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Human Again

Bella and Edward try to find a way to make Edward human again.

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2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The road to Salem was much longer so we stopped at some restaurant along the road. I didn’t really realize I was starving until he mentioned it. The hostess obviously watched Edward as if I wasn’t here but when she saw we were holding hands, she let it go. Edward asked for a table in a small corner, and we sat in silence.

“Take whatever you want,” he told me.

I studied the menu and chose the garden burger with French fries.

I put the menu back on the table and the waitress came at this moment.

“Did you choose ?” She asked us.

“Yes, I’ll have the garden burger with fries.”

“Just a Coke for me,” Edward replied, still looking at me.

She took my menu off the table and walked away to the kitchen.

“Is the Coke for me ?” I asked.

“No, it’s for me.” He chuckled.

“Hey, don’t laugh at me. You could have taken it for you to pretend you’re human.” I had said the word “human” in a low voice.

He smiled at me and the waitress came back with the Coke and some bread.

“Here,” she said to Edward.

He took the glass and put it in front of me. I drank a little and put it back where Edward placed it.

“Where is this witch in Salem ? Is it mentioned in the book ?” I asked.

He took my bag and picked up the book. “In the woods, near Battle Creek Road, I know where it is. Alice wanted to go there once to visit Salem and learned about all those legends on witches.” He laughed.

I smiled, recognizing the eccentric personality of Alice in this.

“But have you any idea where to find the witch in the woods ?”

He pointed his nose and I understood immediately. A few minutes after, the waitress came with my meal and I thanked her. I began to eat the fries, they were just at the right temperature.

“You’ll stay in a motel while I’ll go see her or him. I don’t want you to be close to the witch just in case. I’ll join you right after.”

I swallowed and asked him : “But how would I know if you’re ok ? I mean, we don’t know anything about this. Maybe we should ask Alice…”

And my phone just rang. “Hello ?”

“Hey, Bella. It’s Alice. I saw you were going to call me when Edward would be gone. Listen, everything’s going to be just fine. You can trust me on this. Just tell Edward to call me when he’s done.” And she laughed.

“Er… Ok, Alice. Thanks for calling.”

And she hung up. This call was not usual and Alice didn’t seem really normal, not like herself.

“You see ? Nothing to fear.” Edward told me.

“So I can come with you ?”

“I’d rather you stay at the motel. I don’t know the process of the spell.”

I sighed. “Ok, but what if it took hours ?”

He caressed my cheek with the back of his hand. “Bella, please.”

I took his hand and said : “Alright.”

“Finish you meal.”

I did and we came back on the road to Salem.

An hour later, we were in Salem. He seemed to know where to go and he parked in a big motel yard. I read on the sign : “Phoenix Grand Hotel”. 3 stars. Wow.

“Three stars ?”

“Does it bother you ?” He asked back.

“No.” I mumbled. It was just so big.

He held my hand as we entered the hotel and asked the receptionist for the biggest room. I didn’t know how much it cost but the receptionist looked cheerful so… He gave Edward the key and we took the lift up to the last floor.

“Are you nervous ?” he asked me.

“No, why ?”

“Your heart beats quickly.”

I blushed : I was worried about him actually but at the same time, I liked the idea of Edward and I all alone in this hotel… But I couldn’t tell him this of course, I was way too shy and I knew nothing could be possible. Good thing he couldn’t read my mind.

“What is it ?” he said as he approached me.

“I’m just worried about you,” I replied, my heart beating even more quickly.

Then, he took me in his arms but the bell of the lift rang, meaning we were at our floor. He turned the key into the lock of the room # 191 and opened the door. The room was bright and huge. I studied the walls and the sofa. The walls had salmon wallpaper and the sofa was in black leather, it was definitely beautiful.

“We’re here for only a little part of the afternoon, I promise you I’ll be right back as soon as it’s over.” He took my hands in his.

I didn’t reply and hold him in my arms. What if I didn’t see him ever again ? What if this witch was evil ? What if she killed him ??

He caressed my hair very softly, took my face in his hands and kissed me still slowly but with a little more passion than yesterday.

“Go, now, I’ll wait for you here.” I told him right after.

“Ok,” he caressed my cheek and walked out of the room, locking it up behind him.

I sat on the sofa and sighed.

Edward’s POV

As soon as I got out of the room, I took my cell and called Alice.


“Why did you lie to Bella in the restaurant ?” I asked.

“Listen, I’m not sure but this woman you’re going to see is very strong. No one in the roundabouts really know if she’s real, she’s just a legend. But she’s said to have done awful things to people whom she felt had evil inside of them… We aren’t evil in appearance but it is inside of us, Edward. You have to be very careful with the way you act. She could read your mind normally so she’ll know when you’ll be near her.”

“In what extent is it dangerous ?”

“She’s almost as strong as The Volturi, she’s been practicing witchcraft since she was 4, Edward. Her mother was like this, as well as her grand-mother, etc...”

“Ok, thanks Alice. Don’t say a word to Bella about his, even if she begs you to.”

“Of course, be careful, I love you Edward.”

“I love you too Alice.”

I hung up, and took a deep breath.

The Battle Creek Road was very easy to find, I saw a little trail leading into the forest. I stopped the car at the end of it and got out, deciding to carry on by running. There was a mix of the scent of woods, moss and something else I couldn’t identify. I closed my eyes and focused, looking for human scent. I identified some people walking in the woods, a few miles to the other side of the road, and then another human scent in the middle of the woods. I ran towards it. And stopped a few miles before she could hear me. I didn’t want to frighten her, she could react in a bad way.

I walked at human pace for 5 minutes approximately and found a little hut with lots of magical signs made of wood around it. This woman really believed in witchcraft stuff.

I need you help.

I hoped she would hear me and see that I came here with good intentions. I was about to knock at the door when I heard a voice, too low for a human to hear it, saying “come in Edward.” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she knew my name. I entered and it was completely dark, well, not for me. I wondered how she could see clearly in this darkness.

“Don’t underestimate my powers, young man or should I say vampire,” she said.

“How do you do that ? To see.”

“A simple spell to have a vision as clear as a cat,” she chuckled. “Have a seat.”

I obeyed and waited. “So do you think you deserve to be human again ?”

She already knew the answer of course but I answered even so : “Honestly, no but things have changed for a few months. I want more than anything to be human.”

“Why do you think so ? That you don’t deserve it ?”

“I killed people in the past.”

“But you chose murderers, rapists, people who didn’t have their place in the society, people who hurt others, and you could have done it again a few weeks ago when you saved your beloved in Port Angeles.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“I know everything Edward, I can read your mind like in an open book – I know this expression comes from Bella’s mother – your girl, she deserves you and whatever you think about yourself, you deserve to be human again. To decide, I don’t refer to who you are as a vampire, but as a human Edward. And you were – you are in a way – a very good person, always there for the ones you love, you were a good son for your parents, especially your mother, I know you truly loved and respected her. And today, you are a good son to Carlisle and Esme and a good brother. Sure you could have killed Bella on that first day but your human instincts won ; you thought you didn’t hurt her because of what Carlisle taught you ? Wrong, son. You didn’t kill her because you’re a good boy in the core. For instance, do you imagine James could have ever been taught by Carlisle ?” She shook her head.