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Best Friends Forever... and ever and ever and ever.

Bella and Edward are best friends. Watch them learn thier their lessons the good, the bad, and the ugly way.


1. Age 4 and 7

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Bella age 4.

"Momma?" Little Bella asked. Her dad was passed out on the love seat, and her mom was nowhere in sight.

"Momma!?" She asked again, pleading.
But there was just silence. Bella started to cry.
She was curled up on the carpet, closing her closet door, slipping into hysteria.

"Bella!?" Edward yelled.

"Bella, where are you?!" Her best friend called her.

She tried to answer, but she couldn't.

He heard whimpers coming from Bella's room.

She was crying, she wished she could stop. Edward was her prince, he was always there. He was also her knight in shining armour, protecting her from herself and her father. Ever since last year, her mother would go out for hours and hours, leaving her with her dad. Whenever she got hungry and asked her dad for food, he would get angry and hit her and call her bad names. But Edward was always there for her. Once when Charlie had one of his tantrums, Edward made his dad come and talk to Charlie. Bella got to have a sleep over with Edward. Esme was watching them the entire time, smiling as Bella fell asleep in Edward's arms.

All of a sudden she saw the closet door open.

Edward was standing in front of her, crying tears of worry.

He sat down beside her, trying to sooth her his words.

She wrapped her arms around him, and they cried together.


Bella age 7

"Edward!" I called.

"What Bella!?" He ran over.

He stared laughing. LAUGHING!?!

"Edward! This isn't funny!" I yelled at him.

"Bella..." He said. Trying to calm me.


He did as he was asked.

He positioned himself under me.

Stupid tree.

"Okay, Bella. Jump." he told me.

Now, if this was a movie, I would have floated down into my prince charmings' arms.

but no, this is not a movie.

as I jumped, my white dress got caught in the branches of the tree.

so, I winded up upside down, my face inches away from Edward's.

I was staring at him.

"You look pretty upside down." he said.

I felt a blush creeping up onto my face.

He kissed my forehead and both my cheeks.

Then, with a gentle tug, he loosened me from the tree.

He caught me, and carried me like a bride.

that gave me an idea.

"Hey Edward?"


"Are you ever going to get married?"

"Of course."

" Can be your flower girl?"


I was sad. does he not like me enough?

He saw my eyes start to water.

"Bella, I meant that I want to get married to you." I was happy.


"Of course."

"I don't believe you." I said. I really didn't. Why would anyone marry me?

"Well, I'll just have to prove it." He said. He ran into his house.

I sighed. He ran away from me.

I scared him off. I started to cry.

But then he came back.

He was carrying a whole bunch of stuffies, and two plastic rings.

I am confused.

"Edward, what are you doing?" I asked him.

"I'm marrying you." Okay.

We sat our stuffies as our audience, and stood under our tree.

"Bella, will you be my princess and best friend and girlfriend, forever an ever and ever?"

Gasp! he said girlfriend.

I smiled really widely.

"Ya!" I said.

He chuckled.

"Edward, will you be my prince and best friend and boyfriend forever and ever and ever?"

He nodded.

I turned my head for him to kiss my cheek.

A noise came from my house, and it starteled me.

I turned my head and our lips brushed.

Oh my god!

It was like I got hit with lightning, but in my mouth!

We both put our rings on.

I got a Barbie one, and he got a spider man one.