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Angels Fall

Edward must save Bella from the dangers around her and also from himself as Victoria and a desire for blood threaten their fragile world.

This is the Edward POV of my original fic 'Suspicions'.

9. Fallen

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I roared with anger and hatred as the flame-haired demon bent over Bella’s fallen, nearly lifeless body. I tore her back, my anger increasing as I saw what she’d done. A large gash had been torn down the right side of Bella’s neck across to the bottom of her left rib and the warm, liquid red blood gushed freely. It was too much for me. There was too much blood, the scent creating a haze around me and blocking my senses. Holding my breath I made sure to keep control of my senses. It would be difficult to fight Victoria when not running solely on instinct. I would not be as fast, as strong, or as intuitive as I would be if I let go, but I could not risk hurting Bella further. If she died because of me I would never forgive myself, I wouldn’t even try.

Baring my teeth at Victoria, I crouched in a protective stance keeping myself between Bella and the demon. She looked at me shiftily; she obviously hadn’t expected me to be able to resist the sweet blood that flowed just behind me. I was too infuriated to even take that in to account just yet.

“Leave now and I’ll spare your family,” she hissed at me, sizing up my size and possible power with her garnet coloured eyes.

Take the bait. It’ll be that much better if you off her yourself.

Her cruel, bitter thoughts ran like venom through my system, poisoning me; making me poison. Every muscle in my body was taught and tense, I could feel my strength and I prepared to make my move.

Noise! Others!

Victoria turned her back to me and my eyes quickly flashed to the direction she was looking. Moving faster than I’d ever seen before Carlisle and Emmett raced towards the house.

Emmett crashed into Victoria as she attempted to leap out of his way, but he was too fast for her. The sound was like thunder as the two bodies collided. The instinct of our kind to survive kicked in instantly. Such a loud noise would awaken the others around us and the others automatically moved deep into the forest to continue the battle before the first lights began to flick on over the street.

I turned back towards Bella now that the immediate threat to her safety had been removed. She lay motionless in a dark pool of her own blood. I was disgusted at myself as I fought the urge to lap up the spilt blood and to finish off what remained in her pale, broken body. I shook my head sharply, as if to shake the thoughts from my mind. I crouched beside Carlisle who was quickly examining the damage.

She is still alive but not for much longer. We need to move her to the house quickly.

I scooped up her body, relieved to feel the faint beat of her heart. I raced towards my house, cradling Bella carefully in my arms, careful not to crush her out of carelessness in my own alarmed urgency. The door shattered as I crashed through it. Esme and Alice were already waiting in the main hall, Carlisle’s medical supplies set out and ready, a sheet set on the floor where Bella was to lie. I placed her gingerly onto the cloth and waited anxiously for Carlisle to show up. Even with the extra weight of Bella I was by far the fastest runner.

I looked into Alice’s eyes, they were wide with fear. She looked down, away from me at Bella.

I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I have to leave… Esme does too. It’s too much. I saw everything and sent Emmett and Carlisle to get you. Jasper’s been sent deep into the woods to meet up with Victoria when they chase her out.

I nodded and Alice quickly left, holding on to Esme’s shoulders as she guided her towards the back door. I was relieved to know that Jasper had been dealt with. It wasn’t his fault, but this much blood was above and beyond what he could handle right now. The scent of her blood, even though I wasn’t breathing, still managed to snake its way into my conscious mind every once in a while. I couldn’t even open my mouth to speak as I could taste her blood in the very air around us.

Left alone with her now, her injury really sank in and it hit me hard. She was worse off than she had been in Arizona. She was further gone, her injuries much more severe. Her heart began to slow and an impossible amount of blood lay on the floor around her, soaking the white sheet below her red and pooling above its surface.

“Bella! Bella! Can you hear me? Bella! Open your eyes for me Bella, please!” I begged as Carlisle finally came in through the door, not paying attention to its shattered state as he headed directly to where Bella lay. I sobbed but no tears could fall.

“Bella! Please Bella, don’t leave me here without you!”

Her eyes fluttered a bit but she didn’t move. Then she suddenly let out a shrill, piercing scream as Carlisle pushed the fabric of her ruined dress away from the wound so he could start cleaning and dressing it.

“Carlisle! Please, do something! Bella!” I sobbed as Carlisle worked furiously fast to stop the blood. Bella’s eyes continued to flutter but the eyes that I saw beneath the fluttering lids were glassy and unseeing. Still, it was a sign of life, of consciousness. She stopped screaming but a look of extreme pain flashed across her face as she struggled to stay conscious.

“Edward, she’s losing too much blood too quickly! I’m trying but it’s not working. It’s not going to work. I can’t save her.”

The fluttering of her eyes slowed down as he spoke and I could hear her heart begin to stutter, as if it was proving that it was not going to last much longer, forcing me to believe his words. I didn’t say anything but looked desperately at Bella and Carlisle, unable to do anything but sob.

You know what needs to be done… if you want to save her.

I didn’t acknowledge his thoughts even though I knew he had directed them at me. I wished that I could read Bella now, know what was left. Maybe if I could just hear her thoughts I could know what to do, know what needed to happen.

“Edward, I’m losing her. I can’t save her. If you want to keep her you have to do it. It’s the only way. She’s dying.” His voice was soft, barely above a whisper but it was firm and rang with a painful truth.

I sobbed above Bella’s broken body, afraid to touch her. She was so delicate. This was my fault… if I hadn’t broken the rules, if I’d just stayed away all this could have been avoided. I hated myself now and I was overcome by grief and confusion. What should I do? If I did nothing, took no action, she would die here and now. If I took action, her soul would die. How can I make a decision like that? Who am I to condemn her to this hellish existence? To make her a demon like me, a creature to be despised and feared. But if I did nothing, she would have nothing. She would only have this time here, now.

She opened her eyes suddenly, breaking through the pain of death and tried to focus on my face but her eyes remained glassy. The deep brown of her eyes seemed darker now, blacker. It was as if the threat of death was already leeching the life out of her, draining the essence of her life from her eyes.

“I love you. I’m sorry,” she whispered. Her words were barely even loud enough for my sensitive ears. She gasped suddenly and I knew that this was it. This was the end.

I heard a cry of anguish and anger, a sorrow I’d never imagined capable in a sound. I realized it was me. It was too soon. I loved her and I could not be the cause of this early death. There was too much she had yet to experience.

I bit into the side of her neck that Victoria had not wounded and drank deeply. I felt Bella’s eyes open suddenly as her long, dark eyelashes grazed the top of my ear that was nearest her face. Her blood was sweet and rich, the most beautiful thing I’d ever tasted. It was impossible to stop even though I knew I must. I was a selfish creature, ruled by instinct and my instincts told me now to drink until there was nothing left.

Still, something tugged at the back of my mind, telling me to deny my desires. There was something wrong with the blood that tasted so sweet, so perfect. A flaw… but what? It hit me then as she suddenly screamed with pain. The blood was growing cold. It was too cold – this was the blood of one who hovered on the edge of death.


I tore myself from Bella’s body and stumbled back from her, coming to a stop as I crumpled against the wall and looked with horror upon the limp shape that now lay silent before me on the sheet.

Carlisle stood silently a short distance away. I looked pleadingly at him, as if asking why he didn’t try to stop me. Wondering if I had taken too much…

It had to be you Edward. Your choice to stop and yours alone.

The limp form began to writhe and whimper. The venom was setting in. Now it was just a matter of time.

Carlisle began cleaning up the mess, carefully stitching up the wound on Bella’s chest as it would be a few days yet before it would heal fully of its own accord. I wanted to help but I could only sit in the corner against the wall, staring at what I’d done, a hollow feeling in my stomach. I watched silently as he lit a fire in the fireplace and began tossing his bloody rags into the flames, clearing up any evidence of blood. He gently but firmly picked up Bella’s body and stood to face me.

Change her into some clean clothes and put her on my bed. She can finish… healing there.

I stood up slowly and walked numbly towards Carlisle, taking Bella from his arms carefully as though afraid she would crumble to dust if so much as a gust of wind were to touch her now. I trudged slowly up the stairs taking care not to look into her face. I knew what I would see if I looked and I could not bear the sight of her face, paler than it had ever been in life – than it ever could be in life, contorted in pain as the venom spread through her body like wildfire.

I sat by the bedside the entire three days. The others drifted by out of curiosity and concern but I remained in constant vigil at her side like a protective statue. I was her guardian and always would be. She would need to be protected when she awoke from the pain. She would need to be protected from herself.

Never had the days passed so slowly. I watched anxiously as the waves of pain took control of her – causing her to scream and writhe, causing her heart to race.

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for happened. Her heart began to race, a valiant effort to keep its owner alive. But soon it began to falter. Its pattern became erratic as it skipped beats and eventually it began to slow.

Then it stopped all together.

Bella lay still on the bed. I sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her, cradling her gently. Her skin felt different, harder and smoother; like marble - like my own. The last traces of warmth faded leaving her skin cool to the touch.

I sobbed as I realized I would never again see the scarlet flush of her cheeks, feel the erratic pulse of her heart when we touched, or the soft warmth of her hands in my own.

She opened her eyes suddenly and looked straight in to my own. They were a deep garnet red. I would never again see the dark chocolaty depths of her eyes, always so caring and inquisitive.

My bronze hair fell into my eyes but I didn’t brush it out of the way. Silent sobs wracked my body causing my shoulders to shake and causing Bella to shake sympathetically.

“Bella?” I croaked, barely able to speak.

“Edward.” she whispered back. Her voice was different somehow; smoother and icier. There was a silvery tone to it; a vampire’s voice.

I cradled her tightly against my chest, no longer afraid of crushing her. I couldn’t anymore. She was no longer fragile.

“I’m sorry Bella. I’m so sorry. I had to do it. There was no other way,” I said softly. I tried to sound comforting but my words sounded pleading, even to my own ears. How could I ask forgiveness for what I’d done already?

“I couldn’t bear to lose you again.”