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Puppy Love

When Bella finds a stray dog it brings nothing but trouble for her relationship with Edward. It seems a protective husky and a disgruntal Edward just can't get along. Chapter 8 up Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


7. The Charade of the Canine World

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"I appear human? Really?" I could tell by the sarcasm in his voice that yet again he was determined to get on my bad side.

“Yes, you do. Now would you mind explaining?”

"Yes, in fact I do mind." my fists clenched up and if possible my face would be blood red with steam coming out of my ears and nose like it does in cartoons. “Wow, I didn’t mean to make you that mad, it’s just fun getting inside your head,…for me at least.” internally I heard his loud boisterous laugh.

“Of course it is, now please could you just tell me how it is you behave so damn humanlike?” If I were a third party observer I’d say that by the looks of the situation I’d need to be sent to an asylum before someone, most-likely Connor, got killed which he very well may.

"Ok, I've had my fun so I guess I can tell ya. But bare with because this might go against everything you believe." he said like my very existence didn’t already prove there was more to this world than most know. "For centuries, man has considered canines as merely their own little paly thing. As if we have no feelings, or thoughts, or brains. But by spending time with people we learned things far beyond what we already knew. Sure we could talk to each other in detailed conversations, that only us dogs can understand, but we, like humans, wanted to know more. So as all of them discovered the wonders of the world who was always right beside them to give them unconditional support?"

“The dogs.”

“Exactly. We learned everything just as they did but us dogs, we could keep it secret, no one knew what we were saying, we were the ultimate species. Until some pups began to change, they didn’t want knowledge anymore, just someone to care for them. Pathetic is what they are. They bend to the will of you two-leggers like your really all that high and mighty but truly,…deep down they know that it’s all just a charade,…that they are only fooling themselves. But what do I know, right? Us dogs haven’t gotten past learning tricks for decades now. One day though,…we will rise again.”

That had to have been one of the longest monologues I had ever heard and it came from a dog. My mind was whirling and I didn’t expect anything that he had just told me; sure I knew that I was real but what he said, could that be real too?

“Well?” I heard Bella say. I sighed not sure where to begin.

“He says,…that the dogs…they’ve always been like this…we just never noticed it.”

“I’m not following.”

“Well, as he tells me, the dogs know just as much as we do,…that over time we discovered more and that they were always right there with us…taking in the knowledge as well.”

“But why…why do other dogs seem so…dumb.” Connors head shot towards her and I laughed a little once more.

“Apparently they just…gave in, if you will. As if after years of being treated like a dog they began to act like a dog. Which is a poor choice if you ask me. Why waste the knowledge.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying all along.”

“Well it appears that no one is listening.”

“You are,…and if I can get a stubborn, overly confident, wise guy like you to listen, why can’t I get them too?”

“I’ll excuse that remark for now on the count of my answer which is because I’m only listening because it amuses me.”

"Well I'm sure glad I could make you laugh, maybe I'll start an act: Making Idiots Chuckle." I glared as his rebuttals were now getting on my last nerve.

“Hello, Edward, as much as I love to watch you have a conversation I can’t hear with my dog I think it’s high time I get back to school.” I turned my gaze to her after remembering she was still there.

“Well, most of the morning is over, mind as well wait til’ lunch to go back.”


I looked at my watch to see that he had a point, why go back now when I’d only be missing three fourths of the period. But then again staying here didn’t appeal to me all that much either. For over an hour now I’d sat through a conversation where I pretty much had to fill in the blanks with my imagination; easy for me, right? With the thought of going back to lunch I then realized Connor was left with nothing to eat and went to the kitchen to find something to suffice as dog food.

“Bella, what are you doing.” Edward said as he wrapped in his arms around my waist while I was standing in front of the fridge.

“Getting Connor something for lunch.” with that said he came dashing over to me and wedged his way in front of my legs to look at his selection. “I guess I should ask you what he wants?”

“And why is that?”

“Since now you two are such good friends.” I saw his face go from happy to considering within seconds.

“I don’t remember saying I was.”

“Yes, but you looked so cute talking to each other.”

“Cute, were we?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes, very cute.”

“I’ll disregard that if you give my friend here some turkey.”

“Mmm hmm.” I mumbled, reveling in the happiness of the moment. For now everything was going well and I hoped that nothing would come and ruin it.