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The Dark Light Stories

“You created me as your toy and now you’re forcing me to sleep with a ghost. Can you still tell yourself that you’re not selfish?”*** Warning: This story is Carlisle/Edward slash. There will be sexual scenes between these two characters. If that bothers you, as they should say in marriage: run now or forever hold your peace. These stories will follow Carlisle and Edward through ten life-changing events, from Edward's transformation to meeting Bella. They will explore the love that evolved between the two men and the betrayal that 87 years together can bring.

Each section will be set to a song from HIM's "Dark Light" CD, which I recommend you listen to: A) because it rocks and B) because it follows the story. The chapters will be as follows: 1. Killing Loneliness: Edward’s Beginning 2. In The Nightside of Eden: Lovers 3. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly: Carlisle’s Doubts 4. Dark Light: Esme’s Turning 5. Vampire Heart: Edward’s Rebellion 6. The Face of God: Carlisle’s Regrets 7. Under The Rose: Edward’s Return 8. Drunk On Shadows: Rosalie’s Turning 9. Play Dead: Edward’s Regression 10. Behind The Crimson Door: The Last Kiss

8. Drunk On Shadows: Rosalie's Turning

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Drunk On Shadows: Rosalie’s Turning


Rosalie with the fresh cream skin and the sun-spun hair.

With the violet eyes and the lean, whip-like body.

Edward examined the newborn vampire with a mixture of disgust and amazement. She was strapped to the bed, still unconscious, her hair flung out on the pillow around her in a romantic sunburst. Even the spilled blood marring the skin around her mouth—from when she had bit Carlisle halfway through her transformation—looked makeup pretty, like spilt wine on white sheets. Not just any wine of course, more like a Romanée-Conti Bordeaux on Egyptian linen.

“You’re quite the monumental cunt, aren’t you, Carlisle?” Edward murmured, his voice placid.

Carlisle looked up, startled from his medical text. He had been absorbed in the book, keeping an ear on Rosalie Hale’s tossing body. He hadn’t even noticed Edward entering the room.

“Edward,” he responded, ignoring the insult.

“I mean, honestly, what were you thinking? Are you going to pick up every pet with a broken leg you sniff out?”

Carlisle sighed and returned to his book. Edward was bristling today, not that Carlisle was especially surprised. His privacy had once again been breached by the abrupt introduction of Rosalie into their lives.

Esme bustled in behind Edward and shooed him away from the bed. Gently, she stroked Rosalie’s forehead and wiped the blood from her mouth with a damp cloth.

Edward leapt away nimbly and landed beside Carlisle. He tugged the book out of Carlisle’s startled grasp and sent it flying against the wall. The binding exploded, sending pages fluttering everywhere.

Rosalie snapped up with a start and started snarling. The room became frenzied as Carlisle and Esme hovered at Rosalie’s side, ignoring Edward’s tantrum, and attempting to soothe her.

The door downstairs slammed and Esme gave Carlisle a quick, tight glance.


It had been two weeks since Rosalie’s turning and, for the first time since his changing, time was dragging for Edward. Everywhere he went, the sleek blonde was there, doing her best to seduce with those flinty eyes. She did everything to gain his attention, from subtle glances, to full frontal nudity.

Like now.

Now, he just wanted to be alone in the steam bath. The sauna in Carlisle’s new home served as a soothing reminder of human heat to Edward. He had locked the door firmly but yet, here was the blonde vampire, naked as Venus, her eyes just fading from blood red.

Everything about Rosalie seemed planed, acted. She fed on subtle, appreciative glances and demonstrative catcalls more than she ever would on blood.

Edward sighed. “Rosalie, get out.”

“No,” she purred, encroaching on his space. Edward felt suddenly very conscious of his flagrant nudity. He pressed his knees together but refused to cover himself.

“Oh for—“ he started but was interrupted by Rosalie’s unyielding lips on his. They were thick, fleshy and too moist from some kind of lipstick. He shoved her away with more force than he meant to and she stumbled and dropped off the step, tumbling to the floor.

She gave him a raging, humiliated stare.

Before he could extend his hand to pull her up and apologize, her sharp nails were digging into the flesh of his throat.

“How dare you?” she hissed. Her strength was phenomenal and Edward scrabbled to remove her fingers. His spine felt like a toothpick.

“Rosalie,” he choked out, “stop!”

But this didn’t deter the young vampire. Forcing him back onto the bench, she slid on top of him.

“You will want me,” she growled. She began grinding her pert butt into Edward’s crotch, a determined look on her face. Her intentions were plastered across her mind and Edward began to laugh through the grip of her hand.

“You’re going to rape me?” he wheezed.

His laughter only served to infuriate her more. She grabbed his left wrist and snapped it to punish him and he growled deep in his throat, his eyes flashing to black.

Rosalie listened as the bones healed with a grinding noise.

“You’re playing with fire, Rosalie,” Edward warned. His voice had taken on that haunting calm again. She smirked and leaned over him, running her lips across his chin.

He moved in a flash and clamped his razor teeth into her cheek. With a shriek, Rosalie pulled back and flew away from him across the sauna. She clutched her delicate cheek as it spurted blood onto her nude chest.

“You want to keep playing this game?” Edward murmured. He cocked his head at her and his eyes gleamed in the dark. Her blood reddened his lips and a single droplet of it rolled down his chin and fell onto his flat stomach. Rosalie watched it curve down over the muscles before disappearing into his pubic hair.

She looked up at him and her eyes were golden and confused. “Why?”

“I’m sorry?” Edward said, taken aback.

“Why don’t you want me?” she whispered.

Edward ran his hand roughly through his bronze hair and glanced down.

“Rosalie,“ he paused and tried to collect his thoughts, “you don’t need my attention to be worth something.” He saw her lips purse and hurried on. “What I’m saying is that you’re a beautiful woman and men are going to see that for the rest of eternity. You don’t need my attention. I’m nobody.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” she said.

Edward sighed. “You can’t have my heart because it belongs to someone else.”

Rosalie gave him a surprisingly knowing look. “Does he know?”

Edward stood and reached for a towel. He tied it around his waist and opened the door. Steam rolled into the hallway and curled around the wall. He could sense Rosalie’s eyes crawling up his back as her thoughts churned in his mind.

“Does he know?” she pushed.

“Rose, just a thought, get Carlisle to teach you how to block your mind.”

“Excuse me?”

He glanced behind him as the door slid shut. “You give me a fucking headache.”

Edward walked slowly through the house, trying to postpone seeing Carlisle who had, no doubt, heard the fight.

“Did it ever occur to you to be nice to her?” Carlisle murmured. He was seated at the dining room table reading a thick, leather-bound book.

Edward paused at the bottom of the stairs, the towel draped dangerously low around his hips.

“I am nice to her.” Edward said, his eyes resting on Carlisle’s perfect jaw line for only a second. He turned to go and felt Carlisle’s eyes drift over his spine to the two notches above his coccyx. Edward could sense that Carlisle wanted to say more so he stood still and waited.

“I made her for you, you know?”

“What?” Edward said, making sure to keep his voice even.

“She was for you. I thought you would like her. She was beautiful and graceful and I thought you would appreciate a reprieve from the loneliness. I—“ Carlisle’s voice was choked off as Edward pushed him against the wall, one hand on his throat. His towel drifted to the ground, leaving him exposed.

“For me? You made her for me?” Edward growled. He abruptly released his hold and Carlisle stumbled to the ground.

“I wanted you to be happy!” Carlisle snapped. “I wanted you to smile again!”

Edward gave a twisted chuckle. “But all I wanted was you. It’s still all I want. You created me as your toy and now you’re forcing me to sleep with a ghost. Can you still tell yourself that you’re not selfish?”
Carlisle ran his hands through his hair and tried to avoid looking at Edward’s nude torso.

“No, I guess I can’t tell myself that.” He gave Edward a pleading look. “Is there no way you could be happy with her?”

“I will never be happy with anyone but you,” Edward whispered, his lips almost brushing Carlisle’s.

The light shuffle of Rosalie moving down the stairs startled them and Edward fled, grabbing his towel as he went.


In the end, this was the way he offered Rosalie happiness.

One night of murder.

One night to get her revenge and leave it all behind.

He lay with Rosalie in the golden light of the gloaming, her body curled against his with a gentle need for reassurance. Her wedding dress was torn and dirtied on the hotel room floor, finally abandoned for good.

“Thank you,” she breathed against his chest.

He nodded and watched dust swirl on the sunbeams streaming into the room.

He hadn’t been there when she killed them, it was something she needed to do on her own, but he waited for her in the street. When she came outside and collapsed against him, her chest heaving those silent sobs, he picked her up and carried her. He had carried her back to the suite he had rented for them and stripped the dress from her skin and laid her into a full bath. He washed away whatever lingered on her porcelain skin and then they had lain in bed as the sun rose and watched the crystalline glitter of their skin play across the hotel room walls.

“Is this your way of saying sorry?” she asked.

“No,” Edward murmured. “I can’t apologize for the things I don’t feel, but I’ll always be here for you.”

“In an odd way,” Rosalie said. “I love you.”

“Me too, Rose, me too.”

And then she touched his cheek in such a tender way that he turned to look at her.

And he kissed her and it was so unnervingly gentle that she couldn’t help shake.

Their clothes seem to fall away, scattering around the room like falling leaves. When he positioned himself on top of her, he was startled to find her trembling.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, his voice hushed like he was in a sacred space.

She shook her head. “No. I know you’ll be safe.”

He pursed his lips at the raw emotion coursing through her voice and kissed her forehead. He entered her and she made a tiny mewling sound and arched against him, her hands scrabbling at his back. Their kisses were brief and perfunctory, but their bodies worked together in a passionate, sorrowful rhythm as they both tried to forget those who had broken them before. She seemed to split apart before him with every thrust he gave, relaxing until she was completely unaware of herself. In that moment, with her hair disheveled and her lips parted in a silent cry, with no conscious image of her appearance tainting her beauty, he could see why Carlisle chose her for him. In that moment, he loved the girl before him and he moved against her with the intensity of newly founded lover.

The next morning, they returned home and told Carlisle about the killings, but they kept their true secret clasped tight to their hearts. The taste of sweat, the frenzied cries muffled by glittering skin, that would be something only they would ever know.


Hiding underneath
Her veil of broken dreams
We find her weeping

On her once white wings
She will be carrying the weight of our deeds
And she bleeds for love
Forever gone

Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie

Killing ourselves a kiss at a time

Devils dance while angels smile
Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie

Finding souls to fear
The nightside of eden
You see the struggling
For her love's

Last breath and walk off

Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie

Killing ourselves a kiss at a time
Devils dance while angels smile
Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie

She's blinded by the fear
Of life and death and everything in between
We smile when she cries a river of tears
A mirror we see nothing but a reflection of heaven so far away

Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie

Killing ourselves a kiss at a time
Devils dance while angels smile
Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie

So alive
(Drunk on shadows)

So alive