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Set during New Moon. After the cliff diving incident, Bella was changed into a vampire and was kept in the dark for months. She doesn't remember anything from her human life and she became Victoria's precious pet who does all her biddings. What Bella doesn't know is that there's a bigger plan that involves killing each of the Cullens. Isn't revenge sweet?


8. Going through the motions

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Chapter 8: Going through the motions

Jasper POV

Different emotions were hitting me every second. A mixture of anger, confusion, excitement, sadness, guilt, hope, longing, frustration and a lot of different of emotions were hitting me from all directions of the house. It was giving me a headache. I tried sending calm waves to everybody in the house but it wasn’t working. They would all relax for a few minutes and then the different emotions would start creeping back.

Emmett tried to distract me by playing the new game he got. He was fuming earlier when he found one of the discs had cracked because of the force that Bella used to push him away.

I didn’t know if I should believe that or not. Not everybody had decided if they wanted to believe Emmet’s story or not. They kept changing their mind about it, hence the different emotions in the house. It was chaotic to be honest and it was driving me insane.

After Emmett, Edward and Carlisle got back, Emmett wanted to prove what he said so he took us to the “crime scene,” as he put it, where he saw Bella. All of us didn’t want to believe it because nobody caught any scent of any vampire in the area. There were no traces of any of the newborns he was talking about or Bella in that area. The fire that Emmett claimed was no longer there. He got confused as well but there was one thing that didn’t get unnoticed and it was very suspicious. Part of the wall on one of the abandoned buildings was gone. There was no rubble of any kind left to indicate any recent activity but the huge hole was there. It was the only thing that could be proven in his story. According to him, it was where Bella got thrown by the newborn. It was hard to believe but it was there. We searched the woods near that area but we didn’t catch any scent or trace at all. He then proceeded to tell us that Bella didn’t want to be tracked which was probably the reason why we’re not getting anything. Edward got mad, of course. He thinks, well we all do, that Emmett was playing some kind of sick joke. He insisted that he wasn’t playing around and he actually saw and touched Bella himself. Alice tried to look for Bella’s future but keeps on coming up blank. We didn’t have solid evidence that Bella was alive. Well, dead but a vampire.

A low growl came from upstairs. I sighed and apologized in my head. I turned to see Emmett smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at him and put my attention back to the game. It was hard to concentrate on the game with different things going on at the same time. I think Emmett was using this to his advantage. I finally saw his soldier moving on the other side of my screen. I smirked to myself as I maneuvered my soldier to slowly follow him from the other side without him noticing me. Seriously, he needs to accept the fact that I could beat him at his own games. I shot him three times on the chest and we both watched his character fall down on his face. Emmett growled at me and I was about to slap him on the back when I felt a pinch of amusement coming from the outside. My body tensed as the feeling lasted for more than a second. I stood up immediately and ran outside the house. I faced the woods and stared straight ahead. I didn’t catch any unusual scent but somebody was there I knew it. I’ve been getting weird feelings from the outside for the past few days and I was getting suspicious more each day. The emotion would be there for about a tenth of a second then it would be gone. It was like that each day and today lasted more than a second. I was positive that something or someone was watching us.

“Show yourself” I demanded.


Play around with them. Confuse them. Threaten them. Do whatever it takes for them not to track you down.

Those were the words that Victoria left me. It was confusing and it didn’t make any sense. I’m sure there’s a much bigger plan there and she’s not telling me anything. Well, she never did say anything directly to me but orders.

I sighed.

I’ve been watching the Cullens for almost four days now and I didn’t see them as a threat in any way at all. I’ve been observing each of them carefully but I’ve been coming up with nothing bad to report about them. If they weren’t pale skinned and moving at vampire speed to go about their business, I would’ve thought they were normal human people at first glance.

The huge glass windows helped me a lot. I could move from one window to another and get a glimpse of what they were doing. I got to know who was who and what each of them has the talents that Victoria mentioned.

Carlisle was the leader of the coven. He was a real doctor, just like she said. I would see him leave in the morning to go to work and come back in the afternoon or evening. A vampire going to work would have to be the most ridiculous idea ever. And he’s a doctor for crying out loud! If he wasn’t out working, he would be in his office, reading books. He’s got endless rows of books.

Esme was his mate and the maternal figure that cares about the rest of the coven. She seems to be the one doing all the work on the house. She would usually be out in her garden or in the house fixing something. Or in the kitchen. God knows vampires don’t eat human food so I always wonder what she does in there.

I learned the name of the big burly vampire I met to be Emmett. I assumed he was the strongest in his coven because of his built. But despite his built, he was the most child-like in the coven. He would always come up with something stupid. He was either playing video games or watching television. If neither of those, he was with his mate.

The beautiful blonde vampire, Rosalie. She would have to be the most beautiful vampire I’ve ever seen. She could’ve walked out of a magazine for all I know. No words could describe how beautiful she looked. But despite her looks, what she does for her past time would be something I would’ve never thought she would know something about. She was usually on their garage under a car. Who would’ve thought?

Alice was the psychic. She was the pixie-like girl who could see the future. I have seen her when she would get a vision and when she’s trying to look at the future. I noticed that she bounces a lot when she’s excited about something. She seems to go out of the house every time she got excited and comes back with a lot of shopping bags.

Jasper, her mate, was the empath. I had to keep my feelings in check at all times around the house. He gets suspicious every now and then and he would look out the window trying to look for me. Well, he couldn’t see me, of course. I was hidden very well. He was usually playing video games with Emmett, if not he would be in his study.

And then, there’s Edward. He was the mind reader. It was kind of hard to figure out at the beginning but then I would suddenly hear him growling from his room out of nowhere. So, that led me to conclude that the rest of the coven was talking to him in their heads. He never talked back though. From the first day I started to watch them, he never left his room. He was always listening to different kinds of music. If he wasn’t changing the CD, he would be lying down on the black couch facing the ceiling. He never moved. It was as if he was thinking very deeply. I felt bad for him hearing all those minds. It must be driving him crazy. I wondered why he stayed up there all the time. I didn’t have to worry about him reading my mind.

There was nothing suspicious about them at all. In fact, they acted like a family. A normal human family. There was the dad, the mom and the children. They were fascinating to watch. I didn’t dare come up too close to the house. Someone will sure sense something suspicious.

I found out that they have been looking for me in Seattle a couple of days ago but of course they didn’t find me. I was trained very well not to leave any tracks behind. Everywhere my coven goes, I do the clean up. I was good at it as well. Nobody has ever tracked us down. Ever. There won’t be a first time either.

Today, they were going about their usual businesses. It was late in the afternoon and the gray clouds were making the light more duller than it already was. Carlisle just got back from work. Esme was inside the house fixing God knows what. Alice and Rosalie were in their respective rooms. Emmett and Jasper were playing a video game. And Edward was, well, in his room.

During days like these, I liked watching Emmett and Jasper play. Jasper would always beat Emmett at some point and then he would throw a childish fit. It was quite amusing really. And entertaining. I watched Jasper’s character sneak behind Emmett’s and shot him three times on the chest. Emmett growled and I silently chuckled to myself at his reaction. Jasper was about to slap him on the back when his body suddenly tensed.

Shit. He caught that. I watched him run out the house at vampire speed and looked straight at my direction. Well, he didn’t really see me but I could see his eyes searching for me. I knew he would be able to see me if I moved from my position but if I don’t he would definitely look for me. Not just him but the rest of the coven.

“Show yourself” he demanded.

“I know you’re there. There’s no point in hiding” he threatened.

A plan started to form in my head and I felt the ends of my lips twitch. I got out of my hiding place and walked forward.

Jasper POV

“I know you’re there. There’s no point in hiding” I said.

I felt the rest of the family come out of the house and stood behind me. Even Edward got out of his room to see what was going on. Apparently, he didn’t hear anybody else’s thoughts but ours. There was only one person I knew whose mind he couldn’t read.

I heard Alice gasp and I quickly turned around to see her having a vision.

“It… It can’t be” she said shocked.

“What is it Alice?” I looked at her but she was staring straight ahead.

I looked at Edward to ask him but he was just staring straight ahead with a shocked yet pained look. Before I even got the chance to ask again, I heard a shuffle from the woods. I was on a defensive crouch immediately but Alice held me back. I looked at her confused and then she pointed forward.

“Bella” she whispered.

I gazed at the direction she was pointing to. Walking slowly towards us was a girl with a torn dress. Her dark colored hair framed her heart-shaped face. Her pale skin was paler than what it used to be and her eyes. Her eyes were a deep shade of crimson. It seemed like she had just recently fed. She was walking towards us with a small devious smile playing at the end of her lips. She was staring straight at me and only me. Her gaze made my body shudder. It was as if she had planned something that would end up badly.

Then she stopped. She stood there where the trees ended. She was about 20 feet away from us. She then started to look at each of us one by one. I didn’t feel anything coming from her. It was like she wasn’t there at all. She tilted her head to side as she looked from one person to the next. We all watched her as her gaze ended on Edward. He was staring at her with wide eyes but I could feel the different emotions that were raging inside him.

“Bella” he whispered.

Everything happened so fast the moment he said her name. My knees gave out and I sank to the ground as pain hit me. She was just standing there taking all of us in when I felt the stabbing pain on my chest. I groaned as I tried suppressing it with my hand. It was coming from her. I felt her take it away and replace it with numbness.

Then, she ran.

I wasn’t sure what happened next since my hands fell to the ground. I was gasping for air like my life depended on it. I was expecting the pain to disappear like she did but it didn’t. Instead the stabbing pain continued and I felt a hole slowly opening up. It felt like it was consuming me slowly and painfully. It was pure torture. It felt as if my body was being torn apart. The pain was eating up every inch of my body as it slowly spread throughout my chest. I didn’t have enough strength to even sit up so I let my body fall to the ground. I closed my eyes as I tried to put my arms around my chest to keep myself together. How can somebody endure so much pain?

I could hear my family’s voices but it was like they were so far away. One voice stood out. Alice. My angel. A dry sob escaped my chest and I started to gasp out for air. I, normally, didn’t need to breathe but at the moment it felt like it was the one thing I needed the most.

“Jasper… Japser… What’s wrong? Jasper… Answer me, please…” I heard Alice sobbing softly beside me. I felt worry and confusion coming from different directions and I gave out another groan.

“I… d-don’t….” I gasped out. I can’t even finish a phrase. I have to get out of here. There was too much emotions shooting at me. I need space. I need to breathe.

I opened my eyes and looked at Alice straight in the eye.

“I’m sorry” I managed to whisper out and she nodded.

I ran with the strength I had left. I didn’t know how long I was running for but when the last bit of strength left my body, I collapsed by a river side. I will explain to Alice later. I tried ignoring the pain that was tugging at my chest as I tried to breathe. That’s it. Breathe in, breathe out. I did that for about ten minutes. I tried to sit up and I was successful. I closed my eyes as I continued my breathing.

It was probably an hour later that I was able to compose myself. The pain was still throbbing on my chest but I somehow took control of it. How could anyone feel so much pain? It was literally eating me alive. She wasn’t even aware that she was sending me those feelings. I felt her confusion as I fell down on the ground. What bothered me the most was that it felt like she wasn’t there at all at first, then she looked at Edward and felt the pain for about a fraction of a second, and upon seeing me clutch my chest, she replaced it with numbness. For that fraction of a second, the pain stuck to me like a hungry parasite. She knew I felt all of that and she replaced it with numbness. She knew I felt her pain. It must’ve been her outside our house for the past few days.

Then, why did she look at us like she was seeing for the first time? And that glazed look on her face. It gave my body shivers if it was possible for a vampire to get them. It was like she was planning to attack us while she was looking at each of us. Emmett was right. She didn’t remember us. But, how did she know so much and still be clueless at the same time?

I listened to the water flowing in the river. I didn’t know how long I stayed there. It was already dark when I opened my eyes again. Hours have probably passed by already. I knew they were worried about me. I wasn’t ready to go back yet. They would understand.

I lied down on the ground putting my hands at the back of my head and I stared at the night sky. I tried to relax but I felt somebody watching me. No, there were no emotions. Just like the few days. As if on cue, I heard a twig snap. I turned around to see her stood by the trees, just like earlier. But this time, her face looked pain. It was no longer glazed. She looked pained and confused but I didn’t feel anything coming from her. She looked down on the ground and I heard her whisper.

“I’m sorry”