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Human Again

Bella and Edward try to find a way to make Edward human again.

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4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

I got downstairs and wished a good night to my Dad. He did too and I climbed quickly in my car, Edward was waiting for me. I started the engine and told him : “You have to show me the way.”

“Drive until you’re out of Forks.”

It felt very good to simply hold his hand while driving. I smiled at him. He smiled back.

“Turn right in a few miles, you’ll find a trail.”

I carefully watched the road not to miss the trail and saw it after a minute.

“Just carry on straight.”

I parked in front of the garage and we came into the house. The beauty of it amazed me once again though I already saw it.

“How are we going to do ? There’s no bed in your room…”

“Actually, I have a second room on the fourth floor…”

A second room ? I chuckled. “Oh ok, can I see it ?” I was damn curious about it.

He took my hand and we went upstairs. The fourth floor looked totally different from the other ones, the wallpaper was dark red, with some golden patterns, it was very beautiful. I studied the ceiling : it was made of wood.

“It’s beautiful, Edward.”

“I chose the wallpaper, it’s warm.” He replied.

We stopped in front of a room, he opened the door and turned on the lights. If I had thought the living room was very big, this room was huge enough to be a flat. The walls were baby blue painted, right in front of me was a great bay window giving view on the woods and the mountains ; I turned my head on the right and what I first saw was a king-sized bed, two bedside tables with lamps on them. Then, I noticed a little bathroom in the corner – it would be used at last – and two big wardrobes across the right side of the “flat”.

The left side was like a living room though it was not full, there was still some space for a kitchen for example. Suddenly, I felt like home : this place would be the perfect one for Edward and I. The urge to move here overwhelmed me. I looked at Edward who was staring at me, studying my expression for sure.

“What do you think ?” He said calmly.

I ran my fingers through my hair and chuckled nervously : “Well, this is perfect. Do you think we… could live here later ?”

“What’s your definition of ‘later’ ?” He asked.

“A few weeks I suppose, I don’t want Charlie to think I do this on a whim, he couldn’t understand what’s between you and me,” I explained.

He got closer to me and hugged me. “Okay, until this day I’ll make sure everything’s ready for you. We can change the wallpaper, the furniture, it’s as you like.”

“It has to please you too,” I didn’t want him to sacrifice something for me.

“As long as I spend the rest of my days with you, it’s okay.” He smiled his crooked smile. His features were so perfect, sometimes it was hard to realize he was human now.

I smiled at him and kissed him. This kiss lasted a long time and my heart began to race after a few seconds, I wanted him again. I pulled myself closer to him and led him to the bed.

“Do you think we have enough time ?” I managed to mumble as I was still kissing him.

“Yes,” he mumbled as well. And he gently laid me on the bed.


I looked at the sky and realized that it was almost night, the others should be home by now. I looked up at Edward : “We should get downstairs.”

“You’re right. I think they’re here, I thought I heard laughs a few seconds ago.”

We got dressed – once again – and got downstairs. I blushed as I realized they were all in the living room – well, almost all, Emmett and Rosalie weren’t there, I guess I knew why. Edward asked : “Everything’s ok ?”

“Yes, everything’s fine Edward.” Esme replied.

“Well, I guess we could make dinner, since you didn’t have time to,” said Alice, looking at Edward and I and laughing out loud.

I blushed even more. Edward chuckled nervously. “Would you like to help me Bella ?” Alice asked as she took my arm.

“Oh yeah… sure,” She was leading me to the kitchen as soon as I had said “yeah”.

I heard Edward, Carlisle and Esme talk in the living room but couldn’t catch a clear word. I guessed Edward was probably talking about our plans. A feeling of happiness overwhelmed me as I thought about this. Edward and I, living in this flat – it was a flat to me, not a simple room – for the rest of our lives.

“I’ve never really watched Food Network so I should make the easy stuff like the salad, what do you think ?” Alice asked me, getting me out of my daydreams.

“Oh yeah, you’re right.” I opened the fridge and gave her the salad then I took the food I needed.

“What’s for dinner ?” Jasper asked as he came into the kitchen.

“No, no, no, you go away. No one is allowed over here except Bella and I.” She ran to him and pushed him towards the living-room.

“Ah we need to have a wall to separate the kitchen from the living-room !” She exhaled. I laughed quietly, they were all still the same people and that was good. I loved them the way I’ve always known them.

After several minutes debating with myself on whether making the dessert or the lasagnas first, I decided to make the dessert first. Even though they never ever used the kitchen, the fridge was full of food ; I wanted to make a strawberry cake. For 8, this was going to be a huge strawberry cake ! I was beginning to mix some strawberries when Alice said : “Here, what do you think about my salad ?”

She handed it to me so I could see it and congratulated her. “Honestly, for someone who never watched Food Network, that looks great. How does it taste ?”

“Er… I think it’ll be better if someone else than me tries,” she took a fork and picked the salad.

I ate it : it was very good actually. “Oh my gosh, you’re a great cook ! This is awesome !”

She laughed and hugged me “Thank you !” Then, she put the salad down and went to the living room to set the table. I heard Edward was helping her.

“No way I’m going to tell you what’s for dinner, and neither Bella is ! I knew you were going to ask her. Remember, I still have a little of my visions.”

The rest of the evening passed very fast ; they all discovered again human food and this turned out into a kind of game – Emmett and Jasper were beginning to fight with the bread but Esme told them severely that food wasn’t a game – and everyone was definitely happy. Including me, everything seemed perfect now.

Carlisle and Esme did the dishes while Jasper, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie were planning on going to the movies. “Are you coming with us ?” Rosalie asked Edward and I.

“Er… I don’t think so.” Edward replied after looking at me.

“Oh yeah, you probably have better things to do,” Alice said, chuckling.

I looked up at Edward as they went outside. “That was very subtle,” I teased him.

He chuckled : “I just want to spend some time in our future flat.”

“Yeah, I know. Me too. Er…Have you told your parents ? About me moving here ?”

“Yes, I’ve talked about this while you and Alice were cooking. They agree, you can move when you want.” He smiled widely.

“Great. Do you mind if we go for a walk ?”

“Right now ?”


“Sure, but let’s stay close to the house. I’m not a vampire anymore, I can’t protect you now.” He winced.

“What ?” I asked as I caressed his face.

“I’ll have to pay much more attention to you now that I’m only human,” he teased.

“Pfff… I’m not disabled.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“Ok, fine, a little. Come on, let’s go.”

I caught his t-shirt and pulled him to the door. The full moon was illuminating the sky and the woods, it was marvellous. I took Edward’s hand and led him towards the river, we walked in silence for a few minutes then we stopped in front of it and sat down on an old tree trunk. The wind blew, I shivered a little. Edward saw it and held me tight against him.

“It’s a little bit cold, I should have taken a coat for you, I’m sorry,” he said.

“No, it’s okay. You can warm me now.” I said as I tightened my hold on him. He put his arms around me and put his lips on my forehead. “I love you,” he breathed.

I smiled and looked up at him. “I love you too,” I replied and I slowly kissed him. We looked at each other for a moment and for a second, I couldn’t believe that he was human now ; that the fences between us, blocking our love, were gone. At first, I thought he was going to look different, to look like the Edward of 1918 but he had remained the same physically. Not that it didn’t please me but I wanted to see what he looked like as a human.

“What are you thinking about ?” Edward asked.

“I was thinking that I would’ve liked to know what you looked like before, I mean, before being changed into a vampire… What was the color of your eyes ?”


I tried to imagine him with green eyes and he certainly looked very handsome already. I smiled at him and caressed his face. “I can’t believe it, 24 hours ago, we were in my room, you were a vampire and now, you’re human… That’s just crazy !” I chuckled.

“But true.” He kissed my cheek.

“Don’t you regret being human again ?” I asked.

“Of course not. I don’t regret anything from being a vampire, I can be with you now, entirely and that’s what counts the most.” He hugged me.

“What else counts ?”

“Finally being able to live normally, I don’t need to hide anymore. And on the other hand, Esme and Rosalie could have their babies, Carlisle could stay in this hospital. Everything’s perfect now.”

I grinned, he was very happy, it showed in his eyes. That’s when I noticed. His eyes were a bit different from this afternoon. They were less golden. He caught me staring and asked : “What ?”

“Mmm… I’m not sure but I have the impression your eyes are different. They’re less topaz. Or maybe it’s the light coming from the moon… I don’t know.”

“Our original eye color is black, red at the beginning but it’s because of the need in blood, the topaz just comes thanks to the blood. Maybe it’ll turn black… I hope not.”

“Why ?”

“Didn’t it frighten you at first ?”

“Oh, yeah but it was different. It wouldn’t bother me now if you had black eyes.” I kissed him once again – I would never get tired of the feelings of his lips against mine.

We stayed like this for a moment and finally got home because it was becoming too cold and I had to admit I was tired. On the way, I wondered about Edward : “Do you feel tired ?”

“I guess I do, my eyelids are beginning to be heavy.” He chuckled.

“Well, we’re going to sleep very well.” I tightened my grip on his arm. He kissed my hair.

We used the bathroom for the first time and I taught him – as if he was a child – how to brush his teeth. Then we went to bed and fell asleep quickly.

When I woke up, I noticed that he was already awoken. He was looking through the window peacefully and smiled at me when he saw me moving.

“Hello, love.” He caressed my hair softly.

“Hello,” I cleared my throat. “So how does it feel to sleep ?”

“It’s quite pleasant actually, especially with you next to me. It would be so dull to be human without you Bella.”

“I’ll always be there,” I told him.

He just smiled.

“I was right.” I told him.

“About what ?” he asked, frowning.

“Your eyes. They are different, I have the impression that they’re turning green.” I leaned closer to him to see better.

“So you think they’ll have their natural color ?”

“Seems like they’ll do.” I shrugged and studied his skin. “But I don’t see any changes on the color of your skin, can you get tan ?”

He chuckled. “I don’t know actually. Let’s wait for a few days to see if my skin gets less white.”

“Yeah, I guess we can only wait.” He took my face in his hands and leant to kiss me. But instead of kissing me, he just put his lips to mine and didn’t move then. His lips were so warm now, I shivered. Then, he laid me back where I had slept and slowly explored my neck with his lips.

“I could never get used to your warmth,” I breathed.

He looked up at me and said : “Your skin feels less warm to me now that we’re at the same temperature.”

“You look disappointed.”

“No, I’m not. The difference between our temperatures always reminded me that I was not human and that I had to be careful with you.” He shook his head as if he wanted to get rid of a bad memory.

I caressed his hair. He was about to kiss me when we heard someone running in the hall. We looked at each other, frowning and then we heard Rosalie behind the door : “Get downstairs as soon as possible !” And she ran back.

“What ?” I whispered. Edward was already getting dressed, I got up and did the same. He waited for me at the door and opened it when he saw I was coming to him. We ran to the first floor, Edward was holding my hand tightly to make sure I won’t fall.