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Lessons Learned

It hard having a famous father, just ask Bella Swan. Thats why she lives in Forks with her little sister. With her mom dead, her dad on tour, her brother across the country and her sister across the world, Bella is practically raising her sister. That is, until she gets a new biology teacher, Mr. Cullen. And love blossoms in a forbidden situation.


3. Surprise Freeze

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"Hello, class." He said in a musical, velvety voice. "My name is Mr. Cullen."

"Hi, Mr. Cullen." A few girls chorused in giggles. Cricket joined in, mocking them. I snickered as she flipped her hair and looked at her nails, like Jessica.

"As much as I'd like to just start with the lesson, it seems as though I don't know any of your names. As kindergarten as this sounds, were going to play a game. I want each of you to tell me your name and one thing about you." He explained. "Let's start with you."

He had pointed to Mike Newton. Mike Newton was new Freshman year and had a crush on me. That quickly changed when he realized I was a loser. Now, he was a huge player. Or, he tried to be. Usually all he could was Jessica and Lauren. But Lauren had her sights set on Tyler Crowley, Mike Newton's best friend.

"I'm Mike Newton and I," He paused, looking at Jessica. "am sexy."

I snorted and Mike turned to glare at me. I gave him an innocent smile and a small, mocking wave. He huffed and turned back to Mr. Cullen, who seemed to be holding in his own laughter. Hmm. I just might like this guy.It went on and on, until finally we were in the back. Mr. Cullen gestured at Cricky and way too cheerfully, she chirped,

"My name is Cricket Sanders and I have Insomnia."

Mr. Cullen stared for a moment at her, probably checking to see if she was kidding. When he was satisfied she wasn't lying, he turned to me and I thought I saw a small smile play at the corners of his lips. I didn't know what I wanted to say. Hi, I'm Bella, and my favorite color's blue? Hi, my name is Bella and I hate cats? What did I say to this god standing before me? I'd never been the nervous type before, what with being born in the lime light. What was bringing it out now? Oh, yeah. The greek god standing before me!So, I kept it simple and honest.

"I'm Bella Swan and," I took a small breath. "my dad's a rockstar."

Edward Cullen

I walked into the small confines of my classroom after the bell rang. This was apparently the class that the previous teacher said I would have some trouble with. They said that there were a few rowdy children in the back, just asking fo detention. I took their word for it and was prepared for the worst. As I walked to the front of the class, I felt eyes on my back. When I turned around the face the students, my jaw nearly dropped.

As I was expecting problem children in the back, I couldn't beleive what I saw sitting there. A girl, probably sixteen or seventeen, with an expression mixed with boredom and amusment. What was amuzing her? Was it this girl in the front row, pulling her shirt down so I could see her nearly exposed breasts? Because that certainly amused me. I mean, I knew I was good looking. But not that good looking.

She had long, straight as a pin mahogony hair and big brown eyes. Her complexion was a creamy white color, with a small blush on her cheeks, obviously natural. No make up could make her look that beautiful. She wasn't wearing what the other girls were. She had on gray sweatpants with a too small black tee shirt and flip flops. The tee shirt obviously was meant to bring attention, it seemed more like she put it on because she didn't care it was too small. She locked eyes with me and I realized I had been staring at her. I looked down at the attendance list and introduced myself.

"Hello, class." I started, trying not to look at the gorgeous girl in the back row. "My name is Mr. Cullen."

"Hi, Mr. Cullen." A few blond bimbos giggled, twirling their bleached hair with their spray tanned hands."As much as I'd like to just start with the lesson, it seems as though I don't know any of your names. As kindergarten as this sounds, were going to play a game. I want each of you to tell me your name and one thing about you." I explained. "Let's start with you."

I had gestured towards a boy in the second row with spiky blond hair and small, almost creepy blue eyes. He seemed proud I picked him first.

"I'm Mike Newton and I," he glanced at a girl with hair sprayed, muddy brown hair. "am sexy."

I stifled a laugh. This child thought he was sexy? The girl in the back was sexy, not him. Hey, wait. Did I just think that the teenager in the back was sexy? You're loosing it, Edward.We made it around the room, awkwardly until we got to the back table. The sweet looking girl next to the center of my thoughts told me her name was Cricket. And that she has Insomnia. Her name was Cricket. And she had Insomnia. Cricket has Insomnia. Huh. I was still processing that strange notion when I turned to the godess before me.

She seemed to be debating on what to say until she finally, clearly and confidently announced,

"I'm Bella Swan," she took a small breath. "and my dad's a rockstar."

I had a heart attack in my head. Not because I was a fan of Charlie Swan, whom I assumed was her father, but because all hope was lost. She was rich kid. Probably spoiled rotten. A goddamn diva. She was probably acting modest so I'd like her. Thats every girl I'd ever met, aside from my sister, acted. They were all fake. And finally I see a girl that could be real, and it turns out she's the worst of them all. Fucking fantastic. That just made my day. Although, I'd have to tell Emmett and Jasper about this. They were big fans.

I started the lesson, quickly, to get my mind off of Bella Swan. I sneered her name in my head. Stupid, spoiled brat.....

Bella Swan

Mr. Cullen was cold the rest of the class. I wonder why.