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I'd Rather be at War

Kira Gregorry never thought that she would really meet two people as beautiful as Dr. Cullen and his travel mate, Edward Cullen. They had always been stunning, but there was always something off about them. Kira is about to find out what that something is.


1. On fire....Or Not.

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The fire was burning in my body, and, no matter how much I wished I could, I couldn't stop it. Where was I? Was I dead? Probably. But it didn't feel like it. It felt like I was lit on fire, which was also a possibility. Fighting in the Civil War, you had to expect anything and everything. You got used to it after a while, I thought, trying to calm myself.

It would be over soon. I'd be dead soon. I hoped death was painless, quick. But I could only hope. With my luck, it would probably hurt and be slow, but I tried to keep that from my mind. I tried to gather my thoughts quickly, realizing that the fire was getting worse and worse. Maybe someone would find me, pity me. Maybe they would heal me. Maybe they would have a little common chivalry. But I couldn't help but think that wasn't going to happen.

"Help," I tried to croak, but I found that I was barely able to speak. I could hear my own voice, weak and hoarse. Like I hadn't had water in monthes. Would anyone hear it through the gunfire? Again, I doubted my own thoughts. I tried to think again about how I would soon be dead, letting my thoughts slowly slip away from me.


"It's been days, Carlisle. Maybe she's dead," I heard a voice say. My eyes were still closed, so I couldn't match a face with the voice, but it sounded smooth and I thought I'd heard it before.

"I could've sworn I'd come in time," another voice said. This voice I knew. Carlisle Cullen. He was the doctor at the army fort site. He had never tended to me before, though.

"Well, things happen. Perhaps she wasn't strong enough to complete the change," the first voice said. I thought about that for a minute. Complete the change. What change? Why was I making a change? And into what was I changing?

"No. She's strong. I've seen her fight before," Carlisle told his companion. I felt a slight gratitude to him for sticking up for my fighting skills. Maybe the man wasn't so bad after all. I'd never thought of him as a person rather than a doctor or thing with no real feelings.

"So you say. But she's not moving. It's been four days, Carlisle, maybe you should give it up." Why was voice one giving up on me so quickly. I hadn't done anything to him. I didn't remember meeting him, either. So, what was this big grudge about me being dead?

I slowly opened my eyes, and saw two people, both amazingly beautiful. The first was Carlisle Cullen, beautiful, smart, and blonde. The ideal man for any woman. The second struck me as my type. The perfect, muscular, smooth haired Cullen boy that traveled with Dr.Cullen. Edward Cullen.

"Miss, are you alright?" Dr. Cullen asked, bending over me. I pulled my eyes off Edward to look at the doctor.

"Yes. Was I on fire?"

"On fire? No. But, something like that."