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Runaway Devil With A Heart

"Let the devil catch you but by a single hair, and you are his forever" ~Gotthold Ephraim Lessing~ Isabella Swan moves to Forks, Washington. She is 754 years old, has a dangerous secret and is on the run. Will she find peace and love in the form of a vampire? What dangers surround her? Who is she, really? Will it end tragically? Bella's character might be slightly OOC, but not much; just enough to fit with the story. Rated R for possible future chapters!

Thank you very much to Devilsgenie a.k.a Mayra Lugo for being my beta for this story as well. You're a doll! Disclaimer : I own nothing, all belongs to Stephenie Meyer! I am merely a fan abusing her lovely characters for my own pleasure, and yours. ;-)

2. Chapter 2: Angel I See

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Chapter 2: Angel I see

After hours of weariness and nothingness, the time finally came to get ready for school. I was frightened, I was nervous, and somehow, strangely exited. Who knew where this new path would lead me? I would have to be cautious around those fragile humans, as not to hurt them. Let's just say, that when I get too emotional, things could get very heated and it could turn out badly for one of the humans. It had happened before; I'd never killed anyone though - I was grateful for that. But I had seriously injured some humans when I got emotional - so keeping my emotions in check was the most important thing I had to do.

I would also have to mind my speech. I could easily speak like a teenager, but sometimes I would forget and speak like some ancient dead person - not a smart move. But acting like a teenager? That, I hadn't done in forever. Speaking like one was one thing, but how did you act like one? Those were things I forgot to keep in mind while signing up for this, stupid me. So, how did teenagers act these days?

Did they like school? Hate it? Did they love to be educated? Or would they rather stay ignorant? Yet another quote crossed my mind, which happened a lot when I thought about things; it was a quote of someone named Dave Barry. He said something about youth: 'You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.' So what did that mean? That when you were young you were immature? And even though you're not young anymore, you could still be immature? So, did that mean I would have to act immature around these teenagers? That would prove... problematic. I had never been immature, even while growing up, I was always the mature one. So, how did I become the immature one now? That would be something to think about, later. First, I needed to get dressed and go to school.

I walked to my new closet filled with all sorts of new clothing. I picked out a black, low rise, leather pants, a black tank top and a black leather jacket to wear above it. I finished it of with black leather boots (I was addicted to the color black and leather), without heels, or I would fall for sure. I didn't worry about the cold outside, I never got cold, so no problems in that department. Besides, I heard leather jackets were supposed to be warm, so I doubted anyone would question if I were cold. At least that's what I hoped.

I let my hair hang loose, it suited me best, plus, I didn't feel like doing anything special to it. I put on some light make-up, nothing special. I kept it natural, which, again, suited me best. Also, I didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention toward me. I would be getting too much attention already as it was.

I walked downstairs - for once, I didn't trip - and into the garage. I smiled as I saw my beauty standing in the center; my Night Train Harley Davidson, 2009 model. It was in a vivid black shade, of course. It had a Rigid-Mounted Twin Cam 96B Engine with black covers and packs a punch with loads of torque (117Nm/86 ft. lbs. at 3200 rpm). A chrome, staggered, shorty exhaust system with dual mufflers. A sleek and black "Horseshoe" oil tank with chrome external oil lines. Also, a sport front fender with color matched brace supports. Color matched? It's always been black for me, baby. A bobtail rear fender with wrinkle-black supports. Oh, and the coolest tires ever! 200mm wide 17" tires, basically a fat and bold tire that provides responsive maneuverability while gripping every mile of every ride. A black nostalgic console, you could say that old-school design meets modern day technology on that one. And I loved my seat! It was a once-piece, two-up bandlander seat. It's aggressively styled with a clean, smooth shape. Really comfortable! Stainless steel, drag handlebars set on a 5-inch straight riser. And last, but not least, a classic, Softail, 5.0-gallon fuel tank.

Cost price for that my beauty which I very fittingly named Baby Vixen? Almost $16.000, of course, I didn't pay a dime. I just manipulated the salesman into giving it to me, then made him think I paid for it and rode of into the sunset. Figure of speech.

No one was more addicted to motorcycles than me; when I first began riding, I crashed 15 bikes in 12 days. That's what you get for trying to ride when you're accident prone. But that was years ago, now, I'm one of the best riders in the world, I would bet. Ever heard of the expression 'Need For Speed' ? Well, that pretty much applies to me, though, I don't know about cars. I had never driven a car in my life, oh well, if I ever got the chance to crash a car, I would grasp it with both hands.

I got on my Baby Vixen, put on my stupid, unwanted, unneeded helmet and departed. I hated wearing a helmet; it looked stupid - alright, on me, it probably looked hot. Still, I didn't like them, they were a tedious obstruction. But, I had to pretend to be human, safe, so I needed to do what humans did. Though, I had noticed that many humans did not wear helmets. They were stupid, they should wear them, if they were to fall, they'd get seriously injured. I'd seen it too many times to keep count.

I loved the feel of the motorcycle under the body, the sweet, spinning purr it dispersed. I loved the brush of the wind against my body. I loved everything about it and my beauty. She was the best -the light of my life- not to be too sentimental or anything.

I parked at the school, next to a shiny, silver Volvo - the only nice looking car in the parking lot; apparently people here preferred junk over beauty - and got of as graciously as I could. I sighed in relief when I stayed erect; I had no desire to fall already. But, I usually never fell when I stepped of my Baby Vixen; that was probably the only time I wasn't such a klutz. I took of my helmet, shaking my hair in the process, and put it on the motorcycle. I didn't care if anyone stole it, I could easily get another. I put a chain around my beauty, she was worth protecting. Though I doubted anyone would steal it here without my knowledge.

I glanced around the school and noticed everyone outside staring at me, unabashed. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, because, well, it could be possible that they rolled a little too much, too far, and they would get acquainted with the back of my eyes - not a pretty sight. I grabbed my black backpack, yes, black! Ruffled through it for a few seconds and grabbed my pair of black, Chanel, diamond covered sunglasses out and put them on. I knew I didn't need them, I just liked wearing them, besides, it was best to protect my eyes as mush as possible.

I now looked toward the building - the dark shades of the glasses didn't affect me, I had very good vision, not perfect night vision, but close to it - and cringed at the sight of it. It looked nothing like a school was supposed to look, in my mind anyway. It looked more like separate buildings than one school. I shrugged the feeling of disappointment off. ‘This will be fun,’ I told myself.

I looked around for the administrations office and quickly found it. I walked to it, stares of the kids following me as I walked. I had a nice, sexy walk, despite the fact that I could fall down any given moment. I was content about that. Once inside, this woman named Mrs. Cope gave me my schedule, and some slips of paper I needed my teachers to sign and hand back in at the end of the day.

My first class was gym, ughh; I had hoped I wouldn't have to go to that. I would skip it in the future, as much as I could, I told myself. Today I had no choice but to go, he needed to sign my paper. But I already had an idea; I was going to feign cramps due to my 'red flag'. It would work like a charm, I was sure. Okay, not sure, I hoped it, though.


I had been right about my gym excuse; it had worked like a charm, thankfully. I was allowed to sit it out and watch as the rest of the group played a game of basketball, nothing I wanted to be involved in. I could only imagine if I got too irritated or embarrassed and send all the balls flying in the air - that would be quite a sight. Oh yeah, had I mentioned I have the power of telekinesis - roughly translated; the ability to move objects with my mind, my second and most powerful ability. I controlled it fairly well, but as I said, when I got too emotional, I sometimes lost control over it. For-instance, I once got really pissed off at this drunken guy and sent him flying across the room into a wall. I didn't kill him, as I mentioned before, I had never killed anyone, ever. I did give him some bruises, a broken shoulder and a concussion, nothing too severe. I liked that power, but I just wished I could control it better sometimes. Enough about that, back to the school day.

I met some nice, some crazy over-joyous and some irritating people. Among the nice category belonged Angela Weber and her boyfriend Ben something, he didn't mention his last name to me. Among the crazy over-joyous category belong Jessica Stanley, that girl had so much pep in her it was a wonder she was able to sit still during an entire class. And among the irritating category belonged Mike Newton, who had apparently taken it upon himself to follow me around like a love-sick puppy dog - that would get pretty annoying really fast.

During my English class - which I absolutely loved - Jessica, who sat next to me and couldn't stop babbling for one freakin' second, invited me to eat lunch with her. I wanted to refuse, I had no desire to listen to her non-stop one-way conversation while I ate, but I accepted - I didn't want to be the weirdo who refused to sit with the 'in' crowd on her first day - because that's what Jessica was; one of the 'in' crowd. I would just have to suck it up; it was only an hour, right? I could stick it out that long, I hoped.

I had third period free; I used that time to walk around school a little, get acquainted with my new surroundings a little. Nothing exiting happened - I did trip twice, but so far, I haven't fallen flat on my face yet, which was very good.

Fourth period was a horror; Math class. Ugh, I hated math - okay, so I was good at it, but that was just because I remembered everything I heard. I just hated numbers and calculations and stuff; it was just too boring for the likes of me. I was thrilled when the signal bell sounded, announcing the lunch period.

When I walked out into the hallway, I was quickly caught up by the Newton boy. I cursed under my breath. Why the fuck couldn't he leave me alone? I felt my eyes darken as the irritation and anger toward this stupid, trivial boy surged inside me. I emptied my mind to calm myself, so I wouldn't do anything stupid, but it was hard with this kid talking to me as if I were his girl. I was glad when we reached the cafeteria and Jessica - who obviously had some insane crush on this boy - snagged him away to ask him about some assignment she forgot about; I thought that was a rather lame excuse. If you liked someone, then you just tell them, right? Or don't they do that anymore? Ah, I didn't know a thing about love, so who was I to judge how this girl went about it? No one, that's who.

I let my mind fill itself again - pulling the cloud of mist I put over it away - once I was sure that Newton was too busy with the Stanley girl to further aggravate me. I followed them to their lunch table - to where all the 'popular' kids sat - and sat down next to the Weber girl, I liked her. That's when I first felt it; a strange sensation in the pit of my stomach, almost as if some electric surge was running through my veins. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before - it was magical, entrancing. This time, I felt my eyes light up, becoming the flaming fire I was used to experiencing when I was happy. I was happy, but I had no idea why.

I took deep, calm breaths, so I wouldn't suddenly send things flying in the air - that would look suspicious - and then looked around to find the source of the peculiar feeling I was sensing. As I looked at all the faces - some familiar, some new - I found no one that appealed to me; no one I saw so far was the source of my new emotional state. Just when I was about to give up, I saw him.

He was sitting at a table in the far end corner of the cafeteria, away from all the other students. With him, four other people were sitting, couples, it seemed. They were all beautiful, too beautiful, I thought. He was the most enchanting of all with his lanky, not bulky, posture and his strange, bronze colored, dishevelled hair. His eyes were a weird shade of gold, topaz I would say. I had never seen eyes like that. As I looked closely, I noticed they all had the same colour of eyes, how strange. The ones who I thought were couples were beautiful as well. The couple sitting next to the bronze haired boy seemed to come right out of a movie - they all looked that way, actually. The girl had wavy, long, golden colored hair and had the posture of a model. The guy sitting next to her - who she was holding hands with - was a little scary looking. He was big, muscular, kind of like a boxer or weight-lifter. His hair was curly; a dark shade of black. Next to him there sat another boy, next to another girl. That boy had honey blond hair; he also seemed muscular, but leaner than the big guy. The girl next to him was tiny, pixie-like; she was very thin, her features were small and she had black, spiky hair. She was gazing into the boy's eyes as if he were the only one in the cafeteria at that time.

But my attention was focused on the bronze haired boy, who wasn't eating and staring into space. Come to think of it, they were all doing the same - not eating, and staring into nothingness, or each other's eyes. They seemed so different from anyone in the room. They kind of reminded me of myself - inhuman. Their skin was pale, paler than mine even - it bothered me I hadn't noticed that until now, usually I noticed everything right away. They seemed cold, somehow, not cold in the literal sense, but as if they were ice sculptures instead of people. And their beauty, it bothered me, they were too beautiful. More beautiful than me, it was unnatural. Something was up with them, I knew that from the second I lay eyes on them, and I would figure out what. Not only would I figure that out, but I would also figure out why I felt this way, all because of that strange looking, impossibly handsome, bronze haired boy.

"Hey, Bella, what are you looking at?" Jessica asked with a giggle, snapping me from my thoughts. By the sound of her tone, she already knew who I was looking at; she just wanted to talk to me about it. I felt no need to go into some pointless teenage conversation with her where she did all the talking, so I lied. I used to be a terrible liar, but 7 and a half centuries of practice worked wonders on improving that. "Nothing." I said with a smooth face and a firm tone that suggested I didn't want to talk about it. But apparently she was oblivious to my determination to not talk about it, as she began talking about it herself.

"Yeah right... They're the Cullens and Hales," she said to me, as if I had asked her who they were. She looked at them, and she was not the only one, half the table turned to look from them, to me. I had no yearning to talk about them, but I saw Jessica's face, and some of the others'; they would force the information about the Cullens and Hales on me anyway. So, after some deliberation with myself, I decided I might as well act like a normal, curious teenager and ask Jessica what their story was.

"What's their deal?" I asked, sounding like any other teenager - I had been concentrating on the teenage lingo all day, and it was going well so far. Jessica looked delighted that I was pressing for more information, but she wasn't the one to answer. Angela Weber, who was sitting in between Jessica and Newton (I refused to even think that repulsive kid's first name, let alone say it out loud), answered my question. "They're doctor and Mrs. Cullen's kids. They're all adopted; the Cullens are far too young to have children of those ages. Dr. Cullen is in his late twenties or early thirties. Also, Mrs. Cullen can't have kids," Angela said. I didn't have to ask for more information; Jessica continued the story as soon as Angela was done speaking.

"They're all really weird, and all together - like together, together, as couples," Jessica exclaimed as if it were some sort of crime. I failed to see the crime in it, they were adopted, not blood related, so that should prove no problem to anyone, right? "Yeah, but they're not actually blood-related, Jessica," Angela spoke out my own thoughts. Jessica seemed slightly annoyed by Angela's comment, but ignored it.

"What are their names?" I asked, desperately wanting to know the bronze haired boy's name. I had no idea why, but I was attracted to him in some way I couldn't quite figure out just yet. But I would, in time, I would decipher this strange appeal I seemed to have toward him, as well as the reason why he seemed so different that all the other humans I had ever encountered.

"The tiny girl is Alice Cullen, she's really weird. The guy next to her is her boyfriend, Jasper Hale. He's the twin of the model, Rosalie. They're the cousins of Mrs. Cullen or something. I guess their parents died and Mrs. Cullen decided to adopt them as well. The guy next to Rosalie is Emmett Cullen. And then there's Edward Cullen; he's single, but you shouldn't waste your time on him, apparently none of the girls here are good enough for him," Jessica finished her explanation - by the sound of her tone at the end, Edward - the bronze haired one, the beautiful one, the god-like one - had rejected her at one time or another. I felt no sympathy for the girl, if I were a guy, I would refuse her too - her better-than-thou attitude was rather off-putting.

I permitted myself one last glance at the Cullen table before I would empty my mind to relax myself. As I looked over at them, I was entrapped in the mesmerizing topaz eyes of Edward Cullen. He was staring at me intently, a mixture of curiosity, irritation and fear? in his eyes. I wanted to look away, avert his gaze, ashamed that he had caught me staring at him, but I couldn't. I was getting anxious and slightly embarrassed as we continued our eye-fuck, as I called it. I could feel my cheeks flush, reddening, and I knew that if I didn't get out of here fast, I would be glowing like a red light bulb in a matter of seconds.

Finally, I forced myself to look away from him, and without any explanation to my lunch buddies, I stood up and walked out of the cafeteria as fast as I could, stumbling a little along the way. My breathing had quickened, my eyes were flaming fire, my cheeks glowing, and I could feel my will over my telekinesis power fading - which meant I would soon make objects, and possible even people, fly around. So I didn't stop once I was out of the cafeteria, I didn't stop once I was out of the school. I only stopped once I reached my Baby Vixen, got on it and drove away at full speed. I needed some time to calm myself, and it would have to be in private, since I could feel that clearing my mind wouldn't do the job this time.

So I raced toward my new home, on my beloved beauty, contemplating every feeling I had felt during the last hour. As I did that, another quote crossed my mind, though I had no idea why it was that quote, or why I was even thinking about it now. It was a quote by Lucretius; he had said: 'We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another'. That sentence always made me laugh, because I was anything but an angel, I was the exact opposite, actually. But it didn't make me laugh this time, this time, I wondered about the meaning of it and why I was thinking of it now, while I was thinking of Edward.

I had always thought that meant there was a soul mate, so to speak, for each human in the world. And that they were only complete when they found each other. I only ever applied it to humans, of course. Creatures such as myself were incapable of such an endearing act as love.

'Why am I thinking about love? Why am I thinking about Edward? Okay, so he's a mystery waiting to be solved, but why am I so obsessed with him? I don't even know him! Jeez, stupid me!" I thought as I began to wonder too much about love. Love was not for me, and especially not for me and Edward. I wasn't in love with him, I was just, ugh, I don't know what I was, but in love was one thing I wasn't.

Was I?