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Mortality Race

Humanity. Everybody wants it. Everybody would do anything for it. Now that re-transformation is possible, how far will the vampire population go in order to obtain it? And what if not everybody wants it? The race for mortality has begun.

This story was beta'ed by TRDancer of fanfiction.net. A big thanks to her! All the chapters are written out and ready to go, so you can expect fast updates. I know -- I'm shocked too! The story has been my little project for a while now, so naturally I'd be very grateful for some feedback. It's just no fun writing something when nobody tells you how they liked it (it's very depressing too!). Please remember to always review the stories you've read -- you'll make the author's day :) The POV changes quite often so you can get a glimpse of what all the characters are thinking and feeling. Enjoy! :)

3. Love or Humanity?

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__Chapter Three__
Love or Humanity?

Dorothy's POV

"Umm... Dottie?" Linda approached me carefully, putting aside her mobile phone. "I have some bad news."

I stopped breathing. Bad news were the last thing I needed to hear right now, and certainly not if Linda was the messenger. Though she had immediately understood the danger I was in, she had been so very optimistic, and had promised that things would work out as long as nobody else knew.

So if she was suddenly not optimistic… I knew what that had to mean.

She walked over to the table I was sitting at and took a seat across from mine.

"The man you… healed?" she continued. "He told everyone."

Now I sat even stiller than still, and if possible breathing less than before. Jerry, that silly, self-assured man, had done precisely what I'd feared he would. Yes, I'd known he wouldn't be silent about "a miracle of God", but I'd refused to accept that he would do such an irrational thing. Now it pained me to hear that he hadn't thought about what I wanted.

It meant he put God before me. My chest stung.

But even with that ache, there was still the desperation. I was scared—no, frightened—and I was all alone. Well, almost alone. I had Linda. And God, of course. The question was could I trust either of them to save me?

I found my voice again and whispered: "What now?"

Linda shook her head.

"I don't know, Dottie," she answered. "All I can say is that you're now the most wanted vampire in the entire world."

Carlisle's POV

Word of the "miracle" had spread like wildfire.

When I'd told Kate of what the man had revealed, I hadn't thought that I was actually stirring an international hunt. I'd assumed the Denali clan would treat the information with care, and would therefore keep it to themselves. But that hadn't been the case, and now the whole world knew.

All I could guess was that Kate had told someone else, and that that someone had consequently spread the news to their friends, who had then proceeded to tell their friends. And with the scarce vampire population of the world, it hadn't taken long for the information to travel. I doubted there was a nomad in Africa who hadn't somehow come in touch with the name of Miss Dorothy Mace.

This course of events was highly upsetting, but it was merely the base of other troubles that soon followed. Dorothy Mace was only one single person, and the information we had about her was very limited. Jerry—as we'd discovered the man's name to be– could only relay his own experience with her, and there was no knowing what boundaries this amazing power might have. It was possible that the trick couldn't be repeated, or that only a restricted number of healings could be done. By the looks of it, this Dorothy hadn't even an idea of how she'd done it herself, and wouldn't be able to do it again.

This all was acknowledged by the vampire population, and this all made it crucial for everyone to hurry.

My family wasn't immune to the agitation, either. Rosalie and Jasper had locked themselves upstairs for hours, refusing to come down to discuss the issue in peace. I worried that I'd caused a rip in my own family, and that we'd soon be scattered all over the world looking for a woman who may or may not make us fall more apart. I didn't know what was worse—a family member eventually finding Dorothy and becoming human again, or seeing everyone search for her until the end of time, never uniting again.

At three o'clock in the morning, Esme sought me in my study and covered my hands with her own. I saw a guilty hope in her eyes, and heard an even guiltier tone in her voice as she informed me of their plans.

"They want to go after her."

Although I'd already known it, the words hit me like a meteorite.

In my head, I could see my family scattered across all seven continents, eternally searching for something that could not be found.

Rosalie's POV

"Honey, are you absolutely positive about this?"

I threw another t-shirt into my small bag and sighed. Emmett was not helping.

We could only take the most necessary items with us. I'd already calculated how much space we would have, and decided on two pairs of trousers, two jumpers, and two tops each. But would we need any spare underwear? They didn't take up much space, and the bag still had some room. At least two pairs per person would be sensible, just in case—ahem—something happened.

"Honey –"

"Yes!" I hissed at Emmett. "Yes, I'm sure! Now stop buggering me with your questions."

Why was he being so damn stupid about this? Did Emmett not see how much this chase would mean to me? Did he not see what an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this was? It went beyond my comprehension.

"I'll go change my shoes downstairs," I continued. "The bag is almost full, but I'm sure you can still fit something small in it. And no, your PS3 doesn't count as small, Emmett."

Though I really did need to change my shoes—stilettos were not ideal running equipment—I really just wanted to escape Emmett's looks. He was so worried for no reason, and it both pained and irritated me to see him this anxious about me. Of course it was lovable and all that, but really, it was not what I needed.

What I wanted and needed was to find Dorothy Mace, and for now, all other issues would be put to the side.

So I left Emmett to frown in our bedroom, and rushed to the long hallway, thinking of family and fulfillment, when abruptly, I bumped into something with a loud crash.

I staggered back half a step to find and unsmiling Edward standing firmly in front of me, his arms crossed and eyes boring holes into mine.

I glowered.


His expression didn't shift as he asked: "Are you sure, Rosalie? Of all this?"

Exasperated, I threw my arms in the air.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure! What is it with all of you? Stop treating me like some dumb five-year-old, for God's sake, I know what I'm –"

But Edward ignored me and interrupted my ranting. He hesitated a little, but then dropped his arms and quietly said: "Take me with you."

I stared at him in shock.

Bella's POV

When Edward returned, he was wearing an unfamiliar expression on his face that, strangely, made me shudder.

"What?" I asked. "What did she say?"

Edward didn't even glance at me as he picked up a backpack from the corner of our room and said: "We're going with them."

I didn't move to help him pack. I didn't even say anything when he started to pick up random clothes from our closet. I just stared at him in despair.

Finally, after two excruciating minutes, I found my voice again.

"When?" I tried to sound casual, as if the information didn't matter to me, but cringed when I heard the betraying panic that had leaked into my voice.

But Edward didn't seem to notice.

"Tonight. Is there anything specific you'd like to take with you?"

Tonight. So I didn't even have any time to digest the news.

"No, nothing. Take whatever you want."

Edward hurried around the room for an additional few minutes, and then moved downstairs to see if there was anything there that we would need. I didn't budge when he whizzed past me.

Tonight, Edward and I were going after a woman who'd give us what I thought we both could do without. We were practically racing after our humanity.

I trembled.

How had it come to this?