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Puppy Love

When Bella finds a stray dog it brings nothing but trouble for her relationship with Edward. It seems a protective husky and a disgruntal Edward just can't get along. Chapter 8 up Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


6. Black-Mail

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Edward gave me a look that read ‘are you kidding me’ all over it. I didn’t go into shock after discovering that he was a vampire and now he’s going into shock when I want to talk to a dog; was I crazy or was that odd. Maybe I am crazy, after all I am about to have a conversation with my pet. Indecisive, I was tired of standing there waiting so I began to walk back to my monster of a truck.

Sure enough when I got there Edward was in the drivers seat; how his speed was so convenient for him when all of us humans had to do things the slow way. Climbing into the cab I shut the door quite hard to show that I was not happy about the seating arrangements. Edward simply started the car and headed out of the lot. It didn’t take long for me to start seeing green as far as the eye can see.

To say I was sane right now was a questionable thing. For one I was considering my pet could understand me and that my vampire boyfriend who happened to be able to read minds was going to tell me what he thinks; normal right. Knowing Edward existed was one thing, knowing about Jake was another, but no one ever seemed to take my side into question. Was all of this really happening to me?

“Bella, we’re here.” I looked out my window to see he was yet again right. Without a word I walked out of the car and to the front door. My hand grasped the knob to pull it open when I saw a cool, pale hand onto top of mine. “Are you sure you want to do this?” his eyes pleaded with me turn around and leave.

“Yes.” I said, sternly and pushed my way inside with a disgruntle Edward on my tail. As if called Connor came jumping up to my side and then growling back towards Edward, who had a hard look on his face like he was masking his real anger.

I walked to the living room and plopped down on the couch, Connor making his way beside me on the leather. I looked to Edward anxious, and unsure whether to begin.


Yet again I’d have to enter that pathetic dogs mind and I hoped to God that I wouldn’t regret lying for with him here the power has shifted to his paws. I was no idiot and neither was he, and surely he’d use his smarts against my word. I looked at him and began to concentrate to see what I was dealing with.

“Well, well, well,…look what the cat dragged in. Back for a rematch, or were you so scared you had to bring your girlfriend?” if I were alive my blood would be boiling to the point where’d have a stroke.

“No, I am not scared.” I said through clenched teeth, “Bella, just wanted to talk to you.”

“Really? You say so. Well sure, I’ll tell her all about what you had to say last night.” I knew this was a bad idea.

“What did he say?” Bella’s sweet voice called to me.

“He says he’ll talk.” she just nodded and turned her attention towards him.

“Do you understand me?” she asked innocently.

“Well of course I do, and I listen better than that bozo over there.” I just glared at his words.


“He says yes.”

“Hey next time could you use the words I actually say.”


“No what, Edward?”


“Nothing, except you’re a liar.”

“I am not!”

“Edward, I don’t know what he’s saying but can we just get on with this.” I nodded and awaited her next question. “Do you know Jacob Black.” I winced at the mention of his name.

“Yeah, I know the big hairy guy.” I actually laughed at little at his description; maybe we could agree on something after all.

“He says he knows him.” I let out another small chortle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Yeah, what are you so giddy about?”

“Just something he thought.” she gave me a look that said ‘which was’ that only made me chuckle more. “Trust me, you don’t want to hear it.”

“Yes, I do.”

“I’m serious, as much humor as it brings me it will only infuriate you.”

“Edward, I really doubt that.” sighing I gave in.

“He was just saying that Jacob was a big hairy beast.” her face froze and I could tell she was trying to give a controlled response.

“Are you an ally with Jacob and the pack?”

“Well not an ally per say. More of just a dog who got hoodwinked into doin’ another guys dirty work.”

“How so?” I found it odd that those words escaped from my mouth.

“You see, when I ran into Jake the other day he was pretty mad at first to discover me watching him. But then when he had a ‘brilliant’ idea for me to watch over Bella here he said he’d brake my back if I didn’t comply.”

“What did he say?”

“That he’s not their ally but that Black blackmailed him into coming here and protecting you.”

“Protecting me from what?” her voice was weak as she knew the answer but hoped otherwise.

“Me, Bella. Connor says that he discovered Jacob,” I sneered his name, “ in the forest and came up with the idea of having Connor come between us.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But it’s still true.”

“Yeah, you got a point there.”

“Connor, is that true?” he simply nodded his head to her with an ashamed look on his face. “Connor, how is it you know what I’m saying, and that you seem so human, and…” I saw her begin to hyperventilate and I ran my hand over her back soothingly.

“Yes, how is it you appear so,…human?”