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Human Again

Bella and Edward try to find a way to make Edward human again.

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5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Alice was surrounded by Esme and Jasper, the others were in the living room too but couldn’t seem to stay still. Alice was rubbing her temples.

“What’s going on ?” Edward asked Carlisle, his voice worried.

“She saw the Volturi killed the witch,” he replied.

“What ? When ?” Edward asked again.

“Last night.”

“Why did they do that ? She wasn’t a danger to them or to any vampires.” Edward’s voice was alarmed now.

Carlisle shook his head. “You know they kill any human who heard about vampires. Alice’s trying too hard to find out, her powers are really less big now that she’s human. I’m afraid she’ll hurt herself by now.” He had whispered the last sentence.

I didn’t get a thing. Who were the Volturi ?? Could they had killed the witch ?

“Who… Who are the Volturi ?” I asked Edward.

“They’re like a royal family to us, to vampires I mean, they are very old and have great powers. They know we’re human now. They…” He tried to sound reassuring when he began his sentence but he cut off suddenly.

“What’s wrong ? Why are you afraid ?”

He looked at me intensely and said : “They don’t want humans to know about them, they don’t want vampires to be bothered. They kill humans who know about vampires.”

I got it. Maybe they’ll come to me. The Cullens being humans now didn’t count for them, they were going to kill me because I knew.

Alice was still trying to see but her face was pained. Jasper touched her hand : “Alice, I think you should stop now. You’re going to hurt yourself.”

She looked up at him for a few seconds and did as he said. “You’re right, I can’t see anything else anyway.”

She sighed and Edward hugged me : “Don’t worry. We’ll find a way.” He kissed my forehead.

How ?? How the hell were we going to find a way ?! If they had decided to kill me, they’ll do it. Full stop.

I hid my face in his chest and he hold me tighter. Then, we heard Jasper : “Alice ! Alice ! She fainted !”

“You should carry her to your room, I think she needs to rest,” Carlisle said to Jasper. He nodded and carried Alice upstairs.

That’s when I began to feel it, my knees were trembling. Soon, my legs were weak and the shivering overwhelmed my arms already ; I took a deep breath to recover but it didn’t work. Edward put his hands on my arms : “Bella ? What’s going on ?”

I tried to speak but couldn’t. Actually, I was terrified like I had never been before. I didn’t want those vampires to take away the happiness Edward and I had now, this would be so unfair ; we just had the possibility to live happy together, with his family. I didn’t want to lose him, in any way.

“You should get her outside, fresh air will certainly calm her down.” Carlisle said.

I let Edward carry me outside, we sat on the stairs and he took my face : “Bella, calm down, please. It’s going to be ok…” He rocked me slowly.

“How… How do you know… it’s going to be ok ? They… could ki-”

“No, Bella. It’s been years since Carlisle knew them, I’m sure we’re going to find a solution.”

“I took him in my arms and told him, crying : “I don’t want to lose you Edward.”

He hold me tight and caressed my back. “I promise you I’ll do anything to make you safe, I’ll make sure they won’t hurt you.”

I couldn’t reply, I just carried on crying in his arms. Then, he suddenly stopped rubbing my shoulders and stiffened. I frowned and looked at him. He was staring straight, his eyes full of horror. I turned my head to where he was looking. A wonderful black Mercedes was now parked in front of us, a few inches from the house. We got up and I stepped back. The Volturi. They were here, already. Only one man got out of the car. He walked in our direction. I held Edward’s hand tighter in mine.

“Edward,” said the man.

“Aro,” replied Edward with the same tone.

“May I come in ?” Aro asked.

Edward studied his expression for a while and said : “I’m sure Carlisle would be pleased to see you.”

We let him enter in the house and followed. My heart was thundering with fear in my chest. A feeling of sickness began to overwhelm me as he saw the others.

“Where is little Alice ?” Aro asked.

“She felt sick, she’s in her room with Jasper.” Carlisle replied calmly.

“Sick… As humans, like you are now. And you did this because of her ?” He had turned around to face me.

I stiffened and couldn’t seem to unlock my gaze from his. He approached me, Edward put himself right in front of Aro, he laughed. “Easy, Edward. I’m just curious about your lover, she’s the cause of everything.”

Those last words sent a shiver down my spine. The cause of everything. That meant I had a few seconds left to live and then it’ll be over. I would die. And Edward would too, right after.

“You won’t hurt her.” Edward said icily.

“And what are you going to do ?” Aro asked sarcastically.

“I would die for her.”

“No !” I cried.

“Get out of my way Edward, I just want to see what’s in her mind.”

He thought for a few seconds and placed beside me. Aro handed his hand to me, I took it, my hand was trembling. Our gazes were locked and after two seconds, he released me. “Mmm… Why can’t I see anything ? Was it the same with you ?” He asked Edward.

“Yes, it was.”

“Whatever, I’m not here for her today but for you. All of you. You may not realize it but what you did goes against any physics rules ; if fate has decided to make you a vampire, there was a reason. None of you can’t ever escape from this. You’re part of the family in a way.”

“What do you mean ?” Carlisle asked.

“I mean that we’ve talked about it with the others and they all agree with me. You must turn back into your previous state. You aren’t meant to be human.”

“You’re not going to do this ??” Rosalie almost shouted.

“I am going to, actually, right now. I have no other choice.”

“Everyone always have the choice Aro,” said Carlisle calmly. “Why do you care ? We won’t cause any trouble, just like we always used to. Give us a second chance. At least, leave the others alone.”

“Carlisle, don’t.” Edward said. “Aro, listen to me. I know why you’re doing this, this isn’t a matter of principle but a matter of pride. You want Alice and I in your coven. Let me tell you even if I was still a vampire, I would never ever integrate your coven.”

“Why ? Because of her ?” He glanced at me.

“Yes and all the people in this house. They are my family, the core of my existence.”

Aro chuckled. “This is almost moving but like I’ve said before, you are meant to be vampires. Since the very first day you came into this world, you bring nothing to the world as humans.”

This time it was too much. “YOU CAN’T DO THAT !! You can’t steal our happiness this way, you have nothing to do with this !! Get the hell out of here !” I wasn’t really thinking sanely anymore, I knew he could kill me in a second now but I was way too sad and afraid to lose everything Edward and I were dreaming. I needed to tell him what I thought.

Edward was now holding me, “Shhh, Bella… I hope you’re proud of you.” He told Aro. And he led me to his room. I looked up at him, wondering what he was doing. When we were in his room, he sat on the sofa and broke down in tears.

“Edward !” I sat next to him and hugged him.

“He’s going to do it ! Aro’s going to do it !”

No. This couldn’t happen. Not now. We’ve made plans, we wanted to live together at peace for the rest of our lives. And there was nothing more important than this.

I stared at Edward without a word. I knew he was right but couldn’t accept it. I took his face in my hands and kissed him like I’ll never see him again. He held me tight against him.

“I… I don’t want this Edward. What about our plans ?? I don’t want to lose you.” I was crying too.

“I’m sorry.” He just said.

“No, I am sorry. This is all because of me, I’m the one who wanted to find a way…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, I was crying too much.

“This is not your fault Bella. You hear me ? This is not your fault. Yesterday was the happiest day of my existence. And this is priceless.”

I kissed his neck and said, the tears in my voice : “I felt the warmth of your skin.”

He kissed me. And suddenly collapsed.

“Edward ! Edward !” I shook him.

After a few seconds, he opened his eyes. I gasped. They were red. I still had my hand on his arm : his skin was hard as stone…

He looked at me, his eyes pained. I took him in my arms and carried on crying but he wasn’t holding me. I looked up at him. His eyes had changed color, turning black coal. Thirsty. For my blood. Was he like a newborn now ?

“Edward…” I stepped back and he ran away. That’s when I realized : I was the only human in this house with 7 almost newborns vampires. I had to find a way out. Then Alice rushed in and closed the door, I jumped, afraid.

“Don’t worry, I’m ok. I mean, I’m normal, I won’t kill you. This is just Edward I think. It’s as if he was smelling you for the first time ever. The others are taking care of him.”

Relief overwhelmed me. But pain was soon coming back, I held Alice in my arms. “Oh Alice, what are we going to do ?”

“For the moment, I’m taking you back home. Let’s give Edward a little time, ok ?”

I nodded. She took my arm. “Come.”

We went back downstairs. The house was empty. “Where are they ?”

“In the woods, hunting.”

The feeling of guilt was worse now, they were all vampires again. We went to the garage and took Edward’s car. “I’m sorry, Alice. I didn’t think…” I looked down, nothing I would say would change anything. I hated myself.

“Bella, I think I have a solution.”

I looked up at her. “What do you mean ?”

“It’s too long to explain right now, I’ll come see you this afternoon. And I’ll explain, I’m gonna need your help.”

I nodded. She drove me back home and told me she’ll be here at 1 pm.

I had to be active to keep my mind busy and it was a good thing there was some laundry to do and some cleaning too. The cleaning was what took me the longest, when I was done with it was already 12.30, I decided it was time to cook. I just made a steak with some potatoes, I wanted to do something simple. I took my time and 20 minutes after, I began to eat. Only 10 minutes before Alice comes. What was on her mind ? If only I could stop worrying like this, I could think better. I did the dishes and heard the door open ; I let the glass I was holding fall in the sink.

“Is he better ?” I asked her as soon as I was in front of her.

“A little,” she replied.

“So what did you find ? What’s your solution ?” I asked quickly.

“Well, the witch didn’t exactly make us human, but she only erased some of our abilities. The heart beat is just something physically needed for the blood to run in our veins – this is the true sign of humanity, the blood – anyway, she mostly erased the fact to want blood, to be fed with blood. That’s why Edward could be with you without any problems and I guess I found a way to make him desensitized to your blood.”

“How ?”

“Mmm, I kept in mind everything the witch did to make the spell and I wanted to try it, but only the part to desensitize us.”

“You mean, she divided the spell in several parts ?” I asked, not sure to really understand.

“Yes, what I mean is that it was very meticulous to do. You certainly noticed that it took a bit long for Edward to come back yesterday.” I nodded. “This is because there were actually 3 parts to the spell. The first part was the most difficult and the longest one, blood had to run in our veins again so the heart had to beat, then our bodies had to need food and not blood anymore, and finally our powers were diminished. That second part is the one that’s interesting me, I don’t know if it’ll work but we have to try. Maybe Edward will need food then, or both – blood and food – or still blood, I really don’t know. But I have to use human blood for this spell…” She winced.

I got it. “You want me to give him some of my blood to make this spell ?” She nodded. “But did the witch make you drink human blood during the spell ?” She nodded again.

“Ok, I think we should try. But I have a question : the witch was very powerful, she was used to witchcraft. Do you think you’ll have the strength to do it ?”

“Sure, I can’t be physically or mentally tired. I could go through it entirely. You know what, I thought about it and I’d rather be a vampire in the end. I felt weak as a human.”

I nodded again. And smiled, at least, one person wouldn’t resent me.

“So do you need my blood now or…”

“In fact, you have to be here while I’m doing the spell. Edward will have to drink your blood directly, it has to be very fresh.”

Fine. This was going to be definitely dangerous. But worth it. I took her hand and led her to her car. “Let’s go.”