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Bless the Broken Road


Thanks to lunamoon for the awesome banner please show her some love Bella and her family are con artists. Her path crosses with Edward and the opportunity is too great to pass up, making him her next mark. Edward is blissfully unaware, and it will take a lot of mistakes to finally lead him back to Bella and the truth.

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3. Meeting the Parents

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Chapter 3: Meeting the Parents

When I first brought her home I was a little nervous about how she would handle herself because I knew my parents would be intimidating. Bella was by no means a delicate flower, but sometimes she held her tongue in fear of the consequences.

Bella had already met my friends, but never got a chance to get to know them because she was always busy, or we were busy doing something together. I suspected there was more to her evasiveness, because I knew that something from her past held her back and kept her in control, but I just didn’t know what.

I had hoped that my love would break the barrier soon and things would change. I had big plans for both of us. I knew she was the woman I had been searching for after only a few months, but something about us just clicked.

Alice and Jasper could relate with me, more so that Rosalie and Emmett, because they too had experienced love at first sight. Rosalie and Emmett experienced lust at first sight, followed by love. There skepticism was more prominent the day I took Bella to meet my parents.

We were at my parent’s home, sitting in the living room, waiting for me to go pick up Bella.

“Edward, you’re still dating the bartender? I can’t believe your going to bring her home. You know how Edward Sr. and Elizabeth are,” Rose said, snuggling into Emmett.

Alice, being the great sister she was answered for me, “Rose, don’t exaggerate. Bella is amazing; I can’t wait for all the awkwardness to go away so I can hang out with her. My parents are going to love Bella, I just know it.”

I smiled at her, pleased with her response. Jasper too came to my defense, and said, “Yeah Rose, remember when we first met them, we were both scared. And I was the one dating their daughter, not you!”

Everyone chuckled except for Rose. “I wasn’t scared, I was nervous for you okay?”

“Well I really don’t care if they like her, ‘cause I already do. No man can hate a woman who handles herself so well behind a bar.” Rose was shooting daggers at him he noticed right away and said, “I mean… uhh I didn’t mean that.” Nice save there Emmett.

When Rosalie turned her head and rolled her eyes he mouthed the words, “Oh Yeah.”

We tried to stifle our laughs, which made Rose grumpier. Finally it was time to pick up Bella.

When I got to Bella’s apartment, she was wearing a deep blue dress that accentuated her curves, in a subtle way. The dress alone would sway the favor in her direction, so I wasn’t as nervous as I had been.

We talked about my family on the way there, which seemed to ease her. I told her countless stories about how Alice would pout her way through getting punished for skipping school countless times for a sale. I told her about the time Emmett and I had stolen Carlisle’s car, and ended up in jail when he reported it stolen. I told her how Jasper became our third roommate when our friend bailed on us the last minute. I told her how Rosalie showed up while Jasper and I were away and found her making out with Emmet. Jasper was not pleased. I told her how Alice and Jasper fell in love when he spent that summer with me and my family in Lake Tahoe. I tried to fill her with as much information as humanly possible so that she could have something to talk about with my friends.

I hadn’t realized how the most important people in my life lived in two different worlds, Bella and I had been living in Siberia far too long. We got to the driveway of the house and noticed Bella taking longer and deeper breaths.

“Bella, Don’t worry. You are one amazing woman, if they don’t see that, that’s their loss.”

“Edward, these people matter to you, I can’t have them hate me,” she said, in a panic.

“Breathe Bella; you will dazzle them I promise. It won’t be easy, I’ll admit that but by the end of the night, they will love you,” I said rubbing circles on her back.

She took a deep breathe and nodded. We went inside and I made the introductions. I studied my family closer and I could already tell how the night would go. The Bella supporters; Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and Alice, would help soothe the situation. While the anti-Bella supporters; my parents, Rose and Emmett, by association, would try to stir trouble.

I knew I would need to make this night perfect so that my parents could be swayed away from the dark side. We sat in the living room for a few moments, talking about the weather and the news, while dinner was being prepared.

When we were finally seated for dinner the inquisition began.

“So Bella, you’re a bartender? Is that your only goal in life?” my mother asked. I knew by the tone of her voice, she was trying to be polite.

“Well no Mrs. Masen but right now bartending is my priority,” Bella responded, as sweetly as possible.

“What about ten years from now?” Rosalie asked, wasting no time.

“Umm well I haven’t thought that far ahead. I’m more about my present,” Bella responded. I was trying really hard not jump in and save her, I knew she needed to respond herself, but their line of questioning was out of line. They knew the little history I knew of Bella. She had a rough life, working hard to keep her family afloat, causing all her plans to take a backseat.

“That seems like a lot of fun,” Esme said, attempting to save the conversation.

“Yeah totally, There’s no fun in knowing the future,” said Alice. I knew I love my sister for a reason.

They moved on to more questions about her life, I didn’t mind these questions because they asked a few I had been wanting to in a while.

“Bella, tell us more about yourself? Where did you grow up? Go to school? Any siblings?” Emmett asked.

“Well I grew up in a small town called Forks, here in Washington. I went to Forks High school and when my sister and I graduated we moved here to escape the small town life. None of really enjoyed it much, but we didn’t want to up in leave until… until we finished.”

I didn’t learn anything knew, but I did notice the hesitation in her voice when talking about leaving.

Rosalie asked more questions, “So how long have you been dating Edward?”

“Well, we met about five months ago, and we got to know each other for about a month more or less, and then began dating.”

“Do you see anything long term with him?” Alice asked. I knew how excited she was about having Bella around, but I knew the question would make Bella uncomfortable; she wasn’t much of a planner.

“Well I don’t know, I mean I really like being with Edward and I hope he feels the same way, but like I said, I like to think about my present rather than the future,” she responded shyly

“Is my son not good enough to reconsider your future?” my asshole of a father asked. I pissed that he would stoop so low.

I knew this was my time to step in, they had asked enough questions. “Dad, I am very serious about Bella, and I know she is just as serious about me. We don’t need to plan out our entire future together. I mean, I do see marriage in the near future, and a family, but we want to be absolutely sure before we make any rash decisions. Right Bella?” I said, giving her hand a tight squeeze.

“Yes Edward that is exactly what I meant,” she said smiling.

She handled herself with grace and poise and I fell even more in love. She was perfect; she didn’t react to any of their not so subtle insults. I couldn’t believe how much I loved her and needed her.

I was even more surprised by her; when she began to panic and I stopped the car to ask her what was wrong.

“You’re… breaking… up …with… me… aren’t you?” she said, slowly.

“Of course not, why would I do that?” I knew it was a little too soon to say it but I did, “I love you.”

“I Love you too” she said.

After that it seemed like something inside her changed, she finally began telling me more personal stories. She always hesitated, but she would answer every question I asked. Sometimes her stories felt rehearsed and thought out but I didn’t press the matter too much for her sake.

We would sit on the couch, music in the background, with her head on my lap, usually after eating dinner. During these moments of togetherness I would try to move the conversation to her past. I knew her past was the key to her mystery.

“Bella, when you were a kid what was your favorite thing to do?”

“You know, playing and stuff. Vanessa and I were close,” she said shrugging.

“So you didn’t have a best friend or anything?” I asked, attempting to sound less of a jerk.

“Well no, I mean… In middle school I had a friend named Angels we were close but after the move Vanessa and I grew closer.”

“What move?” I asked, confused by her response.

“Angela’s move, she left after freshman year in high school, no one else was really worth getting to know in that place,” she responded quickly, shuffling her body to get more comfortable.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know we just didn’t fit in,” she said, uncomfortably.

“Oh,” I said, they way she responded did not go unnoticed. She said we, as in plural, not just her but her family.

I finally got a chance to meet her family, after bringing it up to her. Her mom, Rene was very eccentric, sweet, and so loving. Phil, who was her stepdad, was mostly silent but seemed like a descent guy that truly loved Rene and her daughters. Vanessa was another mystery.

Bella drove us in her old Chevy truck, never meeting my gaze or talking about her family. I had hoped she would be more forthcoming about her family, like I had been when we were in the same situation a few weeks prior but didn’t speak up.

We parked in front of a small house that was decorated with a bunch of lawn gnomes. I was a little nervous walking into Renee’s home, but as soon as I walked in I was instantly at ease.

The walls were painted bright yellow, picture frames of all sizes, and random wall decorations. The living room was small and cozy; fitting all five of is comfortably. Bella introduced us and we shook hands.

“Edward it’s so nice to meet you,” Renee gushed.

“Me too, you have a lovely home, very colorful,” I said, politely.

“Thank you! I’ve spent years collecting various knick knacks to decorate this place right Phil?” she said, looking around the room.

“Yeah,” Phil said.

“Mom did you put the food in the oven when I told you to?” Bella asked, softly.

“Oh yeah I was kind of in the middle of something, “ she said glancing at Phil. Bella blushed profoundly but Rene continued, “ I put it in twenty minutes ago, so the food will be late, which is good because Vanessa still isn’t here.”

“Where is she? I told her six,” Bella said, attempting to hide her anger.

“Oh you know some boyfriend of hers,” Renee said, giving Bella a look. Their interaction was normal, until I saw that. I couldn’t understand what was so important about Vanessa seeing some guy. Again I brushed it off, like I did with most things related to the mystery of Bella.

We talked for a few minutes when I heard Vanessa walking in. She cursed loudly when the door jammed, she struggled to get it open for a few seconds before she kicked it open letting herself in.

I had to do a double take when I saw Vanessa walk in. She looked exactly like Bella, and had her similar walk. Vanessa was dressed in a white muscle shirt, and a small denim skirt, with flip flops. Her was wavy and brown like Bella’s and her eyes were the same color as Bella’s.

She joined us in the living room, and plopped herself on the recliner. “Is the food ready Bella?”

“Yeah,” Bella said, prompting us to get up, and follow her.

At the dinner table is when I noticed the differences in Vanessa and Bella. Bella’s face was heart shaped she had a more classical bone structure, and had subtle curves. Vanessa’s face was more oval, her beauty was generic, like many of the other girls I used to fool around with. I really saw how different they were when they spoke and interacted with another. Bella was more submissive to her mother and did what she had to do. Vanessa was slightly rebellious and exuberant. Vanessa was exactly like all those other girls that didn’t matter to me but I was cordial, because she was after all Bella’s sister.

“Bella your boyfriend is super hot,” she said taking a bite from the chicken.

“Umm Thanks,” Bella said, not meeting her gaze.

“Bella, did you add the chicken flavoring I liked, you know I can taste the difference when you don’t,” Renee asked, inspecting her chicken.

“Yeah I did,” Bella said, sheepishly.

I already knew Bella was an amazing cook, but her chicken and rice was truly delicious tonight.

“Bella, this food is exquisite, your best chicken to date,” I said giving her a kiss on her cheek.

“Thanks,” she said, giving me a small smile.

“Oh my god, that is so cute. Phil get the camera! I want to capture this,” Renee barked.

“Philo got up and handed her the camera. Renee took a few candid shots of us before making us pose.

I saw from the corner of my eye that Vanessa was rolling over laughing silently.

“Mom you are such a dork, Leave them alone or else Bella will never bring Edward around here,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye.

The night pretty much went into the same type of banter between the three. Bella would complain and do was she was told, while Renee barked her orders, and Vanessa laughing or mocking them.

I hoped Bella thought I had made a descent impression on her family to want things to get more serious between us, because I already knew I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

The night after meeting her family was the only night Bella ever spoke about her history. We were heading to my place, and Bella was being quite again.

When she finally spoke I almost missed it.

“Edward,” she paused, clearing her throat before continuing, “there’s a lot about my past I don’t like talking about, mainly because it brings back memories of things I can’t bare.”

"Bella, im here for you,” I said, reassuringly.

“When I was born, Rene took off with me. She married a wealthy man named Aro, and he was really sweet to me. He and my mom married and soon after had Vanessa. We lived a pretty great life but then in junior high he had a heart attack and passed away. Most of what Aro owned belonged to the company he had with his brothers so Rene had no money. .”

I felt her hesitate, she looked at me quickly and went back tot driving and her story, “Bella glanced quickly my way, and continued, “My uncles kindly set up accounts for us to go to college but Rene mishandled the accounts and lost everything. I had to pick up the slack and began working. I worked throughout high school and couldn’t afford college. As soon as Vanessa was old enough she began working as well. We’ve had the worst jobs one could ever think about but we did it we had to survive somehow… It sucks you know, having this perfect life one day and having the worst the next. I wish I could have done something, interfered and maybe I could be good enough for you.”

“You are good enough for me. I’m sorry you had to take that burden so young,” I said taking her hand with mine.

“It’s ok. I just wanted you to know why I don’t like talking about it and why I don’t like to plan ahead.”

After telling me her story the barrier that had been between us was nonexistent. However, the barrier remained in our physical relationship but it didn’t stop the inevitable. We grew closer and she began to share more about herself. She had wanted to be a writer and travel the world, but after Aro’s death her dreams were put on hold. I knew I loved her before her story but after she exposed herself this way, I knew I had to marry her and make her my wife so I proposed 3 months later.