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You Call this a Vacation?

Bella goes on a vacation with all of her friends including two from her hometown in Phoenix. When one has undergone a drastic makeover and attitude adjustment and is found all over Edward, how will Bella take it? Did Edward really cheat on Bella? All Human.

I just thought of this the other day when I was at the store. Random right?

2. What did I ever do to her?

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It had been two days and I have to admit so far so good. Everyone was getting along great. A little too great for Rosalie and Marissa. They had become the best of friends. I was slightly jealous of their bond. Rosalie only accepted Marissa because of all of the things they had in common: beauty, ability to manipulate those around them, and did I mention beauty? I know Rosalie much rather have Marissa with Edward than me. What could I do though? There was no way I'd ever have any potential to have half the beauty they had. Apparently Edward had noticed my lack of happiness lately.

"Bella, sweetheart what's wrong?", Edward whispered from behind me with his arms around my waist.

"I'm fine", I sighed. I could see the disbelief in his eyes. Darn my lack of ability to lie.

"Come", he took my hand and walked me to the balcony overlooking the ocean view.

He put his hands on my shoulders looking me intensely in the eyes. "Now that we're alone, tell me what's bothering you".


"Don't say 'I'm fine' Bella because I can tell something's bothering you. When you're not happy, neither am I. So just tell me. I don't want you to ever hide what you're feeling from me", he interrupted.

"Alright", I sighed. "I know it's not right for me to feel this way but in all honesty, I'm jealous of Marissa"

"Why?", his eyebrows formed together with a look of confusion.

"Because", I didn't know how to begin without sounding childish, "Ever since we've been...together I've tried so incredibly hard to get your family's approval. It's very important to me Edward"

"My family adores you. Are you doubting that?"

"No. I know they've been kind and loving towards me...except Rosalie", I started.

"Well I know but that's Rosalie she doesn't get along with anyone that's not arrogant and egotistical. But what does that have to do with Marissa?"

"Rosalie loves Marissa. I know if she got to decide she would choose Marissa to be apart of your family over me. It's just hard because I've tried so hard for so long to get her to accept me because I want so badly to be apart of your family but no matter what the effort it never works. Marissa she's know almost 2 days and they're already the best of friends", I stopped when my eyes filled with tears, blurring my vision.

Edward pulled me into his arms in a tight embrace.

"Bella I am so sorry you feel that way. None of us ever care what Rosalie has to say because it's most of the time about her. I never thought you would be hurt over this and I'm very sorry you are. But honestly, Rosalie's opinion doesn't matter to me. The only opinions that count are my parents and they adore you like their own daughter. Emmett thinks of you as a little sister, as do Alice and Jasper. I love you with all my heart. I'm sorry Rosalie isn't as welcoming but her thoughts never make a difference. Don't be sad. Please", he kissed my cheek.

As much as I still felt sad about Rosalie, Edward was excellent at comforting me. Suddenly, the issue seemed irrelevant.

"Thanks Edward", I smiled as he wiped a tear from my cheek.

"Don't cry anymore. We're on vacation remember?", he smiled.

"Yes. I'm sorry I'm ruining it for you"

"No you're not. Remember I told you, never be afraid to tell me how you feel. What kind of relationship would we be if you're always listening to what I have to say but I make you afraid to tell me things. You can tell me anything. No matter what it may be"

He saw things so strangely. It was never like that at all.

"What are you talking about? You're always the one having to comfort me in all my stupid problems. I wish I could do 1/8 of the things you've done for me"

"Bella you've done more than what I could ever do for you and more. Just being you and your loving self is all a guy could ever want in life", he said so surely I couldn't help but smile.

"As wrong as you are, let's not argue now. I'll let you hang out with the guys. You've dealt with me enough for one day", I smiled.

"Haha right", he laughed sarcastically. "I love you too much it should be against the law. Alright I think Alice has been wanting to have a girl's day since we got here so have fun with that", he smiled. I groaned.

"I love Alice, truly I do but she can be so difficult", I smiled.

"You're telling me", he chuckled.

He kissed my lips gently and took my hand walking me inside.

"Bye love", he smiled pulling me into a deeper more passionate kiss.

"Ahem", Rosalie cleared her throat.

We stopped and turned around but Edward kept his arm around my waist.

Rosalie was rolling her eyes while Marissa was giggling.

"Sorry", I whispered shyly. "I'll um..be in my room with Alice if you need me", I told Edward turning away towards my room.

"Okay", he smiled.

I went into my room and Alice had all the beauty stuff out. Every nail polish color I could possibly think of, enough makeup for a year in the modeling agency, and more hairstyling products then I've ever seen in a hair stylist's.

"Wow Alice you weren't kidding", my eyes were wide examining all of the product laid out in front of me.

"When do I not go all out?", she smiled calling me over.

For two hours I sat there allowing her to curl my hair while Jen did my nails.

Rosalie walked in after a while.

"What's going on in here?", she asked with a look of disgust when she saw me.

"We're fixing Bella up for a hot date with Edward. Want to help?", Jen smiled.

"Yeah, you do her makeup. Not too much purple this time Rose", Alice joked.

"I'll do what I can", Rosalie said sarcastically.

I was a tad nervous to have Rosalie do my makeup, she might make me look like a clown or worse poke my eye with the eyeliner pencil on "accident" even though with her beauty she had to be a pro at it.

"Alright we're done!", Alice and Jen squealed turning my chair to face the mirror.

"What do you think?!", Alice grinned.

"I think she looks gorgeous", Jen high fived her.

I was surprised. I didn't look like myself. My hair was curled perfectly with beautiful flower clips on top, my makeup was done just right, not too much to look unnatural but enough to cover up my bad areas.

"Wow you guys are miracle workers", I smiled hugging Alice.

"Yay you like it!", she grinned.

"You should show Edward", Rosalie added smiling.

Unusual for Rosalie to smile, or to want to help my relationship with Edward in the slightest.

"Great idea", Jen added.

"Alright why not?", I smiled and left to go to Edward's room upstairs.

I stopped in front of his door it was slightly open. I could hear kissing in his room. I wondered who was in there. It was Edward and Jasper's room. Alice was in my room so it couldn't be her and Jasper. Who was in there? I decided to walk in and see. Nothing could prepare me for what I saw next.

Edward was laying on his bed in just his jeans and Marissa was laying on top of him in just her undergarments, kissing him passionately while trying to remove the belt from his jeans. The pain from this sight took my breath away. Before they could notice me, I began down the stairs.

I didn't even realize my eyes were filled with tears and I couldn't see anymore. Of course being clumsy doesn't help, I tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. Once I reached the bottom, my emotions took over me and I began to sob, loud sobs. Jasper and Emmett were right outside in the next hall. They ran in and tried to help me up.

"Bella!", they cried.

"Are you hurt?", Emmett asked taking my hand.

"How did you fall?", Jasper asked trying to help me.

When I didn't answer they began to panic.

"Bella?!", they cried out.

I didn't want to worry them or let them think I was injured when I wasn't so I tried to talk.

"I'm....not....hurt...from...falling...I'm....alright", I said through sobs.

"Thank heavens but why are you crying", Jasper asked while Emmett picked me up from the floor and took me outside to get fresh air on the balcony. He sat me on a chair and knelt before me.

"Bella? Are you OK? Why are you crying?", Emmett asked being way more sympathetic than usual which was soothing.

I took a deep breath.

"Edward...is...cheating...on me...with Marissa....right...NOW", I said breaking into another crying fit.

"WHAT?!", they both exclaimed with shock.

I began to sob once more.

"Are you sure about this Bella?", Jasper looked me in the eyes.

"Would I be an emotional mess right now if I were lying?", I managed to say.

"Alright where is he?", Jasper asked.

"Yeah we'll tear him up", Emmett said.

"In your room Jasper", I said. I sounded like I was choking. I felt like I was choking.

"Will you be okay if we leave for a few minutes?", Emmett asked.

"Yes I'm alright", I promised.

"I'll send Alice to come watch you", Jasper said texting Alice.

"Okay but please don't tell her yet", I said.

"Sure Bella", he said trying to make me happy.

"Come on Em", he said and they left inside.

(Leaving Bella's POV for a while)

Jasper and Emmett went up the stairs and barged into the room to find Marissa in her underwear picking her clothes up from the floor.

"What the hell are you doing in here?!", Emmett's voice boomed.

"Sorry I'm leaving", Marissa smiled flirtaciously.

"Where's Edward?", Jasper asked grabbing her arm.

"He's in the bathroom getting dressed", she said as she walked out.

Emmett ran to the bathroom door and began banging hard on it.

Edward opened the door without a shirt. He had a look of pain on his face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!", Emmett roared getting in his face.

"What?!", Edward answered his anger level rising fast.

"Why the hell are you with that tramp Marissa?!", Jasper yelled.

"Dude, she freaking threw herself on me!", Edward yelled.

"Right, that tiny little 100 pound girl could overpower you", Jasper snarled sarcastically.

"I'm serious bro I didn't do anything with her! Look just don't tell Bella about this please", Edward begged.

This pissed Jasper and Emmett off.

"You know what?! We don't have to! Bella walked in on you two half naked making out on your bed. She's been hurt terribly she's crying so hard right now it's uncontrollable she can't even walk, she fell down the stairs. She's sobbing right now because you had to go and break her heart like this!", Emmett yelled getting in his face.

Edward's anger level visibly dropped tremendously and pain and remorse took over his features.

"She did?", Edward whispered.

"Yes!", Jasper yelled.

Edward walked past them down the stairs and looked out to the balcony. Bella was sitting in a ball on the floor in a corner. She was crying really hard.

Edward looked at her and his eyes began to fill with tears.