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Generated image Jacob has always been willing to do anything for Bella. Now Bella is willing to let him do anything for her. Edward is a little more convincing, Jacob a little more usable, and Bella just a little more vindictive. “He left me! No, no, no! How could he do this? How could he leave me? No, no, he can’t leave me! He left me!” she sobbed. “He left me!” Bella choked, caught her breath. Raised her head, eyes glittering. HE LEFT ME.


5. Chapter 5

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Sam’s POV

Jacob came through the door cautiously, tugging Bella along by the hand. He was nervous, just like all the others. Jared, Paul, Embry, Quil, Seth… Leah. All of them, new voices, new flames alongside mine. Some of them were horrified, some thrilled, some just numb with confusion.

It had been awful, these past weeks. Elders were deployed throughout La Push, visiting the bedsides of those who burned and writhed with the fever. I had been obligated to follow, showing myself at each home, offering what little hope I could to mothers as confused and afraid as their children.

Then suddenly it slowed. A calm overcame us, and fur grew for the first time. We met in the forest, and I became a teacher to so many pupils. I explained the legends, the mechanics, the unexplainable. And suddenly it hit me. We were a pack.

I howled louder than I ever had, and frisked between my new mates, mixing my scent with theirs, rubbing fur on fur. I was no longer alone. I found myself speaking in plural, and never was there even a moment’s peace alone in my own mind. I had never been happier.

I had led a run every night since then, up through the forest and away from Forks into the mountains, until we ran together as a whole, a single unit, every part knowing its function, until we were truly a pack, an oiled machine that was utter perfection.

Then Billy Black looked to tear us apart.

“Welcome Bella,” Billy said, calling me away from my musings.

Bella nodded, her eyes like ice. I had never seen a human being act as she had since they left. In my mind, the Cullens had already broken the treaty. Bella was as close to being one of them as we could ever allow. For that reason, Billy had invited her here. I saw no point in it, but Billy believed that perhaps she had information she would give about the Cullen’s whereabouts, or even the nomad’s who had so recently visited us. Of course, it had been my idea, I had given it to the elders when I had claimed that Bella would never forgive Edward Cullen.

I blinked. Billy was already deep in the middle of telling Bella what was going on. I wasn’t focusing, I was letting personal feelings distract me. I settled my gaze on Bella’s face and watched as she tool everything Billy said in stoic silence. We were revealing a massive pack of supernatural creatures to her and she didn’t even flinch. Of course, she was familiar with the impossible, wasn’t she?

Billy was finishing up, eyeing Bella and probably wondering why she wasn’t reacting to this news. He glanced at me, a quick, surreptitious look and I knew then that he would make me be the one to say it. I waited, suddenly leaden to my chair. Why, when I had finally found peace, was he making me tear it top pieces? And why was he dragging Bella down with me?

The girl shifted in her chair, not a nervous fidget, but a conscious effort to draw all attention to herself. The room fell silent and still. She looked at each of us, then her gaze rested on mine

“And what is it that you want with me?”