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Puppy Love

When Bella finds a stray dog it brings nothing but trouble for her relationship with Edward. It seems a protective husky and a disgruntal Edward just can't get along. Chapter 8 up Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


2. Guard Dog

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“My dog.”

“You got a dog.” each word was perfectly enunciated and the incredulous look on his face was too funny for words.

“Mmm hmm,” I said while giggling quietly at his expression.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” I said at his still confused face. All of a sudden his expression from that of troubling to menacing and revengeful. An angelic smile played across his lips and I leaned back a little more on the couch. I must have bumped Connor he instantly became alert and had a paw on my lap, barking furiously at Edward. Exposing his teeth he now growled while continuing his string of high-pitched yelps. It was apparent that Connor did not like Edward and vice versa as now Edward too was growling. Neither of them were backing down and Edwards other side was starting to show.

“Stop it guys.” after I said this Connor whimpered a little but went back to laying at my side, keeping one eye open towards Edward who just glared. “What was all that for?”

“What was what for?”

“The growling. You know he’s just a dog right.” Connor’s head popped up at my words as if he were in protest but then went back to silently watching Edward.

“Well…he started it.” Wow, I thought, that was defiantly something I would never expect him of all people, or vampires, to say.

“Did you just accuse a dog of picking a fight with you?” Edwards face turned to pure anger at my accusation and immediately regretted saying it. Head turning to the door I heard the cruiser pull up to the house.

“Charlie’s here, I have to go.” he said with no emotion coloring his tone.

“You’ll be back later though.”

“Yeah, sure.” with that he was gone and I worried deeply about whether or not he would really come back.

“Bells, I have dinner.”

“Coming Dad.”

Dinner was it’s usual quiet event, except for the smacking of Connor’s lips as he devoured a slice of pepperoni. As much as my dad would never admit it I could see the smile that he had when Connor rummaged through the empty pizza box looking for more scraps. If it weren’t an impossibility I might think that there was a chance of keeping my new puppy as a member of the family. But knowing Charlie and how much trouble I was already in for leaving the country it would be more likely that tomorrow when I went to school he would drive Connor to Port Angeles himself.

After I washed the dishes Charlie made his way to the couch and soon enough I heard scores being announced on ESPN. When I walked up to my room I saw my alarm clock as it read 9:23, meaning Edward would be here in thirty-seven minutes. Since there was time to spare I grabbed my toiletry bag and headed for the communal bathroom. The hot water of the shower felt good against my cool skin. The smell of strawberry filled the room as I applied my usual shampoo to my hair then washing my body with the bar of Dial that was currently in use. Drying myself I changed into my sweats and a t-shirt and returned to my room.

9:51 the clock read and soon enough I would see my angle once more. Climbing into bed I awaited his return but as the minutes passed there was still no sign of him. A panting sound arose beside me and I saw Connor with his front paws resting on the top of the quilt. Lifting him up he snuggled up next to me, meeting the curve of my body. Why not, I thought, Edward isn’t coming anyway. With that thought I went to sleep.


Sitting on my black leather couch I was thinking a lot about Bella’s new dog. It might just be over analyzation but that creature reminded me of those volatile beasts out on the reservation. I knew if I brought it up with Bella though she would get made at me for speaking rudely about her best friend. Not only did I despise Jacob Black but I had to keep quiet about it too but for Bella it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. All this thinking about my angle made me realize that it was 10:11 and I was still at my house instead of with her.

Running out of my room I was quickly sprinting through the silent streets of Forks. Agilely I sprang up through her window only to see her sleeping with Connor cuddled up next to her. That dog was taking up all the room of the twin sized bed where usually would lay next to Bella. I felt enraged and a little replaced but mostly in disgust towards that unworthy canine. No way could I just stand by and let myself be disregarded by such lowly of a being. As my hands reached towards his still form two small hazel eyes opened towards me and I pulled back. Bella would not appreciate me massacring her new pet, I thought and forced the monster within me to settle.

The dog closed his eyes slightly but I could still tell that they were open, looking intently at me. Almost as if he were protecting my Bella he never let me out of his sight, nor did he sleep even the slightest. Animals always appeared to me as dumb, unintelligent creatures, but it seemed as if Connor understood something about me that I would never have assumed he could. This only brought me back to my thoughts of the werewolves; could this dog be in knowledge of the wolves existence as well as mine? Could it be possible that he was in alliance with the pack? It all seemed ridiculous, these thoughts I was having. But maybe, if I knew what he was thinking I could decipher whether or not any of my worries were even possible.

Concentrating hard on the small white pup, I began to pick up something’s about pizza, and a man with curly brown hair. Then his thoughts became clearer, I could make out what was passing through his head at that moment. “What are you looking at?” he thought, and I pulled back a little dumbfounded.