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Sweet Lemons (Series)

This is 12 years after Edward left Bella, she is 30 has two kids with jacob. But then Edward comes back and Bella has a hard time keeping her cool because she still very deeply loves him...who will she choose.

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1. Chapter 1 Campfire

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Sweet Lemons “I love you Bella!” Jacob called to me as he left the house for work. Jacob and I had 2 kids and were married for about 4 years now. Our first childs name is Alex, he is now 6 and loves to run and play. Jacob signed him up fro soccer. Our second child is Amy, she is the artist of the family. She always draws and loves to show me how to draw. Amy is only 5 and a half. But, she is smart, my smart little girl. Edward left me in highschool. I will always love him sure, but I will always love Jacob to. He is my sun shine who I wake up to in the morning. My everything. My kids father, my husband and my happiness. He was and always will be there for me. Jacob worked with Charlie down at the police station. Charlie was about to retire and jacob was going to get his job as Police Chief. The day I told Charlie I was marrying Jacob, he litterally had tears in his eyes, so did Jacob. “Mommy! Mommy! Alec ruined my painting!” Amy came running in, covered in paint. Her painting had the tiniest smudge on the sun. “Oh, well, it looks just as beautiful. Just fix it, make the sun bigger.” She smiled at me and ran back into the kitchen. “Mom! I didn't do it! I just pointed at the sun and touched it!” I smiled and knelt down. “Don't worry.” I went back to folding the lawndry. After I was finished. I went and made some lunch. I made Macorony and Cheese with little pieces of hot dogs in it. That was the kids favourite. “That was good mom! Can I go and play soccer outside now! I gotta practise.” I nodded and he left. “Mommy, can I have Sandy over.” Amy asked. “Ofcourse you can, I will call Emily and ask if she wants to have a barbeque tonight.” Sandy was Emily and Sams daughter. I picked up the phone and dialed there number. Emily picked up. “Hello?” “Hi Emily, It's Bella, Amy wants to have a sleep over with Sandy, and since it is Friday, I figured we could have a barbeque?” “Sure we can! I will be over around six with Sam and Sandy okay?” “That's fine, thanks, bye.” Emily hung up the phone and I did too. “Amy! Sandy, aunty and uncle Sam are coming over at six okay?” “Yay!” Is all I heard her say. Emily and Sam arrived and we were all gathered around out back talking and laughing. The kids were playing. Alex wanted one of his friends from school and there parents dropped him off a few hours ago, but they didn't stay for the barbeque, they just dropped there kid off and left. “Hey Bella! Can you grab the burgers from the fridge!” I heard Jacob yell from across the yard. “Sure honey!” I got up from the lon-chair, telling Emily I would be right back. Emily's face was fixed, her scars were removed by this excellent surgon down in New York. I came out and gave the hamburgers to Jacob and went back to sit down with Emily. The rest of the night was uneventful. Emily and Sam went home shortly after the kids fell asleep in the living room watching Tarzan, and Jacob and I went up to bed after we covered them. “Your so beautiful.” Jacob said to me before he turned off the lights and went to sleep. I couldn't get to sleep, I had a weird feeling and wasn't sure what it was. Author's Note: Hey everyone! I hope you like it, please review five times before I update! Sorry for the shortness, I want to keep you reading lol. What is that weird feeling!?!?!?!?