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Lessons Learned

It hard having a famous father, just ask Bella Swan. Thats why she lives in Forks with her little sister. With her mom dead, her dad on tour, her brother across the country and her sister across the world, Bella is practically raising her sister. That is, until she gets a new biology teacher, Mr. Cullen. And love blossoms in a forbidden situation.


1. Simple As That

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For a good while after she died, I always beleived my mother was coming back. They tried to tell me. Tried to tell me she was gone. For good. But I wouldn't listen. I knew at any minute, my mommy would come rushing through the door and sweep me up into her arms. But by the time I found my father cleaning out her closet......I knew she was no more. That my mother would never come rushing through the door and sweep me up into her arms. That I'd never smell her sweet, rosey perfume ever again. And I would never feel the warmth of a mothers embrace, for as long as I lived.

But soon after I processed this, I accepted it. You see, my mother had been sick for some time. I always went into denial whenever anyone mentioned her doctor's appointments or her treatment. But it always seemed to be brought up. Everyone knew her end was near. But no one wanted to truly except it. I understand that. I mean, who really wants to admit their mother is dying?

Certainly not me. Or anyone else in my house for that matter.

I live a bit of a complicated life. I live in the rainy small town of Forks, Washington. I know what you're thinking. How complicated is a small town? Well, my dad, Charlie Swan, is famous. Yes, I know. Why are you living in a rinky dink town is your daddy's hitting it big? We don't like the attention. Simple as that. Too much going on for that kind of spotlight. But, yes, my dad is famous. He's been famous for as long as I can remember. He's a singer, and he's actually talented. Most kids don't have musically wonderful dads. Most kids have dads who are musically challenged.

I have three siblings. Damen, Allegra and Lina. Damen is the oldest, and isn't typical big brother. Most brothers and sisters don't get along all that great, but my sisters and I love Damen more then anything. He's over protective, crazy and lovable. All the perfect traits. Allegra is three years older then me and four years younger then Damen. Damen is twenty four and Allegra is twenty, which makes me seventeen. Allegra is the best big sister in the world. She's graceful, beautiful, sweet and aggressive. We've had our fair share of fights, but we always make up. Eventually. Lina is the youngest, she only just turned five.

My mom died a few months after having Lina, so she doesn't rememeber much about her. But thats for the best, actually. We never want her to have to miss her mother like we do. It'd be too much pain for a child to go through. Lina is adorable, innocent and stubborn. Everything you could expect a five year old to be and more. She's a lot like me. A lot of people ask if I'm her mother, because of the attatchment she has to me. About three years after mom died, dad got re married.

Her name is Amaya, she's Japanese. My dad was on tour in Asia and met her at one of his concerts. Amaya is really sweet and a great step mom. We couldn't have asked for anyone better. She spekas English, but being raised in Tokyo, she speaks Japanese very often. We've learned a lot, so we understand her most of the time. It's a shame she's always gone.You see, Damen is a musician like my dad. He goes around America looking for gigs to jump start his career. So, he's not home very often, unfortunately.

Allegra was accepted two years ago to a University in London on a music scholarship, so she's not present much either. My dad has gone on a two year long tour recntly, around Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America. He's even going to a few islands. Amaya wanted to stay, but she didn't want to make my dad go on tour all alone. So, we decided I could watch Lina while everyone was gone.

But what seventeen year old wants to constantly babysit her little sister?

I'll tell you- Me.

I'm responsible, so Dad and Amaya trust me. But then again, I'm irresponsible. I stay out too late when I can, I drink here and there, smoke a little. But nothing that would seriously harm me or Lina. No way, I'm way smarter then that. And everyone knows it. I'm athletic too. Not too seriously, but I'm practiced at a few different things.. Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Waterskiing, Gymnastics, Dance, Baseball. I really love Dance and Gymnastics though. I've been taking Ballet since I was three, and hip hop since I was eight. Gymnastics has been around since Ballet started, per my teahcers reccomendations.

Music is my passion though. Growing up with your father as a rockstar, you're kind of pushed into the buisness. Well, actually, shoved is a better word. I was shoved into the buisness. But I love it, so it didn't really matter. We all were. Damen thought about going pro in sports for a litte while, but changed his mind. He went to college on a scholarship for Baseball, but dropped out of that feild to turn to his real interest.

Dad is famous mostly for his voice, so Damen wanted to do things a little differently. He's an amazing drummer, but a spectacular singer too. Drums is his calling though. Allegra plays piano and sings. Comes in handy at family gatherings, trust me. Nothing eases the tension like Allegra's playing. Me. Well, I sing mostly. But Dad taught me how to play the guitar when I was eleven, the year before Mom died. It gave me somethign to focus on when she became more ill.

I can play electric and acoustic, but acoustic is way easier for me. It comes more naturally and feels less computerized then the electric. I'm not a big fan of all the equiptment it needs, like the amp. I'm no good with technology. Dancing is mostly my hobby, I don't plan on going pro. But it'll help me when I'm looking for a boost in my career. So will Gymnastics. Gymnastics is a good special effect. Ask any manager.

Lina has recently started Dance as well, much to my excitment. She got into Gymnastics last yeat, to get her used to the flexibility and work. It's been going great. She's a talented little kid. I'm real proud of her.

Dad and Amaya were actually a little hesitant to leave Lina with me. Well, first, I'm kind of a.....bad influence. I'm crazy. I'm out there. I'm weird, to say the least. I don't keep up with the styles. My favorite outfit is my paintsplattered overalls with my long sleeved tye dye tee shirt. Not the most fashionable thing in the world, but I liked it. Comfortable and comforting. The splashes of paint always remind me of home.

Eveyone in town knew my dad was, well, my dad. But they never metnioned anything to the press. I mean, how badly would it suck if you had a huge rockstar in you're tiny little town and because some loud mouth spilled the secret, he moved? You would be hated for miles. A few of the kids in town have asked him for his autograph, and he always gave it to them. He was just that kind of guy. My dad is actually one of my best friends. My other best friends are Damen, Allegra, Amaya and Lina.

Now, wait, wait. I'm not just some loser who has no friends but her family. I have another friend. A best friend actually. I've known her my whole life, ever since I ws born. Her name is Cricket. Yes, I said Cricket. We met in pre school, we were both in time out. I had pinched this little brat because he jacked my animal crackers. She colored all over the wall. It was friends at first sight. She lives across the street from me, so I have easy access to her. She helps out with Lina a lot, she's great with kids.

Adults, not so much.

Her parents are divorced. But her father, Nico, lives in Venice, Italy and she only see's him on Christmas, Easter, every other summer and her birthday. Her mom, Aimee, is a flight attendant. Not to mention a first class whore. But Aimee loves Cricket and really tries to be good mom, I can see that. Aimee took the divorce very hard and expresses her anger in ways Cricket and I just don't find logical. Aimee is really pretty by the way. She has long, sandy blond hair and sea green eyes. Cricket inheritated that from her mother, they look like twins. People ask all the time if their sisters. Not that Aimee is ever home long enough for them to go somewhere.

Cricket's dad comes for Christmas and her birthday, but she goes to Italy for the summers and Easter. He's a really nice go, I don't know why Aimee broke it off with him. Plus, he thinks I'm the best child (besides Cricket of course) in the world, so that kind of helps my case. Her dad was born and raised in Italy, he came to America for that short time to be with Aimee. But when the divorce was settled, he moved back to his homeland. Cricket loves Venice and really picked up the language. She speaks it flunetly, considering thats the only language anyone speaks when she's there. She's taught me the basics, so I almost understand her whenever she rants or talks on the phone with her dad in Italian. It's not that difficult to learn, just like it wasn't hard for me to pick up on Amaya's Japenese.

Remember how I said Cricket was in time out for coloring the walls? Well, that was the start of something. Cricket is an amazing painter. She always has paint in her hair, no matter how many times she washes it. A lot of the time she has paint smudges on her face too. But I've leanred to ignore them now. Thats why my clothes are paint splattered. Becuase I spend most of my time with Lina and Cricket. Cricket paints almost professionally. Lina paints with her fingers. Same difference. But shhhh, don't tell Cricket I said that. She'd throw a fit.

When Aimee isn't home, which is most of the time, Cricket stays at my house. Lina loves her and Cricket loves Lina, so no problem there. Well, actually there is a problem. Cricket has Transient Insomnia. Transient Insomnia is where you can't sleep for days or weeks at a time, causing you to be drowsy or un-alert. But surprisingy Cricket does just fine, she's always in a good mood.

Dad doesn't care if Cricket stays over, he loves her. She's like a second, no, scratch that- fourth daughter to him. As long as she doesn't bring her 'troublemaker' boyfriend over. Nice choice of words, Dad. Cricket has had the same boyfriend since sixth grade.

He was the new kid in the eighth grade, he was from Australia. His name is Reese. I know - Reese and Cricket. Strange names for a strange couple. But you got to love them. Reese is a great guy. He's got pale, almost white blond hair and stormy gray eyes. They look like clouds almost. He's really sweet, but he's adventurous. I can't count how many times Cricket and I have ditched school to hang with Reese. Since he's two years older then us, he graduated two years before us. He's going to the communtity college so he doesn't have to leave Cricket. Smart move on his part. They really are great together.

I'm not with anyone. It's just Cricket, Reese and I. Oh, and Lina. But Lina occupy's a lot of my time. Sometimes I feel like a parent. I was actually excused from the parenting project in health class, because my teahcer knew I was already watching Lina full time. Everyone in town loves Lina. And everyone in town hates me. Well, thats not true.

Next door, Mrs. Wilson, doesn't hate me. She's old though. I don't think old people are allowed to hate people. When I was little, Mom told me it was because God was really watching them now, so they had to be on their best behavior. Anyway, Mrs. Wilson is an elderly woman that has lived next door forever. She's not that old, I shouldn't say elderly. Around sixty, I guess. She's lived there before us, so she was here for most of our childhood. She actually gave each of us our middle names.

For Damen, she picked out Atticus, and by the way, Damen will never live that down. For Allegra she chose Caressa, a beautiful name for a beautiful baby, she had claimed. As for me, I got stuck with Marie. Did you know it means Bitter Sea? Allegra gets Caressa and I get Marie? That's hardly fair. For Lina she was between Valerie and Eloise. Lina was lucky and ended up with Elosie. I mean, can you imagine? Lina Valerie Swan? Now, Lina Eloise Swan sounds much better, don't you think?

Mrs. Wilson embraces my creative genius openly. She doesn't mind if there's music blaring at three in the morning or if there's paint all over the side of her house because I went a little crazy and threw some paint out the window (Really happened). She was a warm women. When Mom and Dad moved us here, Mrs. Wilson became Mom's best friend. Dad was out a lot, doing his famous thing, so Mom was left with baby Damen by herself.

Mrs. Wilson was in her thirties and had successfully raised a son, Derek. Derek was a nice guy. He was in his forties now and a Gym teacher at the high school. I'm not allowed to call him Derek in school, but I do anyways. Sometimes, just to make him happy, I call him Coach. So when Mom had no clue what to do with Damen, Mrs. Wilson helped. She's the secretary at the high school. Yeah, I know, aren't there any other jobs in that ratty old town? I mean, does everyone work at the goddamn school?

But Mrs. Wilson has worked there since she was thirty, four years before we moved here. Damen, Allegra and I had all gone to school, with her there, and I'm hoping Lina will too. She probably will, Mrs. Wilson doesn't plan on retiring until she's on her death bed. And I'm completely serious when I say this.

That just about sums it up. I'm just an outcast with a rockstar father in a teeny tiny town full of wannabees and suck ups. Gee.

What a fantastic way to look at it.