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You Call this a Vacation?

Bella goes on a vacation with all of her friends including two from her hometown in Phoenix. When one has undergone a drastic makeover and attitude adjustment and is found all over Edward, how will Bella take it? Did Edward really cheat on Bella? All Human.

I just thought of this the other day when I was at the store. Random right?

1. Going To Florida

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Edward, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Angela, Jessica, Mike, Eric, and I were all going down to Florida for a vacation. Jessica's rich father owned a beach house that he was going to let us stay at for a few weeks. It was summer, my favorite time of year. I couldn't wait...until I got that letter.


In Phoenix, before I move to Forks I had two best friends Jennifer and Marissa. I still wrote to them even now. They replied back saying they would meet us at the beach house. They wanted to meet my new boyfriend and best friends. I was thrilled to have them come! Everybody was very nice about having my friends join us. I couldn't be happier.

Friday evening at 5pm we arrived at Mr. Stanley's beach house. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was a glass house with 7 large bedrooms all with two king beds in each one. It had 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, and a beautiful kitchen. It had a gorgeous pool and hot tub. I was so excited. Alice and I decided to share a room. Mike and Eric took another room, Edward and Jasper shared a room. Emmett and Rosalie took a room, Jessica and Angela shared the last. The sixth room was going to go to Marissa and Jennifer and we still had a 7th room for whatever we wanted. Marissa and Jennifer were to arrive in an hour.

In the meantime we went out to the beach that was just a block away.

About 50 minutes later Edward put his arm around me and whispered in my ear, "Aren't your friends going to be arriving soon?"

Whoa! I lost track of time at this magnificent beach!

"Oh my gosh you're right! Guys I'm heading back to the house, my friends should be here any minute! See you guys later!", I jumped up.

"No way! We're coming with!", Jessica smiled.

"Thanks guys!", I said.

We went back to the house. About 10 minutes after we got there, the doorbell rang.

"I got it!", I squealed.

I opened the door and screamed as I pulled them into a hug. Jennifer looked the same but Marissa looked so different!

"Dude I've only been gone a year! How'd you change so much that fast!?", I asked Marissa.

"Haha. I don't know?", she laughed.

Jennifer was about 5'4", was thin, had shoulder length dark brown hair. She was light skinned and very pretty. She was wearing blue jeans, a purple halter top, and purple flip flops.

Marissa used to be 5'3", thin, had thick curly blonde hair that was always in a bun, wore glasses, had braces, wore long skirts and long sleeves. Today she looked completely different. Now she's got middle back length straight blonde hair, had gorgeous light blue contacts, her braces were off, and she was wearing a jean miniskirt with a pink thin strapped top with pink flip flops. Jennifer was usually the prettiest one of us but now Marissa was gorgeous.

"You're absolutely a knock out!", I squealed to Marissa.

"Thank you!", she screamed.

"How's Phoenix?", I asked closing the door behind them.

"Same ol'. Forks?", Jennifer asked.

"Great! Come meet everyone!", I pulled their arms to the living room.

"Guys this is Jenny and Marissa. Girls I'd like you to meet everyone. Starting from the left. That's Jessica, she's my first girlfriend in Forks. That's Mike, her boyfriend and one of my best guy friends. That's Angela, she's shy but I love her. That's Eric, my first friend ever in Forks. Now for my family! That's Emmett, he's like my big brother I love him. Next to him is Rosalie, isn't she beautiful? Then there's Jasper, he's also pretty quiet but a total sweetheart. Next to him is my best friend in the whole world Alice. Have her take you on a shopping adventure, you'll never come back. And lastly is Edward, my wonderful boyfriend", I was tired from introducing so many people but I was excited for my Forks friends to meet my Phoenix friends.

"Nice to meet you", everyone said smiling.

"Hey Bella can I talk to you?", Jennifer asked.

"Sure Jenny. I'll be right back you guys!", I yelled walking her into my room.

We sat down on my bed.

"So what's up?", I smiled.

"Umm well....I actually wanted to talk to you about Marissa", she started to frown.

"Why?", I asked.

"She's changed", she stated.

"Obviously! She's hot now!", I giggled.

"Yes but that's not a good thing", she said.

"Why not? She seems confident now!", I said.

"She is...too confident. Look she knows she's pretty and she uses that against people. Just keep an eye on her and Edward. Marissa was picked on a lot when she was little and she's trying to get some sort of revenge and she seems to take it out on people who don't deserve it. I don't know why, maybe they're just easy targets? She will try to make a move on Edward. For sure. So just watch out for her ok?", she said.

I was shocked.

"Are you serious? Why? What has she done? Did she do something to you?", I asked.

"No. Not yet. But do you remember Liz White?", she asked.

Liz White was one of the nicest girls I'd ever met. Except for Angela of course.

"Yeah how is she?", I asked.

"She's fine now. She went out with James Tucker for about a month. Once Marissa...became pretty, she made a move on James and took him away from Liz. Once he broke up with Liz, Marissa dumped James", she informed me.

"What? Are you sure it was like that?", I couldn't believe it. Marissa was not that type.

"I told you Bella. She's different now", she said.

"Wow. I can't believe that", I thought aloud.

"Yeah. Well just keep an eye on her that she doesn't try to take Mike from Jessica or Edward from you. Those are the only couples here right?", she asked.

"No, almost everyone is paired up. Angela and Eric are the only single ones", I said.

"Oh man. Marissa's going to have a field day. She won't be happy until she's slept with every guy here if it means taking him away from his girlfriend", she said.

"Are you sure she's like that?", it didn't make any sense.

"Trust me Bella", Jenny said.

"Alright, thanks for telling me Jenny", I hugged her.

"Sure. And by the way its Jen now", she laughed.

"Oh sorry JEN!", I laughed too.

"I missed you girl", she smiled.

"Me too", I smiled.

"Let's join the others", Jen smiled.

I walked back in the living room and everyone was mingling. So far, so good.