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Runaway Devil With A Heart

"Let the devil catch you but by a single hair, and you are his forever" ~Gotthold Ephraim Lessing~ Isabella Swan moves to Forks, Washington. She is 754 years old, has a dangerous secret and is on the run. Will she find peace and love in the form of a vampire? What dangers surround her? Who is she, really? Will it end tragically? Bella's character might be slightly OOC, but not much; just enough to fit with the story. Rated R for possible future chapters!

Thank you very much to Devilsgenie a.k.a Mayra Lugo for being my beta for this story as well. You're a doll! Disclaimer : I own nothing, all belongs to Stephenie Meyer! I am merely a fan abusing her lovely characters for my own pleasure, and yours. ;-)

1. Preface & Chapter 1: Freedom vs. Peace Of Mind

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Runaway Devil With A Heart Preface

As I lay on the cold, marble floor, waiting for my imminent death to come; I felt an odd sensation of joy. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't glad I was dying, I was glad because with my death it would all be over. No one would ever get hurt by me again.

The terror I felt earlier in the face of death had completely vanished, only the contentment remained. My loved ones would be safe from now on; safe from me and my hazardous life. Though they viewed themselves as indestructible, which they were in theory, I viewed them as easily breakable, especially when in my presence.

I should have never entered their lives; I should have left as soon as I had a chance. I was weak and they paid for it. Finally, now I was paying for it. I didn't want to leave them, but I knew I had no choice. Also, it was the right thing, for my once future family.

I closed my eyes, closed myself off from the impending pain; focused on the joy and relief I felt that they would now be safe, and let the fire slowly consume me. I could stop it, I had enough strength left for that, but I didn't do it, I just slowed it down, just long enough to pull his face before my eyes one last time, the face of my one true love in my 754 years of existence, Edward Cullen. The man, well, vampire technically, who changed my entire purpose in life; the man who meant the world to me. The one person I regretted not being able to say goodbye to. The only one I had ever let into my heart; my survival in so many ways.

I saw his face as clearly as could be, and said goodbye to him, even though he couldn't hear it; in my mind, I told him how much I loved him one last time. Then, I shook the image from my thoughts and prepared for death, as I slowly released my hold on the approaching fire.

I was ready.

Chapter 1: Freedom vs. Peace Of Mind

Bella POV

I sighed as I walked through my newly purchased house on the outskirts of the small town Fork, placed in Washington. It was a beautiful open spaced house with lots of windows, but it didn't appeal to me.

If there was one thing about being imprisoned for 589 years; it was that, when you were finally free, everything seemed dull and tremendous; at least, to me it did. I had thought that once I gained my freedom, I would feel free and embrace it; I didn't. I only felt terror, fear that they'd find me once more and capture me again, or worse, kill me. No, actually, death wouldn't be worse if they found me again; that would be welcoming.

As I pondered over the reasons why my freedom did not appeal to me - not even after all these years - I remembered a quote I once read by Robert A. Heinlein: 'You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.' It reminded me a little of my situation, I had freedom in the literal sense, but in the emotional sense? Did I have freedom? Peace of mind? That was easy to answer - No. I did not. I was trapped inside my fear; I had no peace at all. I only had freedom. But then, another quote I once read by Malcolm X made me doubt the other one; he had said: 'You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.' So did that mean that I was supposed to feel at peace because I had my freedom? Was something wrong with me because I didn't feel at peace? Who was right? Was it Heinlein or Malcolm? Which one did I agree with?

My head was beginning to hurt from all the thinking, so I stopped. I cleared my mind from all thoughts; it was the closest thing to achieving some sort of feeling of peace I could find. I could still think when I emptied my mind, but not as clearly as I could when all my thoughts were swirling around. It was easier to breathe that way.

After a while, I re-started my thinking process; this time I went back to my original thoughts - my new house in Forks, well, just outside it. Forks was the most secluded town I could find, where it rained more than almost any other town in the USA. It was most likely the last place where they would search for me; they knew how much I hated bad weather. Though I knew it was only a matter of time before they found me; I could only shield myself for so long.

So far, they had found me 3 times over the last 45 years, ever since I escaped. All this time, still I felt no more serene than the first moment I had breathed in the fresh air that came with said freedom. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was constantly running. Maybe that's why I could not find some sense of tranquility.

Damn! Now I was thinking about it again! I cleared my mind once more, ignoring the fact that my body was screaming in protest. I was already doing so much at once, that when I used more of my powers, it exhausted me quickly. But I didn't care, not now, I was used to it.

Back to my original thoughts again; Forks. I had enrolled myself in the high school, passing for a 17 year old, which was easy since I was forever stuck in the body of a 17 year old teenage girl. I signed up with my real name; a name I hadn't used since I escaped, in fear they would find me. I had used 29 different names so far, but this time, I felt the sudden need to use my own name. It was possibly the stupidest move I could make; but for once, I wanted to be Isabella Swan again, Bella, to be precise. I wanted to be myself again.

I made up this crack story that my parents, god bless their souls, traveled a lot so they would hardly ever be in town. They wouldn't question it too much, I made sure of that. Having the ability of mind control came in very handy, especially when on the run. It was definitely my most useful power. Not my most powerful, but my most useful. Now, don't mistake my mind control with mind reading, I can't do that. I can only control other people's minds and my own. That's how I was always able to empty my mind, make it blank whenever I wanted. As I said. Useful.

I was scheduled to start my first day of school tomorrow, a Monday. It was the middle of January, so I would be the only new students. Hell, I would probably be the only new student even if it were the beginning of the year. I wouldn't have trouble catching up; I knew more than the whole school combined. It helps when you're able to remember every single thing you're told, or that you read or, well, you get the picture. Bottom line, I remember EVERYTHING. That can come in handy also, but usually sucks because my mind is so full it feels like it'll explode if anything else comes in.

I was a little nervous though, about attending school again. I hadn't done that in over 600 years. The last 45 years, I had mostly wandered around or worked a little from time to time. I didn't have to worry about money, with my powers, money was easily obtained.

So, school. Yeah, I was worried - not that they wouldn't like me, I could always make them like me if I felt the need to do so; no, I was worried that they'd see I was different somehow. That they'd discover who I was; what I was, and get hurt because of that. I didn't look so different from normal humans, but different enough.

I was 5 foot 4 inches, short, but nothing weird about that. I had brown hair, with streaks of red in it - I dyed it 4 years ago. It was a little shinier than a normal people's hair, but in this rainy town, that would hardly stand out. Even if it did stand out, I'd just tell them it's because my shampoo is so shiny or something clever like that, people weren't hard to fool. My skin was pale, not white, but not a normal skin toned color either. It had always been pale, even when I was still normal; it had just gotten a little paler over the centuries. Here's the thing, when my skin didn't get enough sunlight, it almost turned transparent. I did turn transparent, actually, because of being in the dark for so many centuries. But I had spent plenty of time in the sun since I was free, so now I was just pale, not see-through. Then there were my eyes. My eyes, when examined closely, turned color according to my moods. When captivated, they had always been dark, as dark as my emotions. But when I was happy, it was almost as if a fire was shining in my eyes. When I was sad, they turned a weird shade of blue, because apparently sadness made me think of blue. Weird, yes, I told you it was. Mostly I tried to keep my feelings at bay, and focus on being calm, then my eyes were a shade a chocolate brown, the most natural it could be. I didn't want to brag, but I was slightly prettier than your average human, I possessed more grace.

Speaking of possessing more grace, did I tell you I was clumsy as hell? Ridiculous, right?! I dwelled this earth for 754 years, yet, still, I hadn't mastered the ability to stay vertical. I tripped so much it was beyond annoying or embarrassing, it was outright outrageous. So, if that didn't attract unwanted attention to me, I didn't know what would. Oh, maybe the fact that when I blushed, I had to watch out or I would begin glowing like a light bulb. Yeah, freak, that's my name!

I was exasperated; this wasn't how I imagined my life would turn out when I was growing up. I had imagined a fairy tale wedding, kids, growing old with my beloved husband. Instead, I ended up here, in a world and time where almost everyone I grew up with was dead. Almost everyone, sadly, some were as old or older than me. They were monsters! I was just a girl, an ancient girl so be it, but a girl anyway. That's how I viewed myself, that's why I refused to do what they asked me. That's why they entrapped me, why they hated me.

'Stupid Bella! Stop thinking about them for two freakin' seconds! Will ya?!' I scolded myself mentally, and nodded to no one than myself.

I walked up to the room I had picked for myself out of 10 room choices - the biggest room with the best view on the too green forest - stepped inside, flung myself on the bed and closed my eyes. I didn't sleep, I only slept once in 50 years, and then I slept for 3 months in a row. Weird, yeah, I said that already. I had had my last 'winter' sleep, as I called it, 6 years ago, so I had some time before the next one.

Once again, I emptied my mind, and didn't think about anything for the remaining hours until the new day would come, and school also. One, who would see me, would think I was asleep, I imagined I seemed rather peaceful. Ha! If they only knew!

Peace was nowhere in my vocabulary, as I said before. There was only fear. Now, added to that fear, was the fear of discovery at my new school. If my mind wasn't blank right now, I would have been panicking about what a horrible decision it was to go to school. But, I had already arranged it all now, I wouldn't back out. I wasn't some headless chicken. No, I would just have to see how the next day went, hopefully, well enough.