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Goodbye Sun

"He'd lived in California till he was ten, so he knew how I felt about the sun." Mike does not want to go to Forks, Washington.


1. Chapter 1

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Mike had lived in this town, on this street, in this house his whole life. Long Beach, California.

He loved every part of it – the sun, the beach, the sports, the people – especially his next-door-neighbor, Emma.

Yet here he was, ten years old and already suffering from a broken heart.

When his parents told him the news, he ran away. But he wasn’t allowed to go past the liquor store a block away by himself, so he sat on the curb and watched the cars go by until Emma sat down beside him.

“Hey!” She greeted him cheerfully.

“Hey,” He muttered glumly.

Having a girl best friend was sometimes a good thing – she could tell that something was wrong. “Mike, are you okay?”

Mike looked at her and sighed heavily. “Emma, I’m moving,”

Emma looked at him for a moment, and then shrugged. “That’s okay. Remember, Kyle moved but he still goes to our school.”

Mike shook his head. “No, I’m moving far away. I’m going to Washington.”

It was Emma’s turn to shake her head. “Nope. I’m not letting you.”

Mike grinned despite his predicament. “Emma, I don’t have a choice. My parents are making me.”

“You can move in with me. I know Mom and Dad will be excited about it, they like you!” She insisted.

Mike was tempted to take her up on that offer. Living with his best friend and staying in Long Beach would be awesome…

“Michael Newton! You get over here right now!” Mike’s mom came running up the street. She stood impressively in front of Mike and Emma. “I told you to pack, not to hang out like some hooligan!”

Mike groaned. “Mom, I’m running, away, so if you’d please go back home and move, I’d appreciate it.”

Mrs. Newton sighed, exasperated. “Michael, I don’t care what you think about this. We’re moving tomorrow and that’s final. You’d better be back at home in five minutes!” She stormed off, and Mike was again left with Emma.

Emma sighed sadly. “So you really are moving?”

Mike nodded. “Yep.” They were quiet for a minute.

“I guess this is goodbye,” Emma said miserably.

“Yep,” Mike agreed. Another moment passed of silence.

“Well…I guess I’ll see you around?” Emma said, standing up.

“Yeah…see you,” Mike said, not letting himself show any of the raging emotions inside of him.

Emma stood in front of him for a moment, as if waiting for something that Mike couldn’t think of, then suddenly turned away and ran home.

Mike watched her go sadly. He would really miss her. But what could he do? Running away had obviously not worked. What more could a ten year old do?

Sighing once again, he stood. He walked slowly back home, kicking his feet on the ground with every step.

He walked up his front steps and looked out at his lawn from his porch. He went inside to his room upstairs and sat on his bed.

Eventually, Mrs. Newton came up and reminded him to pack his things, which he eventually did.

Eventually, he yelled at his dad for making them move (and eventually he was sent to his room for a time-out).

Eventually, he had dinner with his family in their now empty dining room.

Eventually, it was bed time.

Mike crawled into his bed, the only thing left in his room. After hours of lying awake, he sat up.

This was his last night here – and he hadn’t really even said goodbye to Emma.

He cracked his door open and peered down the hallway. All clear. He tip-toed down the stairs and unlocked the backdoor, pushing it open silently. The fence between his and Emma’s yard was easy to climb, and soon he stood outside her window.

He was lucky that she was on the first floor. He tapped on her window and saw her stir in her sleep.

“Emma!” He whispered loudly, tapping the window again.

She sat upright suddenly, looking around. Her eyes found Mike and she smiled.

She held up a finger, and left the room. Mike waited where he was for a second, and then saw Emma come around the side of the house.

“Mike!” She squealed.

“Emma,” He breathed. The stood opposite each other for a moment and a cool breeze blew around them.

“I really will miss you,” Mike finally said.

Emma sniffed. “Yeah. I’ll miss you Mike,”

Mike debated for a moment, then leaned forwards and put his arms around her in a hug. She squeezed him tightly.

“Bye,” She whispered.

Mike pulled away. “Bye,” He said morosely.

He took a breath and turned around. He went back to his house, snuck back into his room, and lay in his bed.

When his parents shepherded him into the car the following morning, his chest was empty, but eating his favorite Reese’s Puff Cereal didn’t fill it.

He told his parents, but they just didn’t understand. Who would?

He decided that it was heartbreak, and when he moved to Forks, Washington, he bragged about it to all his new friends.

All that changed, of course, when he met Isabella Swan.