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Set during New Moon. After the cliff diving incident, Bella was changed into a vampire and was kept in the dark for months. She doesn't remember anything from her human life and she became Victoria's precious pet who does all her biddings. What Bella doesn't know is that there's a bigger plan that involves killing each of the Cullens. Isn't revenge sweet?


20. Epilogue: Oblivion

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I watched the city passing by below me. The humans were huddled on the streets as they walked at a fast pace trying to get away from the blistering wind. The cars wove through the busy streets as the morning rush rushed in.

I closed my eyes as I took in the cool air. It was very refreshing. The temperature didn’t make a difference to me. It was the different scents that surrounded the city that overwhelmed me. It felt great to be able to be near the humans without wanting to feed on them. I breathed in the different scents that went on for miles.

I felt the predator inside of me growl angrily. A small smile escaped my lips as I quickly took complete control of it. The growls toned down and I was once again engulfed with the noise coming from the city.

Gone was the desire to devour their sweet blood.

I had control over the monster inside of me. It took me about a year to be able to take full control of it but in the end I was successful. Having good control was one of the good things I had gotten from my training from the previous years.

I had been mingling with the humans for the past few months. I hadn’t had one slip up. It was remarkable considering it had only been a year and a half since I changed my diet. The first few months were very tempting. I had a few slip ups but after convincing myself that it was something that I needed to do, I didn’t have any more.

Thinking about Edward helped me a lot. At first I considered going back and asking for help. But after a few trial and errors, I was able to come up with a strategy on how to go about things.

I knew I had to control myself first. Hours and hours of meditation made me realize that I couldn’t get rid of the horrible things I’d done. What’s done was done. There was no taking back. It was a part of me. I couldn’t get rid of who I was. But I could change my ways. I didn’t have to kill anymore. Nobody would be ordering me around anymore. Who knows? It could be useful if the time presents itself. There were other things out there that could pose as a threat to my family.

My family.

I would do everything I can to protect each member of my family. I wasn’t with them for long but they welcomed me with open arms despite all the things I had done. They were the only ones I knew who knew me as a human. But human or vampire Bella doesn’t matter to them because I was simply Bella to them.

I was grateful for the help that Jasper offered me. Alice must’ve seen my struggles because Jasper and her had met with me for the first few months. I had asked them not to tell the others because I didn’t want to appear weak to them. I may appear strong on the outside but the inside was a complete mess. Jasper knew that since he felt my emotions. He told me he had the same struggles for a number of years so he knew what I was going through.

The whole family had moved to New York about a year ago and I promised I would follow them. This was the reason why I was standing on the top of the highest building in the city. It was the best place to test myself. I decided it was time to join the family.

I realized that I couldn’t bear to be that far away from Edward for so long. I didn’t understand what I felt whenever I was around him but it was pulling me towards him. The pain in my chest lessened whenever I was around him. There were times that I would suddenly get a flash of pain when around him but it would disappear as fast as it appeared.

It was time to come back.

I was ready.



It was the only thing that was keeping me away from Bella.

I closed my eyes as I let the memories of the day she left run through my mind. She held my face in her hand as she revealed to me what her decision was.

I just need time.

That was what she said.

I wanted time to go by faster. I did all the mundane things I could do just to pass the time. It didn’t do much. Daylight was manageable. High school made time pass by but it wasn’t enough. The night was much worse. There was less to do. Homework was easy after taking high school classes so many times. I had to think of things to make myself busy so that time would go by faster. I would watch Emmett and Jasper banter at each other about the video game they were playing. Sometimes, they would let me play. Sometimes, I would find a book to read only to finish it before the sun rises. Sometimes, I would play on my piano. Esme loved it when I played. It had been a long time since I played all night.

But it wasn’t enough.

I used to think that time was nothing to a vampire. How wrong I was. It was true that they say time would come by slower if you were anticipating something. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t wait for the time Bella would be with us again. It wouldn’t be the same when she was human. I knew we would have to start all over again. But it was worth it because I know she would be with us for eternity.

I didn’t know when she would be back but she promised. I would wait for as long as I had to. I couldn’t help being impatient at times. Alice had already blocked her thoughts from me to annoy me. There were days I would try sorting out her head to see if she had any vision of Bella coming back but it was completely blocked off.

Today was no different.

I asked her again if she had any visions.

Alice growled in annoyance.

“Stop bothering me Edward! What made you think that I would tell you when Bella would come back?!” she yelled.

“Because I’m your favorite brother?” I smiled sheepishly.

I heard Emmett and Jasper snickering in the corner. I ignored the both of them.

“Can you at least tell me how she’s doing since you wouldn’t show me anything?” I tried again.

Alice growled once more and walked away from me.

I sighed as I watched her retreating figure.

“Just be patient Edward” Jasper said slapping me in the back and followed Alice.

I sighed in defeat as I watched the two of them head towards the car. We were heading towards the school to begin yet another day of high school.

“I would stop annoying her if I were you bro” Emmett said as he passed me by.

I hang my head as I walked towards the front door. There was no point in arguing with them anymore. I got to the front seat of my car then started it. Once everybody was sat inside, I headed off. It was another mundane day for a vampire.

I parked the car in my usual spot. As soon as I stopped, I was bombarded with the different thoughts of the students. The thoughts were buzzing about a new student. Figures. A new student at the middle of the semester would be worth the buzz. Of course, everybody would be talking about it. It was the same scenario I had witnessed more than five years ago.

I tuned out the thoughts of the student as I walked the hallways of the school. I didn’t want to waste my time wondering about the new student. It just made me anticipate Bella’s return some more.

I entered the classroom and sat on my usual seat. English was one of the classes I enjoyed. Talking about classic literature took my mind off things. There was still a few minutes left before class so I decided to read a bit to past the time.

The students started to file in the classroom a few minutes later. The flustered teacher entered the room at the same time as the students. The bell rang and the students settled on to their seats. I stared mindlessly at the book in front of me as I waited for everybody to assemble. The teacher closed the door and started to call out the names.

A few minutes later, the door opened again. I didn’t bother looking up because there was always one student who was late.

“Ah… You must be the new student” the teacher said.

Curious, I looked up only to be shocked at the person standing a few feet away from me.

“Yes. I’m Isabella Swan”

The teacher nodded and motioned for her to sit down. The only available seat was the one next to mine.

I was too stunned to even greet her. She sat gracefully beside me.

“Hello Edward” she smiled at me.

There were so many questions I wanted to ask but I knew then that I had time to be able to ask her. I had time after class. I had time after school. I had time.

Time was on my side now.

It was just a matter of time before everything was the way it was supposed to be. We had all the time in the world.

I had an eternity with Bella.