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Angels Fall

Edward must save Bella from the dangers around her and also from himself as Victoria and a desire for blood threaten their fragile world.

This is the Edward POV of my original fic 'Suspicions'.

3. Abyss

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I could hear Charlie and Esme approaching the room but didn’t have the heart to tell Bella who had snuggled up to my chest. She seemed so peaceful and blissful just resting against me that she didn’t even seem to notice the cold or the hardness of my skin anymore, and that was a feat in its own. I watched her lovingly, the familiar blush of happiness lightly flushing her cheeks a pleasant pink, her eyes closed, and a faint smile on her full lips. Her heart raced as it always seemed to when we touched though it was not nearly as fast as it could get when we kissed. I smiled as the warmth of her body subtly warmed up my own cold flesh. Even though I knew it was no more than warming a rock with the touch of a hand, it almost felt as if I was warm again. It had been so long since I was warm…

Walking through the door slightly ahead of Esme, Charlie’s face quickly flickered through several expressions. First, he was concerned, most likely still thinking about the ‘burglary’ of the paintings in Carlisle’s study. Actually, I knew exactly what he was thinking but felt it more polite not to listen in this particular situation. As his eyes landed on Bella he came to expression two – a loving, soft look that one can only see in the eyes of a father who truly cares for his daughter. This changed quickly as he looked at Bella’s position in the room - on my couch, in my arms, snuggled against my chest in an intimate embrace. This elicited a look of shock, most likely due to the fact that we had not done any more than hold hands in front of him before now. The final look was towards me, directly in to my eyes which were expressing a look of complete innocence. Well, maybe not complete, but I did my best. He glared at me with such suspicion and anger - an anger almost verging on hatred - which I was completely unprepared for and it nearly caused my façade of innocence slip. I glanced over towards Esme who looked genuinely sorry and was mouthing an apology to a mortified looking Bella.

"Bella, it's time to go now," Charlie said coldly, never taking his gaze off of me, as if I would suddenly corrupt Bella if he turned his eyes away from me. He never really had gotten over the events of the past year which he very obviously blamed on my influence.

Bella turned towards me, questioning me with her eyes as if to ask me why I didn’t warn her about her father’s arrival. It was clear that the relaxed and obviously affectionate position we were sitting in was far from the carefully distanced upright sitting and handholding that we'd established and that Charlie was not quite ready to accept such a change. She rolled her eyes and I wasn’t sure if it was directed at me or Charlie.

“See you later Edward, Esme,” she mumbled grimly as she trudged behind Charlie. She followed him sullenly out of the house and sat down in the cruiser, turning to wave at me as Charlie pulled out of the driveway. I felt guilty as I realized the lecture that Charlie was planning for the ride home and hoped for her sake he wouldn’t find the words and would remain mostly silent for the majority of the trip.

Waiting until the cruiser was out of sight, I prepared myself for a run, planning to meet Bella in her room back at her house.

You shouldn’t have done that to Charlie. Behave yourself Edward.

I turned back towards Esme expecting a look of disapproval but winked mischievously when I saw her kind eyes and slightly mocking smile. Turning away again, I ran at top speed towards Bella’s house.

I got to the house before Bella and Charlie arrived in the cruiser as I had anticipated. Driving the speed limit they wouldn’t even come close to catching up to me. I’d never timed my own speed but I knew that I was well above what the typical vehicle could accomplish. Leaping effortlessly to her bedroom window, I slipped noiselessly inside and lay down on the bed to await my darling Bella.

Nearly as soon as the sound of the cruiser reached my ears, the sound of Charlie’s thoughts reached my mind as he cursed me repeatedly in his thoughts. I frowned at this knowledge knowing that my public relationship with Bella would not get any easier, particularly not in the possibility of either my or Alice’s proposed future for Bella, if her father had such a strong desire to end my life. Well, maybe not end my life. Charlie was far from fond of me but he was a good-hearted man with a gentle disposition in the end. It would be a long time yet before he would like me of his own volition but he would certainly make the effort for the sake of Bella, his only love and the one person who truly meant everything to him.

Listening to them enter the house it was clear that there was a heavy tension between the two. I heard them settle down into some chairs and continue the conversation they’d been having outside.

“It’s about… Edward, Bella,” Charlie started awkwardly. I didn’t need to strain to hear him or even hear him at all as his thoughts were clear in my head yet I listened closely to his words and how he said them. I wanted to know exactly how the unfriendly thoughts in his head would balance with the concern and the love for his daughter so I would know what Bella was going through right now.

“What about Edward dad?” she asked. I smiled as I recognized the voice Bella used when she tried to sound innocent, as though she’d been framed in a scandal far beyond her capabilities.

“I… I don’t like what is going on around here. It seems like you are always running away from me to him and that’s just not right,” he said, seemingly struggling to get the words out. I could feel the crease in my forehead deepen as I frowned. There was an unsettling truth to the words; a truth far beyond Charlie’s knowledge, perhaps even farther than his imagination could take him.

“Dad, I’m not running away from you!” she cried out, exasperation clear in her voice. “He came for me this time because he was concerned. I didn’t run to him and I would never never run away from you!”

“Again?” he asked her, his voice quiet and flat.

Painful memories flooded my senses as Charlie ran through the past year in his mind. As hard as I thought it had been to view the pain of rejection and abandonment that he usually remembered in conversations of this nature, for the first time I truly saw what had happened to Bella when we’d parted ways. She had become a shell, an exterior with no soul. The inner light that defined her had all but burnt out completely. The spark of intuition and intelligence that usually lit her large brown eyes was absent leaving only dull, lifeless eyes. It was like looking into a dark abyss. There was no trace of the girl I once knew, just a fragile ghost that was sinking slowly into the darkness without any hope of returning. I was afraid to look at her, even in memory, because to look at her was to be trapped in the depths of her despair, never to see light again.

Closing my eyes I forced myself to block out all of Charlie’s thoughts. They were much too painful to view and I only felt a deep pain for him. He’d had to deal with this burden, this ghastly remainder of his daughter for months. It was no surprise that he hated me now. He didn’t hate me personally but he would never, could never, forgive me for what I’d done to his daughter.

“I don’t want you to see Edward anymore Bella. He’s not good for you,” Charlie said, a firm conviction in his voice. I didn’t want to listen to any more, afraid that listening to the spoken words would allow a gateway for the terrible memories to filter through and yet I had to listen.

“I’m not leaving Edward,” Bella said icily with strong conviction, her characteristic stubbornness rising to the challenge. “I already told you, if Edward goes, I go with him. Package deal. Not open to negotiations.”

She left the kitchen quickly then and I waited for her, moving to a more serious sitting position on the bed.

“I told you not to let me get between you and Charlie,” I said softly.

She nodded and sat next to me on the bed, leaning her head against my shoulder. She was surprised by the tension in my body, the unrelenting stiffness and coldness that she felt and she pulled away from me. Looking into my eyes, she stared inquisitively as though hoping to catch a glimpse of my thoughts through my eyes.

“No funny ideas okay?” She warned, “This is still just an extra sensitivity after my little trip and motorcycle incident.”

“I hope so.” I spoke flatly, the picture of the dullness in her eyes in the memories imposing themselves over her eyes now as she looked back at me. I concentrated on making my face unreadable so she could not look deeper into my thoughts through my expression. I needed time to think through what my own thoughts were before I could let her in on my innermost workings.

I stood up in one fluid motion and kissed Bella on top of her head.

“I’m going to go home now to get changed for school,” I said, allowing my facial expression to soften and warming the tone of my voice. “Do you want me to pick you up or do you prefer to drive today?”

“Umm, I think today… I think today I should drive myself,” she said sighing, “I don’t want to push Charlie any further today.”

“Alright then, see you soon,” I said, flashing her a crooked smile, then I ran out and was off back to my home before she or I could say more.