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Puppy Love

When Bella finds a stray dog it brings nothing but trouble for her relationship with Edward. It seems a protective husky and a disgruntal Edward just can't get along. Chapter 8 up Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


8. Run Away

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Previously in Puppy Love:

“I’ll disregard that if you give my friend here some turkey.”

“Mmm hmm.” I mumbled, reveling in the happiness of the moment. For now everything was going well and I hoped that nothing would come and ruin it.

Continued(later that night):


I watched in the dark room as Bella silently drifted to sleep. Now was my time. Without thinking I dashed out the door, and barreled my way down the stairs. Stopping dead in my tracks at the locked front door, I weighed my chances of getting it open. In the back room I heard the TV cheer, from a sports program that was most likely on. Perfect! I thought and headed for the den, to the quiet man I had learned to be Bella’s father.

Eyes glazed, and focused on the television was the pathetic sight I arrived too. If loneliness had a picture this would be it. Be nice, this is your ticket out of here, I scolded myself.

With a sad face, I whimpered and pawed at the ground; getting his attention easily. Turning my head to the front door, realization crossed his face. “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” he said gruffly, but mostly to himself. Pushing himself off the couch I took that as my cue to wait anxiously at the door, like the innocent little puppy I was.

After he fumbled with the keys, the gateway was finally open and I decided why confuse him by running off. So in the spirit of looking normal I sniffed the ground around the yard waiting for an escape goat.

Suddenly there was a rustling of bushes not far away, and I craned my neck in the sounds direction; appearing interested my the noise. Wasting no more time I dashed off up the road, heading for La Push. If I was lucky I would meet Jacob, tell him what I knew, and make it back alive. The odds were against me, as I knew it was Edward who hid in the bushes-obviously shocked from probably reading my mind-might just follow me.

If he didn’t tell Bella, or if he doesn’t feel the need to track me down, I would be able to make it there without trouble. Not that I wasn’t nervous seeing Jacob for what I had to tell him. There was a strong feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me he wasn’t the kind of person who you should turn your back on.

Ahead of me I could see the tiny Indian reservation encroaching. Before I had went to Forks, I had been ordered to meet back with the him after I found Bella. Of course, I could have stayed back at the house, had another conversation with Edward, and made it to see morning. But Jake would have found a way to reach me, and sure enough would add me to his list of let-downs.

I dodged into the forest by the local store, to a small clearing where I could sense a large presence of another being.

“Jacob,” I barked, no longer needing to use my mind for communication.

“Is she alright?” was his first remark. Behind the mask he usually spoke through, I understood why he was doing this; whether he called it spying or not.

“You sent me all the way to Forks to find out how she is?” I could feel the heat radiating off of him with more intensity and decided maybe I should play my cards safe. “She’s fine. Happy as ever.” Through the dark I saw his eyes torn between pain and joy towards my news.

“The bloodsucker hasn‘t tried anything?” distress colored his tone.

“Edward,” anger flared through him at the mention of his name, “no, he hasn’t.”

“Good, cause if he hurt her, inside or out, I might just have to kill him. That‘s why I need you to stay longer, make sure their not planning anything that involves breaking the treaty.”

I sighed deeply, “No.”

“No?” he said incredulously, “We had a deal, remember? You watch out for Bella and I watch out for you.” debt was one thing I never wanted to be in. But right now I was more worried that messing with myths was one mistake that I would never get out of, and it’s twisted web it got me caught in.


The streets of Forks blurred past me as I ran towards Bella’s house. As much as I hated to admit it, I was also excited to see Connor, who wasn’t as dreadful as I thought. My sanctuary lay ahead, as her bedroom window came in sight. But I stopped dead in my tracks and went straight for near by cover.

Charlie was standing in the front lawn, the door hung open, and low and behold Connor was wandering the yard, head pointed in my direction. Just make it to La Push, he won’t stop you. This is your shot. Within seconds he was bolting down the road up to the reservation. Utter confusion didn’t begin to describe the mixed up ideas that were trying to make sense of Connor’s actions in my head. But before I could to wrapped up in my thoughts I ran up through the window, undetected by the distraught Charlie standing on the porch.

Sleeping peacefully, my angel dreamed happily, silent for once. I didn’t dare awake her from her slumber but was unsure of what precautions I should take to Connor’s disappearance. Should I follow him? Or wait ’til he returns? Maybe I should play innocent as if I saw and heard nothing. No, the guilt would surely catch up to me as, as much I hated to admit it, I liked him. And by letting him face werewolves alone and defenseless seemed cruel. But would I risk starting a war between the wolves and my family over one dog?

But Connor was more than a dog,…he was, a friend.

Deciding to go no farther than the line that divided our lands, I jumped lithely out the window and off, hoping I would reach Connor before it was too late but to let the chips fall where they may.