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Set during New Moon. After the cliff diving incident, Bella was changed into a vampire and was kept in the dark for months. She doesn't remember anything from her human life and she became Victoria's precious pet who does all her biddings. What Bella doesn't know is that there's a bigger plan that involves killing each of the Cullens. Isn't revenge sweet?


7. The Cullens

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Chapter 7: The Cullens


Victoria allowed me to leave them as soon as I gave them their meal. I didn’t want to see them feeding anyway. I needed time to figure out what was going on with me. First, I hear a voice in my head. Second, I had some sort of vision that doesn’t make any sense. What was gonna come next? I shuddered at the thought of having another unexplained voice or vision in my head.

And then, there was this unexplained hole in my chest. It’s not there physically but the pain I felt was so heart wrenching that it feels like I have this hole where my heart should’ve been beating. It doesn’t happen all the time but for some reason, it’s like something was triggering it from time to time.

Something that Victoria said clicked on my head. My past. My human life. Those unexplained things must’ve been from my human life. They were probably memories from my past. The vision I had felt so real I thought I was actually there. But, why now? Why didn’t I get them before? What triggered the memory? There has to be some sort of explanation for those things. There were a lot of questions about my human life that I wanted to know but nobody could help me. An image of the big burly vampire flashed my mind. He knew me. He knew me when I was human. He could help me figure out what the voice and the vision meant. He could help me. He could give me the answers to my questions. But then, there would be his coven. That would be a big problem. Covens are very protective of each other. I need to know more about his coven so I would know how to approach him. Unless, they knew me as well. Then, what? Ugh. This is so frustrating! I’ll figure that one out later. Right now, I need to get information about that coven. And there was only one person who could tell me all about it. Victoria. Great. I have to figure out how I’m going to ask her without making her suspicious.

I lied down on the damp ground and closed my eyes. I listened to the water flowing from the river and some scampering a few feet away from me. I tried relaxing so that I could think properly. I felt the cool breeze blew silently. I don’t get her sometimes. There would be days she would be sweet and concerned, which rarely happens but it does. Then, there would be days she would treat me like some sort of animal and orders me to kill those newborns. Then, there were those days that she would just keep looking down at me. It was like I did something to her and she wanted to get rid of me. Riley would always say to just brush it off. I try to but it bothers me most of the time.

Riley was another of Victoria’s pet who just stays on her side all the time unless she needs him to check up on me. She would say that he was her mate but I don’t believe that. She treats him differently compared to the other vampires we’ve met who have mates.

I opened my eyes and looked up to the midnight sky. There were thick clouds covering the stars tonight. It looked like it was gonna rain. I sighed as I sat up from my position and faced the river. I was supposed to meet them here by sunrise and I still had a few hours to spare for myself. I sat there staring at oblivion, for hours, when a thought slowly crept my mind. Victoria said that my next assignment would have something to do with the odd coven. She also said she would be giving me information about them. I wonder what my assignment would be. I wonder how she got her information. Was it possible that she knew them? I began to ponder on what kind of assignment this would be. Surely, she wouldn’t want me to kill them. But then, all her orders were to kill newborns. But, why? The guy who helped me earlier didn’t seem to be an enemy. In fact, he even helped me kill that newborn and shred her into pieces without asking a single question.

I sat there silently watching the river until the sun started to peek through the mountains. There was a bit of light but the dark clouds kept the sun from shining. I sensed Victoria and Riley coming. They were about a mile away from where I was. I stood up from my spot and dusted off my dress. Just as I was done suspecting the tear on my dress, they were standing there in front of me.

“Bella” Victoria greeted me while Riley smiled at me.

“Victoria… Riley…” I greeted them back.

“So, five newborns, huh?” he asked grinning.

I smiled back and nodded. Victoria watched us with an amused look on her face.

“Damn! I wish I was there to watch you fight them off! You didn’t even lose anything!” he exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Well, I almost lost an arm and one of them ripped the side of my dress” I said pointing at the tear.

“That’s nothing! Didn’t one of them had some sort of tar10;” he quickly shut his mouth and looked at Victoria.

Victoria gave him a disapproving look then turned to me.

I looked at him puzzled. How did he know about that?

Victoria cleared her throat to get my attention.

“Now, now. Bella did a great job. Let’s leave it at that, shall we? Let’s move on to more important things” she said.

They’re keeping things from me. I knew it.

“We’re going to the next town tomorrow. I have a job for you there. I want you to observe the coven I told you about”

She looked at me straight in the eye as she talked. Probably waiting to see what my reaction was. I just looked at her blankly and continued to listen.

“They’re known as the Cullens. They are currently residing in a small town called Forks. We will not be staying exactly where they are because we don’t want them to track any of us. Especially, me. If they track you down, don’t ever let them see you. Since neither Riley nor I would be going with you, I want you to meet us on the same place that we would be going to tomorrow in a week’s time and give me a full report about them. Got it?”

I nodded and she continued to give me information.

“You have to be aware of a few things about the Cullens. There are seven vampires in that coven. Three of them have talents. The pixie-like girl could see the future, her mate is an empath and the other one is a mind reader. Observe them and you will know who has the talent. Do not underestimate the other ones. They might not have talents but they are vampires”

I nodded again. There was one question I was itching to ask and I had to know now.

“How come they’re not like other vampires? You said they interacted with humans and they have gold eyes” I asked curiously.

“Ahh.. I was hoping you would ask that question. They’re vegetarians” she said simply.

“Vegetarians?” Riley asked puzzled. We both had the same puzzled look on our face.

“Yes. They only feed on animals. They learned to control their thirst that’s why they are able interact with humans”

I simply nodded. Riley, however, had other things in his mind.

“Is that even possible for a vampire? To be so close to blood all the time and not get tempted to drink them dry?” he asked with his crimson eyes turning a darker color. Just the thought of blood seems to be making him thirsty. And he just had his fill too.

“Yes, it is. The leader of their coven is actually a doctor for the humans. He works in the hospital where blood is present at all times and he never lost control of his thirst”

Riley shook his head and just laughed. He didn’t believe any of the things that Victoria just said. I did, though. I have seen one of them. He really had gold eyes. Honey-colored ones.

What a strange coven. Vegetarian vampires. Who would’ve thought?