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Set during New Moon. After the cliff diving incident, Bella was changed into a vampire and was kept in the dark for months. She doesn't remember anything from her human life and she became Victoria's precious pet who does all her biddings. What Bella doesn't know is that there's a bigger plan that involves killing each of the Cullens. Isn't revenge sweet?


5. Selfish

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Chapter 5: Selfish


Somebody grabbed my arm before my fist even made contact with Emmett’s face. I growled with frustration at the person holding my arm. I pulled my arm away not knowing who was grabbing hold of me. I pinched the bridge of my nose with my forefinger and thumb as I paced the room back and forth. How dare he think of her that way? Hasn’t he had enough of annoying me today?!

“Sorry” I heard Emmett say. I felt Jasper send calming waves my way and it helped a bit.

Cool it, Edward. Jasper said.

I nodded towards his direction as I felt my muscles relax but I couldn’t bring myself to relax all the way. Where the hell did he get the idea of Bella with blood red eyes? There was only one person who ever saw what Bella would look like as a vampire but she never brought it up again.

“You weren’t supposed to see that” he mumbled.

I stopped pacing and glared at him.

“What do you mean?” I asked coldly.

“Okay guys, I’m confused. What are you guys talking about? Please enlighten the rest of the family” Alice said.

“Yes and please enlighten us as well why you almost punched Emmett” Rosalie said.

“Ask him” I said in between my gritted teeth. I continued to glare at Emmett as he tried to look anywhere but me. He was hiding something from me. And it has something to do with her.

“Well, Emmett? What is it?” Esme asked.

Emmett sighed and looked at Esme before looking at me then settled his eyes towards the ground.

“This afternoon, as Esme and Alice know, Edward broke the only copy of Call of Duty that I have” he paused for a dramatic effect.

“He what?!!” Jasper exclaimed with his eyes wide open.

I saw Alice and Rosalie roll their eyes at the both of them. Them and their video games.

“Don’t worry, I got it replaced but that’s part of my story. I went to Port Angeles to get a new copy, coz I know you’d be pissed, but they didn’t have it. It was a good thing that the Seattle branch has it so I decided to run to Seattle”

“That’s when you disappeared” Alice interrupted.

Emmett looked at Alice confused.

“So, you didn’t see anything that happened in Seattle?” he asked. What the hell was going on here? I remembered Alice getting a blurry vision earlier but I just brushed it off.

“No, I didn’t. Things got blurry then it went completely blank. I tried contacting you but I couldn’t so I called Carlisle right away”

“Hmmm… That’s odd…” he said thoughtfully.

“Argh! This was going nowhere! Who cares about a stupid video game?! I don’t see the connection between this and Bella” I exclaimed aggravated. He’s just annoying me today. Today of all days. Why today?

“Bella?” Carlisle asked surprised.

“Well, I’m getting to that part when you so rudely interrupted... Anyway, I went to Seattle and got the game. When I got out of the store, I smelt three things. Smoke, blood and vampires. I didn’t mind it at first but then I heard somebody scream” My body tensed as he continued to tell the story.

“I ran towards the direction of the scream. On my way towards the sound, I got to a dark alley where a small fire was burning with limbs in it. I was gonna check it out but then I heard a crashing sound so I ran there as fast as I could. What I saw shocked the hell outta me”

Emmett chose that moment to flash an image of a girl wearing a slightly torn dress fighting off three newborns. The image of the girl slowly looked up and the image knocked the air out of me. It was her. Bella. I grabbed Emmett by the collar of his shirt and slammed him onto the wall. Why? Why does he have to bring it up?

“What kind of sic r10;” I was cut off by Carlisle holding onto my shoulder.

“Son, let him finish talking. Then you can ask your questions” he said firmly and I loosened my grip on Emmett’s shirt.

“Fine” I spat and took a seat on the couch. This is getting on my nerves.

“I didn’t make it up Edward. It was her. Bella was there fighting three newborns. She was really fast and strong. She ripped out the girl’s head and arm at the same time! I wasn’t able to think properly when I saw her. It took me minutes before I even moved. I couldn’t believe it!” Emmett exclaimed.

I clenched my fingers tightly as I processed the images he was sending my way. It was really her. It was Bella. My Bella. But she wasn’t human. No, no human could kill a newborn, let alone three. She had pale skin and her body was perfect in every angle just like a vampire. Beautiful, perfect and a monster. No, my Bella’s not a monster. She would never be. I’m the monster. I ruined her life. If I didn’t leave, she would’ve never been like that. She wouldn’t be damned to this life. She would’ve been human. She would’ve lived a good human life. She would’ve never been like that. I didn’t pay attention to Emmett’s story anymore. I was lost. I stood up from the couch and ran out of the house. I heard them call my name but I didn’t look back.

I kept running until I reached it. Our meadow. The one place that reminded me her. I sank to my knees as I held my head in my hands. Sobs escaped my chest as I gripped on the grass. He was right. He might’ve been annoying me but he was right. It was my fault. Everything was my fault. I was being selfish when I left her. I thought I was thinking of what’s best for her but I was thinking of what’s best for me. How could a human be good for a vampire without drinking them dry? She was ready to give up everything for me but I wasn’t. I couldn’t let her do that. I had to leave her. I was too selfish to even think of what could happen if I left her.

I tried to tell myself over and over that I didn’t need her in my life but that was a lie. No matter how many times I tell myself that she was no good for me, I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. I lied about how she was no good for me when she was the only good thing that ever happened in my life. My Bella. My sobs were getting louder and louder. She was my world. She was my light. She was my life and will always be. And now, I damned her to this life because of my selfishness.

I was so stupid. How could I forget the one thing I made her promise me? There were other things out there. Other vampires roaming around. And her being a danger magnet attracted another vampire. I’m not the only one who finds her scent so good and so sweet.

And now, she was one of us. She wasn’t with us but she’s out there. Somewhere. Living a life of a nomad. Would she ever forgive me for what I’ve done? If she really was there, why didn’t she go here with Emmett?

I heard quiet footsteps approach but I didn’t look up. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder and pulled me towards them softly. He didn’t talk. He just held me there and let me sobbed dryly. When my sobs subsided, I looked up to face him. He had a pained and concerned expression on his face.


Carlisle continued to hold me there for a few minutes until I was able to compose myself.

Don’t worry, Edward. We’ll find her. We will all look for her and bring her home.

I nodded as the both of us stood up.

“What if she never forgives me?” I asked pain evident in my voice. I don’t know if Bella would ever forgive me for what I’ve done but I’m hoping that she would forgive my family.

Carlisle sighed.

“I don’t know son. It’s been three years. Who knows? Maybe the reason why she didn’t show up for years was because she has been thinking of things. Or she could have been looking for us. I don’t know” he said honestly.

Three years. It was three years today ever since I left Bella.

“That’s not the reason why she didn’t come back” a voice echoed throughout the forest.

Carlisle and I turned around to see Emmett walk towards us.

“What do you mean Emmett?” Carlisle asked.

Emmett sighed and looked at Carlisle then rested his eyes on me.

“She doesn’t remember us”