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The Dark Light Stories

“You created me as your toy and now you’re forcing me to sleep with a ghost. Can you still tell yourself that you’re not selfish?”*** Warning: This story is Carlisle/Edward slash. There will be sexual scenes between these two characters. If that bothers you, as they should say in marriage: run now or forever hold your peace. These stories will follow Carlisle and Edward through ten life-changing events, from Edward's transformation to meeting Bella. They will explore the love that evolved between the two men and the betrayal that 87 years together can bring.

Each section will be set to a song from HIM's "Dark Light" CD, which I recommend you listen to: A) because it rocks and B) because it follows the story. The chapters will be as follows: 1. Killing Loneliness: Edward’s Beginning 2. In The Nightside of Eden: Lovers 3. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly: Carlisle’s Doubts 4. Dark Light: Esme’s Turning 5. Vampire Heart: Edward’s Rebellion 6. The Face of God: Carlisle’s Regrets 7. Under The Rose: Edward’s Return 8. Drunk On Shadows: Rosalie’s Turning 9. Play Dead: Edward’s Regression 10. Behind The Crimson Door: The Last Kiss

2. In The Nightside of Eden: Lovers

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In The Nightside of Eden: Lovers

Every night, Edward still tried to sleep. He would lie down wherever they were and close his eyes and stay still for hours but sleep refused to come. Carlisle continued to chide him for trying but the concept of staying awake forever frightened him more than any other aspect he had learned about being a vampire.


The word still brought an odd shiver to his spine. It had been two months since his change and a month and a half since they had left Chicago. He vowed to never see the city’s dirty skyline again but Carlisle’s thoughts had laughed at him, telling him he had no idea what the word ‘never’ meant.

They were in Florida, in the everglades, in a heat so thick and wet that it felt corporeal. Carlisle had promised him alligators and the dark heart of the Amazon and sunlight, as much sunlight as he wanted with no one around for hundreds of miles.

Carlisle. His fascination with Carlisle was growing every day. He marveled at everything about the man, from his perfect features to his white-blonde hair to his smooth, proportioned body. On top of all this, he heard the whispers of Carlisle’s thoughts, the flashes of sensual fantasies that he had about Edward when he either hoped he wasn’t listening or forgot to care. Every word Carlisle wanted to whisper, every place he wanted to touch, came screaming into Edward’s mind when he was within 20 feet of the man. Because of this, he often went running. He was fast. Even Carlisle was amazed with him. He sped through the forests at a pace that both frightened and enthralled him. He never got tired and when he stopped running, there was no roar of blood in his ears, no throb of an exhausted heart or the gasp of tired lungs, just the silence. He felt as sudden and invincible as the wind when he ran and Carlisle, and his thoughts, could never keep up with him.

He got home late, his hair disheveled from the wind and a look in his eyes like a newly freed animal. He smiled wide at Carlisle, startling the older man. Carlisle could smell blood on Edward’s skin, the safe, pleasant smell of animal’s blood.

“Good run?” Carlisle asked.

Edward barked out a laugh. “I killed an alligator.”

Carlisle pursed his lips and looked away, trying not to smile. Suddenly, Edward was kneeling in front of him. He jerked backwards and desperately tried to clear his mind of the images of Edward, shirtless, forced against a wall. His heart sunk as Edward smiled his crooked grin. He stood up abruptly, almost knocking Edward over, but the young man was faster. He gripped Carlisle’s shoulders and forced him to stand still. As an immediate reaction, Carlisle struggled but the newborn’s strength was beyond him. Edward had him picked up and slammed into the wall before he was able to fully comprehend what was happening. Suddenly, be begun to wonder if Edward was going to attempt to kill him. Murdered by his beautiful newborn in a cabin in the Florida everglades after hundreds of years of loneliness. Carlisle could have laughed.

Edward’s breath was against his lips. “I’m not going to kill you.”

Carlisle avoided staring into Edward’s faded red eyes, afraid that if he did, whatever Edward was planning would be triggered.

And then he was being kissed.

“Edw--“ Carlisle whispered, pulling his mouth away.

“No,” Edward demanded, forcing him harder into the wall and kissing him with a ferocity that scared Carlisle. Above them, a support beam started to groan. Edward’s lips worked against his, becoming gentler as Carlisle’s muscle tension relaxed.

“Come on,” Edward chided, murmuring it against Carlisle’s mouth. He slammed a palm into the thick of Carlisle’s pectoral muscle and Carlisle grunted at the force. Everything Edward did was steeped in violence. Carlisle began to push back, first hesitantly, dipping his tongue against Edward’s lips and running a hand over his shoulder blade, and then harder, gripping the strip of raised muscle down Edward’s back and forcing the younger man against him. Edward groaned in response. Carlisle’s mouth had no taste except for the vaguely bitter sting on the venom, which he soon got used to. He could feel Carlisle’s arousal pressing against his thigh and a sudden shyness overtook him. He pulled away, leaving Carlisle standing awkwardly with his mouth hanging open.

“I’m sorry, I just—“

“No, don’t, I shouldn’t have pushed you,” Carlisle interrupted.

They leaned against each other; their foreheads pressed together, their eyes downcast at the floor. Carlisle started to nuzzle Edward’s neck, one hand resting against the base of his spine.

“We don’t exist in their world, you know?” Carlisle said.

“What?” Edward whispered, his voice cracking.

“Whatever rules people have about who can love each other, they don’t exist for us. We outlast their laws. We can outlast everything humans create.”

Edward sighed and rested his head on Carlisle’s shoulder as Carlisle gently rocked him back and forth.

“It’s hard to accept that,” Edward said.

Carlisle nodded but said nothing. He had pulled away and was staring intently into Edward’s eyes. He tilted his head and leaned in, moving very slow for a vampire, and kissed Edward. Neither man closed their eyes or opened their mouths. The chaste press of their lips ignited a torn, almost shameful flame in Edward and he pressed back against his maker and closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of Carlisle’s hard body against his. Tangled together, the men stumbled towards the bed that Carlisle had put in for Edward. They fell back, Edward on top of Carlisle, and their sharp teeth knocked together. The force of it split Edward’s lip and a tiny stream of blood bubbled out before the cut healed again. Carlisle groaned at the taste and gripped the hem of Edward’s button down shirt, half pulling it and half ripping it off. Edward’s sharply defined abdomen felt smooth and warm under Carlisle’s fingers. He pulled his own shirt off and Edward’s eyes widened but he didn’t balk. He reached out with those graceful fingers and traced a line down Carlisle’s chest. He gripped the back of Carlisle’s neck and tugged him down for another rough kiss. The press of their bare skin was surprisingly pleasant. Edward had expected the unnatural chill of vampire skin and the preternatural hardness of their skin but instead, Carlisle’s skin felt warm against his. He pulled his lips away from the frantic kiss.

“You’re warm,” he gasped.

Carlisle kissed his collar born and started working his way down Edward’s chest. “Only to you because you’re like me. To humans, we’re freezing.”

Edward didn’t seem to care anymore, he was whimpering as the Carlisle’s lips wandered down his midsection. Hesitantly, he placed his hand on the back of Carlisle’s head and heard a soft chuckle. Carlisle dipped his thumb into the band of Edward’s trousers and Edward arched towards the touch.

“Please,” he whispered, his 17-year-old body screaming for that ideal friction.

Carlisle palmed him through his pants as he slid back up over Edward’s body and continued to kiss him. He pushed his hand into Edward’s pants and listened as Edward started to gasp raggedly.

“Harder,” he whispered, pushing himself up on his elbows and deepening the kiss again. The clumsy tumble of their bodies was edged in the strength and violence of their preternatural existence. Sometimes, a deep growl would sound or the bed would creak with the force of their exertion. Carlisle tried to be gentle with Edward, constantly having to remind himself that, vampire or not, Edward was still only 17. He would take his weight off Edward’s body, or slow his hand to mumble: “Is this okay?”

Edward’s only response was a groan or a whimper. As Carlisle’s hand sped up, Edward closed his eyes and let the feelings overtake him.

Suddenly, Edward arched his back and cried out and sunk his razor-sharp teeth into Carlisle’s flesh. His teeth were in the thick of Carlisle’s pectoral muscle and his eyes shone a flinty black. He was drinking from Carlisle.

“Goddamnit,” Carlisle snapped. He tugged his hand out of Edward’s pants and pried the boy’s teeth out of his muscle with one push of his strong fingers. “Jesus Christ, Edward.”

Edward was cowering in one corner of the bed, his eyes a fiery black and his nostrils flared.

“I’m sorry,” Edward whimpered. “I don’t know what came over me. I just…I don’t know.”

Carlisle stared down at the wound on his chest. It was healing, but slower than usual, as Edward’s venom kept it open. He stood abruptly and went outside to control his anger. He could hear Edward apologizing in the house and swearing to himself. He took off running without reassuring the younger man and caught a few animals to replenish the blood supply Edward had taken. Still angry, both with himself and with Edward, he went to a nearby waterfall and stripped off his clothing. He bathed in the moonlit, lukewarm water cascading over the rocks until he smelled Edward's fresh, spicy scent approaching.

“Edward,” he said it like a fact.

“I’m sorry,” Edward called. “I’m sorry I bit you. I would never try to hurt you.”

Carlisle stepped out of the water and Edward looked away.

“You got too excited. It was my own fault,” Carlisle murmured. He waded through the shallow water and reached out for Edward. The boy came close, reaching out. Carlisle kissed him, cupping Edward’s face with both his hands and slipping his tongue into the young man’s mouth. When he pulled away, Edward’s eyes were closed and his lips were hanging slack. When he opened his eyes, he frowned down at Carlisle’s chest. A raised scar in the shape of Edward’s bite shone in the moonlight, marring Carlisle’s beautiful body.

“Is that permanent?” Edward asked.

Carlisle nodded.

“I thought nothing could scar us,” Edward said. He waded into the water, not bothering to remove his pants, and wrapped his arms around Carlisle. The hug was tender and firm, filled with love. Carlisle kissed Edward’s bronze hair and sighed.

“We can always scar each other,” he said.

More than 80 years later, Esme would finally ask about that scar. They were on their third honeymoon off the coast of Spain, lying on a beach together after a particularly exuberant round of sex. She circled the scar with her finger over and over and kissed it, even though Carlisle protested.

“Tell me, Carlisle,” she whispered, her head against his shoulder. “I want to know who bit you.”

Carlisle paused and watched a jet’s lights blink far overhead. “Why?”

Esme propped up on one elbow and looked down at him. Her lovely face, encircled by her shiny chestnut hair, seemed so innocent.

“I know you didn’t struggle,” she said. “I can tell from the bite you didn’t fight it. Who were you so close to that you let them bite you? Who could you have loved so much?”

Carlisle closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh, ocean air, perfumed with the smell of salt and pineapple. He thought back to the last time he saw Edward, just over three weeks ago. The whole family had been sitting around the living room when Carlisle announced that he and Esme would be taking another honeymoon. As everyone cheered, a soft chuckle began to rise from Edward. He was sitting on a leather chair, slightly separated from the rest of the family. His laughter grew until he seemed out of control, slapping his knee and doubling over. This was the first noise he had made in ten days and everyone else was silent, watching Edward laugh. Alice glanced stiffly between Carlisle and Edward, looking deeply upset. Esme stared straight ahead, her face expressionless.

“Do you have something you want to say, Edward?” Carlisle asked.

Edward let his laugh die slowly. He stretched his arms up and crossed them behind his head before looking up at Carlisle with his eyes a pure, slick black.

“No, Dad, I’m great,” Edward hissed.

“Then do you mind telling the family what you think is so funny?”

Edward stood and stared Carlisle down with narrowed eyes. This was a glare that kept Edward well feared. It even made Emmett flinch.

“How about you tell them what’s so funny,” Edward said. He took one more step forward. Alice gasped then and jumped out of her seat. She headed right for Edward, the only one who dared to approach him when he was this volatile, and grabbed his forearm.

Edward,” she whispered, her voice desperate.

He looked down at her and winced. Jerking his arm out of her grip, he headed for the front door. Moments later, there was the sharp grind of his car tires on the drive.

Carlisle looked down at Esme lying on his chest on the deserted beach and sighed.

“Do you really need to ask?” he finally said.

She would get up and walk away down the beach then, her eyes strained with pain, but Carlisle would not know this for decades to come. Would never even feel a hint of what he was going to do to Edward, whose heart was a like blank slate when Carlisle took him.


Divided we stand in light of a frozen sun
Cursing the gods we have become
We steal the fire from a sacred heart
And bleed the wine unholy
We fall in love with the serpent's song
And fear nothing

In the nightside of eden
We're born again
Forever we are
Forever we've been
Forever we'll be crucified to a dream
The nightside of eden

Deranged, we're tearing away the petals of desire
Learning the mathematics of evil by heart
We decieve ourselves to start a war
Within the realm of senses
And descend to the circle number four
Where we are nothing

In the nightside of eden
We're born again
Forever we are
Forever we've been
Forever we'll be crucified to a dream
The nightside of eden

In the nightside of eden
We're born again
Forever we are
Forever we've been
Forever we'll be crucified to a dream
The nightside of eden
Forever we are
Forever we've been
Forever we'll be crucified to a dream
The nightside of eden

Forever we are
Forever we've been

Forever we'll be crucified to a dream

-HIM "In The Nightside of Eden"