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Bless the Broken Road


Thanks to lunamoon for the awesome banner please show her some love Bella and her family are con artists. Her path crosses with Edward and the opportunity is too great to pass up, making him her next mark. Edward is blissfully unaware, and it will take a lot of mistakes to finally lead him back to Bella and the truth.

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4. Proposing

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Chapter 4: Proposing

I knew I didn’t need to make a grand gesture when preparing my proposal to Bella. She was the type of woman who cared more about the sentiment than the show. Which, I thought, was one of her more endearing qualities. She could be so feisty and yet so fragile most days, I wasn’t sure what to expect sometimes.

When I went to talk to my mother about using her old engagement ring, that had been in the family for decades, she was surprisingly supportive.

“Edward, I see the chemistry between you two, it’s undeniable. You know I’m just being a mom, worrying. I don’t want to see you hurt again,” she said, handing me the ring.

“I know mom, but I know Bella is the one,” I said, slipping the case into my pocket.

“What happened back in college was nothing. Bella is my future; she just needs the security I can offer her, for her to grow. She’s not like all those other girls, I feel it. There is more to her.”

“I know you believe that, so I'll support you,” she said, hugging me.

As much as I enjoyed a hug from my mom I was in a hurry to see Bella. I tried to break away but she grabbed on tighter.

“Mom, I love you too, but I got to go,” I said, into her hair.

“Ok,” she said, pulling away and wiping a tear from her eye.

I went to Bella’s bar and held on to the case all night, hoping for the right time, but it never came.

Once my father found out that I wanted to get married, he took me aside one afternoon, into his study to talk. He wasn’t supportive or opposed to mine and Bella’s wedding plans He merely said, “Edward, you’re a man now. If you see a future with her, that’s you decision.”

I thanked him and shook his hand. We were Masen men after all we didn’t hug.

Having Bella and my family hanging out worked to my advantage, because it gave me time to prepare for that night. I had spent an entire month thinking of ways to propose, but the right time never came. I carried the ring in my pocket every time we were together, in case the opportunity hit, but it never came.

It was finally Alice who stepped in and decided that taking a walk down memory lane would be the best option. She knew that Bella would want a simple proposal, and booked the reservation to Our Meadow, a restaurant that we both loved; it had always felt like it was our own special place.

Alice and Bella became fast friends. Alice would drag her on shopping trips and to spa days with Rosalie. Bella wasn’t much for being the center of attention, but she stuck through it, knowing I wanted them to get along.

Rosalie didn’t seem to like her much, but she did try every now and then. Emmet, however, loved Bella. They acted like they were brother and sister, constantly teasing each other. Jasper had taken it upon himself to educate her about the classics and the Civil War.

Most days we would be either at my apartment or Alice’s place, hanging out. Sometimes all together, or in separate pairings.

Everything was perfect, I was a changed man. Emmet constantly teased me about how much one skirt had changed me, but I didn’t care. I knew I love her.

Alice had planned for the girls to go shopping to pick out the right dress for Bella. She knew we were going somewhere special, so going to by a dress was not a big deal. While she shopped, I took the time I needed to prepare.

We ate in a comfortable silence at first, slowly moving into to easy conversation. Talking about our day and topics that didn’t required a lot of attention. I was so nervous that she would say no. We were about to pass the one year mark in our relationship, and hadn’t really talked about marriage and the future, mainly because she avoided such topics.

She had just finished her dessert when I got down on one knee and proposed, “Bella, I know we’ve only dated for a year, but I know you are the love of my life. Will you do me the honor of spending forever with me?”

I couldn’t read her emotions, except the shock on her face, when she finally broke from her daze she said, “Of course Edward, I’ll marry you.”

I slipped the ring on her finger and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. We broke away when we realized the restaurant was cheering for us. I paid the bill and drove Bella home.

The car ride was comfortable and peaceful. Bella cuddled into my arms as I drove, feeling each of our chests inhale and exhale. When we got to her place she surprised me when she asked me up.

She shocked me more when she led me to her bedroom and said, “Just for tonight, I’m breaking my rule. I love you, Edward.”

That night was magical. Not only did she say yes to spend forever with me, but it was also the first night we slept together.

Bella had been intimate once before and it wasn’t what she had expected so the next time around she wanted to wait until she was truly ready. I found that characteristic about her. So charming, despite the constant teasing from Emmet. I made love to her that night like I never thought possible. Sex meant something more when you were having it with someone you loved.

I was delicate in my movements, hoping to be gentle enough for her, each time bringing our bodies closer and closer, hoping to reach nirvana. I made sure she climaxed before me, hoping to make this experience as memorable as possible.

When we were done we collapsed onto her bed, bodies intertwined. We laid there in silence, playing with the strands of her hair, when I heard her say, “I love you, Edward, so much. I never thought I could feel this way.”

“I know exactly how you feel. It’s almost like nothing, or no one else, mattered until you became part of my life. I love you, Bella.”

She sighed and we fell asleep soon after.

The next morning I woke up before she did so I could make breakfast. When I returned her worried look didn’t go unnoticed.

She greeted me with her beautiful, innocent smile. I was feeling a little guilty about last night; I knew how sensitive she was on the subject and hoped she hadn’t felt pressured or forced. She brushed it off, but asked me if we could wait until our wedding night.

My heart skipped a beat. As much as I wanted to feel her body next to mine, I wanted Bella to be as comfortable with me more, so I agreed. My feelings or wants didn’t matter, only hers.

Bella didn’t want to wait to get married. She said she couldn’t wait to be my wife.

Once word of our engagement spread it felt like everyone went into planning mode. She, Renee, Esme, Alice, my mom, and even Rosalie began planning a small wedding that would take place three months later.

Bella wanted a simple backyard wedding. So Alice, being Alice, insisted on our family’s backyard, which was the size of a football field. I was a little surprised at Bella’s interest in planning. She insisted on it being simple, keeping Alice and my mom in check.

My parent’s knew Bella’s family couldn’t afford a lavish wedding, so they generously offered to pay for everything. They had changed their tune, once they realized I was serious about her and accepted her. Planning the wedding helped Bella and my mom bond, and I instantly saw the change.

The girls were not the only ones who went into party mode, Jasper and Emmett had began to plan me the perfect bachelor party at the bar where Bella worked. She was surprisingly open to the idea of a bachelor party for me, but not so much for herself.

It was two weeks before the actual wedding. Rosalie and Alice had planned on taking Bella, Renee, Vanessa, Esme, and my mom, Elizabeth, to a spa and a fashion show that same day.

I didn’t want to go, but Bella insisted that I enjoy my last chance as a free man. My idiot friends had gone overboard, hiring a variety of strippers, each in different costumes fulfilling every man’s fantasy. Emmet and Jasper kept making me take shots of Patron and I was exceedingly intoxicated an hour into the shindig.

My drunkenness seemed to fade away when I saw her walk in. She had beautiful brown eyes that were hidden in a white mask, matching her outfit that left little to the imagination. Her long brown hair was in a high ponytail that fell onto her bare back.

She walked over to us, specifically me, and said, “Are you the bachelor? How about a private dance.” It wasn’t a question; she grabbed my hand and led me to the backroom.

She began to dance and tease me, giving me a lap dance. There was something so comfortable and right about being with this woman. It didn’t feel wrong or like I was betraying Bella. That much I do remember; which still boggles my mind.

As she began to kiss me I let myself get caught up in the moment and enjoy this beautiful woman in front of me. She slowly undressed me and herself, revealing a perfect physique, never taking her mask off. She toke me into her mouth for a few minutes. The feeling of her hot mouth over my shaft had me reeling. She continued to take me with her mouth, while stroking me with her hands. I held her hair back, watching her intently; I watched as her eyes danced in pleasure and felt no remorse.

When she was satisfied with her work, she got up and positioned herself to let me in. I entered her slowly, and pumped in deeply inside her. I felt her walls clench my cock and began pumping faster. With each thrust I felt more at ease, feeling like this is where I wanted to be forever.

My movements became strained and tender as I was ready to climax, she felt, and I remembered muttering Bella’s name as I came. She followed almost instantly. When we were done she kissed me and left me dumbfounded.

Emmet had to come in and drag me back to the party where several other strippers tried to take me to the backroom again, but I didn’t want to go, it didn’t feel right with any of them. One stripper, who had similar eyes to my mystery girl, was extremely insistent.

She put on quite a show for all to see, giving me a lap dance and straddling me. I was hard, yet again, and once she realized that she took me to the back. I followed her and got ready for round two, but another gaze into her eyes and I saw lust and I instantly felt disgusting. I pushed her aside before I did anything more that I’d regret and went back to the party. Surprisingly, she left me alone afterward and even smiled at me when she left the party.

The next morning I woke up with a wicked hangover and a hazy recollection of what happened. All I remembered were those chocolate-brown eyes and the other girl who freaked me out. Bella never brought up my party or showed any signs that she knew what had happened, so I decided that since I didn’t remember last night it didn’t count. It was a douche bag move, but I loved Bella and I couldn’t be held responsible for something I couldn’t remember.

I was thinking with the wrong head at this point, and didn’t think cheating on her was a big deal because I knew how much I loved Bella. I knew that if I told Bella she would be extremely hurt and would never trust me again, but she may have forgiven me. I knew I should have told her, but a part of me reasoned it would only burden our marriage with unnecessary conflict.

After my party she had become slightly distant again. I felt the wall that had taken me months to break go up again. I tried asking her what was wrong, but she blamed her stress on the wedding plans. She was always with Renee and Vanessa, or with Alice finalizing plans. I knew I had nothing to worry about, and everything would go smoothly.

One night, after getting off the phone with Alice, I noticed how tense she was. I began to massage her neck and she hummed as her body relaxed.

After I felt her relax more I said, “Bella, you know I love you right? The wedding day isn’t what matters. It’s us and the days after that that matter.”

“I love you Edward. Thanks for saying that,” she said, with her eyes closed.

The next few days went without a hitch, and it was finally my wedding day. The wedding was taking place at my parents’ estate; the actual ceremony was inside while the festivities would take place outside.

The inside had subtle decorations that accentuated the already beautiful features of the house. My mother had the house decorated in a more classic décor. The sitting area was layered with pink and white flowers that covered the deep brown couches and glass tables.

The rest of the house was covered similarly, with the addition of white candles that led to the family room, where the ceremony would take place. The banister was draped with soft pink satin that Bella would use to make her entrance.

The reception was under a big white tent, which was dimly lit and had subtle tones of pink and ivory. There were more candles that led to the outside and rose petals on an ivory carpet. The girls had really done a marvelous job and the wedding went by smoothly.

Bella looked ravishing in her white dress, hugging her every curve. Her hair was full of wavy, brown curls, and she wore only the slightest bit of makeup Bella would have come down in a trash bag and I would still find her exquisite, the extra effort she took to look dazzling today really accentuated her beauty nicely.

Her stepfather, Phil, walked her down the aisle and my heart began to beat faster. In that instant my attention was only on her. When Phil handed her to me I mouthed, ‘I Love You’ and she did the same.

We decided to go for the classic wedding vows while exchanging our rings. After our first kiss as husband and wife I was in awe. I accepted all congratulations in a daze. I couldn’t believe I had actually married the woman of my dreams. Bella seemed to be the epitome of calm by the attention and greeted our guests. Our guests were mostly lawyers from my dad’s firm, and friends from the hospital, only Bella’s immediate family, and a few friends from the bar were there.

After the ceremony the guests made their way outside. I lingered inside waiting for Bella to change into her other dress when I saw Vanessa approach.

“Well Edward, congratulations on marrying my big sis. She certainly has a great catch,” she winked at me as she said that last part. Seriously did she have no shame?

“Thanks,” I mumbled back, shifting uncomfortably.

“I wonder if she would think the same if she found out about our little rendezvous the night of your bachelor party?” That was her? Fuck me!

“What are you talking about Vanessa? I didn’t see you that day.” I was trying to blow her off but she didn’t buy it.

“Come now Edward surely you remember me dancing for you, kissing you, fucking you?” and with that she kissed me. I found myself unable to push her away until I heard a gasp coming from behind me.

“Edward?!” screamed Bella. I turned around and she was already in tears. I was about to explain when she slapped me and ran off. Vanessa was running after her, pleading.

That was not how I wanted to remember my wedding day.

I ran after her but couldn’t find her. Emmet, Jasper and Carlisle approached me.

“Dude what’s going on? We just saw Bella running away from Vanessa, the girls ran after them,” Emmet asked waiting for a response.

“I fucked up, that’s what happened. Remember the stripper I went into the back with, at

the party? Well it was Vanessa.” They were all speechless.

After a few minutes Rosalie came back and slapped me.

I knew I deserved it, I just hadn’t expected it from her. She was always hesitant in letting Bella join our family.

Alice soon followed and did the same. So did Renee, Esme, and even my mom.

I really deserve to be punished more severely.