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Puppy Love

When Bella finds a stray dog it brings nothing but trouble for her relationship with Edward. It seems a protective husky and a disgruntal Edward just can't get along. Chapter 8 up Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


4. Worry and Confusion

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I watched from the floor as Bella was ushered out of the room by that creep, or so I thought him to be. Her steps were careful when she walked down the stairs like she was preparing to fall and internally I laughed. As much as I couldn’t admit it to anyone I liked Bella, as an owner, friend, or even just as a human. Even though she saw me as a dog there was understanding, and if anyone could see through the charade of the canine world it would be her.

Edward’s topaz eyes bore into me with hatred. I guess I couldn’t blame him, it was me to start this. Me and my stupid wandering; if I hadn’t been in the forest the other day, if I hadn’t been in pursuit of the odd smell radiating from the coast. Sure enough I found where the aroma was coming from and the stuff of myths that your mama told you before at the coming of night became reality. Werewolves existed. The door creaked shut and I snapped out of my haze to realize Bella was out there with that vampire and I was stuck here unable to protect her.


When Edward was silent as he walked me to my car I was afraid that what I had said was now making him mad. And when he stood my car and kissed my forehead through the open window there was still that deep worry radiating inside me when his eyes never met mine and he disappeared. He was going to get his car, and probably change, but never does he say nothing; usually I’ll get a ‘Bella’ or an ‘I love you’, but today nothing. It was in that nothingness that only my minds worst imaginings seeped through to my attention.

Trying to avoid the now constant distress I shifted to drive and began to drive towards school. But when I looked to the window I saw a rising and falling Connor, jumping madly in an attempt to be seen. I’m sorry I can’t take you, I thought though I knew he couldn’t hear me whether or not I said it out loud. With that my foot stepped forward once more on the gas peddle and the truck was off, if you can consider 20mph a racing start. My slow passing was like watching a movie in slow motion; me only seeing Connor gradually coming in and out of view and making the worry in the pit of my stomach grow to and even larger size.

The trip to school was as always near stagnant with all the time to look at the never ending green in front of you. Turning into the parking lot I found a space about five down from the only shiny Volvo in the lot; Edwards car. It wasn’t that I was avoiding what was really happening to him but that the other cars surrounding his gave me an excellent excuse why to park where I did. Sure enough though he was there by my car, leaning against the frame waiting for me to get out.

Today I was early which for me was usually a good thing, of course this particular day was different; it was one of those days when I felt to awkward to even start a conversation with Edward without saying the wrong thing. And as always on days like this Edward himself was of no help, silently walking beside me making the tension rise within me. If anything was going to be said it was up to me to say it without either making a fool of myself or driving off the love of my life; easy.

“Edward, um…” ok so maybe this one time I could make a fool of myself just to hear his beautiful voice, “are you allergic to dogs?” I saw him try to hide a laugh but there was a seriousness to him behind the amusement.

“No, Bella. I am not allergic to dogs.”

“Oh,” it was an inadequate response but how do you respond to your secretive vampire boyfriend who just so happens to despise your new pet.

“And you ask this because your worried I might take a snap at you pet?” it was a joke but only one his family and I would understand.

“No, because you seem to…not like Connor.” his lips became pressed in a hard line. “If…if Connor bothers you that much then…I…I guess I’ll just…take him to the shelter.” I had already promised this to Charlie but I had hoped in the few days before my commitment he might agree to keeping Connor. Beside me I heard Edward sigh hard and when I looked at his eyes I saw that there was battle going on inside of him.

“Bella,…I think it would be…best you got rid of him.”

“Ok,” I said meekly, “But could you just tell me why you hate him so much?” he looked indecisive at my words.

“It’s just…if you heard his thoughts…and that traitor Jacob…,”

“Wh-what? Jake? You read his thoughts?What did he say or think?” I was babbling and my head was swimming and more than anything I wished I didn’t have to sit through a whole day of school before I could get to the bottom of this. But to my dismay the bell rang signaling that I was late and that I would be left with no answer to my hundred or so questions.

Edward just stood there looking away towards the school like he was wondering whether or not to leave me there. At this point I didn’t know if I wanted him leave just so I might be able to put this in the back of my mind, but who was I kidding there was no way to make this go away. As for the other half of me, well that part was still entirely shell-shocked; never would I have thought Edward would go as far as reading Connor’s mind. Not only was that unsettling but the fact that I didn’t know what it was Connor thought that made Edward so upset gave me no relief.

“Bella, I think we should go to class.” he said without turned his gaze to me.