ran back towards the clearing. I could hear the padded footsteps of the wolves as they ran behind me. It was still hard to believe that the wolves were willing to help the Cullens out. At first, I thought they would think I was insane for even thinking it but then they proved me wrong. I don’t know if it was because of me or they really want to help. Either way, I wouldn’t really find out. After all of this, we would be going our different ways.

I felt something wet nudge my arm. I turned around to see Jacob looking at me. I gave him a small smile. Two other wolves were behind him with their tongues hanging out. I put a finger on my lips to tell them to remain quiet and then I turned around to the field.

Victoria and Edward were chasing each other around the area.


Victoria was distracted once again.

I motioned for the wolves to move forward.

“Now” I said.

We all ran towards the field. I watched the wolves attack the nearest newborns. Emmett was taken aback when I appeared in front of him. He had just finished decapitating a newborn and was throwing the limbs onto the fire. He was about to say something but I shook my head at him hinting him not to say it. He nodded and gave me a wink before helping out Rosalie. I turned my attention back to the fight and grabbed the newborn who was about to attack Esme.

“Not gonna happen” I muttered as I snapped its head off and threw it towards the fire.

There were quite a number of bonfires on the clearing. It made it easier to get rid of the limbs.

“Bella?” a soft voice called out.

My head snapped up to see Alice looking at me confused. I was about to tell her to talk later when I felt something collide with my body. I fell to the ground with a loud thud. I looked up just in time to see the newborn grab my dress and threw me against the trees. I went through the first one as it split in half onto another breaking it in two. I groaned as I got up.

This one was in it for it.

He was heading for me again but I moved just as he was about to reach me. His head hit the tree trunk. I went over to his crouched form and grabbed him by the neck. I flung his body farther through the trees. And then I heard somebody scream in pain. I turned my head around to see Alice on the ground writhing in pain. One of her arms was torn from her body. My eyes widened as I took in her form.

That wasn’t good.

Jasper was now in front of Alice protecting her from further damage. He was fighting two newborns at the same time. I felt a sudden pang of pain on my chest. My knees gave out as my body shuddered involuntarily. It welcomed the familiar pain and was opening the hole in my chest. I tried shaking off the pain but it wasn’t working.

I heard a feral snarl right in front of me. I turned my head just in time to see a huge wolf jump in front of me. Jacob struck towards the newborn and tore off a piece from its shoulder. I took a deep breath taking in the musky scent. It soothed the pain I felt temporarily. I got up from the ground and helped Jacob tear apart the newborn.

“Thanks” I whispered towards Jacob as we threw the last limb on the fire.

Jacob ran towards the other side of the field to help out his pack members as I ran towards Alice. I stood a couple of meters away from her as I surveyed her injury.

“It’s perfect…” I heard Victoria say.

I turned around to look at her. Victoria’s eyes bore towards my mine as I met her gaze. A devious smile slowly crept her face.

“Well… Well… Look who’s back” she said.

Just then something swiped its hand towards my face. I backed away from it and turned around in a haste knocking Jasper and two newborns in the process. The two newborns looked at me with fury as they got on their feet. I watched them dive for me. I gave out an angry growl as I grabbed the first newborn. I held onto its shirt and swung it around hitting the other newborn. Both of them went flying a few feet away.

“Aren’t we lucky we get to watch a show?” I heard Victoria whisper.

I felt the sides of my lips twitch.

Oh, if only she knew.

“Let’s watch carefully, shall we?”

I turned my head towards their direction. Victoria had Edward kneeling on the ground again. She had his arms twisted on his back. I smirked internally as I realized how many times she had used that moved on Edward. My gaze locked with Edward’s and somehow I felt that I should assure him that everything would be fine so I gave him a small grin. I heard the footsteps of the newborn as they neared me. I winked at him just as I moved away from the newborn.

I turned my attention back to the fight. I moved rapidly as I dodge their every move. I had two of them coming at me from different directions. It was a good thing that I had fought off newborns before. Their moves were always the same making it easy for me to know what the next move would be. They never progress because they move by instinct. I knew their moves very well.

I stopped as I neared Jasper again. I didn’t want to hit him again. I didn’t want him to think I was doing it on purpose. He was starting to get up for the attack as I stopped a couple of feet from him. I seized the first newborn to approach. I grabbed both its arms and snapped it off. I kicked the other one that was coming as I tore apart the newborn I was holding.

I heard the other newborn come at me again and I moved to the side just as I grabbed its neck. I snapped its head off quick and threw it on the same fire as the previous one. I decapitated it as fast as I could. The limbs were withering on the ground. I lit a fire quickly and gathered the limbs there.

I crouched down beside Jasper and handed him Alice’s arm.

“Go near the border… You’ll be safe there” I whispered to him.

“Bella” Alice said softly.

I gave her an apologetic smile and then looked at Jasper. Catching the meaning behind my words, Jasper nodded and picked up Alice from the ground. I watched him run and disappear towards the thick of the woods. At the corner of my eyes, I saw Jacob come out of the trees in human form.

I gave him a small nod. He nodded back knowing what I meant.

I stood up from my crouch to face Victoria. I looked at her straight in the eye. It was evident by the way she was holding Edward that she was getting furious. I tilted my head to side questioning her anger. Victoria’s eyes darkened as I continued to stare at her.

She wants a show, I’ll give her a show.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked with a cold voice.

I shrugged at her.

“I don’t know… What do you think?” I asked her back.

Victoria glared at me.

“You think you got this all figured out, haven’t you?” she said.

I raised an eyebrow at her.

“You said you wanted a show, didn’t you?” I asked.

Victoria looked at me like I had two heads.

“W-what? What are you talking about?” she demanded.

I huffed and rolled my eyes. I knew she was too distracted to notice.

“Earlier, you said you wanted to see a show… And just a few minutes ago, you told Edward that you’re lucky you get to watch the show… Now, I’m giving you a show and you didn’t even watch” I said disappointed.

Edward looked as confused as Victoria. Apparently, they were way too distracted to notice what was going on around them.

I huffed.

Typical vampires.

Always distracted.

I felt the pain tug on my chest again.

I shook my head as I concentrated on what was happening.

“Look around you Victoria… Where’s your army?”

I watched Victoria look around the clearing. She gasped as she realized that none of the newborns were nowhere to be seen except for the two ones that were left which were currently being taken care of.

I smirked at her and put my hands on my hips.

“So? Did you enjoy the show?” I asked again.

Victoria gave me a look that said if-looks-could-kill. Her eyes widened as I heard two hammering heartbeats approach me from behind. They stopped on each side of me but Jacob took one more step forward.

I lowered my hand to stop him.

“No, Jake… I have things to settle” I said to him softly as I continued to look at Victoria.

Jacob took a step back as I put both of my hands on my side. I heard Carlisle and Emmett go on either side of the wolves. At the corner of my eye, I saw Carlisle tilt his head and then Edward shook his head slightly.

I completely forgot that I had my shield up all this time. I quickly let go of the shield that was surrounding everybody. I watched Edward’s face contort into pain. I guess he was getting used to the silence.

“Things to settle?!”

Victoria’s screech brought me back to reality. She laughed out hysterically as she let go of Edward’s arms. She quickly grabbed a handful of his hair and smashed his head to the ground. The wolves winced at the sound of Edward’s head smashing to the ground. Victoria put her foot down on Edward’s head and tried burying it deeper.

Edward used both of his arms to push himself off the ground which caught Victoria off guard. He stood up quickly as Victoria stumbled backwards. His lips curled back as she crouched down.

Whatever it was he was thinking, it wasn’t going to happen.

I was in front of Edward in a flash. I put a hand on his chest to stop him. I felt a jolt of electricity as soon as I touched him. I ignored the shock and turned around to face Victoria.

“I have things to settle”