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Diary of The Broken and Healed

This is Edward's POV, and some Bella.

Edward was beaten and had a bad child hood. Then he comes to Forks thinking it is going to be the worst experiance of his life, but wait until he meets Bella. (He has these random journal entries to,to you get to read his diary eeee!)

Okay, that summary sucked! This story is pretty good.

(All human)

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2. Chapter 2 Coffee

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Chapter 2 E POV I arrived at arrived at Forks High at lunch. I just dropped Rosalie and Alice off in the morning and drove off. I got out of my car and walked to the cafateria. Alice and Rosalie were sitting with a pretty girl. I walked over to them and sat down. B POV A tall handsome boy walked over. He had bronze hair and it sat the most perfect way. He was Hot! My heart stuttered when he smiled and sat beside me. “Oh Bella, this is my annoying brother Edward.” Alice, my newest friend said. Rosalie smiled at me. She was very nice, and super pretty. All the guys had there eyes on her. “Hi.” I said to Edward. I am surprised he even heard it, but he smiled again at me. “Oh Edward, stop flirting with Bella.” Rosalie said smiling and giving me a wink. It was the end of the day, Edward offered to drive me home, so I got in the back with Rosalie. “Edward likes you.” She whispered in my ear. I blushed a deep red. “Shut Up, no he doesn't.” I said back. “I am going to ask him out for you!” I smiled, but acted like I didn't want her to. E POV “Hey Edward, can I talk to you.” Rosalie came in my room. I nodded and put my book down. “What is up!?” I laughed ad she walked over to my bed. “The ceiling.” she replied sarcastically. “No seriously, Bella really likes you, and I think you two should go on a date. She is really understanding and would understand your problems.” Rosalie said. I smiled. “I guess. I don't really know her.” Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. “Actually Rose, never mind, I want to know her, and see if I feel that way about her.” She smiled and patted my leg. She got up and walked out of the room. Journal My sister Rosalie came in today, apparently a girl likes me. But I don't want to scare her off. She is pretty but I think I should get to know her first. My dad once said no one loved me and that I was hated by everyone, even my mom. My mom is dead now. She died in her mental instution, she had a miserable life, and I couldn't help her. I tried to be strong for my sister. I would take the beating, while she hid. I didn't mind though. I closed my journal again. I hid it in it's usual spot and went downstairs. Alice was there in the kitchen waiting for me. “Hey, Edward, could you drive me down town. I have a date tonight with a boy I met at school.” “I don't know Alice. How old is he?” Her pixie smile went to a frown and she glared at me. “The same age as me! And if you won't drive me with out asking me for every detail like a girl, then I will ask Esme.” She said threw clenched teeth. I kind of got scared and gave in. I walked out the door and she followed. Once we got in the car I asked. “Can I atleast know his name Alice?” “His name is Jasper, he is really cute and nice.” She smiled, thinking of him. She never smiled about boys like this, especially not if he just asked her out on the first day they met. “Okay.” I said and kept driving. We arrived in Port Angeles and I dropped Alice of and went to get a coffee. It was only 6 and I was so bored at home. I walked in the coffee shop, and there sat Bella with a couple of her friends. I think the girl was Angela, and the boy, I wasn't sure. I walked over to them carefully, not trying to intrude. “May I sit with?” I asked. Bella looked up and smiled warmly. “Sure, you can sit beside me.” Bella replied. I looked at Angela and whatever his name was. “Hello, I'm Edward.” Angela didn't know my name, I just heard Bella talking about her earlier so I knew her name. “Oh, Hella Edward, I am Angela and this is Ben.” She patted the boy on the shoulder. I nodded. “So, Edward, why are you here?” Bella asked me. “Oh. I had to drop Alice off. She is on a date with a boy named Jasper.” Bella smiled again. “Jasper is nice. I hang out with him sometimes at lunch with his brother Emmett. There good guys.” “Cool.” I said simply. The waitress came by and took all of our orders. I ordered a ice cream and a double double, Bella got a Two cream one sugar and vanilla ice cream. “Do you drink alot of coffee?” She asked. “No, I only drink it when I want it. Which isn't very often.” I replied. A few moments later our stuff came. I arrived back at my house at around 10. As soon as I stepped out of the car I got a text from Alice saying 'Pick me up.' I got back in my car and sped down the road. Author's Note: Hey everyone! I would just like to say I would like everyone to try there best to review! If you have any questions, just ask okay? Thanks so much bye!