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Lessons Learned

It hard having a famous father, just ask Bella Swan. Thats why she lives in Forks with her little sister. With her mom dead, her dad on tour, her brother across the country and her sister across the world, Bella is practically raising her sister. That is, until she gets a new biology teacher, Mr. Cullen. And love blossoms in a forbidden situation.


2. Meeting Mr. Cullen

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I woke up to my alarm clock blaring. The most obnoxios sound in the whole world. I slammed it with my palm, making it fall off the table next to my bed. I staggered out from under the nice warm blankets and was hit with the freezing cold morning air. It was six forty five, just enough time for me to take a shower, make some breakfast and drop Lina off at pre school. A lot of kids start pre school when they're three, but Lina started when she was four, so this was her second year.

Lina sort of took after me. She didn't have very many friends. All the little kids had heard about her weird older sister, aka me, from their siblings and avoided her. All but little Juliana Garcia, Lina's only friend. She was a sweet little kid from Costa Rica. Her mom was very nice too, I'd talked to her on many occasions.I hopped in the shower, scrubbing my hair with my favorite strawberry shampoo. The scent stuck in my hair all day, much to my enjoyment and releif. I mean, who wants nasty smelling hair?

I'd learned to balance my shower time wisely, so I only took about ten or fifteen minutes in there. When I got out and brushed my teeth, I went through my closet, looking for something to wear. I could buy anything I wanted. Dad had tons of money in the bank. But the clothes I wanted weren't expensive, they were relatively cheap. Compared to designer prices that is. I finally picked out a pair of baggy gray sweat pants, with specks of red paint from last week when Cricket insisted on painting a sunset. A sunset that her dog stepped on while it was drying, might I add.

I pulled a black tee shirt that was a little too small for me out of the drawer and put it on. I slipped on some white flip flops and went to wake up Lina.I left my hair down, with my bangs in my face. My hair was naturally pin straight so I didn't have to worry about that. My nails were painted blue from last weekend when Cricket and I have each other make overs with our eyes closed. Well, she cheated and opened her eyes when she did nails. I was a little bit thankful for that. Nail polish was hard to get off with out nail polish remover, which we were out of. Lina was fast asleep in her little purple bed. I almost felt bad about waking her up, but I did it anyway. I had to.

It was seven fifteen, we needed to be at the pre school by seven forty and I had to be at school by eight. Good thing they were right next to each other, huh?

"Lina Bina," I whispered, softly as I shook her awake. "Time to get up."

Her glittery blue eyes opened instantly and she sat up, rubbing a little at her face. My mother had blue eyes and Damen and I were the only ones not to inherit them. Lina got up, and motioned for me to life her up. I did and took her down to the kitchen, setting her on the counter. I poured us both bowls of frosted flakes, hers a little smaller then mine. She ate it greedily and I forgot that we hadn't had dinner last night. Just ice cream. Woops.

I took Lina up and helped her get dressed. By this time she was wide awake, bouncing off the walls. It was cute, but frustrating. We finally picked out a little dark purple dress with lavender leggings and her black cowboy boots that Damen brought her from Texas last time he came home. They were her favorite shoes. I brushed out her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail, letting a few of her shiny black curls fall in her face. Her freckles, were scattered on her nose, making her look even more adorable. How could she only have one friend?

"Ready for school?" I asked, cheering like it was the most exciting thing ever.

She giggled. "Belle, your silly!" I chuckled.

"First one to the car decides what we have for dinner." Lina dashed outside, running as fast as her little legs could take her. But, me, being older and bigger, beat her. Most people would have let her win. But I liked to give her a challenge. It would make her want to achieve.

"No fair!" She pouted, as I strapped her in her car seat. "You cheated."

"Snooze you lose, kid." I shrugged, getting in the front seat and starting off towards the pre school.

"But I didn't fall asleep!" She argued. I laughed.

"It's an expression, Lina Bina." I told her. She was still pouting in the backseat so I decided to try a different approach. "So, how bout for dinner I make macaroni?"

"Yay!" Lina cheered, brightening instantly. Macaroni was her favorite and I guess little kids didn't have a lot to get excited about. Well, except macaroni of course.I took Lina into her classroom like always, and she skipped right over to the music station. Her teacher chuckled, besides me.

"Lina is very dedicated to music." Mrs. Newbury informed me.

"Trust me, I know." I laughed, admiring my little sister.

"Well, you ought to be getting to school, Bella." She informed me, looking at the red clock on the wall. 7:50. Crap.

"Thanks, Mrs. Newbury. Bye, Hani. (Bye, honey.)" I called, turning out of the classroom. Hani meant honey in Japanese. Lina was fluent for a young age, probaby because she'd heard this language spoken since she was about three eyars old.

"Bye, tawainai! (Bye, silly!)" I heard through the open door.

I laughed to myself. Thats probably another reason kids didnt' take to her- she liked to speak in Japanese. I made it to school with five minutes to spare, considering the pre school and high school were only a few minutes away from each other. I rushed out of my car though, not wanting to be late again. Its not like I could write myself a note.

Although, Damen sends me them frequently, anticipating his troublmaking sisters needs. I stuffed all my stuff in my locker, except for my notebook and ran to homeroom. I made it just before the bell. The teacher, Mr. Varner, was taking attendance.

"Cricket Sanders?" He called. Cricket uses her moms last name, considering her dad is in another counrty. His last name was Belducci. Not to mention, Cricket Sanders just had a better ring to it.Cricket was wearing a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a yellow tee shirt with a peace sign on it. Her sandy blond hair was down, messily around her face. She had a big smile for so early in the morning. Most of the kids here were half asleep. I know I was.

"Present." Cricket called back, flashing him a bright smile. He rolled his eyes and moved down the list. I slid into my seat beside Cricket. There were a few girls in the back of the room giggling about something. I snorted as one of them shreiked. Bimbos, thats what they were.

"Whats with the bitches?" I asked Cricket. She turned to me and flashed me an evil grin.

"Ms. Jackson's replacment came today." She laughed quietly. I joined in.

"Old guy?" I checked. She shook her head, evily.

"Young guy. Hot guy." She murmured. "Worth your time guy." I rolled my eyes.

"Cricky, I'm not hooking up with our Biology teacher."

"Why not? He's delicious." She licked her lips, dreamily. I snorted.

"Why don't you go after him then?" I demanded.

"Oh, please," She muttered. "I have Reese. He's way better then that boy."

"Oh, because Reese is such a man." I laughed. She looked smug.

"Trust me, he is." She sighed, happily.

"He sleeps with a teddy bear, Cricky." I reminded her as the bell rang.

"A sexy teddy bear." She added.

"So you have a thing for the bear?" I was messing with her, and she rolled her eyes.

"Are you kidding? I love plastic noses and stuffed body parts." She pretended to look off into space, romantically.

"Well," I looked behind us as we walked to first period. Tanya, Lauren and Jessica were standing there gossiping anout the new teacher. "We know they do."

Cricky laughed, loudly, causing Tanya to turn to us and glare.

"Nice outfit, Bella." She sneered my name. I wasn't in the mood for her games today.

"Oh, go stuff your bra." I responded, warily. She sniffed and turned to walk away, her little minions scuddling after her in their mini skirts and six inch heels.

"What a bunch of whores." Cricky muttered. "Look. You can see Lauren's thong cause her skirt is so damn short."

I snorted. "At least she wore underwear today."

We both shuddered at the same time, remembering that fateful day Lauren showed up at school in a too tight denim mini skirt, a tube top, six inch hot pink heels and nothing else. And I mean, nothing else. Cricky and I had the misfortune to have the same locker room row as her.

We had Math with Mrs. Stevens first. She was a short old lady who wore long, dresses that went down to her ankles. She was nice enough, but could be bitter on off days. We all liked to stay on her good side. I sat down in the back row, next to Cricky and this nice girl Angela. She didn't say much, to anyone really, so I wasn't offended when she never said anything to me but a simple 'Hi, Bella.'

"Hey, Angie." I grinned, hoping to get her to say something more then just,

"Hi, Bella."

Ugh. Was she robot? Is that all she could say?

"So, Angela," Cricket jumped in. "How's it hanging?"

"Fine, I guess." She shrugged, taking notes.

"You can't just guess." She argued

"You're either over the moon or absolutely screwed." I added.

"Pick." Cricky demanded. Angela smiled, shyly.

"Is there a middle ground?" She asked, quietly.

"As a matter of fact, there is. You have a choice between 'Hmm, I wonder whats for lunch' or 'This day has been a bitch'." Cricky explained. I laughed a little to myself.

"How about the first one?" Angela asked, smiling a little bit bigger. Hey, maybe she was warming up to Cricky and I. Finally. We've known her since third grade when she moved here. Her dad was the minister in the local church. That had to be hard. To have hard core religious dad, I mean. Dad has taken us to church on rare occasions. As Damen says, 'We worship in private'.

The day went on, slowly but surely. When lunch finally came, Cricket and I headed to the art room where we spent most of our lunches. Since it was only Cricket and I, and we didn't really like the other kids at our school, the art teacher, Mr. Freeman, lets us come and eat in there with him. He's the youngest teacher here, at twenty seven. He's a really cool guy and everyone's favorite teacher. We're lucky he favors Cricky and I, not because we get good grades in his class, but because he hears things.

Teachers over hear a lot of student conversations and Mr. Freeman tells us exactly what kids say about us. Ugly, mean things, but we've learned to deal. Cricky could probably be 'popular' but she chooses to be my best friend. I could be popular too, I mean, my dad is famous, but I don't follow the rules. Student rules, or teacher rules. Lucky for me, Mr. Freeman has no rules. He's pretty layed back.

"Hey, girls." Mr. Freeman grinned when we walked in. He was up to his elbows in paper mache, trying to finish a project he's been wanting to hang in the room. "Want to help?"

"Of course." Cricket answered for us. I laughed as she bounced over and practically grabbed the newspaper out of Mr. Freeman's hands. He chuckled with me and we set to work on this....hey, what is this?

"What exactly is this," I chose my words carefully. "Blob, supposed to be?"

"Hey, watch it, Swan." Mr. Freeman said, playfully. "This is a masterpeice."

"Bella doesn't understand a work in progress." Cricky added, rolling her eyes.

"Yes, I do." I defended myself. "Just not this particular one."

"Sure, sure." She mumbled, lost in her artwork like always. Cricky was fast and clean, leaving smooth and slick newaper covering all over the shape. I still hadn't been clued in on what this peice of shit was.

"So, hear about the new teacher?" Mr. Freeman asked, casually.

"Only all day." I muttered.

"Bella's just mad she hasn't seen him yet." Cricky teased, washing her hands free of that awful glue.

"Bella has a crush." Mr. Freeman teased like a kindergartener.

"You two are real mature." I mumbled, going to wash my hands when Cricky was done. She flicked water at me on her way to get a towel.

"You need a boyfriend." Cricky decided.

"Tell me about it." I agreed. Mr. Freeman was used to our girl talk, so he joined on in.

"Who do you like?" He asked, curiously.

"No one. Who do you like?" I asked, turning the tables.

"Your mom." He answered, with a straight face. It was quiet for a minute and Cricky and I were both wondering if he realized Renee was dead, when he laughed and said, "Man, you two beleive anything."

I threw the towel at him and Cricky shoved him out of her way as she went to get her lunch, or should I say poison, off the table. All she ate was tasty cakes and candy, yet she still looked like a supermodel. I was convinced she had a tape worm. I was always skinny, courtesy of Dance. You really burn off fat when you're bouncing around all the time. Gymnastics really helps too. Gymnastics also helps flexibilty, which effects my strecthing, which effects my work out in general. It was endless cycle, my excercise.

After lunch was over, it was the moment of truth. Finally, sixth period. Cricky and I were meeting the new teacher. All we'd heard today was 'He's so hot.....' or 'I couldn't take my eyes off him...' It was pretty obnoxious, but we managed. After all, its not like anyone was actually talking to us. No one talked directly to the hippie art freaks. No one talks directly to the loud mouthed troublmaking weirdos. No one talked directly to the- oh. Sorry. I'm ranting.

Cricky sat next to me in the very back of the room. Prime spot, if you ask me. You're secluded, and you can whisper and pass notes just about all the time. Thats all Cricky and I usually did in this class. Pass notes, I mean. Whispering wasn't my thing. I'm a very awkward whisperer, it comes out like a garbled hiss. And just for the record, when I wink, it looks like I'm having a seizure. This is why we stick to note passing and sideways glances. Much easier, and much, much less awkward whispers.

Cricky can whisper and wink just fine, but her handwriting is nothing to be impressed with. Its barely readable, compared to my neat block letters. No one was in the classroom when we walked in, so Cricky and I assumed our positions in the back. Cricky ripped a page out of her 'Trees are for hugging' biology notebook, for the notes we're bound to pass. Thats Cricky, always thinking in advance. Well, she does have a lot of time to think, considering she stays up all freakin' night. I don't know how she does it, and frankly, she doesn't either. She told me it just always happened and she was never troubled by it. It was something natural for her, she was born with it.

She's not sure why she has it. They say that a large amount of stress can cause it and she started to develop Insomnia around the time her parents got divorced, so that could be it.After a minute, kids started filing in, happy to have the new 'hot' teacher. I snorted when I heard Tanya say she would have him in her bed in no time. What a fucking whore. She's a spoiled little slut. I swear. He's a teacher. He doesn't have the time to go running around a hooking up with wannabee prostitute's like her. I had a little bit of deja vu.

Allegra used to tell me stories about the slutty Denali sisters all the time. Tanya's older sister, Kate, was in Allegra's grade and they used to have a teacher, Mr. Roberts, but he was fired for having an affair with a student, aka Kate. Tanya has another older sister, Irina, who just happened to be in the year below Damen. She used to follow him around like a stalker. Slipping notes in his locker, switching to be in all his classes, putting pictures of him from the yearbook in her bra....

'That is some scary shit, man', as Damen would say.

As the bell rang, the door opened one last time and I looked up and felt my eyes widen. Walking to the front of the room was god. He was Adonis, I swear to you. He had tousled bronze hair and emerald colored eyes. He was pale, he looked like he was in need of a trip to the beach. He was tall, and I could see muscles through dark blue dress shirt. He had a smirk on his face, like something was amusing him. Could it be Tanya, practically ripping her own shirt off, so he could get a better view of her breasts. But he didn't seem to be looking there.

In fact, he was looking straight at me.