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Bless the Broken Road


Thanks to lunamoon for the awesome banner please show her some love Bella and her family are con artists. Her path crosses with Edward and the opportunity is too great to pass up, making him her next mark. Edward is blissfully unaware, and it will take a lot of mistakes to finally lead him back to Bella and the truth.

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12. Planning and Plotting

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Chapter 12: Planning or plotting

The only reason I agreed to Renee’s ridiculous plan was because I already had my own. The moment she brought up the test I knew what I had to do. If Edward was going to cheat it was going to be with me.

Renee’s plan wasn’t completely stupid, if there was one thing I’ve learned it was that men cheat, no matter how reliable you want to believe they are. I needed to prove to myself that I wasn’t throwing my life away with Edward. I knew I loved him and I knew he loved me. It was that faith in our love that led me to go through with what I had planned.

Anyone in their right mind would think I was crazy based on my actions and what I had planned But I needed to know that I was making the right decision. I trusted Edward, but all my experience with men had proved otherwise.

My plan was simple. I would go in disguise and play the role of the forbidden fruit, to make sure he really loved me. I was relying on my disguise to hide my identity. I knew he would probably be intoxicated enough not to pay attention to details, but still sober enough to be held accountable. Edward didn’t like to drink much and when he did, it took a lot for him to get drunk and stupid.

I couldn’t decide what troubled me the most, that my disguise would not be enough or that he would actually sleep with me and cheat.

I did think of a back up plan in case I got caught. I would say I was being adventurous and wanted to be with him. But I didn’t have a back up plan if things didn’t turn out for my benefit. I was betting on Edward to be the man I knew he was. For my plan to work I needed Jessica to help me.

Jessica Stanley was the closest thing to a friend I’d ever had before meeting Alice. She was what you called a wannabe socialite. She partied with the best because she had a pretty face, and acted like she had money.

I recall meeting her when I was on my quest for a second marriage and not thinking much of her, except that she was clearly out of place. I knew how to read people; I had to in my line of work. I met her years later when Vanessa was looking for her next husband. I didn’t panic when she saw me, I knew she didn’t remember me, because I was in a great disguise. I knew she had potential, she was at a luxurious party, well dressed, and was in the company of the wealthiest people of Houston.

She got around well and she definitely had potential and could be of much use to me. I cornered her in the ladies’ room and threatened to expose her lie if she didn’t do as I said. I offered her all the skills she needed to get what she wanted and in turn she would do little favors for me when called upon.

She was good, not great, at what she did but she didn’t always have the right type of motivation, she was always seeking commitment, a real relationship with her targets and often got emotionally involved. Jessica’s need for love caused Renee and I to let her go, with compensation for all our efforts of course, and in turn she would be on-call for us, just in case.

Jessica was now living in Olympia; she was always required to live in the same state as us, as part of her leave, so we could have her nearby. She was shacking up with some billionaire and thought she had found “the one.” I learned long ago that she always thought that, hence her hesitation in participating. I had her come down the next day after my chat with Renee. I made sure Vanessa was not home before I let Jess in.

I decided on not wasting any time as soon as we were in my room I began, “Alright Jess, I need you to do me a favor, Renee will be calling you to do what you do best, and you’re going to tell her-”

Jessica cut me off before I continued, “Bella, I can’t do it, I’m fully committed to Eric and I won’t cheat on him for you, I'm sorry.”

“Oh sweetie, how can you be so naïve? After everything we’ve been through you fall in love with your target,” Before I could continue I stopped myself, I was sounding like Renee and I was being a hypocrite.

“Look, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t judge you like that” I took a sigh before I began again, “Jess, you won’t have to sleep with him, all you have to do is agree to do it, I will handle everything else.”

“Bella, what’s going on? You would never defy Renee like that. If its one thing I know it is to never cross Renee,” she said, apprehensively.

“Jess, I don’t want to get into details but I just need her to think that you’re going to do it, you’ll still get paid, but you won’t have to actually sleep with him. Just show up to the party, and when I do what I have to do you will go and collect your money, and you tell Renee you didn’t sleep with him, that he refused you.”

“No, I won’t do it, without an explanation,” she said.

God, she was annoying. Why can’t she just do what she is told like always?

“Jess, please, just do this for me you will never be bothered again. She’ll think you’ve lost your touch and won’t ask you for your assistance anymore,” I said, enthusiastically.

“True, but I still don’t see why you or Vanessa can’t do this,” she trailed off hoping for a reply.

I responded through gritted teeth, “I have my own role to play and Vanessa can’t do it. Just do it, ok and make sure Renee never hears about this conversation.”

“Fine I’ll do it, under the condition that you admit it to me,” she said, giving me a knowing look.

“Admit what? I have nothing to admit,” I said, averting my gaze.

“You fell in love with your mark. Please, Bella, your so easy to read sometimes,” she said, nonchalantly.

“Fine, Jess, I love him and I am not going to loose him. I just need to prove it to Renee,” I said, in a huff.

“Oh my god Bella is in love! Who who’d have guessed? I’ll do it! When Renee calls I will let you know,” she said, with a huge smile plastered on her face.

“Thanks, Jess, and you’re totally invited to the wedding,” I said, returning the smile.

A week after my meeting with Jessica, I got a call from her letting me know Renee had called her for the job and everything was running smoothly. I could breathe a lot easier now that I had that part of the plan ready. I could now focus on my wedding.

Renee, Vanessa, Alice, Rose, Esme, and Elizabeth were thoroughly involved. I wanted the wedding to take place as soon as possible so it took all of our energy to get things done. I wanted a simple ceremony, nothing too over top. Alice had taken it upon herself to be my wedding planner, which made the whole thing much easier for me because I trusted her and her style, but that didn’t mean she had free range. I still had an image to live up to.

Surprisingly, Edward was involved in the process as much as he could with the long hours he worked. He helped me with picking out the cake, setting up the honeymoon, and organizing a seating chart, since he knew his friends and colleagues better than I did.

Since he had proposed, I had practically moved in and constantly stayed over. Everyday we sat on our couch talking wedding details or about a life he had saved that day. I couldn’t deny how happy I was, even with the clouds threatening to rain on me, with Edward my worries just melted away. I was satisfied that he knew part of my history, because this way I could still be myself, without feeling like a complete liar.

Renee would keep in check, reminding me of the test, every time she could. It was almost like she had a built in detector that alerted her when I was happy so she could bring me down. Vanessa wasn’t much help and she was definitely on Renee’s side in all of this. However, she didn’t get as involved as I would have guessed. She claimed to be working on another scam and she couldn’t be seen with us, which removed some of the tension for me.

After three months of preparation it was time for the big day. Edward was having his bachelor party, the best time for temptation according to Renee, and I was having a bridal shower with the girls. Edward was hesitant in having a bachelor party, but I needed him to do it so that we could be together.

God how twisted was that?

Alice had organized a spa day for us and a fashion show because I needed a new wardrobe for my new life as a wife, but really it was just an excuse to be silly and have fun.

Alice hosted the event in true Alice fashion and named the show the Bella Collection and she had an outfit for everything type of situation that could occur. There was “party Bella,” “formal Bella,” “workout Bella,” “sexy Bella,” and even, “chef Bella”. I couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy myself; Alice had organized a great night for me. It also took my mind off of today’s task and what it meant.

I knew I had to duck out early so that I could get to Edward. I told Alice, I didn’t want to stay too long, because I needed to go to work early the next day. So after the girls handed me their presents I thanked them and was off.

I watched from the corner of my eye as Renee and Vanessa gave each other knowing looks. They probably thought it was just my anxiety of what was going to happen and I didn’t tell them otherwise. After the party was over with I stopped by a gas station to change into my masquerade outfit and made my way over to the bar. I convinced Emmett to have it there because I knew how to get in and out easily and where to take Edward.

Jessica was inside; she would call me when it was a good time to sneak in and complete my mission. Half an hour later she called me and told me to go inside, the timing had to be perfect.

I didn’t waste anytime and headed straight for Edward and said, “Are you the bachelor? How about a private dance?”

I led him to the backroom that wasn’t occupied and I began to strip for him, never taking my mask off. He didn’t stop me or say anything, instead he watched me, entranced by my body. Silently I pleaded with him to ask me to stop but he just kept watching me. I began to give him a lap dance and I could feel his erection in his pants. I began to undress him and he didn’t stop me.

Each movement was sealing my fate and reaffirming everything Renee had said. All men cheated, and all men lied. It was painful, knowing he didn’t even hesitate to sleep with me.

I jumped on top and began ridding him. My body reacted to him but I couldn’t ignore the hurt I felt each time he pushed into me. The tears began to build up and it took every ounce of my self control not cry. I wanted more than anything to walk away, but I couldn’t do it, even though I knew he was cheating on me with me, I still loved him.

I knew he needed a release soon and patiently waited in anguish for him to be done. I was so caught up in my misery I almost missed his words, “Bella, I love you.”

“What did you say?” I snapped at him.

He stopped and said, “I love you, Bella. You’re the only one for me.”

I smiled but didn’t respond, shocked by his words, he smiled back at me and kissed my neck. He continued to move inside of me and this time I embraced him.

Once, my mood changed our bodies became in sync and that same emotion I felt before overwhelmed me. I nibbled at that nape of neck and reciprocated his kisses. I tugged at his ear, and I knew he was coming undone.

“Bella…Fuck,” he screamed, as he came.

At hearing my name I came as well. He knew it was me! I was in awe there was no denying it, he really did love me. I got dressed and he smiled as I walked way. I blew him a kiss and left the bar, satisfied. I slipped out knowing that I would be with him forever. Renee was wrong about him he was the perfect man for me.

I woke up the next day to breakfast in bed, compliments of Renee and Vanessa. I had no idea why they were being so nice, so I was very cautious as to what I said and did. We were all on my bed, I was eating breakfast and they were giving each other weary looks.

I thought they were probably just here to deliver the good news and try to convince me that I should still go through with the con instead of staying married. I was contemplating their presence when Renee finally spoke, “So about last night, Edward didn’t sleep with Jessica, but I’m sure you already knew that.”

Of course he didn’t sleep with her he was with me being the good guy he is.

I nodded, but made sure not to show any emotion.

“What you don’t know is that I sent reinforcements. I know you’re probably going to be upset with me but I needed to make sure I was doing the right thing. I mean we’re talking about millions of dollars down the drain and the amount of time we spent here. So when Jessica called me and said he didn’t do anything, I sent Vanessa to seduce him and he took the bait,” she said, sternly.