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Puppy Love

When Bella finds a stray dog it brings nothing but trouble for her relationship with Edward. It seems a protective husky and a disgruntal Edward just can't get along. Chapter 8 up Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


3. Inside the Mind of the Enemy

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It seemed preposterous that that dog could have spoken to me in plain English. Sure I had listened to the thoughts of my prey before but those prey happened to be human. It had been years since my rebellious era and I had ceased to have reason to know the thoughts of whatever animal I happened to be stalking. But Bella’s new pet apparently had some sense of humanity and an attitude to match. I wonder if he would understand me if I talked to him for before it had seemed as though he knew what it was Bella was saying.

“Hello Connor,” I said his name icily and he glared at me through his slit eyes.

"Was I talking to you?" he thought in response to my salutation. It was apparent that he did know what I was saying and he had a whole lot to say to it as well.

“No you weren’t, but I was merely greeting you.” I felt ridiculous and slightly expected his face to pull back in confusion, but complete comprehension was written across it.

"Look, I'm not here to have small talk with you ok. If your gonna talk to me, make it important." Rude was the only word that came to mind when I heard his response. If this was how he was going to speak, or think about me then I wouldn’t participate in his charades. But I was curious, curious as to how he knew I could read his mind, curious as to what he really was.

“You appear to know I can read your mind.”


“Well, how is that?”

“A little birdie told me.”

“I’m being serious, you know.”

"Yeah it's just fun to mess with your head." I was starting to get aggravated, “Alright, alright I’ll tell yah.” there was a long silence.

“Well, who told you?” this pup was defiantly driving me up a wall.

"What I can't pause for dramatic effect." I was starting to steam, “ Ok I’ll tell you: two words, Jacob Black.” so that volatile, insignificant beast thinks he can tell the whole world what I am…Wait, I thought, how does Jacob Black know?

“How did he find out I could read minds?”

"He told me that Bella here told him. That she had been vulnerable and in order to explain why some crazed she-witch was after her she spilled about you guys." at least it didn’t seem like a willing act, more of a confession.

“And you fit into the picture how?”

"I'm here to protect Bella." he thought matter-of-factly.

“Protect her from what?” my were teeth clenched as I said this.

"You." now I was flaring and I grabbed the scruff of his neck, “Uhh uh uh. Bella wouldn’t like it now if you hurt her precious puppy.” his hazel eyes gave me the puppy dog stare and I let go but not for his sake but my own. He was right, if I even left the smallest of marks I would be in big trouble with Bella and I couldn’t lose her again.

“I would watch what you say if I were you.”

“And way is that?”

“Because in a few days you’ll be gone and then I will have no reason not to kill you.”

"How can you be so sure I'm leaving?" he retorted to me.

“Charlie will never allow you to stay, it’s only a matter of time.” I threw back at him and he looked irked. Almost humanlike he shook his head back and forth in denial towards my words. “You can’t win so why not give up now.”

“Oh, your on.”


I woke up to see Edward by my window glaring down at Connor who was returning the stare sat up beside me. Petting his back I saw Edward convulse a little as Connor’s head cocked slightly to the side. If more tension could be flowing through one room it might combust and my room was getting close to that point. “Edward, are you alright?” I hadn’t forgotten he never showed last night but he seemed troubled all the same.

“What,…yes. Bella, why don’t you get ready for school.” standing up I nodded a little confused and out of the loop. I grabbed my toiletry bag and went to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth, washing my face, and changing for school I went back to my room only to find the boys face to face again. Neither of them seemed phased by my presence and if I didn’t know it Connor’s expressions almost looked human.

“Uh,…Edward.” finally he turned to me and backed away from the dog. “Is there something you want to tell me?” he looked to the floor and kicked one foot back and forth in a childlike fashion, is it just me or is Edward getting younger by the day. I sighed as he still didn’t answer and soon enough he was behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist. “I’m not going to forget.” I said a little meek as he was now putting his lips to my collar bone.

“Are you still curious as to what I was doing?” I hated when he dazzled me into doing things I didn't want to.

“A little.” as I said this my eyes darted to Connor who was glaring at Edward from the bed. As Edward moved up to the hollow of my ear the springs of the bed released and a growling was heard right below me and I saw my enraged puppy barking down my boyfriend. If I had known any better I would think they were fighting for my attention, while fighting each other all at the same time. The tension was growing stronger as well and I was stuck in the middle of two boulders that were about to crash into each other at any moment.

For about a minute Connor just lunged and dodged back at Edwards legs in a an odd sort of dance. "Connor sit!" I yelled at him and he gave me an incredulous look but obeyed, sitting a foot away from me. Turning out of Edwards grip I looked him straight in the eye with a 'so what’s going on' look on my face.

"What?" he asked as befuddled as I was.

"What's going on with you lately, it's like your a little kid again." his lips pursed and I knew I wasn't getting an answer. He turned on his heal and opened the door for me.

"Your going to be late for school."he said. Sighing I walked out the door, determined to get to the bottom of this.