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Puppy Love

When Bella finds a stray dog it brings nothing but trouble for her relationship with Edward. It seems a protective husky and a disgruntal Edward just can't get along. Chapter 8 up Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. New Friends come in Different Forms

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The bell finally rang signaling that last period gym was over sending me happily to the locker room. The year was winding down and I would have thought by now they’d set us free of doing physical activity. Today luckily we didn’t have a sport to play for we were finishing up our spring fitness testing by running the mile. I managed to trip a few times on the make-shift track set up around the school but at least with Edward in my class this year I never hit the hard concrete. I had told him not to stay back with me since I was going very slow and ended up being carried most of the way.

In the locker room I shrugged out of my slightly wet uniform, it had started to rain just as I finished, and into my warm, dry clothes. I had a pair of basic jeans and a tight-fit solid gray shirt as my mood was gloomy due to the thick fog I awoke to this morning. Now as I stepped out of the gym there was still a light haze filling the atmosphere. A pale figure appeared out of the mist and wrapped a stone cold arm around my waist. Walking with Edward, after our breakup, was kind of like being under a microscope; people looked at you, most curious as to what they were seeing. On the crown of my head I felt the soft pressure of his lips causing me to blush scarlet.

Within a few graceful strides Edward could have easily reached my carbut instead he trailed slowly beside me. Little things like that always made me feel inadequate although he said he didn’t mind. My epiphany had long worn off and every now and then I’d question my hold on him. He said he loves you, I told myself again and again yet the words never fully sunk in.

By now I was standing in front of my big, old truck that was hanging on by thin threads. Any day it could give out and I was even considering letting Edward buy me a new car. “What are you thinking about?” his velvet smooth voice purred to me. I looked over to his anxious face and curious eyes.

“You.” it was partially true but only because he was always reminding me of how old my truck was.

“Well of course but what specifically brought my name to your thoughts on this occasion?” as if he knew what my answer would have been his response was well rehearsed like a line in a script.

Should I lie or go with the truth, however embarrassing it would be to admit my defeat to saving my truck? He would probably be able to tell if I was lying so why not go with the truth and hope surrender isn't as horrible as it sounds. “How my truck is close to being used for scrap metal.”

“True, but how do I fit in with your car being almost as old as me?”

“Well your always saying I should let you get me a new car and…I was actually considering it.”

“Are you sure your not going out with me for my money?”

“I am not a gold-digger Ed-” he put a cold finger to my lips while shaking his head and holding back a laugh.

“I was kidding Bella. If I had known you were going to respond like this I would have said when I wouldn’t have to worry about falling over from laughing.” brushing off his hand I angrily jumped into the cab of my car not wanting to be apart of another one of his jokes. “Would it make it better if I said I was sorry?” he said leaning casually against my door.

My lips were pressed in a hard line as if I were truly considering my answer. “Well,” I said unsure.

“Bella will you please forgive me for being so entirely rude?” he said while looking up at me from under his eyelashes.

“Uh hu,” my voice sounded dazed and trancelike. Edward stroked a long white hand along my cheek through the open window before walking over to his silver Volvo. My eyes followed him through the throng of people until his car pulled out of the school and I realized my car was the only one left in the lot. Quickly I backed out of my space and left the school easily without having to wait in the line that always forms as students leave.

The ride home wouldn’t take long but with my permanent speed limit it took longer than the normal amount of time, not that riding with Edward could be considered normal speed. I had to take the high way but it was the fastest and most direct way to get home although there was nothing but green as far as the eye could see. It was when a small gray figure appeared about 30ft ahead of me that I hit the break, my car squealing to a halt. What looked like to be tiny mass of fur I could now see was a dog panting excitedly in my direction.

My first reaction was an awed expression to the tiny puppy that was bounding towards me. Then it hit that I almost killed this dog in my inattentive state of driving. I opened my door and checked to see that no one was coming my way. The dog came up to my legs and pawed at my feet wanting attention. In case a car did come I picked up the pup and brought him back into the cab with me. I set what looked to be a him onto the seat and got a closer observation. There was no collar around his neck and no sign that anyone had taken care of him ever. He was a husky buy the looks of him with snowy fur and a half circle around his right eye that was auburn that looked like a crescent moon.

“What am I going to do with you?” I said although I knew he didn’t understand. Lifting my hand I placed it on his muzzle through the short tuffs of hair. In response he came closer and started to lick my face insistently. “Stop it…stop it…” I said while laughing for it made me a little ticklish. “Ok stop.” I put hand to his face and lightly pushed him back. A huge smile was still spread wide on his face with pure delight. I wonder if Charlie would let me keep him? I thought about it but then remembered my fathers aversions to pets. Maybe for a little while, just a day or two, what could he appose to that? It was along shot but maybe I could keep the puppy for day or two.

Looking over to the pup and back to the road I began to drive once more. After a minute he stuck his head out the window, his small hooked ears now wind blown. “Maybe I should give you a name, for the mean time at least.” I was getting tired of calling him puppy or dog and thought a proper name would suffice. The first name that popped into my mind would never due, or at least Edward would never approve: Jacob. Although a mere pup he reminded me of Jake and I would bet if you enlarged him to werewolf size and turned his coat russet he’d be the spitting image of Jake. But not only would Edward hate the name it would remind me of how distant me and Jake had become; the void between us.

So the name Jacob was out. But whatever I named him I wanted it to be special, or at least creative; a plain old name like Bubby wouldn’t due. As I parked in front of my house I grabbed my bag and held the car door open long enough for my little friend to hop out. Walking up to the door he strode right beside me, head moving back and forth looking at his new surroundings. Taking the key from under the eave I unlocked the front door sending the pup bombarding inside. Scurrying from the den to kitchen and then back to me I couldn’t help but smile at how carefree a puppy could be. Now what to call you, I thought and headed upstairs to my room.

After a few minutes I saw the husky crawl his way to the top step and turn into my bedroom to rest at my legs. When I sat down at my computer he repositioned so that his body was under the desk while also on top my feet. Turning on the computer took it’s time as always and when I finally got to my favorite search engine I felt ridiculous about what I was about to do. In the dialog box I typed in ’unique dog names’ and after another couple of minutes I got a page full of adds and a few promising sites. There were names organized anywhere from origin, meanings, mythology and to just sort through took awhile.

I found one site that caught my eye ’Wolf names for Dogs’. There was a long list with two columns one that had the names the other gave the meanings for each. I began scrolling down the list skimming through the names that sounded interesting or had a meaning that fit what I was looking for. Then one name in specific caught my eye; the name was Connor which had a nice ring to it and the meaning made sense to me. It meant ‘wolf lover’ and not too long ago I was a wolf-lover that is until Alice came back. But I still loved Jacob so wouldn’t I still be a wolf lover? It seemed like one small dog and a little over analyzation could go as far as reminding you of how messed up my life had become since I moved to Forks.

“Connor,” I said trying it out, and a small head looked up at me from the floor, “I like it too.”

I finished my homework with a few distractions from Connor. In the den I was sitting on the couch with my sleeping puppy cuddled next to me. I had on the news but really I was watching the time in the corner of the screen. Any minute Charlie would be home. I didn’t know how to explain a stray dog laying on his couch and I had a bad feeling his reaction would involve his face turning a deep shade of red. Only months ago had Harry Clearwater died and he was not much older then my own father who too could have a heart attack at any moment.

The door began to open and I realized I had missed the sound of the cruiser arriving. “Bells,” Charlie’s slightly worried voice sounded through the hall.

“Yeah dad, I’m in the den.”

“Since when do you watch the news?’ I turned too see my father standing far enough away that he couldn’t see Connor.

“Oh, I just finished my homework and needed something to do. Um…dad…when I was driving home to day I kind of…came across a stray, and um…I sort of…brought him home.” Charlie’s face froze with anger and I awaited the odd shade of red.

“Bella, you know how I feel about dogs.”

“I know.” I whispered. “It’s just he had no collar and I though maybe I could take him to the animal shelter in Port Angeles this weekend, just so I could know he’d be taken care of.”

A sigh broke out of my father after a long silence, “Fine, but only until Saturday. Then I want you to take him to the shelter.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” my voice was sullen and I was regretting having to give up my new friend who unlike my other friends he was more…humane. Sure I loved all of the Cullen’s but sometimes it would be nice to hang out with someone who wasn’t a mythical being and had no way of killing me. Connor wasn’t human but he could be free to be himself with me and never have the need to hold back.

In the kitchen I heard Charlie ordering a pizza and saying he would be right there to pick it up. Once he left I rubbed Connors furry neck making him squint his eyes in pleasure. “I wish I didn’t have to give you away to a shelter.” a whimper erupted from his throat. “I bet you’d like to stay here also.”

“Bella, who are you talking too?” I felt two cold hands rest on my shoulders from behind me. Behind me stood none other than Edward in all his god-like glory.

“Connor.” I replied matter-of-factly as he came around the couch to sit next to me.

“And who might this Connor be?’ he said through clenched teeth and his eyes finally darted to the small ball of fur next to me.

“My dog.”