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Bless the Broken Road


Thanks to lunamoon for the awesome banner please show her some love Bella and her family are con artists. Her path crosses with Edward and the opportunity is too great to pass up, making him her next mark. Edward is blissfully unaware, and it will take a lot of mistakes to finally lead him back to Bella and the truth.

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2. Meeting Bella

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Chapter 2: Bella

Six years ago


The day I met Bella was the single most important day of my life. It was the day I got accepted into the residency program at Seattle Grace Hospital. Emmet and Jasper took me out to celebrate at an overly priced bar.

The bar looked like it was trying too hard to be elegant, but it almost seemed tacky. The white and silver chrome motif was not suitable for my eyes. I was searching the place when my eyes instantly fell on a beautiful goddess who was working behind the bar.

She quickly filled orders as she received them. She moved with such grace and poise that I was instantly mesmerized. Bella had looked like a dancer working a routine she had done a million times; she didn’t hesitate in mixing the ingredients to make the perfect drink.

I hadn’t realized how stunned I was until Emmet interrupted my daze.

“See something you like, Edward?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh yeah!” I responded, giving him a high five. I was a total jerk back then. I would pursue anything in a skirt and I really didn’t care. I thought I was God’s gift to women, but Bella quickly put me in my place once we began dating.

Making my way over to get a good look, I watched her look up, dazzling me with her chocolate brown eyes. I knew I was in trouble instantaneously; I tried to compose myself quickly hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“What can I get you?” she asked coyly. As soon as I heard her speak I knew I had no escape. More importantly I didn’t think I wanted one.

“Yeah, can I get some rum and coke?” I asked nervously.

“Sure.” She smiled at me and began pouring the rum and coke into a glass. She then left me standing there, watching her walk away to fill more orders.

For weeks I kept going back; I quickly learned her schedule and practically became her stalker. I tried asking her out several times, but she kept saying she had to get to know me before she would go out with a guy she met at a bar. In the weeks that I stalked her, I didn’t learn much about her except that she lived with her half sister Vanessa, and her mom lived with husband number three nearby.

Mostly we talked about me and my family. I told her about my sister, Alice, her very bossy attitude, and my best friend Jasper, who was also Alice’s boyfriend. I told her about my cousin and best friend, Emmett, and his girlfriend Rosalie, who was Jasper’s twin. We were a family and I really valued them.

Wednesdays were never as packed as the weekends, so those were the best days to talk to her.

“Hey Bella,” I said taking my place at the bar.

“Hi Edward, the usual?” she said, not looking up.

“Yeah, but can you also include yourself in my order?”

“Edward,” she began, “you know I don’t like going out with guys I meet at my work.” She filled my glass and walked away.

I gulped my drink quickly and called her over, using a refill as an excuse to talk to her.

“Bella, what more do you need to know? I’ve been more than forthcoming about myself. I’ve told you about my sister, my parents, and my friends. These are all first date material. How about a real date and we can begin to talk about second date stuff like careers, childhood memories, and pet peeves?”

“How do I know that what you’ve said are not lies to get into my pants?” she said with her hands on her hips. “Besides, I still haven’t figured you out.”

“Are you some sort of psychic? Do voices tell you if I’m good or not?” I said, trying to get her to smile.

“Why yes Edward that is exactly it,” she said walking away, but not before cracking a small smile.

And so it went; I would try anything and everything to get into her good graces but nothing seemed to make her change her mind. I even brought the gang with me, to show her I wasn’t making them up. She couldn’t interact with them as I hoped because the bar was shorthanded and Bella had to cover for her coworkers.

I didn’t even know why I bothered to try so much for this girl. I had been rejected before, but Bella was different; knew it wouldn’t be just about sex or convenience with her.

I kept going back and divulged more information to her. I told her about my fear of not being able to meet the expectations of Edward Sr. and my mom Elizabeth. I confided in her about how my godparents, Carlisle and Esme, Emmett’s parents, were so understanding and supportive when I decided to become a doctor instead of becoming a lawyer like every male in the Masen family. I disclosed every detail of my life to her and she hardly gave up any information.

It was another slow night; I was feeling frustrated with my situation with Bella. I felt like a monkey having to jump through hoops just to get her attention. So instead of answering all her questions I began asking her things about herself, but somehow the conversation always ended being about me.

“So Bella, where did you grow up?” I asked as casually as I could.

My question caught her off guard and after a few moments of silence she responded, “I grew up in a small town called Forks, Washington. It’s probably the rainiest town in America; do you prefer the sun or the rain?”

“Actually I love both, I think I would like to live somewhere that was mostly sunny but had some rain too; definitely no snow,” I responded without thinking.

“Yeah, me too. Would you ever leave Seattle to live somewhere with more sun?”

“It depends. I would never want to leave my family, but if it meant a better job, or for my future partner, I would.”

I hadn’t realized the conversation had gone back to me, until she walked away and I realized I only learned one thing.

Instead of just asking her straight out, I decided to be more subtle with my approach.

“Bella, my sister Alice has a small boutique here in Seattle and she’s having a launch party with for her new line. Would you like to come with me? Your sister or brother could come along too.”

“I only have a half sister, Vanessa, and she and I are busy,” she said walking away.

Attempting one more time, I asked her about past relationships but she pretty much told me to kiss her ass.

“Bella, I think I know why you’re so hesitant to go out with me. Someone must have hurt you for you to be so closed off,” I said, trying to be the understanding guy for her.

“I’m not closed off, just busy. I’ve got work to do; managing this bar isn’t easy,” she walked away and ignored me the rest of the night.

I didn’t try so hard after that, to get her to open up; I figured she would let me in when she was ready. I knew she liked me, I saw the same magic in her eyes, that I felt every time I saw her, but a guy could only take so much rejection.

I had to change my strategy, so I began visiting the bar but avoided interacting with Bella, it didn't even faze her. After about two weeks of executing my plan I noticed a change. I went to get drinks with Jasper, and I noticed Bella looking my way more than usual. It was time to test the waters and find out how much my silence had impacted her.

I went to order my drink, but before I could say anything she said, “Well hello there stranger, what can I get you?”

I noticed her tone right away and decided to give her an ultimatum. She either accepted a date from me or I would stop going to see her. I knew she wouldn’t like it, but I was betting that she liked me just as much as I liked her, and she wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to date me.

Although she didn’t divulge too much information in our conversations, I had learned a lot. She was clumsy despite the fact that she could move around the bar with such grace. She was a very caring, humble, and beautiful woman. She was street smart; I had uncovered that in my first real conversation with her after being rejected, and she took no crap from anyone. She had real sass and I loved it. I knew she liked me and would accept my offer grudgingly.

She finally said yes to my invitation of dinner and a movie, and I soon found myself falling for Bella. After that first date, I knew she would be the woman to change me forever. I found myself wanting to be a better person for her. I avoided the usually slutty girls I had frequented, and spent all my time with Bella, thinking of her, or at work.

Because we, or rather I, had talked about our personal life extensively, dinner conversation was easy and comfortable. We talked until it was time for the restaurant to close.

She loved spending time at my apartment; usually she would come over and cook for me, and we would just hang out. She would still not open up the way I had wanted her to, but I could see her changing. The more time we spent together, the easier it became for us to just be.

We quickly fell into a routine that I enjoyed thoroughly. Bella had practically moved in with me. She would sleep over, but we were never intimate-boundaries she had set up. She would always have something cooking in the kitchen or ready to eat when I came home. I didn’t want her to be the housewife nor me the husband, but that was the routine we had fallen into.

We had created a bubble of love in my apartment, just Bella and I. So much so that we would forget the world. My mom had finally hadenough of my lack of attendance at family gatherings, that she forced me to bring Bella for dinner.

I knew it was a little too soon for that step, but I figured since we were getting serious, it was time to meet the family. I was a little worried about her reaction but hoped she would see how serious I was about her.

After a long day at the hospital, I had come home to find Bella in the kitchen making lasagna. She was singing along to the radio and hadn’t noticed me walk in.

The song was “You and Me” by Lifehouse, the chorus was just beginning when I decided to step in and join her.

“’Cause it’s you and me and all of the people with nothing to do,” she was startled by the sound of my voice but continued singing, “nothing to lose and it’s you and me and all other people, and I don’t know why I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

When the chorus was done she jumped into my arms and gave me a kiss.

“Edward,” was all she said, but the way she said it, expressed so much more.

“My Bella,” I said, kissing her soft lips.

She broke the kiss and pushed me aside and continued setting up the lasagna. I watched her for a few minutes, humming along to the music and biting her lip when she was placing the strands of pasta on the dish.

I finally managed to pull away from the beauty in front of me, and showered and dressed for the evening.

“Bella, my mom called,” I said, letting that sink in before continuing, “she invited us for dinner next week.”

She stopped cutting the lettuce and looked up to meet my gaze. Her wide-eyed expression was enough to let me know she was freaking out.

“What if she doesn’t like me?” she said softly.

“Are you kidding me? They’ll love you,” I said, hugging her for reinforcement.