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A Girl named Isabella


Don't comment on the relationship moving fast, I meant for it to move fast. and I know the first two chapter are short and suckish. So please refrain from commenting on those >

1. Meeting Bella

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Why me?? Why this?? All I ever did was try to make everyone happy. And this is my reward. Daily beatings from my abusive dad. It isn't MY fault Renee divorced him. But it doesn't matter. He hates me and always will. I thought as my dad, Charlie, was punching me. When will I be saved?? A day far from today. "Isabella!! Get out of my sight!! You got blood on my carpet!" I hobbled up to my room, the attic. I was able to feel the severity of my injuries, each torturous step to my room was enjoyment for my dad. He hated me. Once in the almost safe haven of my room, I checked out the new injuries. Black eye, 2-ouch-3 broken ribs, and a sprained ankle. I reached for the first aid kit and attempted to fix my injuries. Great, my first day at a new school and I look HORRIBLE. I am already losing weight from my dad somewhat starving me by only allowing me to have some bread and butter. I was covered in bruises from head to toe. Just get some sleep, work on covering everything in the morning. Jeez, I am going to be arriving to middle school tomorrow looking like I got hit by a bus. I wish I could be at my mom's house. But, she is traveling with Phil. I didn't know that being near Charlie could be so bad. I carefully laid down and I cried myself to sleep.

Ugh. I can't believe the other 13 year olds are MY age. Boys are SO immature. They took a look at my baggy clothes and laughed. Some REALLY weird, yet friendly girl sat next to me. I think her name was Alice Cullen. She said my eyes were a beautiful color. But my brown eyes didn't even compare to her strange gold eyes. One word, WOW. Before we exited the bus, the small girl hugged me. She was cold, and she was hard. Whatever, I am in to much pain to worry about it. I stood up and got pushed back down. Someone helped me up, Mike Newton I believe. I winced as he wrapped his arms around my broken ribs. He didn't seem to notice. Great, he had to catch me twice. It wasn't a problem, I only weigh 85 pounds. Mike kept his arm around my bruised waist while he introduced me to Jessica Stanley, Angela Weber, Erik Yorki, Tyler Crowley, and Lauren Mallory. Angela looked concerned for me. "Are you OK Isabella?" she asked. "Yeah, and call me Bella" I said.

I made my way into the classroom. Biology was my first class. I walked up and sat down next to a person named Edward. I stared at him and he smiled. "Hello Isabella." He said with a great amount of kindness and a small amount of concern. "Hi, call me Bella." I told him. He smiled. "OK class! We have a new student, Isabella Swan!" I blushed and turned away. Edward chuckled. I spent the whole hour talking to Edward; I had already learned this lesson before. I studied his angelic features. Bronze hair, pale skin, gold eyes, all together, completely beautiful. He was unique, kind and gentle. Then the loud bell rang. "May I walk you to class, Ms. Swan?" he asked, taking my hand. "Yes." I replied, out of breath. We walked out the room, everyone staring.

Coincidently, we both had math next. I sat by him again and thought how life can have its ups and downs, and school is defiantly an ‘up'. The school day flew by fast. I went outside and entered the noisy bus. Mike was saving me a seat. "Hi!" he said enthusiastically. I smiled brightly and he seemed to melt. I sat next to him with Alice and Jasper sitting in front of us. Alice asked me to come to her house and go shopping with her. I said ok and she told me Edward likes me. A lot. It wasn't a huge shocker, but I stopped breathing for a second. Mike looked hurt. I smiled apologetically to him. He half smiled. Poor Mike. When I got home, I ran upstairs. Charlie isn't home yet. When he got home, I would have to ask if I could go. He will say yes, only to get rid of me.