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Bless the Broken Road


Thanks to lunamoon for the awesome banner please show her some love Bella and her family are con artists. Her path crosses with Edward and the opportunity is too great to pass up, making him her next mark. Edward is blissfully unaware, and it will take a lot of mistakes to finally lead him back to Bella and the truth.

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19. Surprise

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Chapter 19: Surprise


Emmett and I had moved to Los Angeles over two years ago and business was booming. After Bella’s death my family seemed like a sinking ship and Edward was their captain. I hated him for what he had done to Bella during and after her life. I had managed to accept Bella and even empathize with her after the wedding, but I couldn’t say the same for her slutty sister.

Vanessa had snaked her way into our lives and Edward was a willing participant. I couldn’t understand how his conscience was clear after everything he had done. I couldn’t stand being around the family for long and Emmett felt the same. We closed our shop in Seattle and headed to sunny California, hoping to escape the misery of rainy Seattle.

It wasn’t long before hurricane Edward joined us with his slut by his side. I didn’t interact much with him, his partying lifestyle held no appeal. Occasionally, Emmett would join him for a guy’s night, but I made sure to steer clear of Vanessa and Edward.

My avoidance tactic didn't work when Alice felt the loneliness of the city and joined us. I didn’t blame her for wanting to be with her friends and family, but it did damper the new life I was trying to build away from the heartache. I loved Alice and I was glad to see her but I made sure to set a boundary and keep my new world separate from my old one. Emmett, being the great man that he was, understood my need for a separate life and obliged.

In our efforts to maintain a separate life, we had managed to meet great people. We had met Jacob in a car expo and the three of us instantly clicked. He talked sports and business with Emmett and talked cars and mechanics with me. We had even developed a business relationship with him and was commissioned whenever he brought clients for us.

When I stumbled upon a dilapidated ’67 Mustang Emmett and I decided to restore it and sale it. I would have preferred to keep the beauty with me but it would only add to the grand collection of cars, we hardly drove. It didn’t take long for Jacob to find a client when I was done.

The receptionist let us know that Jake and his friend were waiting. I sent Emmett in, while I finished signing a few papers. I was walking in when I heard them talking.

“Hey,” I heard the girl say. Wait I know that voice. I was momentarily stunned silent, when I saw the woman in front of me.

“Bella!” I screamed. I studied her, making sure this woman in front of me was in fact Bella and not a figment of my imagination. Her hair was a lighter brown than her chocolate mane from her past. Her pale skin was no longer creamy white but a more glowing cream. She bit down at her uneven lips, like she normally did and stood awkward in the waiting room.

“Bella, is this really you? How is this possible? What are you-” I stopped mid sentence and looked at the little girl at her side. She had bronze colored hair, Bella’s bone structure and small lips, and Edward’s piercing green eyes. She stood there unaware and smiled softly. There was no doubt in my mind that this child was Edward and Bella’s. Intrigued by the small girl in front of me I asked, “Who’s this? Is she? Oh my god, Bella, please say something to me, what’s going on?”

She didn’t have a real response, but her reaction was enough to confirm my suspicion. I studied the little girl and Bella, assuring my conclusion that she was Edward’s daughter.

Jacob finally stepped in and asked, “Bella, you know these two?”

“Yeah I met her when I was in Seattle,” she said giving him a look of sheer panic.

“Oh,” he said as realization hit. “Oh,” he said again, extending the word. I guess he knew what she meant.

We stood there in silence and Emmett finally broke the tension by grabbing Bella into a bear hug.

Unhappy with the lack in response I asked again, “Bella, can you please tell me what is going on?”

In that instant her phone rang and she began whispering into it. I was going over the possibilities of what this meant, but came up blank. How could this be happening? Seeing Bella again was something out of the movies that had my mind spinning.

“Listen, Rose, Emmett, you deserve an explanation and I will give it to you but right now I got to go,” she said. “Jake, let’s go.”

“Bella, wait,” I said before hugging her, “It was really nice seeing you again come back tomorrow please or I will hunt you down.”

I watched her leave afraid I would never see her again.

“What should we do? She we call Edward?” Emmett asked, wrapping his arms around me.

“I’m not sure. I want to know everything before we get everyone else involved. There has to be a reason why she has kept herself hidden for so long.”

“I understand, but Edward has a right to know about his daughter, it’s only fair.”

“You caught that too, huh? She just didn’t seem herself. The Bella I remembered was clumsy, yes, but had a confidence in her that was unmistakable. The Bella before me looked so lost and afraid. Her blank stare reminded me of Bambi,” I said, softly.

“Yeah, she just didn’t seem like herself did she?”

“No, she didn’t.” I sighed.

“I guess one day of waiting won’t change anything,” he shrugged.

“I honestly think that’s for the best,” I said.

We went home early, unable to focus; Bella’s return occupied our mind. Emmett being his silly self theorized why she would hide herself. He concocted stories that included secret spy mission to witness protection. I on the other hand could only come to the conclusion that she couldn’t face Edward or Vanessa again.

The next day I was anxious to see if Bella would show. Around nine in the morning I noticed that she and her beautiful daughter pulled into the parking lot. Her presence today had relieved my worries that I would never see her again. My feelings for Bella somehow transformed, watching her interact with her daughter confirmed to me that she was trustworthy.

I met her in the waiting room and watched as the little girl trailed behind Bella, unsure of her surroundings.

“Hey Rose, is there somewhere private where we could talk?” she asked eying the receptionist, Lauren.

“Yeah sure,” I said as I began to lead her to my office.

She followed me, keeping her distance before stopping abruptly. “Hey, do you mind if Emmett takes her? I don’t want her to listen to this conversation.”

“Of course,” I said before calling out for Emmett. He was happy to see Bella and gave her another big hug.

“Hey Em, do you mind taking-”

“Carly,” the little girl offered.

“Right, do you mind taking Carly here and showing her around?”

“I would love to,” Emmett said, a huge grin on his face.

“Mommy said I’m not allowed to talk to strangers,” she said, hiding behind Bella’s legs.

“Carly, it’s okay he’s an old friend so he’s not really a stranger,” Bella assured her.

“Okay,” she said, giving Bella a kiss and skipping towards Emmett.

“Come on, Carly, want to see something cool?” Emmett asked, taking Carly’s hand and leading her to his office.

Bella followed me into the office and sat down. She instantly froze when she saw the picture of her, me, and Alice at her bachelorette party on my desk.

“It was a fun night,” I said with a shrug. I couldn’t imagine the hurt she must have felt finding out Edward cheated on her, with her sister. Hell I was hurt when I found out. The whole time I was worried she would do something to hurt him but really it was he who had hurt her. I had felt so guilty for being so mean to her. I had even hired a private detective to make sure she wasn’t some gold digging whore. I vowed in that instant that I would help her in any way she had asked to make up for my behavior.

“So… you’re alive?” I asked nervously, “I mean what happened we all thought you were dead.”

“I know… I’m sorry it was all just a misunderstanding, an accident.”

“You accidentally... faked your own death?” I questioned her.

“Wait, that didn’t come out right. On my way to meet Charlie I lost my purse, or maybe someone stole it, I don’t know. I was supposed to meet up with him but never made it because I was filing a police report. The woman who had my purse was the one in that car accident not me. The body was beyond recognition and so they went with the contents of my purse. Charlie assumed it was me and delivered the news. It wasn’t until a week later that I was able to get in contact with Charlie again.”

“I can see where things got messed up. I just don’t understand why you would let anyone believe you’re dead. What about Carly?”

She sighed and held back the tears that were threatening to come out. “After I realized what had happened I thought it best to keep myself hidden. I couldn’t deal with the pain of it all. I just didn’t want to be near Edward, or give him an opportunity to contact me. I couldn’t deal with Vanessa’s taunting stares and smug smile, I needed a clean break. Carly is a beautiful miracle, I didn’t find out I was pregnant until after I made my decision. By that time I just couldn’t go back.”

The tears fell and I consoled her, but for some reason I didn’t believe her and that doubt I felt when I first met her crept up inside of me.

She finished crying and dried her eyes. “Rose, I really need you and Emmett to keep my secret. You have no idea how hard it’s been for me.”

I couldn’t explain the nagging feeling that told me she was lying, so I called her out on it.

“Of course, I’d keep your secret, if you would only tell me the truth. You seriously suck at acting. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call Edward and tell him you’re alive and he has a daughter.”

Her face went from shock to horror. She looked like she was fighting with herself internally before she finally spoke, “Ok I’ll tell you. But before I do, I need you to know the woman you met over four years ago is not the same one standing before you. I have a daughter to think about now, and I’ve created a life for her here. If you tell Edward I’m alive he will not only destroy my life but her’s as well. It’s better for him if he doesn’t know about her or me.”

I arched my eyebrow and studied her, she wasn’t lying I was sure of that. I just couldn’t understand how him not knowing would be better. Then my guilty conscience chimed in and I decided to trust her, “Fine.”

“Okay look, when you met me your instincts were right. I was attracted to him for what he had to offer, but then I got to know him.” Her face changed, her lips curled into a small smile and the shine in her eyes was dazzling. She bit her lips and continued, “I fell in love truly in love. I found myself wanting to be a better person for him and doing things I never thought possible. When he,” she hesitated before continuing.

“When he cheated my whole world fell apart. I thought I could forgive him I really did. But then I realized I was in no position to be offering pardon when I was never really worthy of him to begin with. I had only been attracted to him because of his money, and I wasn’t sure I could look him in the eye and forgive him when it was me who needed to be forgiven too. But instead of being upfront about it I ran.”

Her demeanor changed and I could tell she was uncomfortable relaying her story to me, of all people. “My dad, Charlie, thought it best I leave him for good and start over, with a new identity. I wanted to leave him with the memory of the Bella he had made instead of breaking his heart, stupid I know. I wanted to give him a real chance at love and I wasn’t it. I just didn’t deserve true happiness like he did. I knew if I stayed with him he wouldn’t be getting the best of me. So I gave him a second chance at love by letting him go.”

She gave me a pleading look before continuing her story. “When Charlie went to deliver the news, I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to come back to him but it was too late. I had made my bed and had to lie in it. It may seem crazy and maybe selfish but I know I did what was best for Edward,” she stumbled over his name. It hadn’t gone unnoticed that that was the first time she had actually said his name

“I’ve been working really hard ever since to provide for my daughter. I’ve tried really hard to leave that girl behind and be a better one. So that way when he does think of me, he will be thinking of the person I have become.”

I sympathized with her; the aftermath of her false death had left all us uneasy and melancholic. Running away did seem like the only option. I was angry at her for her less than honorable intentions, but I could see how much Edward had impacted her life.

“I can understand all that, really I can. I can even overlook your gold digging intentions. What I can’t understand is why Edward can’t know any of this?”

“In my past life I did some things that made people very angry and if the truth is revealed, the news will spread like wildfire. I’d have to run again,” she said softly.

“Oh,” I responded.

I knew she was telling me the truth but I wasn’t sure of what to do next. I wanted to tell her about Vanessa and Edward but wasn’t sure if I could break her heart that way. I also wasn’t sure keeping the secret from Edward was such a good idea. I didn’t feel as guilty as I had earlier for acting the way I did, but I felt like I owed it to her to give her this opportunity. But she had seemed different. If her fake death had taught me anything it was that second chances were rare and you should embrace what you had.

“I don’t know what to say. I need to talk this over with Emmett first. For now your secret is safe as long you don’t break my trust,” I said giving her a small smile and a hug.

“Thanks, Rosalie, you won’t regret it,” she said.

We started to catch up, I made sure not to mention Edward, just yet, and she didn’t ask. She told me how she handled motherhood, school, and future plans. I was delighted to hear about how much she had changed. We joined Emmett and Carly outside; quickly she had charmed Emmett and the rest of the team. She was so full of life and happiness, extremely stubborn, and too smart for her own good.

After a few hours, Emmett and I had a long discussion. It didn’t take much for him to agree that keeping Bella’s secret was worth whatever consequence it brought. He understood that more than anything Bella wasn’t ready to face her past just yet and for now we would have to stick by her to direct her back to Edward.

Alice had called us for to meet up for coffee on Tuesday and Emmett and I decided that, this would be the best time to bring Bella up. We weren’t going to blow her cover but we were going to talk about her to see where she stood in Edward’s heart.

We were all sitting down, not really saying anything. Edward was being his brooding self, which bugged me to no end. I couldn’t deny him the right to feel sad, but did he really have to marry Vanessa? I watched them interact; she was drinking her coffee and texting, while he was pouting and drinking his coffee. I couldn’t understand why he married her.

Jasper and Alice had once held an intervention, asking me to be more understanding and welcoming of Vanessa and Edward. They tried to get me to understand that Edward needed something to tie him to Bella and Vanessa was the next best thing. That only angered me more. It was clear to me, and everyone, that Vanessa was the complete opposite of Bella.

Recent developments had my emotions and state of mind out of whack but seeing the whore and the cheater together, angered me greatly. I felt very protective of Bella’s fragile heart. He had no right to feel sad, he deserved to suffer. He didn’t take the second chance Bella had given him, instead he married Vanessa.

I broke the silent frustration. “Edward, would you please stop spreading your venom. We all know you feel guilty for what happened and you should, but don’t drag us down. You’re the idiot who cheated on her with her sister and then married her! We all miss her too, and I’m sick of pretending like everything is okay. Nothing is okay!”

The coward didn’t respond it was Jasper that came to his defense. “Rose, that’s not fair and you know it, what’s done is done. He’s already suffered enough. Stop picking on him.” Jasper had never spoken to me like that but I didn’t care. If he knew what I knew he would react the same way.

I continued insulting Edward, hoping to get a reaction out of him. “You are such a coward you don’t deserve her, you never did. You claim to love her but clearly you didn’t, because if you did you would not have married that slut sitting next to you. And you,” I pointed to both Emmett and Jasper, “You two should have kept an eye on him. His drunken ass needed to be watched.” I took a moment to breathe, “Alice, you claimed to be Bella’s best friend and you betrayed her by accepting that slut into the family. What kind of friend are you?” No one responded, they all watched with wide eyes at my outburst.

“And you, Vanessa, cheating on your sister like that is low, and marrying him is even lower. How can you live with yourself? You were her family and you betrayed her in the worst possible way.” I had finally said what had been building inside of me since Bella's departure. I knew that now that I had finally voiced my feelings there was no going back. I also knew that this friendship was over. Our group would never feel complete if that skank was still here, and Bella wasn’t.

Alice, Jasper, and Vanessa argued intently with me, but I had said what needed to be said and their words didn’t phase me. Emmett didn’t say a word; I knew he agreed with me, despite my comment. After they finished defending themselves we left.

I called Bella, almost instantly and prepared myself for the hurt I was about to inflict on Bambi. Bella would need to know the truth about Edward if she was ever going to forgive herself and him I hoped at the very least Bella could stop hating herself for her past mistakes and maybe move on.