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The Dark Light Stories

“You created me as your toy and now you’re forcing me to sleep with a ghost. Can you still tell yourself that you’re not selfish?”*** Warning: This story is Carlisle/Edward slash. There will be sexual scenes between these two characters. If that bothers you, as they should say in marriage: run now or forever hold your peace. These stories will follow Carlisle and Edward through ten life-changing events, from Edward's transformation to meeting Bella. They will explore the love that evolved between the two men and the betrayal that 87 years together can bring.

Each section will be set to a song from HIM's "Dark Light" CD, which I recommend you listen to: A) because it rocks and B) because it follows the story. The chapters will be as follows: 1. Killing Loneliness: Edward’s Beginning 2. In The Nightside of Eden: Lovers 3. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly: Carlisle’s Doubts 4. Dark Light: Esme’s Turning 5. Vampire Heart: Edward’s Rebellion 6. The Face of God: Carlisle’s Regrets 7. Under The Rose: Edward’s Return 8. Drunk On Shadows: Rosalie’s Turning 9. Play Dead: Edward’s Regression 10. Behind The Crimson Door: The Last Kiss

5. Vampire Heart: Edward's Rebellion

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2024   Review this Chapter

Vampire Heart: Edward’s Rebellion

The body of a young girl, torn limb from limb, turned up in Central Park. Carlisle found her first. He was out searching for Edward, who had been gone since his unexpected introduction to Esme, when he smelled the decomposition. She couldn’t have been older than five years old, just a baby, with soft blonde curls. A harsh knife had been used to quarter her tender body and Carlisle could smell where the man had touched her. He grimaced and stepped backwards when he heard a soft rustle in the trees.

“And we’re the animals,” came the gentle murmur. It was Edward, perched on a tree branch, his long limbs hanging easy in the spring air.

“Edward,” Carlisle breathed, turning to stare at him. Edward wasn’t looking at him. “Where have you been? We haven’t seen you in three days.”

Edward looked down at him then and his eyes were threateningly dark. “I’m a big boy, I’ve been fine.”

“With Dominic, then?” Carlisle prodded.

A corner of Edward’s lip pulled up in a half smile but he didn’t answer. Carlisle moved towards the tree, reaching up for the lowest branch, but Edward gave him a quiet glance of disgust and he let his hand drop.

“Where have you been?” Carlisle asked again.

Edward was staring at the young girl’s dismembered body.

“I know who did that,” Edward said. “I could hear it in his thoughts. He’s proud of it and the police are no where near ever finding him.”

“That’s not our problem.”

Edward gave him a fierce stare. “Why isn’t it our problem? We could control evil. We could destroy it,” his voice had the polite stillness of seething outrage. “He’s going to do it again.”

“Help the police find him if you want to control evil, and come home,” Carlisle pleaded.

Edward smiled and looked over Carlisle at the lights of the city.

“No, that doesn’t really work for me,” he said.

There was another rustle and he was gone. Carlisle could have tried to chase him but knew better; instead, he turned on his heel and went home to Esme.


Carlisle and Esme were curled together in bed, shaking from their exertion. He curled his fingers under her chin and kissed the tip of her nose and traced her eyebrows. She palmed the muscles in Carlisle’s back and pulled her fingers through his thick, white-blonde hair.

They fell to kissing again, the sheets twisted around their calves. Esme whimpered and pulled Carlisle closer as he braced himself with one arm, unwilling to lay his full weight on her. He felt her fingers scrabbling up his back, pulling him down into her.

A sudden booming knock at the door sent them spiraling apart. Esme was at the other side of the bedroom, a sheet clutched to her body, one delicate breast exposed.

“What is that?” she whispered.

Carlisle could feel the power radiating up the stairs, flowing like an electronic current and making the itch in his mind stronger than ever.


He heard the door open and Edward’s smell flowed into the house, all aqua and lime, fresh rain on cut grass, but mingled with that was the musky, meaty smell of human blood.

Edward had been gone for seven days.

Carlisle rushed from the room and down the stairs to where Edward was standing, a meek looking man bound and gagged on the floor at his feet.

“What are you doing?” Carlisle asked his voice strained.

Edward’s eyes were fuming black and his smile was sickening, crawling along the edges of excited and deranged.

“I told you I knew who did it,” Edward said. He began pacing around the foyer, his eyes flickering mindlessly around the room.

“Oh Edward, no,” Carlisle breathed, looking down at the foolish man, his comb over askew and one lens in his glasses broken. “This isn’t how these things are settled.”

“The police had him, they had him and they let him go and now he’s going to keep killing and—“

“Let the justice system deal with him,” Carlisle interrupted.

“What system! He’s free to roam! Why do we avoid harming them so avidly when we do nothing to protect them from each other,” Edward cried.

Carlisle sighed and stepped towards Edward. He looked as skittish as a deer with his eyes roaming around the room. He extended his hand slowly, attempting to touch Edward’s elbow, but Edward jerked back and moved towards his captive. He hovered over the man before he pulled the gag from his mouth. The man immediately started to holler, his voice hoarse. Carlisle went to silence him but Edward moved faster, he gripped the man’s tongue with his sharp nails, cutting into the thick, red flesh.

“Keep screaming and I’ll cut it off,” Edward hissed.

“Edward, for God’s sake—“

“Don’t bring him into this, God doesn’t want us so why should we want him?”

The smell of blood from the cut on the man’s tongue was exhausting Esme’s willpower. Carlisle could sense her unease.

“I am not going to discuss religion with you,” Carlisle warned, holding up his hand. “I want this man out of my house.”

Our house.”

“Get out, Edward,” Carlisle said.

Edward traced his thumbnail down the man’s face, drawing a line of blood. The man whimpered.

“Please let me go,” he gasped. “I needed her. I couldn’t help it.”

The blood trailed down the man’s face in a delicate line, hot red against the pasty skin.

“Edward,” Carlisle warned.

Edward’s eyes never left Carlisle’s when he snapped the man’s wrist. The man gave a muffled scream against Edward’s palm. Edward shoved the gag back in his mouth and moved to the other wrist.

“Enough!” Carlisle cried.

“Make me stop,” Edward dared. He stepped up to Carlisle, their noses almost brushing. “Go on, Carlisle, my father, stop me—“

Carlisle’s hand was suddenly locked onto Edward’s wrist, gripping it with a crushing force.

“Just kill him,” Carlisle hissed. He shoved Edward down to the floor and then nodded at the struggling, suffering man.

Edward’s eyes never moved from Carlisle as he gripped the man’s head and wrenched it. The sickening crunch of the spinal cord severing was enough to make Carlisle flinch.

He sighed. “Are you happy now?”

Edward seemed deflated. He shook his head and stared down at the limp man.

“I think I’m going to go now,” Edward whispered. “Do you want me to get rid of him?”

Carlisle waved him off. “No, I’ll deal with it. When are you coming back?”

Edward frowned and licked his lips.

“I don’t think I am.”

Carlisle’s eyes did not shift from his stare at the dead man.

“Are you leaving me, Edward?”

“Yes, I guess I am.”

Edward approached him and his scent washed over Carlisle. He held back a sob as Edward pressed a chaste kiss to his temple. For a moment, he thought Edward would kiss him on the lips, that he would taste his lover one last time, but instead Edward turned away.

He didn’t look up until he heard the door close.


Freedom from Carlisle was both terrifying and exhilarating. The city opened up to Edward like a yawning jaw, already filled with sex and violence.

At first, he went to Dominic, to the young lawyer’s warm skin and spacious apartment, but without the rush of Carlisle’s jealousy to push him on the affair felt empty. Dominic’s pale eyes started to watch him with fear instead of fascination and Edward got annoyed quickly, curt in a way he didn’t know he could be. His new flow of lovers brought out a domineering aspect of his personality he didn’t know he kept.

And there were the other times, times when Dominic slept quietly beside him and Edward felt the heat of the bloodlust, cascading over him and calling him forward. The pulsing blood in Dominic’s outstretched neck was an invitation that Edward still couldn’t understand how Carlisle resisted. He stroked Dominic’s neck, a rare touch he allowed himself when Dominic slept.

Suddenly, Dominic stiffened.

Edward withdrew his hand and waited patiently but Dominic didn’t roll over, even though Edward could hear from his breathing that he was awake.

“I think you should go,” Dominic whispered.

“Why is that?” Edward asked, his voice calm like a deep pool.

“Because I don’t know what you are and I don’t want to know.”

Edward tightened his jaw as a flow of rage rushed up in him. He leaned over Dominic, and pressed his lips to Dominic’s cheek. He heard the man gasp at the chill.

“Please don’t kill me,” Dominic warbled, already bordering on tears.

Edward wrapped his hand around Dominic’s throat and felt the delicate bones, light as a toothpick to him. He considered crushing the windpipe, feeling the bones split beneath the press of his fingers and hear Dominic’s struggling cry, diminishing to a pathetic wheeze and then silence. Instead, he turned Dominic’s face towards him with the strong press of his index finger and looked into Dominic’s soft, green eyes, edged in red and slightly swollen. He looked too soft and delicate suddenly. Edward snorted and slid off the bed, his mouth thick with venom. He swallowed twice and then moved to the door.

Dominic sat up in bed and watched Edward’s muscled back as he turned to leave.

“Edward?” he whispered.

Edward paused, his hand on the doorknob, but he didn’t turn.

“What are you?”

Edward sighed and shook his head. He glanced back at Dominic, looking suddenly tired. “I wish I knew.”

The door closed softly and Dominic lied back down in his bed.


Edward roamed the darkened streets, the smell of human blood still thick on his hands. He scanned the minds of those around him for the dark, biting thoughts that had drawn him to the girl’s killer in the first place. The whispers of evil surrounded him, he felt like he had stumbled into a feast. He was drawn to one woman, older but still dignified, who oozed evil. She had killed three husbands. He lured her into the woods, kissed her neck, and then tore open her jugular. It was quicker than he expected and messier too, but the absolutely satiety that he achieved outweighed everything else.

Carlisle’s warnings about his soul, about their place on Earth, suddenly seemed distant, but the way Carlisle’s eyes glinted in the dark when Edward hovered over him in bed didn’t seem to fade as readily.

You can't escape the wrath of my heart

Beating to your funeral song (You're so alone)

All faith is lost for hell regained

And love dust in the hands of shame (Just be brave)

Let me bleed you this song of my heart deformed

And lead you along this path in the dark

Where I belong 'till I feel your warmth

Hold me

Like you held on to life

When all fears came alive and entombed me

Love me

Like you love the sun

Scorching the blood in my vampire heart

I'll be the thorns on every rose

You've been sent by hope (You'll grow cold)

I am the nightmare waking you up

From the dream of a dream of love (Just like before)

Let me weep you this poem as Heaven's gates close

Paint you my soul, scarred and alone

Waiting for your kiss to take me back home

Hold me

Like you held on to life

When all fears came alive and entombed me

Love me

Like you love the sun

Scorching the blood in my vampire heart

Hold me

Like you held on to life

When all fears came alive and entombed me

Love me

Like you love the sun

Scorching the blood in my vampire heart

Hold me (Like you held on to life)

Like you held on to life

(When all fears came alive and entombed me)

My vampire heart

Love me (Like you love the sun)

Like you love the sun

(Scorching the blood in my)

My vampire heart