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Bless the Broken Road


Thanks to lunamoon for the awesome banner please show her some love Bella and her family are con artists. Her path crosses with Edward and the opportunity is too great to pass up, making him her next mark. Edward is blissfully unaware, and it will take a lot of mistakes to finally lead him back to Bella and the truth.

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27. What Do You Want From Me? APOV

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What Do You Want From Me? APOV

I woke up later than usual to find Jasper already out of bed and in the shower. It seemed customary nowadays and it worried me how easily we were growing into this routine.

After almost a year of my blood, sweat, and tears, I had managed to branch my line into department stores and had begun to make a name for myself. It seemed only fitting to take it easy, my time away had clearly affected my relationship with Jasper.

I hoped and prayed that we could get back our rhythm and continue with our plans, but lately he hadn't been himself, it wasn't until my emotional breakdown that he had finally started acting like his complete self. In the back of my mind all I could think was that he was cheating.

It wasn't fair for me to think so little of Jasper, but the signs all pointed to someone else. Whispered calls, strange texts, abrupt meeting, and long lunches all made me wonder who he was with.

A part of me knew that if Edward hadn't cheated on Bella I wouldn't have been so worried about what Jasper was doing, but he had and I did. It wasn't fair to compare them to one another but if Edward was capable of hurting the woman he loved, what made Jasper so different.

I racked my brain trying to figure out another plausible explanation but it didn't seem like there could be. I sighed heavily in frustration and was startled by Jasper’s entrance into our bedroom.

“Hey, Alice,” he said sweetly, holding on to his towel.

“Hey, babe.” I smirked at the sight of my husband still wet and naked under his towel.

I jumped off the bed and ran to him, tip-toeing so he could kiss me. He bent down and swooped me up and gave a long, soft kiss.

I grabbed onto his wet hair and he began leading us to the bed, never missing a beat. He took my Pajama shirt off and began to unhook my bra as his cell phone rang. He abruptly stopped and grabbed his phone, leaving me feeling dejected and unwanted. He mumbled a couple of yeah's and okay's and hung up.

“I have to meet someone extremely important today for lunch, I'm sorry for not telling you sooner but it was last minute,” he said uncomfortably. “I promise we can finish this later.”

He began to get dressed and didn't let me respond. I was angry and extremely upset. As Jasper got dressed, I got dressed as well, plotting my next move. I was going to follow him, not only had I enough but something about the way he changed after that call sent a neon sign that something wasn't right.

As uncomfortable as I would be I knew a shower wasn't an option, I dressed as casually as I would allow and watched Jasper finish getting ready.

“Alice, I promise you that this meeting will be life changing for the both of us and things between us will change,” he reassured, hugging me and giving me a soft kiss on my forehead. I nodded into his chest and he gave me a squeeze before he got up.

I mumbled an okay and as soon as the door slammed, I grabbed my keys and purse and caught up with Jasper at the stop light. As I followed Jasper, I continued to call Edward on his cell. He finally answered and I was taken aback by his initial reaction but I was glad that he changed his tone and decided to meet me.

I realized where Jasper was going when he took the sunset exit. He was going to Beverly Hills Hotel. It scared me to think that Jasper could be cheating on me, but with everything that had happened I wasn't sure about anything anymore.

He gave his car to the valet and I followed shortly after. I felt like a fool following him inside and was slightly relieved when he didn't go to the rooms but to the restaurant.

My relief faded when I saw him with Rosalie and Emmett. I couldn't understand why he would meet them and not tell me. I hid behind a plant and watched as they talked briefly until a red-head swooped in and hugged him for far too long.

I went outside to wait for Edward, unsure of what my next move should be. Edward finally arrived and I couldn't speak so he began asking me questions.

“Alice, what’s wrong? Did you see her? Do you know who she is?”

Finally, I answered with a response that seemed logical. “Edward, Rosalie and Emmett are with him. I couldn’t see who the other woman was. She’s wearing a scarf over her head and had sunglasses on. Edward, do you think Rosalie hates us so much that she would set him up with someone else?”

“I don’t know, Alice, but we should just go and find out. Rip the band aid off and get this done so I can kick his ass!” He was stunned and angry and led me inside.

His urgency and passion really helped me snap out of the spiral I had momentarily slipped into. I hesitated slightly when I saw them sitting together and Edward did as well. We walked past the waitress and watched as the skanky red-head rushed out of the restaurant. A part of me wanted to chase after her, grab her by her hair and drag her back to the table but I didn't want everyone else to disappear while I was busy.

“Jasper Hale, who was that skank I saw you with? And since when are you on speaking terms with your sister?”

“Alice, what has gotten into you? Are you following me?” Jasper asked me, clearly upset, which only infuriated me more.

“Answer me right now, or we’re over!” I snapped. I hadn't intended for my reaction to be so dramatic but I was angry and hurt.

“Are you insane? You don’t mean that!” He looked defeated and hurt. He managed to compose himself and said, “First of all, that skank, as you called her, was my cousin, Victoria. She was just passing through, and no, I am not on speaking terms with Rosalie.”

“Your cousin? Is that how you hug your cousin?” I glared at Emmett and Rosalie who didn't seem unscathed by my outburst. “And how are you not on speaking terms? You’re having brunch for Christ’s sake!”

Instead of hearing Jasper's sweet voice, I heard Rosalie speak, “If you must know, Alice, Victoria does not know that Jasper and I are not on good terms, and we wanted to avoid the news spreading within the family. And for your information, Alice, Jasper was comforting her because her loser husband asked her for a divorce.”

Her explanation made absolutely no sense. Jasper and Rosalie always did everything they were told to please their parents, specifically their mother. They avoided upsetting her if that was at all possible and were glad they didn't have to put up with her on a daily basis anymore. I knew she still thought they were the best of friends and neither of them had told her otherwise but I never imagined they would go through such a great length to hide it. And that hug...that hug was something more than familial.

Jasper finally spoke and his words were making more sense than Rosalie's. “Alice, sweetheart, I know things haven’t been great with me busy with my new book and you busy setting up shop, but I thought you knew how much I love you. I would never cheat. Victoria called me last minute to inform me that she was stopping by for a quick visit and had made reservations for Rosalie and me. I couldn’t tell her no. You never tell Victoria no, so I called Rose, and we both thought it best to put up the pretense of a happy family to avoid hearing lecture upon lecture about the importance of family from our parents. You know how they are. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I knew you would never go along with this lie and would be unable to be civil with Rosalie.”

Before I could react Emmett began to get up and said, “Alice, Edward, it was nice seeing you, but we really got to go.”

“Alice?” Jasper asked. I looked into his eyes and I couldn't deny him. I knew there was something going on but also knew he wasn't cheating on me and that was enough.

The words began to pour out before I realize that I was accepting his explanation. “Jasper, I’m so sorry I doubted you, but you were so mysterious these last few days. I didn’t know what else to think. Next time just tell me, even if I react negatively. I’d prefer you upsetting me temporarily than thinking the worst of you!”

“We need to talk as soon as we get home. There is more to this, but it's not what you think,” he said, eyeing Edward.

I nodded and walked with Edward outside as Jasper paid the bill.

“You sure you're okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, and if I weren't its good to know that I can count on you,” I reassured.

He nodded and walked away. Jasper walked out and gestured for me to follow him. We got home and didn't start talking right away.

We sat in silence before I finally spoke. “So what is it?”

“Alice, I love you. How could you ever think I would cheat on you? After everything, you should know by now that I love you. I know I've been distant, but I'm not the only one and I think it's time we just get it all out there.”

“Jazz, I know I've been busy with work, but I'm here now,” I pleaded.

“I'm not just referring to just your work, I'm talking about Edward, Bella, Rosalie, and Emmett.”

I shook my head; this wasn't what I was expecting. “Why them? This is about us?”

“Alice, don't insult my intelligence. You keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, after everything that has happened, after they all left, you have been waiting for me to leave.”

I didn't answer. I hated talking about this; my family had betrayed my trust and abandoned me. I wanted to forgive them and let everything go but it was hard getting past everything.

We heard a knock on the door and Jasper got up and opened the door. I heard whispers and peeked and saw Rosalie, Emmett, and Victoria. He led them in and it ignited a fire.

“What are you doing here? What is she doing here?"

"Hi, Alice," Victoria whispered. Instantly I recognized her voice, she took off the wig and scarf and revealed her dark brown hair.

"What the hell is going on?" I finally blurted out.

"It's me, Al, Bella," she said softly.

I held back my tears and responded, "I can see that, but how?"

"It's a really long story," Rosalie said.

Realization hit and I swallowed the lump that had been building in my throat. "You all knew she was alive and didn't tell me? Why would you all lie to me like that? Jasper?"

"I'm sorry; Al, but they did it for me. I asked them not to say anything," she pleaded.

I hadn't expected her response and it angered me more. How could she be so selfish? Finally, I asked the million dollar question, "Why? What's going on?"

"Like Rosalie said it's a long story," she reiterated.

I was annoyed now, she trusted Rosalie more than me. She trusted everyone but me, the only one of us who had made a real effort. “Maybe the story wouldn't be so long had you come to me first, Bella. I was your closest friend and you told everyone but me.”

“I know I'm sorry. You have to understand, I needed to hide myself well and the less anyone knew the better, especially you,” she trailed off.

I was insulted. “Me?”

“Yeah you, you know you have a big mouth and would go straight to Ed-” Emmett said as Rosalie punched his stomach.

“Why are you hiding from Edward? Do you have any idea what he has been through? Why would you make him suffer through all of that?” I asked. Why did you make me suffer so much?

“Alice,” Jasper warned. Jasper had always felt that people's emotions and struggles should be kept on a need to know basis.

I threw his caution right back at his face and said what needed to be said. “No, Jazz, she needs to hear all the hurdles Edward has gone through to be able to function properly. All the stupid mistakes he's made because she wasn't around. You know cheating on Vanessa wasn't the only wrong turn he took!”

“Alice, I know he married her, and I know about his cheating,” she admitted.

This took me by surprise; I couldn't understand how she could be so calm. “Yet you chose to stay hidden, why? He's never loved her, Bella, nor any of those women. It doesn’t take a trained professional to know why he acts the way he does. They were all just mistakes that could have been prevented had you gotten the balls to come out of hiding. Not to mention the tragedy we suffered through,” I hesitated as the sting of my own words hit me. “Tell me, Bella, what was so damn important that you had to fake your own death, go into hiding, and drag all of my loved ones into this mess?!”

“Rose, maybe you should hold her for this, she's not going to like it,” Jasper said. I was beyond angry; everyone was acting like they were better than me for knowing Bella's big secret.

“Don't you dare, Jasper. No one touch me, especially you,” I cautioned.

“It's fine,” she assured him. “Alice, the reason I've been in hiding … was because I lied to you when you met me. Rosalie's instincts about me were right. I was a con-artist so are Renee and Vanessa. I left to protect Edward from them, and faked my death to protect myself, but none of that worked out.”

I had no verbal response to what she had just said. She was just another disappointment in my life.

“Bella, you're not telling her the whole story, come on! You only get one chance at this,” Rosalie encouraged.

She began to tell me every detail of her ridiculous life. Poor little rich girl lost it all and decided to take the easy way out. Just like Edward, she lived a life of instant gratification. I listened as she told me the details of her life before Edward and after. The change was similar to the one Edward had when he first met Bella, but it still felt off. She continued to tell me about her fight with Renee, her departure, the pregnancy, and her encounters with my family.

It took me a while to process things. I thought back on my life and wondered if I'd ever be happy, truly happy, again. All I've ever wanted was to be happy and for the people I cared about to be happy as well. I was constantly meddling into other people's lives because I cared for their well being, it was part of my charm.

The only man who ever understood that and loved me unconditionally because of it was Jasper. There was an instant connection I could never explain that had attracted me to him when we first met. I never once doubted Jasper; he had proven time and time again that he was the man for me.

It had taken Edward several failed attempts before he finally gave up on love. Instead he searched for the instant gratification that came with being a womanizer. I had always hoped he would find someone worthy of his standards and worthy of him. When I first met Bella, I knew instantly that she would be the woman to change his life, call it woman's intuition or a sixth sense, I knew that she was crucial to Edward's happiness. It was for that reason that I tried not to interfere with their relationship. If they were going to survive they needed to do it on their own terms not on mine.

Despite that feeling of assurance, I always worried that they wouldn't make it. Bella was always so secretive and pensive. Often times I would find her zoned out when we spent time together, now I knew why. I hoped that Edward was the one who was breaking down the walls that she had so clearly built, and in a way he had. They had established a connection that was undeniable, one most couples struggled to work for all their lives.

I guess I should have seen it coming, but I was so sure they were connecting well that I didn't even consider other forces that would bring their love to an end. I couldn't help but feel responsible, Edward was my brother and Bella had become my sister. In a way, I felt responsible for not being more involved, for not knowing, but Bella wasn't always so forthcoming and I wasn't as persistent.

Finding out that someone you love and trust cheated on their significant can be a disappointing experience for anyone, but it was especially hard for me. It planted doubt around me, never knowing who would be the next person to disappoint me.

I was devastated as his sister, her friend, and a woman. The disappointment I felt when I realized what he had done was overpowering, it exposed me to new emotions I had never experience. My perfect little bubble had burst.

Now my world was in complete shambles. Everything about that time in my life had completely changed. Edward had blamed himself profusely since it happened and so had I. Even after I said I forgave him and gave him all my support their was that part of me that hated him for ruining all the good in our lives, for pushing the people we had grown to love, and for marrying that serpent. He carried the weight of the world and succumbed himself to a life of misery because he thought he deserved it, and I let him because I thought he deserved it too. Now I wasn't sure about anything, not exactly. I knew that I hated Bella for being scheming, manipulative, greedy, heartless, selfish bitch and that was enough to set me off.

“How could you? You ruthless bitch! I hate you! Why?”

I didn't hesitate to slug her; she deserved more than just a punch in the face. The rage I felt towards her was overwhelming and yet with each time I made contact it seemed to relieve the pressure.

"Enough!" Rosalie screamed.

"Let go of me, she deserves this and more," I retorted.

"Just let her go," Bella begged, her voice strained.

"No, she has no right to attack you no matter how hurt she is," Rosalie preached.

"Remember how much you wanted to hit me?" Bella reasoned.

"Yeah, I do, but this isn't right," Rosalie said, holding me down.

"Just let her vent," Bella whispered. I couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing Bella this vulnerable, the strain of today’s of events were taking its toll on me.

"I'm so sorry, Al," she whispered. The tears finally began to fall and I wasn’t sure what to do next.

"I think you should go, give me some space." I needed time away to figure out what to do next, and having everyone around me wasn’t going to help.

"Of course," she assured and let me go.

"Wait, Alice, Bella came here because she wanted to set things right," Rosalie stated, a look of shear panic plastered all over her face.

"I just need some time," I responded.

"Fine," Rosalie said.

Bella, Emmett, and Rosalie closed the door behind them and I began to sob; I was finally able to let go of all the pent up emotion of the morning. Jasper wrapped his arms around me almost instantly, but I pushed him away. It was all too much to handle for one day. This morning I had woken up because I felt guilty and disappointed that my marriage wasn't working out. I had blamed myself for never being around but I was also angry and disappointed that Jasper hadn't told me

"How could you?" I screamed.

"I'm sorry, Alice, it was necessary," he begged, attempting to comfort me.

I pushed him away and he didn't resist. "I just don't understand how anyone could trust someone like that. This whole time I was worried that I had neglected our marriage and that you were cheating and now... Are you sleeping with her? Is that why you kept her hidden? I mean really it's the only thing that could make sense. I don't see what could possibly be worth jeopardizing everything we have built together for her, that gold-digging, heartless, leech."

"Alice, I have never been unfaithful to you. Look into my eyes and see the love I have for you. I may have lied about Bella but I have never lied about the way I love you. Why do you always doubt me? This has always been an issue and I'm tired of it. I've proven myself over and over again that I love you and that I'm sticking around. What happened with Bella was something I had to do for your sake, for Edward's sake and for my own."

I studied him before I could make a decision. The words that would come out of my mouth would make or break our marriage and I wasn't sure what I wanted. I took a seat on the couch and watched as he followed me with his gaze, he was really broken up about the situation and seemed to really regret it. He had in fact proven to me how much he loved me but this was too much to handle. I put my feelings for Bella and that whole ordeal aside and looked at my relationship with Jasper. It didn’t take me more than a second to know that he loved me but it was hard to actually admit to him.

“I’m sorry, I know that I keep expecting the worse, and it isn’t fair. I know you love me, and I know how lucky I am to have you but it’s hard to control my fears given everything that has happened.”

“I know I promise everything that I have done-and this includes all the lying is what’s best for everyone. Bella is so close to doing the right thing. You have no idea how much courage it took for her to come here. She’s not the person she described herself as. She’s change and deserves a chance to prove that to you and Edward.”

“Can you please explain why you’ve gone along with this? I just need you to tell me why and I will follow through whole-heatedly.”

“I admit I was angry at her when I found out, just as much as you are right now. Rosalie begged me to put off the inevitable in hopes that I would see Bella for the new person that she is. I think motherhood has a lot to do with it, but more than anything it’s the need to measure up to Edward. A part of her still feels unworthy of him and another part, a part she won’t admit to herself, is that she doesn’t trust him. His actions haven’t given her reason to. She says she doesn’t blame him that it was all her fault but I think it’s just a cover.”

“She was the one who set the wheels in motion,” I began but he cut me off.

“Look, Alice, I know he’s your brother, he’s my best friend, but Edward has made some serious mistakes as well. There is more to actions than meet the eye. I know it’s easy to defend his actions, it’s easier than to explain hers but the only people they need to defend them to is to each other. I’ve gone along with this because it’s clear to see that they can’t be forced, not if they want a shot at making it work, they need to go to each other and Bella has to take that first step.”

“So are we just supposed to wait around for Bella to get the courage to talk to him?”

“Pretty much,” he shrugged.

“I see, I think it’s time we just get this out in the open. Jazz, we need to move on and I don’t think I will be able to be completely healed unless it happens.”

“Yes you can, stop doing that,” he accused.


“That. You always have to have things on your terms but this is one time that I think they shouldn’t be. They will get there eventually, when they are both ready, but we both know Edward is far from it.”

I considered his words for a long time. Edward was still holding on to Vanessa for dear life and the only way he would make progress was if she was gone.

“Fine, but I have one condition to all this. One I think is fair. You said it yourself it took a lot of courage for Bella to come here, which means she’s ready and is waiting for someone to push her. I think that I should be the one to give her that push. I’m the only who Edward still talks to, and I know what goes on his life and think I would be the one to give her the best indication of when to go to him. Before you say no, it’s not up to you either way; I’m just running it by you so you know. Bella and I will talk it out tomorrow.”

“Alice, this could go really well or really badly. Are you sure you want to be responsible for that?”

“I am, you, Rosalie, Emmet and everyone else in Bella’s life have been too lenient on her and letting her do things her way but at that rate things will never get done. I have to do this for them.”

“Fine,” he agreed.

We spent the rest of the evening talking about us, and what we needed to do to get back to where we could trust each other again. We both knew it would take more than one conversation and several fights, and maybe therapy, before we could be stable again but it was a step in the right direction, and I was happy with that.

The following day I met with Bella to propose to her my terms and to measure her commitment. I hadn’t expected Edward to stop by when he did but was grateful, it helped me to see that Bella really did love him. The way her body reacted to his close proximity and how she was sure she wanted him was reassuring. I proposed to her my conditions and she accepted without much of a fight. We proceeded to talk in depth about Vanessa and Edward, and her reactions only reassured me that Jasper may be right.

A few hours later, Edward came by my office to talk and I hated to lie to him and tried my best to keep things vague and brief. I finally assured him that things between me and Jasper were okay and that Victoria meant nothing.

I knew he wasn’t satisfied with my answer but I knew that in time he would understand. The weeks that followed didn’t get any easier in regards to Edward. I had to continuously lie to him and make up excuse as to why I couldn’t see him. Things between Bella and I hadn’t change, I tolerated her as best I could and remained an observer when we all gathered together, which seemed to be every day. I knew that eventually I would forgive Bella, but I just wasn’t ready to let her off the hook for everything that had occurred.

A few days after finding out the news of Bella’s existence, Rosalie appeared at my door.

“Hey, Al,” she said gently.

I nodded and let her in, but didn’t say anything.

“I think we should talk,” she said, following me inside.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“I need you to know, that I wasn’t picking sides between Edward and Bella, but I felt that she needed me more than Edward, who had you and Jazz. And to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t be around such a tense situation. I’m sorry that I froze you out, but at the time I felt it was for the best.”

“Really? I can understand you’re reasons for supporting Bella I just don’t understand how you could stop caring about me? I thought I was you’re friend and then one day you decide we’re not.”

“It wasn’t like that and you know it. Please forgive me, I know I hurt you but I think you and I know that we both needed a breather. I know I shouldn’t have treated you the way I did and shut you out, but I knew that if we spoke again things would fall apart and Bella would too. I couldn’t let that happened.”

“I just wish you would have told me and we could have spared those years apart,” I accused.

“Let’s not get into that, we don’t know what would have happened. What does matter is rebuilding our friendship, I miss you,” she whispered.

“Me too, but things aren’t going to go back to the way they were right away.”

“I understand,” she trailed off. “Can I ask you something?”


“What are you waiting for? I mean for Bella to go to Edward?”

“Edward won’t take the news well if Vanessa is still around, she’ll claw her way in and poison his mind. He still hasn’t grieved, Rose. He needs to move on from that Bella from before and dump Vanessa on her ass. I can’t believe she took Carly the way she did. Who knows what other sick games she’s played?”

“Maybe we should help Edward get rid of Vanessa by making her leave?” She suggested.

“I don’t think she’ll be intimidated by us,” I countered.

“You’re probably right, I just feel so helpless sometimes. This situation is so twisted.”

“I know what you mean,” I agreed.

We talked for a while longer before she had to go. Everything was coming to place and I wasn’t sure how to feel just yet. There was still so much healing to go though before we could ever be okay.

After finding out about the extent of Vanessa’s hatred I worried that she would somehow try and retaliate so I did my best to keep Carly safe by spending every waking moment with her. After another day of shopping, I decided to take Carly to the park so that she wouldn’t be completely spoiled and rode on the carousel several times. As we prepared to get on for the fifth time I heard Edward’s ringtone buzz from my phone.

“Carly, sweetie, you can take this ride by yourself I’ll just be out here. Auntie Alice needs to take this call.”

“Okay,” she said, changing from the carriage to the horse.

“Be careful,” I yelled, while opening my phone.

“Hey Alice, what are you doing? What’s up with that music?” he asked.

“I’m at the carousel ride in the park, babysitting for a friend why?” I asked cautiously.

“Alice, I really need to talk to you. I think I’m losing my mind,” he said frantically. His voice unsettling; I had never heard Edward so frazzled, even after Bella’s death.

“Edward, I love you and you know I would do anything for you, but right now is not such a good time for us to talk,” I said in a rush. Bella would kill me if Edward saw Carly.

“I know, Alice, I wouldn’t ask you to cut your trip short for me, but I need to talk to you… How about I come to the park? Are you at Griffith? I’m nearby, I could be there in a few minutes,” he said eagerly.

I grumbled a “yes” and he hung up. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to explain this to Edward. I knew Carly knew how he looked, but Edward looked older and I hoped she wouldn’t recognize him. I was also worried at Edward’s reaction, when he saw Carly, she looked too much like him and Bella, it was impossible to ignore. I decided to pay for five more rounds so that Carly could stay out of Edward’s sight. I prayed to God this would work because I knew Bella would kill me if Edward found out this way.

I saw Edward get out of his car and was relieved to see him with his sunglasses on. At least this would make it difficult for Carly to notice him, I hoped.

I quickly put Carly in the carousel to begin her marathon, I hope she wouldn’t get bored and would stay on the ride, but of course with my luck she got bored instantly.

I panicked once I noticed her walking towards us and saw her face light up. I knew she knew who Edward was the moment she said that he was my brother. I had explained to her my connection with her when we first met. I wasn’t sure why she didn’t tell him she was his daughter but I was relieved when she didn’t. The panic over Edward seeing Carly seemed to disappear as I saw them interact; it was then that I knew what had to be done.

"Carly go tell Edward about your outings with mommy," I encouraged.

"Okay.” She skipped over to him and whispered in his ear.

I knew that I was playing with fire, but it seemed fitting for Edward to spend some time with his daughter, Carly, even if he didn't know she was his just yet. I would just have to take Carly to the park every Tuesday to avoid exposure for Bella. A part of me felt a little guilty for playing puppet master with the lives of my loved ones, but I knew I would have to ease the situation for both of these idiots for Carly's sake.

Bella was more prepared to see Edward than he was, and it would take one last obstacle for him to complete before he would be ready. Vanessa had already been warned and had attempted to outsmart me, but it seemed her charade was finally crumbling down and had backfired. If Edward was the man I had hoped he was, he would end things after this, but only time would tell.

Carly finally came back, with a huge smile on her face. "I like him," she said sweetly.

“I think he likes you too,” I assured.

“Will I ever see him again?” she asked sweetly.

“Yes, but you can’t tell mom that you saw him. More importantly, you can’t tell him who you are just yet.”


“To surprise him,” I said, trying to lighten the mood.

“Auntie, I’m not dumb, I know who he is, and I know mommy gets sad when she thinks of him. I just don’t know why. Please tell me,” she begged.

“I’m sorry I can’t, but I promise you when you get older your mommy will tell you.”

“I’m almost six years old, how much older do I have to be?” she grumbled.

“Carly, did you enjoy meeting him?” I asked.

“Yes,” she instantly responded and her face lit up.

“Okay, well for now the only way you can continue seeing him is if you don’t tell anyone. It has to be a secret, even from him. Do you understand?”

She nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Good, now let’s go,” I commanded.

That same day I got the news that Edward was divorcing Vanessa and had kicked her out. If there was ever one ting to know about Edward, it was to never insult the woman he loved. I was glad to hear the news and called Rosalie to let her know what happened. We breathed a sigh of relief that things were working out. I didn’t tell her about Edward and Carly right away until I worried she would slip while I wasn’t around and asked her to help me.

Relying on a five-year old wasn’t really something I enjoyed. I constantly watched over Carly and made sure she didn’t slip, and prayed she kept her mouth shut while I was gone. We continued seeing Edward every other day and I could tell Carly was getting impatient with all the questions she had.

Her impatience and the news that Edward was trying to move on were enough for me to know that it was finally time. I didn't want to wait too long to tell Bella that Edward had decided to divorce Vanessa, but I thought it best to wait and assure that he wasn't backing down. I also didn't want to give Vanessa time to sneak her way back into his life and ruin the reunion between the two.

I debated with myself for a few days when I finally decided to tell Bella it was time to see Edward. I called her and asked her to come over, alone, and she showed up almost an hour later.

Things between us had been tolerable, and somewhat tense. There had been moments were the tension had disappeared and we acted like there was nothing wrong between us, but there were still awkward moments, as I began to learn things about the real Bella.

I called her over and she was at my home within the hour. I let her into the same room where she had come just a month ago. She still was so unsure of herself, even after everything she had been through, that much was clear but she did manage to carry herself with a certain presence that was only unique to her.

She sat down and looked at her feet.

“I'm sure you know why you're here?” I asked.

“I kind of figured. So my time has come, huh?” she joked.

“Yeah, you didn't really think it could go on for too long did you?” I wondered.

“No, I'm kind of relieved. I've been dying to see him since that day in Robek's,” she admitted.

“Good, this is good. So I guess I should give you some sort of ammo,” I said.

“Ammo?” She looked confused.

“He's divorcing her. He's finally getting his shit together, and I think he needs to know everything before he does,” I said.

“What do you mean? Wouldn't it be easier for him to do this on his own and then find out?” she countered.

“No, he needs a reason. His self-worth will never be enough, unless he knows everything. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and you are the only one that can help him carry the load.”

“I see. Am I supposed to go to him today or do I have some time?”

“I think we both know the answer to that?”

“Yeah, maybe you should go to my place and stay with Rosalie, she's watching Carly,” she suggested.

“Do you want me to tell her where you are?” I wondered.

“Yeah might as well,” she shrugged.

I measured her reaction, her nerves were apparent, there was some fear, but also excitement. I didn't want to kill that but I felt an obligation to warn her.

“Bella, when you go to him, take it easy, okay? He will be extremely upset and you will only have that one chance to explain everything correctly. Don't skimp on the details, it's really important that you do that, or else he won't understand.”

She nodded and I continued, “I want to say don't hurt him but that is inevitable, wouldn't you agree? All I can say is be gentle. You're about to shatter whatever is left of his world.”

She nodded again. “What made you finally decided it was time?” She asked her voice distant.

“I was hoping for the divorce, it was inevitable that they would but really it’s because of Carly. They’ve met, several times in fact, and I can’t keep lying to you and making her lie to you either. Before you get mad at me, he doesn't know who she, but she obviously does.”

“How dare you?” she began.

“Stop, before you begin this little tirade just know I didn’t plan it. He surprised me at the park and they met. After that it just seemed like a good idea that they get to know each other. I’m sorry, I know you wanted to be there but each time we get together it’s magical, trust me. I’m sorry.

“I can understand that, but you can’t be taking liberties like that,” she began.

“Don’t be such a hypocrite, accept it and move on. Go to him now and we can discuss this some other time.”

“Fine,” she said before leaving.

I headed to Bella’s home and explained to Rosalie what was going on. She proceeded to call Emmett and I Jasper, who both had similar reactions of relief. I took Carly aside and assured her that she no longer needed to lie and that things would get better.