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Angels Fall

Edward must save Bella from the dangers around her and also from himself as Victoria and a desire for blood threaten their fragile world.

This is the Edward POV of my original fic 'Suspicions'.

4. Temptation

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I left Bella’s room quickly and went back to my own house. Changing into a navy blue sweater and jeans after a quick shower, I sat down on the black couch in my room and listened to some music. This morning I listened to a little Miles Davis, something soothing to prepare me for the usual tediousness that was school. Bella was really the only point of interest that Forks High held for me. There wasn’t much left to learn for someone who had graduated from high school several times and had gone to medical school. Twice.

When it came time to leave for class I jumped into the Volvo, Alice following behind me looking unusually enthusiastic about going to school, a huge beaming smile on her face. Curious, I refrained from blocking her thoughts for a moment and smirked at what ran through her head. She turned to me and winked, knowing I’d heard what she was thinking and then I sped off towards the school.

Bella was already in the parking lot as I pulled in and Alice was so eager to talk to her that she’d jumped out of the car the exact instant I’d stopped and had flown over towards Bella. Frowning at her carelessness I quickly glanced around the lot to see if anyone had witnessed her speed but was relieved to see that nobody else was there at the time. Getting out of the car I could hear that Alice had already started to question Bella.

“How are you doing now?” her musical voice asked, the concern evident, “Is everything all right with Charlie?”

Bella cast an inquisitive glance towards me, most likely wondering if I’d told Alice everything. I shrugged to indicate that I hadn’t told her.

“Things are still rough…” She answered slowly, uncertain. I narrowed my eyes at her hoping she would know how I felt about her upsetting Charlie on my behalf. She would have to choose between us one day and as much as I would love to keep her, I honestly hoped she would choose Charlie.

Alice nodded, a concerned look on her face, but then almost instantly broke out into a big grin.

“Bella, we have to go shopping soon, really soon, after school today soon!” she said cheerfully, pulling Bella towards the school by the arm. I followed by her side and wrapped my arm around her waist. Bella shot me a thankful smile as my arm also served as a support for her as Alice dragged her enthusiastically. Alice was trying to be gentle but she still wasn’t as practiced at it as she would like to think.

“Sure,” Bella said, a little less enthusiastically than Alice had expected by the look on her face, “but what are we shopping for? Why the urgency?”

A look of complete shock appeared on Alice’s face followed by a look that seemed to suggest Bella was mentally incompetent. Bella looked towards my face for a clue as to what was so shocking but I played the innocent and remained looking straight ahead. Unfortunately, I could feel the corners of my mouth twitch, betraying my attempted innocence as I fought to hold back the smile that threatened to give away Alice’s secret.

“We have to shop for prom silly!” Alice exclaimed, “It’s this Saturday you know.”

Bella stopped walking then, all the colour draining from her face. I could hear her heart race and was surprised at the level of genuine fear she felt. Shaking my head in wonder I contemplated the unpredictable mystery that was Bella. She would risk her life confronting hostile vampires with hardly a blink of the eye but mention a simple dance and she would react as if the world was coming to an end.

“No, no, no. No prom. I went once and I am not going back.” She said resolutely, but it was already too late. Alice’s wide grin faded into a straight line and an almost frightening intensity could be seen in her eyes, almost like electricity.

“Bella Swan, I have not gotten to do enough human things in my life. I want to go to prom, I want to celebrate, I want to play dress up and live vicariously through you. Esme and I have already gotten you a dress. You will go to prom.”

I chuckled at the absurdity of the argument and the horrified look on Bella’s face.

“You knew about this, didn’t you?” she accused me.

Throwing up my hands in a gesture of surrender, I put on my best ‘innocent’ face but struggled to hold in my laughter. Bella glared at me, her gaze was like a dagger. I didn’t need to read her mind to know what she was thinking now. ‘Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!’

“Fine,” I said icily, almost hostile, “but why do we need to go shopping if you already have a dress?”

Alice rolled her eyes at me and let out an exasperated sigh.

“Because we need everything else Bella! Shoes, accessories… And I want to pick up a few things for your hair. I have a couple ideas but I want you to come with me so I can find the right ones.”

Bella rolled her eyes but seemed to have resigned to her fate. I smiled at her, amused at the epic battle of prom. She looked at me and I thought she’d forgiven my traitorous offence of not warning her but instead she flushed with anger and stomped off to her class.

School was as uneventful as ever and was particularly boring as Bella was trying to ignore me.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I thought but couldn’t help being amused by her spitefulness over something so trivial.

Heading home after school I went to the living room to work on a new idea I had for a piece and was surprised to see a very tense Jasper sitting on the couch. His face was pained, his pale fists clenched tightly, resting on his knees, his posture stiff. Alarmed I immediately opened myself to his thoughts.

There will be too many, all together, so close to me. The smell will be overwhelming. I can’t do it. I shouldn’t go. I’m not strong enough yet. But I am strong enough to…

He looked up to me suddenly, guilt over his face. I raised a questioning eyebrow towards him and he looked at the floor ashamed of his weakness.

“Have you talked to Alice yet?” I asked him, angry with Alice for imposing this torture on him. Jasper would never have the endurance and the resistance that the rest of us had developed. She would have to eventually realize that he would have to fight much harder to fight his blood lust.

Jasper shook his head and then exited without a word towards his room. Pushing the murderous thoughts Jasper had had out of my mind and set to work on my new piece. After a few hours of concentration I heard the car pull up outside and new that Bella would be back. I ran out quickly, avoiding Alice, as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise of what Bella had looked like trying on things for prom by catching a glimpse of her thoughts.

I had perfect timing as I slipped into Bella’s room and relaxed on her bed.

“Goodnight Dad!” I heard Bella yell as she opened the door to her room.

I looked up at her from my position on the bed and smiled. Sitting up, I pat the free space I’d made on the bed indicating for her to join me. I heard her heart begin to race but she didn’t join me. Instead she gave me a small wink and turned away, grabbing her toiletries and walked away to the bathroom. I relaxed on her bed again, closing my eyes and feigning sleep.

I heard her enter the room, trying to be quiet, but her racing heart and human inability to be effectively silent gave her away. She sat down on the bed beside me and I moved at vampire speed into a sitting position. I curled my left arm around behind her and wrapped it around her waist, pulling her snugly into me as I gently brushed her hair off her face with my right hand. I traced a line across her cheek with my fingers; my thumb grazing her bottom lip, and enjoyed the warmth emanating from her body and the soft, delicate feel of her skin. I looked into her eyes and knew my gaze was seductive, ‘dazzling’ she’d called it.

Did my heart love 'till now? Forswear it sight. For I never saw true beauty 'till this night,” I spoke softly, making my voice low and smooth. Bella had been holding her breath but suddenly took a breath in, nearly a gasp. She started to lean towards me, lips parting slightly in anticipation of a kiss but I placed a finger on her lips to stop her from leaning forward any further.

“Not yet,” I said with a crooked smile. Then I lowered my head a leaned in towards her neck. Touching my lips to her collarbone, I lightly kissed it and enjoyed the feel of her pulse racing and her struggle for breath beneath my lips. I let my lips graze her neck and came to a rest in the hollow of her jaw beside her ear, her favourite place to be kissed. I felt her flush as she gasped. The sweet, perfect smell of her blood overwhelmed me, flooding my senses. I smiled at her reaction, my lips still touching the soft, sensitive skin of her neck. I shifted suddenly, resting my teeth lightly where my lips had been, poised just about the vein. Her pulsed pounded through her veins; her smell was intoxicating and completely consumed me. I could almost taste her sweet blood on my lips.

Smiling, I prepared myself for the kill, to taste her perfect blood, which cried out to me unrelentingly. It was almost as if she was begging for me to taste her. But it was too soon. In my current state, senses fogged by my lust, I couldn’t recall why but I knew that I didn’t want to taste this human here, now. It was frustrating, maddening, as I debated whether I should listen to my subconscious mind that was trying to break through or to ignore it and feed the ache that threatened to consume me.

“Not yet,” I said softly, curious as to why I should spare this insanely inviting human whose blood sang out to me so seductively; my own personal siren song.