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A Girl named Isabella


Don't comment on the relationship moving fast, I meant for it to move fast. and I know the first two chapter are short and suckish. So please refrain from commenting on those >

3. I love you

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I just realized that it was a school day. I glanced up at the clock and saw it was 5:00.

"May I use the phone? My dad is probably wondering where I am." I said, looking at Carlisle. He nodded and left the room. Two seconds later, he returned with the phone. I took it and called his cell phone number. After three rings, he picked up.

"Hello?" he said pleasantly.

"Hi dad, I am at the Cullen's house. There was a... accident, and I stayed here for the day." I said.

There was a silence and then Charlie said "Is Carlisle there? I would like to talk to him." I said ok and handed the phone to Carlisle. They talked for a minute and Carlisle handed me the phone. I took it and said "Hey dad." There was another long silence.

"When are you going to be back?" Charlie finally asked.

"Probably tomorrow around 6:00." I answered. Long silence.

"Okay, I will see you tomorrow." He said. Click. That was weird, whatever. I handed the phone to Carlisle. Edward set me beside him and went upstairs. Carlisle and Esme looked as confused as me. A couple seconds later, Edward came back down with Jasper right behind him.

"Jasper wants to apologize; he was waiting for you to wake up." Edward said. Edward sat by me and stroked my hair. Jasper walked over and sat on the other side of me.

"Bella, I am so sorry. I could have killed you. I couldn't help myself, I smelt your blood, and-and" Jasper broke off and sobbed tearlessly. I grabbed his hands and stared him in the eyes.

"Jasper, I completely forgive you. Don't beat yourself up over it." I said sincerely. Jasper looked down, and back up.

"You really forgive me? I don't deserve it, Bella. You could have been killed, and you are forgiving me so easily." Jasper said. I gave him a friendly hug and looked up at him.

"I honestly forgive you." I told him truthfully. He smiled at me apologetically.

"Thanks Bella." Jasper said. He got up and went upstairs. Esme and Carlisle looked like they were extremely proud. Edward pulled me back up into his lap and kissed the top of my head.

"Well, I will be in my study, if you need anything Bella, don't hesitate to ask." Carlisle said to me. I nodded and Carlisle went upstairs.

"I will be in the backyard, it is beautiful today." Esme said as she got up and left. I looked up at Edward and saw he was very relaxed.

"Bella, I wrote you a lullaby, do you want to hear it?" Edward asked softly. I nodded and he lifted me up and carried me over to the big piano. He sat me on the chair beside him and started playing the most beautiful song I have ever heard. My eyes started watering, and Edward caught a tear that escaped with his finger.

"Do you like it?" Edward asked as he finished the song. I couldn't speak, so I nodded again. I took one of his hands and squeezed it.

"Bella, I love you more than anything in the world. You are beautiful, and kind. Would you let me have the honor of being your boyfriend?" Edward asked, smiling.

"Yes Edward, I love you too!" I said happily. He smiled and picked me up.

"Where are we going?" I asked, confused. Edward didn't say anything, he only smiled. He ran outside and stopped in front of a tree.

"Bella, do you trust me?" Edward asked. I was very confused.

"I guess so, why?" I asked. Again, he only smiled. He put me on his back so I could grab around his neck.

"Hold on tight!" Edward said. I wrapped my legs around his waist and next thing I knew, we were going up the tree. I shut my eyes as he jumped to another tree. When I opened my eyes, I saw we were 100 feet in the air on a branch. I was astonished at the view.

"This, it is beautiful!" I said. Edward turned around and smiled.

"It isn't nearly as beautiful as you, Bella." Edward complimented. I felt myself blush, and Edward chuckled. He stood on the branch while holding on to me, looking into the forest. This moment was perfect. I sighed; it will all end when I get home. I hate Charlie so much; I am going to be in so much trouble when I get home.

"What's wrong Bella? You seem upset." Edward said, worried.

"Nothing, I'm fine." I said. I will miss him so much; I will be grounded for being here. And I will be beaten if I even mention his name. I squeezed Edward and kissed his head. He smelt good, like oranges and flowers. Hmm, must be a vampire trait.

"Are you ready to go back? Emmett wants to meet you." Edward said, smiling.

"Sure." I replied. He tightened his hold on me and jumped. I shut my eyes as he hit the ground and began running. Next thing I new, we were in his house. I opened my eyes and saw a huge, dark haired boy smiling at me. Next to him was a beautiful blonde haired girl that was glaring at me. I flinched and Edward brought me up in front of him and set me down on the couch. Emmett and Edward sat on either side of me.

"Hi, I am Emmett and this is Rosalie." Emmett said pointing to the blonde. She smiled at Emmett and continued to glare at me. I got closer to Edward, scared.

"Rosalie, stop it. You are scaring her." Edward said, frowning.

"Why should I? She means nothing to me; she is putting this family in danger." Rosalie said, raising her voice. Carlisle came downstairs and put his hand on Rosalie's shoulder.

"Rose, she is part of this family. Be nice to her." Carlisle said. Rosalie shook his hand off and walked away. I looked at Emmett, who looked back.

"I am sorry Bella, she is upset. Don't worry, she will get used to you soon." Emmett said, grabbing my hand.

"It's okay Emmett, I understand." I said, smiling. Emmett hugged me gently. I smiled and blushed. He laughed and walked upstairs. Carlisle followed. Alice showed up out of nowhere and hugged me.

"Bella! Do you want to go shopping?" Alice asked jumping up and down. I laughed.

"Sure, can Edward come?" I asked.

"He HAS to come; he and Jazzy are going to carry our bags!" I heard a groan from upstairs. Must be Jasper. Edward laughed. Poor Jasper, I feel bad for him! Edward went to find my crutches and we got into the car. This is going to be great!